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The goal of this project is to ... connect Molesworth's, with Sir Robert Molesworth-131, 1st Viscount of Swords as a centre point.

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Benjamin Molesworth.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Clean up of Biographies and Sources
  • Connections, connections, connections. Trying to connect as many Molesworth's as possible. Certainly a comprehensive list of descendants of 1st Viscount Molesworth of Swords, but also his ascendants.
  • Connection of descendants and ascendants to other groups, such as Royals and Notables, where appropriate.
  • Leaving ascendants of Letitia Coote to Euroaristo and other groups.
  • Encouraging more Molesworth Projects, for different countries around the world. E.g. Molesworths in Australia project, which is working on trying to connect all Australian Molesworths back to the one family.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Descent details for consideration.

  • Children of Robert Molesworth, 1st Viscount Molesworth of Swords and Hon. Laetitia Coote. They had eleven sons and six daughters:
  1. John Molesworth, 2nd Viscount Molesworth of Swords (4 December 1679 - 17th or 18 February 1725/26). Ambassador at the Court of Tuscany and Sardinia in 1710 and 1720. He married Mary, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Middleton Esq. of Stansted Montfitchet, Essex, by whom he had a posthumous daughter Mary, who married Frederick Gore Esq., M.P.
  2. Field Marshal Richard Molesworth, 3rd Viscount Molesworth of Swords (1680/1 - 12 October 1758). Aide-de-Camp to the Duke of Marlborough at the Battle of Ramilles, where he saved the Duke's life. He later became a General and rose to Fieldmarshal. He married 1stly Jane Lucas and had 3 daughters: Mary (wife of Robert Rochfort, 1st Earl of Belvedere), Letitia (wife of Lt. Colonel James Molesworth), and Amelia (died unm 30 Jan 1758). He married 2ndly Mary, daughter of Rev. William Usher, Archdeacon of Clonfert and had a son and six daughters: Richard Nassau Molesworth (4th Viscount), Henrietta (wife of Rt. Hon John Staples of Lissan House, Co. Londonderry, Louisa (wife of William Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby, then William Fitzwilliam, 4th Earl Fitzwilliam), Charlotte, Elizabeth (wife of James Stewart Esq. of Killymoon, Mary & Melosina who tragically died with their mother in the fire at their London house, 6th May 1763.
  3. Hon. Robert Molesworth I (living in 1688)
  4. Captain The Hon. William Molesworth (1688 - ), MP for Philipstown. His son Robert became 6th Viscount Molesworth. Married Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Adair Esq. of Holybrook, Co. Wicklow.
  5. Major The Hon. Edward Molesworth (born c.1689, died 29 November 1768). Married firstly, Sept 1718 Catherine Middleton, daughter of Thomas Middleton, with whom he had a son Robert. Edward married as his second wife Mary Renouard and had a son John (d.1791).
  6. Hon. Coote Molesworth I (born c.1689 - ).
  7. Hon. Robert Molesworth II (born c.1692).
  8. Hon. (Hamilton) Walter Molesworth (born after 1692, between Robert II and Letitia II, died 1773). He left issue.
  9. Hon. Coote Molesworth II M.D. (born 1698, died 9 November 1782).
  10. Hon. Bysse Molesworth (born 1700, died 1779). Married 7th Dec 1731, Elizabeth Cole, sister of John Cole, 1st Baron Mountflorence and widow of Edward Archdall Esq. of Castle Archdall, Co. Fermanagh.
  11. Hon. Robert Molesworth III (born c.1702, died aged c.10 of smallpox).
  12. Hon. Juliana Molesworth (died unm 1759).
  13. Hon. Margaret Molesworth (1677 - 1684).
  14. Hon. Mary Molesworth (1682 - 1716). Married George Monk Esq. of Dublin.
  15. Hon Letitia Molesworth I (living in 1688).
  16. Hon. Charlotte Amelia Molesworth (born c.1691 - ). Married Capt. William Tichborne, younger son of Henry Tichborne, 1st Baron Ferrard who was her cousin on the Bysse side.
