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Confirmed DNA Connections

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Relatives found via DNA Testing


James C. Evans jr, FTDNA, 3384 cM/267 cM, Father.

Daryl Patterson, FTDNA, MRCA George Washington WIlliamson, 270cM/40cM match with Daddy, 2C1R

Lillie Windham Duncan, FTDNA, MRCA Mickle Berry Meigs, 3C1R

Doyle Baker, GEDMatch kit# A482963, MRCA Seth Thomas Evans, 3C1R

Theron Canteberry, MyHeritage, MRCA Delanson South, 61.2 cM/ 27.6 cM, 3C1R

Maria Logan-Montgomery, GEDMatch #A941618, MRCA Delanson South, 3C1R

Laura Nix Mahnken, GEDMatch#M676413, MRCA Seth Thomas Evans, 3C1R, 11.7/11.7 cM match on GedMatch.

William Pool, GedMatch # T627761, MRCA William Hudson Pool, 3C2R.

Christie Moses Maddox GEDMatch #A296017, MRCA Thomas W. Williamson jr, 4C.

Vicky Canteberry MyHeritage, MRCA Delanson South, 13.1 cM/ 13.1 cM, 4C


Beth Collins Pierce, FTDNA, 273 cM/39 cM, MRCA Ida Essary Russell, 2nd Cousin

Bill Dunn MyHeritage, MRCA Samual Jackson Essary, 2C1R

George Watson Tidmore, FTDNA, MRCA Mickle Berry Meigs, 179 cM/33 cM, 2C2R

Billie Minor Mullins, MyHeritage, MRCA Samual Jackson Essary, 3C

Lillie O. Wyndam Duncan, FTDNA, MRCA Mickle Berry Meggs, 201 cM/40 cM match to James C Evans jr, 3C1R

Billy Eugine Arnold, FTDNA member, MRCA John Meggs, 154 cM match with largest block being 29cM between Billy and J.C. Evans jr. 3C2R.

Sharon Cramer, GEDMatch #A916272, MRCA John Meggs, 4C1R

Betty Vinson Braswell, FTDNA, 57 cM, 21cM match with J.C. Evans jr. MRCA Sampson Essary 4C1R

Gregory Redden, FTDNA member, MRCA John Meggs, 49cM match with largest block being 11 cM between Greg and J.C. Evans jr. 5th Cousins

William Russell Daniels, GedMatch #T504123, MRCA John Meggs, 5C.

Tereasa Simmons Langley, MyHeritage, MRCA John Meggs, 5th Cousins.

Bonnie Downs, FTDNA, 40cM/16cM, MRCA James Essary. 5C1R

Becky (Baxley) Clark , FTDNA, MRCA John T. Meggs, 5C1R.

Gail Wade Rolison, FTDNA, MRCA John T. Meggs, 5C1R


Curtis Andrew Gamble, FTDNA, MRCA Jewell Reece Gamble, 1596cM/82cM, Uncle.

Shane Martin, MRCA Kurtis Columbus Donohoo, 2C1R. Matches Curt but not me. Match on MyHeritage.

Mary Lee Welch Brown, Match on MyHeritage. 2C1R. Profile marked Private. MRCA Kurtis Columbu and Julia Ann Brandon Donahoo.

BRENDA STRYBOSCH, MRCA Kurtis Columbus Donohoo, 2C1R. Matched on MyHeritage.

Jonathon Byrd, MRCA Kurtis Columbus Donohoo, 3C. Matched on MyHeritage.

Noreen Pearson Johnson, GEDMatch #M519515, MRCA Andrew Lee Gamble, 3C, Matched on MyHeritage.

Marian Fay Negra Baker, 83cM match, with the largest segment being 41 cM, between Curtis A. Gamble and his 3rd Cousin Marian F Negra Baker on FTDNA. MRCA James Allen Meacham.

William Searcy Junkin, MRCA Richard Clifton Brandon. Matches Curt, but not me. 133.1 cM, with 42.1cM largest segment between William and Curt. 3C1R

Ronald Miller. MyHeritage, MRCA Hiram Williamson Donohoo, 30.6 cM match with James Evans. 3C1R

Ronald Junkin, MRCA Richard Clifton Brandon. 60.7 cM , with largest segment 25.7 cM. 4C

Rhonda (Junkin) Beasley, MRCA Richard Clifton Brandon, 4C, Matched on MyHeritage.

