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Nathaniel Merriman, Colony and Town Records

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Hoadly, Charles J, MA. (editor) Records of the Colony and Plantation of New Haven, From 1638 to 1649. (Hartford: Case, Tiffany and Company, 1857.) at Google at archive

  • The New Haven Planters : Nath Merriman. The list was originally drawn in 1639. Signatures were added after including Nathaniels. (the original has his signature) (p 18).
  • 17 1st month 1641. "The land for the small lotts on ye banke side and by y° west creeke was appoynted to be layd out, as their lotts were drawne in order as followeth." Nath: Merryman. (p. 50)
  • 1643 A division of Mris Eldreds out lotts. "The Mcddow and second divission to be devided equ[ally] betwi xt Nathaniel Merriman, Mathias Hitchcocke and Isacke Whitehead if he accept it." p. 94
  • 1 July 1644. Oath of Fidelity Nath: Merrymã (p. 138)
  • 25 May 1646 ... Natha: Merryman ... "were freed from attending the court, to helpe Mr. Malbon get goods ashore." (p. 242)
  • 20 Nov 1648 ... N. Merriman ... "desired that they might haue some land & meddowe to sett vp farmes one the east side, next the sea, beyond the Cove River. Mr.. Crane and the farmers ther objected against it, whervpon the court appointed Leivtennant Seely, Henry Lendall & Francis New man, as a comittee to view and consider wheither it would prejudice the farmes ther allreadie or no, & so to make re port to the court, & if any of the farmers will goe to make ther objections they maye."
  • 14 May 1649. "William Andrewes desired the court that they would put an issue to ye matter concerning the land wch was viewed on behalfe of himselfe & John Cooppr, Sariant Beckly, Isacke Whithead & Nathanil Merriman on ye Indian side beyond Sollitary Cove. Those that were appointed to view were desired to informe the court how they found things. Leivtenant Seely said he thought the towne might grant it them, & so said Henry Lendall & Francis Newman, so yt the farmers meddowes might ‘be secured from their cattell spoyling them. Mr. Crane, & Mr. Ling & Mr. Tuttill opposed it & said it would spoyle their farmes, yett if they might have common in ye necke wth them & haue ther medow secured, they were willing, but they wch propounded for it were not willing to take it vpon those termes. After much debate, the matter was left that they might speake privatly together aboute it, but the farmers were told that if they hinder the towne from disposing of the land for them to make vse of, the towne will expect the same rates from them that these offer to paye, that is, for all ye medow and 50 or 60 acrs of vpland, or more if it be taken in for planting land." (p. 459)
  • 11 Jun 1649 "Mr. Evanc desired libbertie for Thomas Moris & Nathaniell Merriman to depart ye court, to goe to doe a litle worke to a vessell wch laye loaden & was ready to goe awaye, and they had libbertie." (p. 460)
  • 29 Nov 1649. "Nathaniel Meriman and William Russell are chosen for this comittee for rates, in ye roome of Thomas Munson & Francis Browne, because the one is not at home, and the other cannot attend it because of the ferry." (p. 502)

Hoadly, Charles J, MA. (editor) Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven, From May 1653 to the Union. (Hartford: Case, Tiffany and Company, 1858.) at Google at archive

  • p. 409. footnote "At a General Court for the town of New Haven, April 23d, 1660, " The gouernor desired that the bounds of a pcell of land towards Connecticote might be sett out, for the pmention of future differrences that might otherwise arise betwixt vs, wch motion was approued, and thereupon it was ordered yt Mr Yale, Wm Andrewes, John Cowper, John Brackitt, Nathaniel Merriman, wth the help of Mantowees, an Indian, ye late pprietor, shall set out the bounds wth lasting markes, wch is to be done wth the first convenyence." — N. H. Town Rec. ii. 316.

Dexter, Franklin Bowditch (editor) Ancient Town Records Vol 1. New Haven Town Records 1649-1662. (New Haven: New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1917.)

