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National Society Descendants of Early Quakers

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The National Society of the Descendants of Early Quakers was founded on 10 September 1980 by Mrs. Lloyd Franklin Wheeler, Founding National Clerk

  • To promote historical research.
  • To promote scholarly efforts towards the preservation of family documents and records of the Society of Friends.
  • To promote appreciation and recognition of the accurate and extensive family records kept by the Society of Friends

This Society attempts to follow the spirit of the early Friends and honor their memory. NSDEQ has no official affiliation with The Society of Friends.

  • Eligibility For Membership:
  • Men, Women and children who establish descent, either lineal or collateral, from an early member of the Society of Friends (1835 or before), throughout the world, shall be eligible for membership. Junior members are eligible from birth to age 25 years.
  • Fees And Dues: (2021)
  • A non-refundable application fee of $35.00 is to accompany the completed worksheet. The $200.00 LIFE MEMBERSHIP fee is to accompany the completed application form, signed by the applicant.
  • A Junior Membership fee of $20.00 is transferable toward life membership at age 25 years.

Approved Ancestors

Adams Mary PA
Adams William VA
Akin Benjamin NY
Allen John PA
Allen Ralph MA
Allen Rose CT
Almy William ENG/RI
Amos William MD
Anthony Joseph VA
Antram John NJ
apThomas John WLS
Arnold Richard ENG/PA
Arnold Richard PA
Ash Joseph PA
Atkinson Edith SC
Austin Francis NJ
Ayres Ann MD
Ayres Chew Anne VA/MD
Babb Peter PA
Bagley Ann PA
Bailey Benjamin VA
Baily Joel PA
Baker-2522 Baker Henry ENG/PA
Baker Joseph PA
Balderson-1 Balderston John ENG/PA
Balderson-92 Balderston Mordecai PA
Bales Curtis NC/OH/IN
Ballard William Sr. VA
Barker William RI
Barnard Benjamin MA/NC
Barrett Arthur VA
Barrett Mary MA
Barrett Mary (Marie) ENG/MA
Barrington Jane NY
Baskel Hannah NC
Bates Curtis NC
Bates John VA
Beal William PA
Beal William VA
Beals John PA/MD
Beard Richard MA/NC
Beeson Edward ENG/PA
Beeson Edward PA
Beeson Frances NC
Beeson Henry VA/OH
Beeson Richard PA
Beeson Richard PA/NC
Benezet John Stephen PA
Bennett Richard VA
Benson Isaac MA/RI
Benson James SC/IN
Bentley William OH
Berwich Crowder Rebecca ENG
Betterton Benjamin PA
Bigge/Biggs John VA
Biles-4 Biles William ENG/PA
Biles William PA
Bogue William SCT/NC
Boone Benjamin ENG/PA
Boone Deborah Howell PA
Boone George II PA
Boone George III PA
Boone George IV PA
Boone George Sr. PA
Boone Samuel Jr. PA/KY/MD
Boone Susanna PA
Boone Sr. Samuel ENG/PA
Borden Richard RI
Borton Ezra OH
Boswell Simon NC
Bowater John PA
Bowne Daniel NY
Bowne John ENG/NY
Bowne Lydia Holmes ENG/NY
Bowne Thomas ENG/NY
Boyce Eleanor Plover ENG
Boyce Joseph MA
Brancom Frances Willis Newton MD
Brattain Robert NC
Brattain Robert SCT/IN
Breed Samuel MA
Bressie Hugh VA
Bridle Francis VA
Brigge/Briggs John VA
Brinton Ann Bagley ENG/PA
Brinton William ENG/PA
Brinton William PA
