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William Cole's Ancestors Who Served

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The following people are ancestor's of William Cole that have served/fought in the recognized conflicts mentioned below since the early settlement of these United States. These include the following wars: The Pequot War [1] was an armed conflict that took place between 1636 and 1638 in New England between the Pequot tribe and an alliance of the English colonists; King Philip's War [2] was an armed conflict between American Indian inhabitants of New England versus the New England colonists in 1675–78; King George's War[1] (1744–1748) is the name given to the military operations in North America. It took place primarily in the British provinces of New York, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, and Nova Scotia; The French and Indian War [3] from 1754 to 1763 pitted the colonies of British America against those of New France; The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783)[4] began as a conflict between Great Britain and her Thirteen Colonies which declared independence; The War of 1812 (1812–1815) was a conflict fought between the United States, the United Kingdom, and their respective allies; The American Civil War [5] was fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865; World War II or The Second World War, [6] was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

The citations enclosed in brackets within the descriptions above will link to an extensive description of that conflict at Wikipedia.


  1. David Alden, 1784-1822
  2. Capt Seth Alden, 1722-1779
  3. Dr. Seth Alden, 1749-1809
  4. Capt. Benjamin Barton, 1733-1818 fought in the Revolutionary war
  5. Capt Benjamin barton, 1703-1773
  6. Capt Joseph Barton,1758-1823
  7. Lt. Josiah Brown, 1742-1826 fought in many battles in the Civil War
  8. Peleg Brown, 1844-1925 served in Company B, 13th U.S. Federal Infantry. A nice history of his service is here [2]
  9. Augustin Butler, 1790-1885 fought in the civil war and got 160 acres of 'Bounty Land' in Wisconson as payment for his five years of service.
  10. Lt. Griffin Craft, 1600-1689 He was commissioned as lieutenant of the militia on 10 Sep 1653, and resigned the commission in Feb 1675/76.
  11. Pvt Aaron Cole, 1755-1802 Served in Capt. Peleg Mattison’s Co., northward from Shaftsbnry, Vt., 1781
  12. Pvt Ambrose Cole, 1738-1775 He served in Capt. Carr’s Co., in Col. Nathan Miller’s Regt. of Militia, Rhode Island expedition
  13. Pvt Amaziah Cole, 1749-1816 Served in Capt. Allin’s Co., Col. Crary’s Regt.; continual service 15 months, from Dec. 16, 1776.
  14. Col. Andrew Cole, 1714-1787, He served in the Revolutionary War in Col Jonathan Bagely's regiment as a Lt. Col. in 1762.
  15. Pvt Andrew Patterson Cole, 1832-1904 was born in Tennessee and was a son of Benjamin Brown Cole, 1808-1905 as a young man sometime after his son was born and before the war he took his family and moved to Kansas. He enlisted in Company F, Kansas, 13th Infantry Regiment on 20 Sep 1862, Mustered out on 08 Jan 1863 at Elm Springs, AR. he spent the rest of his life in Kansas.
  16. Pvt Andrew Cole, 1738-1788 Served in the Revolution in Capt Wood's Company, Minute Men of Middleborough
  17. Pvt Barnabas Cole, 1750-1838 He served in the Revolution in 8th Company, Captain Robert Webster's 8th Regiment, commanded by Colonel John Fellows.
  18. Benjamin Cole, 1750-1822 Joined Captain Jonas Galusra's Co, Col. Herrick's Regt. - 1st Vermont Volunteers, Shaftsbury, VT
  19. Benjamin Cole, 1739-1790 a son of Andrew, above, was a soldier in the revolution for Capt. Peck's Company
  20. Pvt Benjamin B. Cole, 1808-1905 was a Confederate Soldier from Tennessee in the Civil War
  21. Col Benjamin Cole, 1759-1836 Col Cole was a Revolutionary soldier, signed on a privateer, the "George", captured and held prisoner for 7 months in The Weat Indies. Proprietor of the famous 'Cole's Hotel' in Warren for many years.
  22. Sgt Bethuel Cole, 1750-1828 Served in Capt. Jonas Galnsha’s Co., Col. Herrick’s Regt.; detailed as guard at Bennington.
  23. Pvt Calvin Cole, 1770-1839 Calvin served in Col. Ryerson's 1st Reg. in Massachusetts during the war of 1812
  24. Maj Curtis Cole, 1742-1830, Curtis Cole was commisioned Ensign of Minute Men of Warren, R.I. in Jan of 1777 and Captain in Aug of 1778. He then attained the rank of Major after the war in 1786.
