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My Ancestors Research Statistics template

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After completing an "ancestor audit" and writing about it here: Have you audited your ancestors?, I received a lot of requests for the code of My Ancestors Research Statistics. It is my modification to the original template created by (and found on his profile) Campbell Braddock. I added in some extra columns:

My Ancestors Research Statistics

My Ancestors Research Statistics
Gen. No. Relation to SJ Baty Total Possible Profiles On Wikitree Sourced Biography Genealogically Defined
3Grandparent44442 (50%)
4Great Grandparent88885 (63%)
52nd Great Grandparent161616167 (44%)
63rd Great Grandparent30 (-2)*303020 (67%)11 (37%)
74th Great Grandparent60 (-4)*37 (62%)3740 (67%)6 (10%)
85th Great Grandparent120 (-8)*45 (38%)4531 (69%)2 (4%)
96th Great Grandparent240 (-16)*40 (16%)4018 (45%) 6 (15%)
107th Great Grandparent480 (-32)*29 (6%)26 (90%)16 (55%)2 (7%)
118th Great Grandparent960 (-64)*29 (3%)27 (93%)17 (67%)0 (0%)
  • Total number of possible ancestors reduced due to pedigree collapse.

And here is the code for it:

== My Ancestors Research Statistics ==
{|border="1" cellpadding="2"
|+ '''My Ancestors Research Statistics'''
! colspan="2" style="background: #FFFF00;" |
! colspan="5" style="background: #FFFF00;" | BY GENERATION
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''Gen. No.'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''Relation to SJ Baty'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''Total Possible Profiles'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''On Wikitree'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''Sourced'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|''' Biography'''
| align="center" style="background:#FFFF00;"|'''[[Space:Genealogically Defined|Genealogically Defined]]'''
| align="center"| 1||Self||align="center"|1||align="center"|1||align="center"|1||align="center"|1||align="center"|1
|align="center" | 2||Parent||align="center"|2||align="center"|2||align="center"|2||align="center"|2||align="center"|2
|align="center" |3||Grandparent||align="center"|4||align="center"|4||align="center"|4||align="center"|4||align="center"|2 (50%)
| align="center"|4||Great Grandparent||align="center"|8||align="center"|8||align="center"|8||align="center"|8||align="center"|5 (63%)
| align="center"|5||2nd Great Grandparent||align="center"|16||align="center"|16||align="center"|16||align="center"|16||align="center"|7 (44%)
| align="center"|6||3rd Great Grandparent||align="center"|30 (-2)*||align="center"|30||align="center"|30||align="center"|20 (67%)||align="center"|11 (37%)
|align="center"| 7||4th Great Grandparent||align="center"|60 (-4)*||align="center"|37 (62%)||align="center"|37||align="center"|40 (67%)||align="center"|6 (10%)
|align="center"| 8||5th Great Grandparent||align="center"|120 (-8)*||align="center"|45 (38%)||align="center"|45||align="center"|31 (69%)||align="center"|2 (4%)
|align="center"| 9||6th Great Grandparent||align="center"|240 (-16)*||align="center"|40 (16%)||align="center"|40||align="center"|18 (45%) ||align="center"|6 (15%)
|align="center"| 10||7th Great Grandparent||align="center"|480 (-32)*||align="center"|29 (6%)||align="center"|26 (90%)||align="center"|16 (55%)||align="center"|2 (7%)
|align="center"| 11||8th Great Grandparent||align="center"|960 (-64)*||align="center"|29 (3%)||align="center"|27 (93%)||align="center"|17 (67%)||align="center"|0 (0%)

* Total number of possible ancestors reduced due to pedigree collapse.


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this is a superb idea! Thanks, SJ!
posted by Valeri Shafer
This is great, I am so going to copy;)

I presume that you manually sum the numbers during your audit? (Ie there is no magic report already etc)

posted by Troy Phillips
Ok I still can't get the "code" to work. I am mathematically challenged. Still love this idea.
posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
Judy, have you pasted it to your profile or page yet?
posted by SJ Baty
No I have yet to paste it. Not very computer wise with any of this.
posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
edited by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
Just copy all the code, open your profile to edit, and paste it where you want it.
posted by SJ Baty
I cannot get the chart to paste on my profile so I guess that's why I cannot get the code to work? Or I am as computer illiterate as I thought I was.

Thanks for trying to help me though

posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
Thank you for this. I’m new here so it’s a great time to start the audit and to try to have as many profiles as possible genealogically defined (I had to look up ‘genealogically defined’ ;))
posted by Rebecca (Holtz) Reed
What an awesome idea. I will give it a try.
posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin

Thank you for this chart. I'm going to work on doing my ancestor audit - my project for 2021. Best wishes Maureen

Glad to hear it Maureen! Please let me know if you run into any glitches or need any assistance!
posted by SJ Baty