  • 3 Oct 1650. "Nathaniell Meriman propounded that he might haue the ground in ye oystershell feild he had last yeare ; but it is refferred that the officers may consider how it may be spared, because it was left vnlett to shoote vpon. [East of State street, between Chapel and George Sts" (p. 48)
  • 16 Jun 1651. "Serjant Andrewes informed the Towne that he hath some land wch lyes betwixt this and Connecticote, wch he formerly bought of an Indian, wch now ye Indian desires to haue againe, and would paye him for it, but he thought good first to offer it to the Towne, who may haue it if they thinke good to pay him for it. Hee demanded 5l: the Gouerner told the Towne that he thinkes it is not the townes way to lett the land returne to the Indians againe, and the Towne thought so too, and offered Serjant Andrewes 3l for it: but that not satisfying, he was wished to show the Gouerner the wrighting of the purchase, and they will consider of it against another meeting, but not to lett the Indian haue it againe. Nathaniell Merriman said he also had some land ther in the same kinde, and was wished to doe the like, but not to lett the Indians haue it againe: for the Towne would doe what was just in both: (p. 75)
  • 8 Oct 1651. Nathaniel Merriman desired that he might haue his parte of Mris Eldreds lott laide out and that it might be on the further side John Moss & Isacke Whitheade desired that they might haue the other two parts and that they might agree aboute the layeing it out The Court refferred the consideration of this matter to Richard Miles and Francis Newman to order aboute it as they shall see cause": (p. 91)
  • 14 Nov 1651. "The Towne granted to Nathaniell Merriman, John Moss, and Isack Whithead, the meddow and second devission of vpland wch belonged to Mris Eldreds lott; provided that they goe prsently to liue vpon it, and keepe farmes, for the raysing corne and cattell for their owne good and ye good of the Towne". (p. 99)
  • 14 Nov 1651. "It is Ordered that the Deputies should treate wth Nathaniell Merriman aboute the land he bought of Mantuose & now offers to sell to the Towne they are to compare the wrighting of his purchase wth the other purchases the Towne had of Mantuose, and if they see cause to allow him 40s for it ,wch he saith cost him 30s ten yeeres agoe : & vpon pervsall of ye wrightings it was conceived that ye land is contayned in ye purchases the Towne made of Mantuose, but because this was first and to avoyde trouble, the Committee allowed to him 30s, wch he accepted in full satisfaction for his right therin:" (p. 99)
  • 6 Jan 1651/2. "Henry Morrell declareth that one day when William Gibbons & Nathaniell Merriman should haue kept the heard they lost his cow , wch was a great damage to him : two dayes time he spent to seeke her , beside the loss of her milke . William Gib bons said in the morning he was prepareing himselfe to goe forth wth the cowes and would haue kept all the day wth Nathaniel Merriman , for feare they should lose them ; but Nathaniell Merrimen would not , but onely keepe the former part of the day ; then he asked him where he should finde him ; he said behinde the pine rocke . So after the morning Exercise was done , and he had dined , he was makeing himselfe ready to goe , but before he was gone Nathaniel Merriman was come home and caled him and told him he had left the heard in the oxe pasture . So he went , but found them not there , and he looked vp and downe for them so long as he could well see , and found aboute twenty of them and brought them home ; so that he thinkes hee was not in fault , because he never had them : and this he said he could take oath of to be true : / Nathaniell said that Willm Gibbons was not willing to keepe all the day , but said hee would goe wth him and keepe till tenn a clocke , wch was as much as his share came to , and said when he was goeing away , that he must not expect that he would come after him : so that he did not expect yt he would come at all : therefore when he had kept them the former part of the day , he left them in ye oxe pasture ( where he conceived they would be most safe ) and came home , and by that time he came to his owne house , the first drume beate for the afternoone Exercise : and this he can testifie to be true vpon oath : so that he thinkes hee did his parte and is not in fault . They were told they are both in fault , for they should haue agreed to keepe them together , or if by parts then the one should haue kept them till the other came to them : Nath : Merriman should not haue come away so soone , and William Gibbons might haue gone sooner , that is as soon as the morning Exercise was ended , though he had caried his diner wth him . Hen : Morrell was asked what damage he requires : he saide 31s , 4d , for two dayes worke , and for his milke , and for Court charges . The Court considering the case saw cause to order that William Gibbons and Nathaniel Merriman paye equaly betwixt them this damage to Henry Morrell , that is 3s 4d for his two dayes worke , 12d for his milke he lost , and 4s for the Court charges , wch is 8s 4d in all :" (p. 106, 107.)
