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Mindy's Source Style Help

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Source Styles

This is a public workspace to help WikiTree members learn style edits for sources. Thank you David Selman for working with me on this!

Hiding a Link

Copy the URL Web address from the search bar. Then paste your link into the Sources section


Leave one empty space after the link and type in what it is (or paste in):

  • Frederick Andrew "Fred" Bevensee, Iowa State Census, 1905

Now add the brackets:

  • [ Frederick Andrew "Fred" Bevensee, Iowa State Census, 1905]

This will result in a source that looks like this:

Click preview and if satisfied click save.

Inserting a Source in your Biography

Add a census in the Biography section.

To easily insert the open/close tag at the end of the text for the source click the capital C above in the edit box. See below example:

Edit Box
Fred Bevensee lived in Iowa in 1905.<ref>insert reference here</ref>

Type your sentence in the Biography section. Enter your URL between the Tags, add a space then enter the name of the source. See: Example below, This will result in a source that looks like this in Edit mode:

Fred Bevensee lived in Iowa in 1905.<ref> Iowa State Census, 1905</ref>

It will look like this in Preview or Public mode:

Fred Bevensee lived in Iowa in 1905.[1]


  1. Iowa State Census, 1905

Adding a Source from FamilySearch

This is to help you find records on FamilySearch and copy the citation over to your WikiTree profile.

Note: If you can't see one of the pictures good enough you can click on it and open it in a new window or tab to see it larger.

Look at the profile you want to research. You can find the Research button in two places: The first is on the upper right in the second menu. In this example it was Christopher Stone and his WikiID is Stone-564. Click on that then click on 'Research' near the bottom of that menu. The second place is on the right of the page, down past the comment box.

Log into RootsSearch The first time you use RootsSearch you will need to pick an email and password. The easiest way to remember it is to use the same email you use for WikiTree. After that you will login on this screen each time you use the RootsSearch button.

Add your genealogy sites to the RootsSearch buttons If you are already using, MyHeritage, FindMyPast or other paid sites, you can add them to your research choices in RootsSearch.

Look for records on FamilySearch You can look on those other sites if you are already a member. I recommend looking on FamilySearch first as it is a free site so everyone can look at the records you find. FamilySearch sometimes has a little login glitch. If you click on it and it asks what you are looking for - go back to the RootsSearch page and click FamilySearch again. The second time it will open the search page.

RootsSearch automatically fills in the information As you can see RootsSearch filled in all of the information you already have to make searching easier. If you don't have luck finding records, try shortening "York, Yorkshire, England" to just "England." If it is a United States of America location, try entering only the state in the birth and death place (i.e. Kentucky).

Find a record that looks right Find an entry that looks right for your ancestor. In this example I'm using the record of a Mary Stone that has Christopher Stone as a father. Using your mouse, drag your cursor over the text (I put a blue box around it). Right click and select 'copy.'

Paste into your WikiTree profile Now go to your profile that is open on Edit Mode. Scroll down until you see the Sources section. Type an asterisk * (it marks the start of each source). Right click with your mouse and select 'paste.' You can use the same method in the first help section to hide the link. Notice I put 'FamilySearch' and the brackets to hide the url.

Type 'Added birth record' in 'Explain your changes' section and Save Now type in the reason you made changes to the profile and then click 'Save.' Now instead of others viewing the profile just seeing a link - they can tell it is a birth record, where you found it, and what information it contains.

Congratulations Go ahead and practice finding sources for the profiles you have already created. And congratulations for learning how to use a full source citation!

For hints on other topics check out Mindy's Help pages



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