  17. Hon Letitia Molesworth II (born 7th or 8 March 1697). Married Edward Bolton Esq. of Brazeel, Co. Dublin.
  • Robert Molesworth, who, having been ambassador at the court of Denmark for several years, was advanced to the peerage of Ireland, 16 July, 1716, as Baron of Philipstown and Viscount Molesworth. His lordship m Letitia, 3rd dau. of Richard Coote, Lord Collooney, by whom he had,

I. John, his successor. II. Richard, 3rd viscount. III. William, captain in the wars with Spain, M.P. for Philipstown, and a commissioner of trade and plantations; m. in 1726, Anne, eldest dau. of Robert Adair, Esq. of Holybrook, co. Wicklow, and had issue, 1. Robert, who s. as 5th viscount. 2. John 3. Richard, b. in 1737; m. Catherine, dau. of Francis Cobb, Esq. of Twickenham; and at his decease, 29 Sept. 1799, left issue, Richard-Pigott, present viscount. John, com. R.N.; m. 6 Feb. 1829, Louisa, dau. of the late Rev. Dr. Tomkins, and has a son, Samuel, b. 19 Dec. 1829, and two daus., Margaret-Letitia and Mary Louisa. Anthony-Oliver, capt. royal artillery; m. 1st, 26 April, 1827, Jane, dau. of John Porter, Esq.; and 2ndly, 7 July, 1835, Grace-Jane, dau. of the late Morgan-Crofton, Esq., barrister-at-law, and by the latter has issue, Richard, b. 3 May, 1836; Morgan-Crofton, b. in 1837; Anthony-Oliver, b. in 1839; Mary; and another dau. James-Thomas. Wilhelmina, m. 5 May, 1894, to Bartholomew Jeffery, Esq. St. George-Catherine. Salome-Letitia, relict of the Rev. John Boucher; d. 15 Sept. 1829. 4. Letitia, m. to Captain George Johnstone; and d. 15 Feb. 1764. 5. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Holmes, Esq. 6. Juliana. 7. Jane. 8. Amelia-Charlotte, m. 20 Aug. 1770, to Knight Mitchell, Esq. of Shute Lodge, in Devonshire, (who d. 26 Dec. 1797;) and d. 12 Nov. 1819. 9. Isabella, m. to John Clootwyk, Esq., (who d. 2 March, 1804;) and d. 19 Dec. 1786. IV. Edward (Major), who left issue, 1. John, who m. Frances, eldest dau. of Matthew Hill, Esq.; and d. 24 April, 1791, leaving an only child, John-Edward-Nassau, in holy orders, D.D., vicar of Rochdale, co. Lancaster; b. in 1790; who m. 28 Nov. 1815, Harriet, dau. of the late William Mackinnon, Esq., and has issue, 1. William-Nassau, b. 8 Nov. 1816, in holy orders; 2. John, b. in 1818; 3. Daniel, b. 3 June, 1821; 4. George-Mill-Frederick, b. 14 Sept. 1825; 5. Reynell-Francis-Wynn, b. in 1827; 6. Guilford-Lindsey, b. in 1829; 1. Emma-Frances; and 2. Louisa. 2. Robert, who had issue, a. Edward (Major), b. 7 July, 1775; who m. 1st, Elizabeth-Dorothea, dau. of the late Reymond de Montmorency, brother of 1st Viscount Frankfort, and by her (who d. 8 Oct. 1812) had, John-Charles-Villiers, lieut. in the army; b. 18 Oct. 1800; m. 17 June, 1827, Maria Catherine, only child of the late Rev. Roger Ford; and d. 2 Feb. 1832, leaving one dau., Maria. Elizabeth-Dorothea, m. 4 June, 1818, to Theophilus Boileau, Esq. Margaret-Letitia, m. to Capt. Isaac Hope, royal engineers. Major Edward Molesworth m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of the late -- Crane, Esq., and relict of the late Joseph Trueman, Esq.; and d. 14 June, 1842, having had by her a son, Edward-Nassau, lieut. 