Charles Raymond Hays, GedMatch #A756204, MRCA Kennedy William Bailey, 4C1R.

Jeff Hyde Match for Curt on FTDNA, MRCA Andrew F. Gamble, 5C.

Gary Shanklin, GEDMatch #A022385, MCRA Robert Rogers, 5C1R.

Jennifer Hollifield Buchanan MRCA Cornelius D. Donohoo. 5C1R. Matched on FTDNA, GedMatch #T750145.

Thelma (Henderson) Schoolfield, FTDNA, MRCA William Meacham, 5C1R

Joshua Smith, GedMatch Kit #A400554, MRCA William Fleming Bailey, 6C1R, Largest segment 16.7 cM, Total of segments > 7 cM = 16.7 cM, 6th Cousins.

John Davenport, FTDNA, MRCA William Meacham Sr., 6C1R.

Charles Tucker, GEDMatch Kit #A206229, MRCA: John Parks and Mary Sharp, Largest matching segment 7.9cM, total matching segments 51.9cM. 6C2R.

Jeanne Morrel Franklin, FTDNA, GedMatch #T914728, MRCA George Brewer Sr. 7th Cousins.

Stacy Goff, GedMatch #M942878, MRCA John Donahoo, Largest segment 7.9 cM, total matching segments 51.9 cM. 7C1R.

Robert J Bailey, GEDMatch Kit# M027968, 7C2R, MRCA John Bailey Jr.


Lorine Stine Mitchell, MyHeritage, 100.6 cM/ 28.9cM, MRCA Henry Martin Stine, 1C2R

Kaleena Kelly Belmares, MyHeritage, MRCA Henry Martin Stine, 26.8 cM/19.1cM, 3C

Patricia Young, GEDMatch #M437747, MRCA Thomas Sisson, 4C2R, Matches Curtis Gamble, but not me.

Thomas George Zeanah, FTDNA, MRCA Hiram White, 4C2R, Largest Segment 17cM, 56 cM total.

Lisa Franklin, GedMatch #M150537, MRCA John Pate, 5C. Largest Segment 9.5 cM, Total Segments 9.5 cM, 1 Segment.

Patrick Delehanty, GedMatch #A114679, MRCA William Reece, 5C1R.

Aaron Jackson Lawrence, Grandson of Willard Jackson Lawrence, MRCA Willam Sisson, 7C. Matched on MyHeritage. Also on GedMatch #A705359.

Terry Puckett Bailey, Matched on FTDNA, MRCA Thomas Sisson jr, 7C1R.



Robert Bamberg III, Tidmore descendant, tested with FTDNA

Melinda Tidmore Kammeyer, Tidmore descendant, Tested with FTDNA


Kimberly Williams Rumple, FTDNA, Stine descendant, GEDmatch A722939

Hilary Kanupp, FTDNA, descends from Daniel Stine, b. 1788, son of Johann Frederick Stine, b. 1745 in Germany. Estimated 3rd - 5th cousin.

Felicia Kruse Alexander, FTDNA, 3rd-5th, descends from Louisa Jane Stine Calahan, daughter of George Stine, Son of Jacob Stine, Son of Johann Frederick Stine, b. 1745, in Germany, Stine-357. Felicia Kruse Alexander is the 5th Great Grand daughter of Johann. She descends from his son Jacob. She is a 44/15 match to Lorine.


Rachel Anne Harvill Oliver, Gedmatch kit #T375141, descends from Thomas Buery Farley, b 1730. Estimated 3rd to 5th.

Kenneth Wade Passwaters, FTDNA, descends from John B. Farley, b. 1670, estimated 4th to Remote.

William Robert Morrow, FTDNA, Descendant of John B. Farley Jr, b. 1670.

Rose McAlister, FTDNA, MyHeritage, GedMatch #T821294, estimated 2nd to 4th cousin. Descends from Susan (Susannah) Farley Marona, b. Ca. 1818, d. 1890.


Melvin Bohannon, FTDNA, descends from John Gordon Grady Russell, b. 1824.


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