Brinton William Sr. PA
Brooks Samuel NC
Brown Elizabeth NY
Brown Rachel NJ/VA
Brown Samuel NY
Brown William PA/MD
Brown(e) Henry I VA
Browne John ENG/NY
Browne Thomas MA
Brownell Joseph RI
Bryan Thomas NJ
Buckman William PA
Budd Rev. Thomas ENG/PA
Buffum Robert MA
Bull Gov. Henry RI
Bundy William NC
Burgess Penelope Johnson VA
Burk James NC
Burk James PA
Burr Henry ENG/NJ
Burr Henry NJ
Bushrod Thomas VA
Butcher Frances ENG/NJ
Bye Thomas PA
Cadwalader John Jr. OH/PA
Cadwallader John WLS/PA
Cadwallader John Sr. PA
Callison James IRE/VA/TN
Canby-33 Canby Benjamin PA
Cann John PA
Carey Samuel PA/OH
Carr Gov. Caleb RI
Carr Thomas NC
Carver John PA
Carver William PA
Cary Samuel OH
Cassel Mary GER/PA
Chamberlain Elizabeth ENG/NY
Chamberlain Elizabeth ENG/PA/NJ
Chance Samuel MD/IN
Chandler Swithin DE
Chase Benjamin RI
Chase William MA
Chase III William MA
Chew Jeffrey NJ
Chicken I John DE
Chicken II John DE
Clark Christopher VA
Clark Francis VA
Clark Sarah VA
Clark(e) Henry PA
Claypoole James PA
Clayton Gov. Wm Jr. PA
Clayton Leah NJ
Clayton Mary ENG/PA
Clayton William ENG/PA
Clayton William PA
Cleaver Peter PA
Clift Samuel PA/NJ
Clifton Thomas RI
Cloud William DE/PA
Cloud William ENG/PA
Coale William MD/VA
Coddington William RI
Coffin Lt. John MA
Coffin Mary MA
Coffin Stephen MA
Coffin Tristram ENG/MA
Coffin William MA
Coggelshell Joshua RI
Coggeshall John RI
Colson George NJ
Comly Henry PA
Conoway Thomas PA
Cook John NC
Cook Peter Jr. ENG/PA
Cook Samuel VT
Cooper William PA
Cooper William Sr. SC
Cowperthwaite Hugh ENG/NY
Crawford Josiah MD
Cripps Nathaniel NJ
Crossman John RI
Crowder Rebecca Berwich NY
David Daniel Sr. WLS/DE
Davis Peter MA
Davis Robert NC
Davis William NJ
Davis/Davies Charles PA/NC
Davol Joseph MA
Denson Frances (__)
Denson William VA
Denwood Levin ENG/VA/PA
Dew Thomas ENG/VA
Dickinson Walter VA/MD
Dillon Luke IL
Dixon Ambrose ENG/MD
Dobyns Jonah VA
Dole Sarah PA
Dorsey Edward MD
Douglass Asa NY
Douglass John VA
Dow Henry MA
Dyer Mary Barrett RI/MA
Dyer William MA
Earle Ralph ENG/RI
Earle Ralph MA
Earle Robert MA
Eddy Elisabeth MA
Edmondson IREne Ann TN/IN
Edmundson William ENG/PA
Elliot John PA
Elliott John D. OH
Ellis Jacob TN
Ellison Robert KY
Ely George NJ
Endicott Joseph MA
ENGlish Joseph PA
Estes Richard RI
Ewbank John IN
Ewbanks Ann Chapman ENG/IN
Exum Jeremiah VA
Farrar Thomas Jr. MA
Farrington Edward NY
Farris/Ferris Richard VA
Fawcett Horner Lydia VA/OH
Feake Hannah
Fell Benjamin PA
Few Richard PA
Field Benjamin NY
Field Robert NY
Fisher Frances D Willis MD
FitzRandolph Nathaniel NJ
Fitzwater Thomas ENG/PA
Fleming Charles VA
Fletcher Ralph NC
Fookes Thomas VA
Frampton William PA
Freeborn Gideon RI/MA
Freeland Robert MD
Freeman John PA
Freeman Nathaniel PA
Frost Jonathan VA
Furnas John SC
Furnas/Furnace John ENG
Gardiner George
Gardner Richard I MA
Gardner Richard Sr. MA
Gardner Thomas ENG/MA
Garretson Casparius DE
Garrigues Issac PA/NJ
Garrigues Matthiew PA
Gaskill/Gaskin Samuel MA
Gaunt Peter ENG/MA
Gaunt Peter VA
Gaunt Rebecca SC
Geilane Lars Larson GER/NY
Gifford William MA