27th regt., and a dau., Emma. b. Arthur, capt. royal marines; b. 24 March, 1786, m. 21 Aug. 1809; Eleanor, only dau. of the late Lazarus-Steele Roberts, Esq., M.D., and has issue, Arthur-John, lieut. royal marines; b. 16 July, 1810; m. Sarah, eldest dau. of John Parks, Esq., and has a dau., Sarah-Mary. Thomas-Hooper, R.N.; b. 5 Aug. 1823. Robert-Sackville, b. 24 Jan. 1825. Erasmus-William-Gray, b. 12 Feb. 1830. Ellen-Mary, m. 1 Jan. 1837, Peter-Lund Simmonds, Esq. Caroline-Julia. Clara. c. Richard-Carr, lieut,.col. royal artillery; b. 23 April, 1789; m. in 1810, Marianne, eldest dau. of the late Thomas Tuke, Esq., M.D., and has issue, Thomas-Edward, M.D., R.N.; b. 5 July, 1813. Henry-Orlebar, b. in 1817. Robert, b. 17 Jan. 1819. Mary-Eliza. d. Elizabeth. e. Letitia, m. to Sackville-Hamilton Eaton, Esq., late of the 62nd regt. V. Walter, d. in 1773, leaving issue, VI. Coote, M.D.; d. unm. in 1782. VII. Bysse, who m. 7 Dec. 1731, Elizabeth, sister of John, 1st Lord Mount-Florence, and widow of Edward Archdall, Esq. of Castle Archdall, co. Fermanagh; and d. in 1779, leaving issue, 1. Arthur (Major), of Fairlawn, co. Armagh, who m. 1st, in Sept. 1764, Catherine, dau. of Sir Walter-Fletcher Vane, Bart., by whom he had an only dau., Elizabeth, m. to Richard Reynell, Esq. of Reynella, co. Westmeath. He m. 2ndly, Mrs. Henrietta-H. Blackett, (widow,) who d.s.p.; and 3rdly, Miss Elizabeth Ledgingham. Major Molesworth d. 20 Aug. 1803, leaving by his 3rd wife (who d. 14 Dec. 1816) two sons, a. Arthur-Nepean, b. 27 Aug. 1799; m. 18 Jan. 1820, Harriette, 2nd dau. of Capt. Hawkins, and has issue, Arthur, b. in 1821; Thomas-Nepean, b. in 1824; Jane; Caroline; and Harriette. b. Thomas-William-Ponsonby, b. 10 Dec. 1800; m. 16 April, 1827, Anne, youngest dau. of the Rev. Thomas Fawcett, rector of Greens-Norton, co. Northampton, and has issue, Thomas, b. 31 Dec. 1829; Walter, b. in 1831; Anne-Sophia; Julia; Lucy; and Mary. 2. Robert, who m. in 1770, Miss Rose, and had issue, a. Arthur, major-gen. in the E. I. Co.'s service; m. Mary, dau. of Kearney, Esq.; and d. 7 Jan. 1843, having had two sons, Hickman, lieut. Madras artillery, and Robert; and five daus., viz., Gertrude, m. to Francis Lascelles, Esq. Mary, m. to Kindersley, Esq. Emma, m. to Ogilvie Esq. Jane, m. 9 March, 1844, to Hickman Kearney, Esq. Agnes. b. Hickman-Blayney, m. 1st, Wilhelmina-Dorothea, dau. of Brinsley Hone, Esq.; 2ndly, Maria, dau. of George Studdert, Esq.; and d. 3 May, 1844, leaving by his 1st wife a son, Robert, b. 3 Nov. 1806; m 2 Jan. 1840, Henrietta, dau. of the Rev. J.-E. Johnson, and has issue, a son, Hickman, b. 23 Feb. 1842. c. Theophilus. d. Bysse-Cole, a major in the army; m. Jane, only dau. of William Smith, Esq.; and d. 4 Dec. 1819, leaving issue, William-Robert, in holy orders. Herbert-Philips, also in holy orders. e. Bourchier, com. R.N. f. Caroline, widow of Col. Garnell, E. I. Co's service. 3. St. George, m. and has issue a son, William-St. George. 4. Richard. 5. Ponsonby, an officer in the army; m. Susannah, sister of Sir R.-H. Sheaffe, Bart. 6. William. 7. John-Cole. 8. Caroline, m. to Charles Walker, Esq. 9. Florence, m. to the Rev. Dr. Colclough. 10. Alice. 11. Caroline-Amelia. VIII. Juliana, d. unm. in 1759. IX. Mary, m. to George Monck, Esq. of Dublin. X. Charlotte-Amelia, m. to Capt. William Tichburne. XI. Letitia, m. to Edward Bolton, Esq. of Brazeel, co. Dublin. The viscount, who was highly distinguished by his talents, literary and political, d. in May, 1725, and was s. by his eldest son, "A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the ...", by John Bernard Burke.

