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Munitz Name Study

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How to Join

Please contact the project leader Patrick Munits or leave a comment at the foot of the page. If you have any questions, just ask. Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Trace migration of every Munitz ancestral lineage from the XIX century Pale of Settlement to diasporas all over the world.
  • Identify major Munitz family lineages to assist future genealogists in their search for ancestors
  • Preserve the memory of Munitz Holocaust victims whose lineages seized to exist
  • Link every found and accessible archive document to their appropriate Munitz profile on WikiTree
  • In no way clash with ethical genealogical rules such as keeping Personally Identifiable Information about living individuals private
  • Use DNA results to advance our knowledge and to discover new cousins connections
  • Connect profiles to WikiTree's single family tree

This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.


You came to the right place if you're researching the origins of Ashkenazi surname Munitz.

מוניץ Munitz Munits Munetz Munic Munics Munica Mounitz Mounits Муниц Муницъ Municas Munitsas Municaite Munitsaite

All of the above are confirmed spelling variations of the same Ashkenazi surname. DNA testing conclusively confirmed that Munitz families did not all come from the same single male ancestor. At this time there are at least three, and likely quite a few more distinct families with this surname.

Many of the Munitz families can trace their origins to a relatively small geographical area within the Pale of Settlement generally close to town of Braslav in present day Belarus.

Precise origins and meaning of the Munitz surname remain to be determined. In the meantime a group of generally unrelated Munitz individuals are working together to gather as much historical material about this surname as possible. We would be very happy to see you join the effort if you hold in an interest in finding more about Munitz people.

You can contact Patrick Munits through WikiTree or join us on Facebook Munitz Group.

At this time close to 500 open Munitz profiles have been added to WikiTree. Feel free to contribute and expand information at your own pace.


Munitz surname does not have a single historical patriarch. Y-DNA tests completed by three separate Munitz males belong to three distinct Haplogroups. Despite this significant difference many Munitz descendants are related as distant cousins because they share at least some common ancestors just not on the direct male line. This is evident by Autosomal DNA matches. Many Munitz people can trace some type of connection to the region of Braslav lakes in Belarus close to borders with Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

You should be able to find matching distant DNA cousins if you do a DNA test with any of the major consumer DNA testing companies. There are results that have been uploaded to FamilyTreeDNA, Ancenstry, MyHeritage, 23&Me, and GEDMatch.

Please feel free to reach out to admins of this project if you have any questions. We are eager to hear from you!


Добро пожаловать на страницу посвящённой изучению истоков фамилии Муниц.

מוניץ Munitz Munits Munic Munics Munica Mounitz Mounits Муниц Муницъ Municas Munitsas Municaite Munitsaite

Сверху можно увидеть варианты написания фамилии Муниц на разных языках, включая идиш, иврит, английский, французский, немецкий, латышский, литовский и дореформенный русский. Это всё уже доказанные варианты одной и той же фамилии. То есть есть официальные документы, где эти формы встречаются с одним и тем же индивидуалом.

ДНК тестирование уже доказало, что у разных семей Муниц не обязательно один общий предок. На данное время точно известно о трёх разных прародителях с этой одной фамилией.

Многие семьи Муниц могут провести свою родословную к довольно небольшой географической территории в Черте Оседлости. Наибольшая концентрация на данное время наблюдается вокруг городка Браслав в Белоруссии. Предполагается что получиться проследить связи к той местности даже для тех представителей фамилии Муниц которые вначале 20-го века уже оказались в таких далёких от Браслава местах как Питер, Москва, Иркутск, Нью Йорк, Филадельфия, и Огайо.

Если вы заинтересованы в фамилии Муниц, и возможно у вас есть какая-либо информация, которой вы можете поделиться, то мы будем рады если вы с нами свяжетесь. На связь можно выйти либо через мой профиль Патрик Муниц, либо заходите в группу Муниц на Facebook Munitz Group.

На данный момент уже найдено и созданы открытые профили для более чем 500 исторических представителей фамилии Муниц. Пожалуйста, если у вас есть информация, то вы можете добавлять новые профили сами, или же редактировать уже созданные. Как всегда, проявляйте внимание с установками приватности, если вы вдруг решили добавить профили для живущих людей.

Я вас очень прошу поделиться со мной вашими знаниями о людях с фамилией Муниц. Даже если у вас не возможности или времени самим вносить информацию, то пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной, и я радостью послушаю ваши рассказы. Затем, с вашего разрешения, я постараюсь увековечить память на этих страницах. Наши потомки будут вам благодарны! Я могу связаться с вами по почте, по телефону, по Скайпу, и т.д. Вам это будет стоить только немного вашего времени.

Research Notes

  • No Munitz families or persons are found in 1897 Russian Empire census for the shtetl of Glazmanka, which at the time had about 350 Jewish families.
  • No Munitz families or persons are found in 1897 Russian Empire census for the town of Tukkum (Courland governorate; Tukums, Latvia), which among its population counted several hundred Jews.

The list below is not complete. There are now over 500 Munitz (and various spelling variations) profiles on WikiTree.

For tips see To-Do Lists. You might want to add a link on your profile like this: Munitz surname research To-Do List.