  • 3 Jan 1653. Nathaniel Merriman passeth ouer to Francis Browne his house and home lott on the banke side, betwixt the lott that was Jonathan Marsh his & that wch was Hen: Peckes , and all his land wch belonged to him on the east side against dragon poynt , wch he supposeth is nine acrs . (pp 195, 196)
  • 3 July 1655. In the case against Nicholas Bayly and his wife. "For her makeing differenc amonge neighbours , she one time came to Goodwife Merrimans , and said Thomas Barnes hath killed many duckes , and intimated that it was not kindely done that he gaue her none : Goodwife Merriman said , she looked for none ; then she went to Goodwife Barnes , and intimated to her that Goodwife Merriman was troubled that her husband killed so many ducks and gaue her none , and the like carriage she vsed betwixt Goodman Barnes and some other of his neighbours aboute some porke wch Thom Barnes had killed"
  • Feb 1655/6 Seating in the meeting house. Nathaniel - 7th row In ye seats on ye stile on both sides the dore : Goodw. Merriman - 7th row In ye side seates , all alonge : (pp 271, 273)
  • 1 Feb 1658. "Nathaniell Merriman being warned to ye Court was told by ye Gouernor yt ye Court desired an accº from him of a cow wch he hath killed, belonging to Mary Banister, wch cow they vnderstand was let to him vpon hire; ye Gouerno declared yt Nath. Merriman had beene wth him & acquainted him wth the case, & told him yt he knew not to whom to repaire to give in ye account, wch he vnderstanding from him appointed him to bring it to the Court; he was told yt it was his errour to kill ye cow, not haveing any such Order, either from ye owner, or from some magistrate, to whom he might have repaired, ye owner not being prsent. Nathaniell Merriman answered yt he would not doe it, if it were to doe againe; but withall he said yt ye cow answered not his expectation, for wch he hired her, for after shee had given milke a few moneths, she went dry, but brought no calf yt winter, so that he turned her out into ye woods, & being fat he kild her, & tooke ye accº of her, in ye prsence of Isaac Whitehead, who witnesses with him that the weight of the beife was 341L, suitt & tallow 41L 1/2 , hide 48L, wch he delivered in writeing to ye Court; wch being done ye Court ordered yt Nathaniell Merriman shall in Septembr or October next deliver to ye Court, or to them yt the Court shall appoint to receive it , 341L of good marchantable beife, 41L 1 / 2 of suitt & talloe, & a hide weighing 48L, or in other pay equivalent, to ye Courts satisfaction, & vnto ye 16s wch was ye hire of the cow shall add 4s more , wch is 20s, wch is ordered in ye behalf of Mary Banister, now gon for England." (pp. 382, 383)
  • 28 Feb 1658. "The Gouernour declared that he had received certaine propositions from ye Farmers at Stony River, & South end [East Haven], & from them on the further side of ye East River [Fair Haven], who desire a grant of certaine parcells of land, for to make vp accomodations for two Villages." The farmers declared their desires, which was to form new villages with churches so that they no longer had to travel to New Haven for Sundays, which it seems the town was reluctant to allow. "Nath. Merriman said that what was exprest was that wch they desired." and "Nathaniell Merriman declared that it was well known that at the first they were many of them looked vpon as meane men, to live by their laboure, therefore they had at first small lotts given them, but they finding by experience yt they could not in yt way maintaine their families, they were putt vpon looking out, & that when the Towne gave them these lotts, it was vpon condition they should inhabit vpon them. He therefore desired that it might be considered what loss they should now sustaine by this meanes (haveing there laid out their estates in building & fenceing) if they should be called off from their farmes. He was told that at the first Farmes were managed in another way then now they are; they came with their families to ye Towne on ye last day of ye weeke, and stayed till after the Sabbath; and that their farmes were not put vpon them, but sought by them, & the end propounded was, that corne & cattell might be raised, but yt end is frustrated, for they need corne from the Towne. He was further told that the Sabbath must be provided for, that it kept as a day of holy rest, both by them & all others." (pp 392, 395)
  • 23 April 1660. "The Gouernor desired that the bounds of a parcell of land towards Connecticote might be sett out, for the pruention of future differences that might otherwise arise betwixt vs, wch motion was approued, and therevpon it was Ordered yt Mr Yale, Wm Andrewes, John Cowper, John Brackitt, Nathaniel Merriman, wth the help of Mantowees an Indian, ye late proprietor, shall set out the bounds wth lasting markes, wch is to be done wthin the first convenyence ." (p. 448) Also a footnote in the Colony Records vol II p. 409
  • 10 Feb 1661/2 at a metting held 10 Feb. In the long Seates for Men, row 7 Nath. Merriman. In the long Seates for weomen, row 8 Sister Merriman.(pp 511, 512)