  • Robert Molesworth, Esq; born after his father's death, which happened Sept. 3, 1656, and educated at the university of Dublin. He distinguished himself early in the glorious revolution, and was attainted by king James's parliament May 7, 1689, and his estate sequestered. When king William and queen Mary were established on the throne, that prince having a particular esteem for him, called him to his privy council, and in 1692 appointed him his envoy extraordinary to the court of Denmark, where he continued several years, and wrote his excellent Account of Denmark. He was a member of the house of Commons in both kingdoms, for Swordes, in Ireland, St. Michael, Bodmin and East-Retford, in England, and famous for his writings in defence of liberty and the constitution, which he supported with masculine eloquence in the house. He was a friend and correspondent of the earl of Shaftesbury, Mr. Locke and Mr. Molyneux. In queen Anne's reign he was of her privy council till the latter end of her reign, when in 1713 he was removed, upon a complaint against him from the lower house of convocation, being charged with saying in the presence chamber, 'They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also;' and for affronting the clergy in convocation, when they presented their address in favour of the lord chancellor Phipps. He was constituted a privy counsellor in Ireland Oct. 9, 1714, by king George I. and the next month a commissioner of trade and plantations. In 1716 he was created baron of Philipstown, and viscount Molesworth of Swordes; and on July 1, 1719, took his seat in the house of peers. He was a fellow of the Royal Society, and continued to serve his country with indefatigable industry and uncorrupted integrity, till the two last years of his life, when, worn out with application to public affairs, he passed the remainder of his days in learned retirement.

His lordship married Letitia, third daughter of Richard lord Coloony, and sister of Richard earl of Bellamont, and by her, who died March 18, 1729, had issue seven sons and four daughters, viz. 1. John, his successor; 2. Richard, who succeeded his brother. 3. William, a captain in the Spanish war, and Dec. 11, 1714, appointed supervisor and valuer of his majesty's honours, manors, messuages, &c. and surveyor of lands, which was continued to him by king George II. Oct. 26, 1727, who also appointed him to other offices. In the reign of George I. he was elected member to parliament for the borough of Philipstown, which he represented to is death. He married, July 25, 1726, Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Adair of Holybrook, in the county of Wicklow, Esq; member for Philipstown, (who died July 31, 1737) by whom he had issue three sons and six daughters; Robert, lieutenant of a troop in his uncle's regiment of dragoons; John; Richard; Letitia, wife of Capt. George Johnston of Stephen's-green; Elizabeth, Juliana, Jane, Amelia and Isabella. 4. Edward, also a captain in the Spanish war, and in 1737, major of Moyle's regiment. He had a son, Nicholas, deceased, and one daughter. 5. Walter, an officer in the army. 6. Coote, M.D. and F.R.S. and appointed physician to the garrison of Minorca, Sep. 30, 1735. 7. Bysse, in 1726 representative for Swordes, and collector of the port of Coleraine, which he exchanged for the clerk-ship of the land permits, from whence he was removed to be principal clerk in the secretary's office to the commissioners of the revenue. On Dec. 7, 1731, he married Elizabeth, daughter of John Cole of Enniskillen, Esq; widow of Edward Archdall of Castle Archdall, in Fermanagh, Esq; by whom he had seven sons and two daughters; Arthur, Robert, Ponsonby, St. George, Bourchier, William, John; Caroline and Florence. 8. Margaret, who died young. 9. Mary, wife of George Monck of Stephen's-green, Esq; by whom she had one son, Henry-Stanley Monck, Esq; Sarah, wife of Robert Mason of Mason's-brook, in com. Galway, Esq; and Margaret, of Henry Butler of Rossroe, in com. Clare, Esq; 10. Charlotta-Amelia, wife of Capt. William Titchburne, only surviving son of Henry lord Ferard, by whom she had one son and three daughters. 11. Letitia, wife of Edward Bolton of Brazeel, in com. Dublin, Esq; member for Swordes, by whom she had four sons and five daughters; Richard; Edward, who died young; Robert; Theophilus: Elizabeth; Letitia, deceased, wife of the Rev. Gustavus Hamilton; Maria, of Capt. John Grant; Anna-Catherina and Charlotte. His lordship departed this life on May 22, 1735, and was succeeded by his eldest son, "The Peerage of Ireland: A Genealogical and Historical Account of ..., Volume 2", by Edward Kimber, John Almon

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