  25. Pvt Constant Cole, 1735-1832 a detailed service record for this profile which may be found here: [3]
  26. Col Cyprian Cole, 1792-1861 was a member of Maine Legislature in 1837 and '38. Selectman of Greenwood, Me., twenty-nine years, and was the colonel of Maine Militia, 1824.
  27. Daniel Cole Esq, 1727-1819, Was a Justice of the Peace for the King when the war broke out, but resigned and joined the Patriot Cause and was one of the Recruiting Officers in Warren, R I.
  28. Daniel Cole, 1757-1840
  29. Capt. David Cole, 1749-1845 was originally a Capt. in the British army but changed sides and served in Capt Maddison's Co. in Shaftsbury
  30. Ebenezer Cole, 1712-1795 was a staunch supporter of the 'Revolutionary Cause' as well as having 3 sons fighting for it
  31. Cpt Ebenezer Cole, 1756-1818
  32. Pvt. Ebenezer Cole II, 1715-1798 enlisted Aug 3, 1780, was in Capt. Peleg Peck's Compay in the Revolution.
  33. Pvt Ebenezer Cole, 1742-1778 He served in Capt. Reuben Alexander’s Co., Col. Samuel Ashley’s Regt. of Militia, which marched from the County of Cheshire to reinforce the Army at Ticonderoga. Assumed he died in service at a young age.
  34. Pvt Ebenezer Cole, 1760-1818 was soldier in the Revolutionary War
  35. Lt. Col. Edward Cole, 1713-1742 He was a Lt of Miilitia in Warren, R I, Cpt in 11745 & Lt Col in 1755
  36. Pvt Edward Cole, 1751-1833 was a soldier in the Revolution. Soon after the war he removed with family to Washington County, NY
  37. Sgt Eleazer Cole, 1747-1833 Served as a drummer, and advanced to the rank of Sargeant
  38. Pvt Emphraim Cole, 1731-1778 he served in the French & Indian Wars and was a private in the Revolution and died of camp fever at Valley Forge
  39. Pvt Ephraim Cole, 1726-1812 Ephraim served in Captain William Worth's Company, Colonel Henry Jackson's Regiment, Continental Army, Nov 17, 1777 to Dec 31, 1779; also same Company and Regiment, Jan 1, 1780 to Nov 16, 1780, three years Continental service.
  40. Corp Ephraim Cole, 1756-1828 was a private in the company of Minute Men at Lexington Green on 19 April 1775. A service record for this profile may be found here: [4]
  41. Pvt. Esau Cole, 1732- ? also served in Capt. Peck's Company, discharged Aug 9, 1782.
  42. Corp. Eugene Cole, 1844-1930 was a prisoner in Andersonville during the Civil War
  43. Freegift Cole, 1743-1814 At a town council meeting in 1781 he was appointed to a committee of 3 to gather provisions for the Militia and store them at his son Parker's house and to take charge of the arms of the Militia Company.
  44. Pvt Gershom Cole, 1756-1800 a detailed record which may be found here: [5]
  45. Pvt Gideon Cole, 1755-1840 Served in Capt. Caleb Carr’s Co., in camp at Newport, Oct.10, 1776.
  46. Glen Cole Sr, 1924-1990 Served his country in WW II, Korea and the Vietnam wars. Buried in a National Cemetery.
  47. Pvt Hezekiah Cole, 1743-1797 He served in Lt. Francis Shurtleff's Company, fourteen days, expedition to Rhode Island.
  48. Hezekiah Cole, 1705-1781 Enlisted May 20, 1777 in Capt. Jeremiah Wilson's Company, Colonel Joseph Vose's Regiment
  49. Pvt. Hezekiah Cole II, 1732-1801 enlisted 7 Dec 1776 in Capt. Peck's
  50. Sgt Hugh T. Cole, 1628-1699 his home in Swansea was the first to burn in the uprising that came to be called King Philip's War that ultimately within 3 years claimed the lives of 25% of the settlers of New England.