Dexter, Franklin Bowditch (editor) Ancient Town Records Vol II. New Haven Town Records 1662-1684. (New Haven: New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1919.) Index beginning at page 445. at Google at archive

  • 2 Jan 1665/6. named as member of a Newhaven Jury.(p. 162)
  • 6 Mar 1665/6. "Capt Jn° Naſh doth alienate ( as by a note under his hand appeared ) to Nathan" Merriman about nine acres of meadow, lieing in ye eaſt meadowes, bounded on ye North by Chriſtopher Tod, & on ye ſouth wth meadow ſometime belonging to Mr Caffinch." "Iſaack Whitehead doth Alienate to Nathaniell Merriman all his part of Land given him by ye towne, & houſing upon it" "Nathaniell Merriman doth Alienate to John Mofse halfe the forementioned Land and meadow, excepting ye homeſtead."(p. 175)
  • Feb 1667/8 In ye long feates for men. Row 5, Nath: merriman (p. 219)
  • 29 Dec 1679. "Lt. Nathll merriman" & ... came from Wallingford as agents to bring a request to build a bridge at the place called the pines, from Wallingford to New Haven. This was carried over to the next town meeting also.(p. 392-395)
  • 20 Dec 1680. ": A lott allſoe was ordered by ye Towne for Leautenat Nathll merriman for on head and what Eſtate he hath in ye list ;"(p. 403)
  • Dec 1680. 3rd Division land on the east side of town. Lt. Nathall Merriman 0 heads, estate £25, 5 acres.(p. 406)

Trumbull, J. Hammond. (transcriber) The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut from 1665 to 1676; with the Journal of the Council of War 1675 to 1678... (Hartford: F A Brown, 1852.) AKA Colonial Records of Connecticut. Vol II.1665-1678. at Google books

  • 6 July 1665. Sgt. Nathaneel Merriman and others were confirmed as officers of the Train Band of New Haven. (p. 23)
  • 13 May 1669. Several person from New Haven nominated for freemen: Nath Merryman. (p. 112) Nathaniel had long since been a freeman in New Haven Colony, but this was to fulfill a Connecticut law requiring that those who voted for deputies to the General Court be freemen.
  • 9 May 1672. Nath: Merryman Senr, confirmed as Lt. of Wallingford Train Band. (p. 172)
  • 28 1st m. 1673 (entered into the May 1673 Court record) The boundaries between New Haven and Wllingford, Nathaniel was a subscriber. (p. 202)
  • 14 May 1674. Selected as a Deputy to the Colonial Court. (p. 221)
  • 1 Nov 1679 at a meeting of the Counciel of War. "The Councill haueing receiued a letter from Mr . Joanes of New Haven, signifying Mr. Rosewell's refusall of a Captaine's place, and desireing that Lt Merriman may be appoynted Capt. of the Troop of Dragoones to be raysed in New Haven County, the Councill did accordingly confirm him, and impower them to appoynt inferiour officers for the sd Troope.(p. 379)
  • Oct 1669 list of freemen from New Haven (p. 524)

Trumbull, J. Hammond. (transcriber) The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut May, 1678-June 1689. Vol III (Hartford: Press of Case, Lockwood & Co., 1859) Archive.org.

  • May 1678. "Mr. Wm Leete, Lnt Merriman are permitted to depart the Court Wthout offence, they being ill, and Speciall occasions calling them off." p. 9)
  • 9 May 1678 As a Deputy to the Court at Hartford, from Wallingford. (p.2); 10 Oct 1678 (p. 16); 8 May 1679 (p. 26); 9 Oct 1679 (p. 36); May 1680 (p. 48); Oct 1680 (p. 66); May 1681 (p. 75); May 1683 (p. 115); May 1685 (p. 169); Oct 1685 (p. 181)
  • May 1678.(p. 5) Appointed by the Court as a commisioner of Wallingford for the year. A commisioner was given magisterial power within the limits of his town, and with the selectman they could hear trials. They also got a Colony tax break, while in office. Vol 2 CCCR 34, 59, 108

Hoadly, Charles J. The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut from Aug 1689 to May 1706. (Hartford: Press of Case, Lockwood & Co., 1868) Archive.org

  • May 1691. There was "great difficulty and dissturbance in the spirits of the good people of Wallingford in the various apprehensions and actions about the choyse of military officers, ... little majority in the choyse ... "The court ordered that Lnt Merrriman and Ensign Yale continue as the commissioned officers of the train band. (p. 45)
  • May 1692. The Connecticut Court once again confirmed Merriman and Yale. (p. 69)
  • Oct 1693. He was replaced. note, I can't find this again.

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