Name Birth Notes
Munetz, Efim 1891-00-00 to-do
Munics, Jēkabs 1921-07-24 to-do
Munics, Abrams 1924-03-10 to-do
Munics, Šmuēlis 1926-02-10 to-do
Munics, Jāzeps 1913-08-15 to-do
Munics, Towijs 1916-04-19 to-do
Munics, Shlove-Rocha 1921-08-01 to-do
Munics, Luba 1922-00-00 to-do
Munits, Izrail Meer 1911-00-00 to-do
Munits, Sender 1894-00-00 to-do
Munits, Meilakh 1923-00-00 to-do
Munits, David 1888-00-00 to-do
Munits, Semyon 1872-00-00 to-do
Munits, Chaim 1911-00-00 to-do
Munits, Yakov to-do
Munits, Eliezer 1884-00-00 to-do
Munits, Itska 1910-00-00 to-do
Munits, Saika 1930-00-00 to-do
Munits, Alex to-do
Munits, Lipka 1935-00-00 to-do
Munits, Izrail 1909-00-00 to-do
Munits, Eliah 1893-00-00 to-do
Munits, Boris 1941-00-00 to-do
Munits, Nikolai 1910-00-00 to-do
Munics, Shaya (Munitz) 1885-12-21 to-do
Munics, David (Munitz) 1903-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Nison 1850-00-00 to-do
Munetz, Hirsch (Munitz) 1867-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Avsel 1832-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Abram 1848-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Haim 1891-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Ginda 1894-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Freida 1880-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Lana 1890-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Shmuil 1872-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Shlomo 1850-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Irving Wendell 1913-02-12 to-do
Munics, Simcha-Tevel (Munitz) 1861-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Basha 1898-01-09 to-do
Munitz, Leib 1890-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Shmuel 1875-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Milton Karl 1913-07-09 to-do
Munitz, Samuel Hyman 1881-11-25 to-do
Munics, Lipka (Munitz) 1914-00-00 to-do
Raisins, Sima (Munitz) 1905-03-23 to-do
Munitz, Sholom 1842-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Sore Rahel 1906-11-01 to-do
Munitz, Mendel 1885-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Zalmon 1903-08-01 to-do
Munitz, Zalman 1869-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Samuil 1914-10-25 to-do
Munitz, Abram 1893-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Tzalko 1877-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Betzalel 1909-07-22 to-do
Leites, Esifra (Munitz) 1894-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Aron 1911-03-27 to-do
Munitz, Leia 1913-01-01 to-do
Munitz, Sheftel 1905-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Geršon 1888-01-10 to-do
Ullman, Claire (Munitz) 1917-03-21 to-do
Munitz, Roslyn 1922-02-23 to-do
Munitz, Michael 1867-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Samuel 1882-10-16 to-do
Munitz, Abraham 1897-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Gershom 1888-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Isaak 1891-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Levi 1881-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Mordecai 1877-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Isaiah 1918-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Nison 1872-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Gerschon 1903-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Scholem 1880-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Salman-Itzik 1901-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Mendel-Leib 1930-01-27 to-do
Munitz, Schalom 1934-07-29 to-do
Munitz, Schepsel 1897-02-23 to-do
Munitz, Chaim 1903-04-13 to-do
Munitz, Abram 1872-00-00 to-do
Munitz, David 1865-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Izrail-Ber 1906-04-18 to-do
Meierowitz, Malke (Munitz) 1903-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Yosel 1860-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Motus 1850-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Izrail 1890-01-03 to-do
Munitz, Alta 1901-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Noakh 1877-04-23 to-do
Munica, Riva (Munitz) 1922-08-12 to-do
Munitz, Mendel 1924-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Unknown to-do
Munitz, David 1921-09-00 to-do
Munitz, Grigoriy 1900-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Uriev 1880-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Solomon 1923-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Mendel 1900-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Hirsh 1887-03-09 to-do
Munitz, Ester 1892-07-06 to-do
Munitz, Rivka 1882-01-03 to-do
Herzbach, Deborah (Munitz) 1908-06-08 to-do
Munitz, David-Wulf 1870-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Abram-Hirsh 1850-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Rokha-Tzipa 1889-05-29 to-do
Munitz, Izrail 1909-04-18 to-do
Munitz, Eliah 1890-00-00 to-do
Lifs, Scheina (Munitz) 1880-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Beniamin 1893-12-28 to-do
Munitz, Itzik 1875-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Leib 1855-00-00 to-do
Munic, Lipa-Lejba (Munitz) 1892-05-05 to-do
Munics, Mozus (Munitz) 1904-10-06 to-do
Munitz, Elia-Matus (Muntz) 1884-11-26 to-do
Munitz, Khane (Unknown) 1872-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Lenore Bloom (Unknown) 1921-00-00 to-do
Munits, Maria (Unknown) 1899-00-00 to-do
Munits, Sarra (Unknown) 1909-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Musa Gitel (Unknown) 1885-00-00 to-do
Munits, Tsila-Mushka (Unknown) 1905-00-00 to-do
Munetz, Vera (Unknown) 1903-11-11 to-do
Munitz, Rebecca (Unknown) 1885-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Malka (Unknown) 1903-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Sore (Unknown) 1898-07-07 to-do
Munics, Roche-Pesja (Unknown) 1903-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Revekka (Unknown) 1900-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Sora-Slova (Unknown) 1865-00-00 to-do
Munitz, Haya (Unknown) 1851-00-00 to-do

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