  51. Pvt Hugh Cole III, 1683-1753 served as a soldier in King Philip's War
  52. Pvt Hugh Cole, 1706-1785 Served in Capt. Lewis Peck’s Co., in Col. Mathewson’s Regt., June 12 to 27, 1778.
  53. Corp Isaiah Cole, 1731-1810 Served in Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter’s Co., Col.Thomas Carpenter’s Regt.; service from July 20, 1777, one month five days at Rhode Island,
  54. Pvt Isreal Cole, 1735-1830 served as a soldier in the Revolution
  55. Pvt Isreal cole, 1710-1787 Israel was a Pvt in Eli Parker's Company, Col Leonard's Regiment, at Ticonderoga, 1777.
  56. Cpt James Cole, 1655-1712 Fought in King Philip’s War
  57. Capt Jesse Cole, 1781-1870 served his young country in the War of 1812. He then fought for the Confederacy in Andrew Jackson's Regiment.
  58. Pvt Job Cole, 1755-1834 service record which may be found here: [6]
  59. Pvt Job Cole, 1753-1840 was a soldier in the Revolution and served in Cpt Sherman's Company, and in Cpt Peck's Company and in several other companies
  60. John Wm Cole, 1742-1826 John was a soldier in the Revolution
  61. Cpt Joseph Cole, 1706-1777 Served as pvt in King George's War in Col Jms Dwight's Regt, in the expidition against Louisburg, 1745. He also served in the French and Indian Wars, and as a Lt. and Cpt. in the Revolutionary War.
  62. Cpt Joseph Cole, 1734-1809 Joseph served as a corporal in the Crown Point Expedition in 1755, also as a sergeant in Col Dwight's Regiment in 1756 during the French/Indian Wars. Served again as a sgt, ensign and 1st lt. in several other company/regiments during the war from 1775 to 1779.
  63. Pvt Levi Cole, 1761-1839 was a Revolutionary soldier and a service record for this profile which may be found here: [7]
  64. Lt Nehemiah Cole, 1708-1753 Served in the French Indian Wars
  65. Capt. Parker Cole, 1746-1817, He served in Captain Galusha's Company, Colonel Merrick's Regiment
  66. Pvt Parker Cole, 1756-1839 was a soldier in the Revolutionary War
  67. Seaman Richard Cole, 1758-1781 Included in a list of prisoners brought from New York to Marblehead on the schooner 'Speedwell' on Aug 3rd, 1777, reported as 'among hands'.
  68. Capt. Russell Cole, 1778-1813 also died in 1813 and could have been in the war of 1812.
  69. Pvt Samuel Cole,1730-1777 He fought in the French & Indian War & was a drummer in the Revolutionary War and was killed by Indians.
  70. Cpt Seth Cole, 1760-1834
  71. Pvt Southworth Cole, 1761-1825 a soldier in Cpt Hayden's Co., Col Thomas's Rgmt to Aug, 1775
  72. Captain William Cole, 1753-1826, son of Samuel was a Cpl when he served in Capt. Pope's Company. Later attained the rank of Cpt.
  73. Pvt Zenas Cole, 1791-1850 he was a private in Captain John C. Bartlett’s Company, 20th New York Militia, War 1812.
  74. Maj. John Greene, 1620-1708 Held the highest military rank in the colony of Rhode Island
  75. Thomas Greene, 1628-1717 fought in the King Philip's War protecting his family and freinds
  76. Capt. Edward Hutchinson, 1613-1675 served an important rank in King Philips's war in 1675, during which he was killed.
  77. Sgt. Jennings 'Jens' Jasperson, 1910-1987 was a sergeant in the Pacific Theater during WWII
  78. Pvt. John Edward Jasperson served in the Army during the Second World War
  79. Andrew Mason, 1766-1838 as well as his older brother Michael, were soldiers in the Revolutionary War
  80. Lt Francis Peabody,1614-1695
  81. Capt. John Peabody, 1587-1667 also fought in the Pequot Wars
  82. Capt. Edward Richmond, 1632-1696 fought in the Pequot Wars in Rhode Island
  83. John Salisbury, 1587-1675 and his son William Salisbury was two of a group of eleven settlers of Swansea who were the first killed at the outbreak of King Philip's War in 1675. They were beheaded and body parts were left on poles near the Kickemuit River. Sgt Hugh Cole's home was the first burned at the outbreak of hostilities.
  84. Lt. Elisha Smith, 1679-1714
  85. Capt Elisha Wales,1728-1788
  86. Sgt. Thomas Wheeler, 1621-1704 fought in King Phillip's War
  87. Francis Whitmore, 1625-1685 was a soldier in King Philip's War also
  88. Lt. Edward Winship, 1612-1688 was a soldier in the Massachussets Militia

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