Gilbert Rebecca Gaunt SC
Gilbert Thomas SC
Gilpin Joseph PA
Golbert Rebecca Gaimtt SC
Goodwin Thomas PA
Green Daniel CAN/PA
Green Esther Low Hart PA
Greene James RI
Gregg William DE
Griffith John Sr. WLS/PA
Griffith Thomas WLS/PA
Griscom Andrew PA
Grubb Beeson Charity DE/NC
Hadley I Simon IRE/PA
Haines Joseph NJ
Haines Richard NJ
Haines Thomas NJ
Hall Richard MD
Hall Richard VA
Hambleton James PA
Hammer John PA
Hampton Thomas Jr. VA
Hanks William MD
Harding Thomas PA
Harlan Elizabeth Duck/Duke IRE/PA
Harlan George ENG/DE
Harlan George ENG/PA
Harlan Sarah Hollingsworth PA
Harmer George Jr. ENG/PA
Harmer Robert MA
Harmer William PA
Harper Robert MA
Harper Robert RI
Harris Mary VA/IN
Harris William MD
Hartshorne Hugh NJ
Hastings Peter DE/PA
Hawkins Jeffrey PA
Haworth George PA
Hayworth George ENG/PA
Hendricks Gerhard PA
Hendricks Moses VA
Hiatt John PA
Hiatt Sarah OH
Hiatt William PA/VA
Hickman Francis PA
Hicks Lydia Doane MA
Hicks Robert VA/NC
Hiett John PA
Hill Elisabeth Eddy MA
Hill Mary Peirsey ENG/VA
Hill Thomas VA
Hinshaw William IRE/NC
Hobson Stephen NC
Hoge Solomon VA/PA
Hoge William Jr. VA
Holcombe Elizabeth Woolrich ENG/NJ
Holcombe John NJ
Holder Christopher MA/RI
Holley Joseph MA
Hollingsworth Sarah SC
Hollingsworth Valentine IRE/DE
Hollowell Alise/Alice (__) VA
Hollowell Elizabeth VA
Hollowell Thomas ENG/VA
Holmes Lydia PA
Hoodt Caspar Holland/PA
Hoodt Caspar NY/PA
Horn Henry VA/NC
Hough John PA
Howell Deborah PA
Howell John PA
Howell William PA
Howells Henry C. WLS/NJ
Howland Arthur MA
Howland Henry ENG/MA
Howland Henry MA
Huestis Robert ENG/NY
Hull Tristam MA
Hulme George PA
Hulme Naomi PA/VA
Hunn II Nathaniel MA
Huntington Samuel MA/NH
Hutchins Nicholas VA
Hutchins Strangeman NC/VA
Huthcens Strangeman VA
Hyatt John Sr. PA
Irish Jesse RI/VT
Jenings/Jennings Gov. Samuel NJ
Jenkins Jacob PA/WV
Jenkins John W NY
John Griffith Sr. PA
Johns Richard MD
Johnson Penelope VA
Jones Christian PA
Jones Francis PA
Jones Matthew VA
Jordan Margaret Brashere VA
Jordan Thomas VA 2005 1
Keasby Edward NJ
Kemp Robert ENG/MD
Kester Johannes PA
Kester/Kuster Johannes Ger/PA
Kinch Bathsheba VT/NY
Kinnison Edward PA
Kinsey David WLS/PA
Kitchin Priscilla MA/DE
Knight Thomas NJ
Knight Thomas PA
Knowles Henry RI
Ladd John VA
Ladson John ENG/SC
Lamb Joseph NC
Lancaster Thomas PA
Lapham Benjamin MA
Lapham John MA
Lapham Steven NY/RI
Larkin (Lordking) John MD
Latting John NY
Laughlin Hugh B. PA/NC
Lawrence John VA
Lawrence Mary VA
Lawrence Robert VA
Lawrence Robert Sr. ENG/VA
Lee Anthony PA
Lewelling Meshack NC
Lewis Ellis PA
Liddell John MD
Lincecomb Thomas MD
Lindley Thomas IRE/NC
Lippincott Richard MA
Lippincott Richard NJ
Lovejoy Phoebe PA/MD
Lukes Jan PA
Lupton Joseph Sr. VA
Lynch Charles Sr. VA
Lynch Sarah Clark VA
Macy Richard MA
Malin Randall PA
Marbury Catharine RI
Marbury Rev. Francis RI
Maris George ENG/PA
Marston Capt.William ENG/NH
Matlack William ENG/NJ
Maxwell Hugh IN/NC
McKinnie Barnaby Sr. VA
Meador Joel VA
Mendenhall Alveron P NC/IN
Mendenhall Benjamin PA
Mendenhall John PA/VA
Mendenhall John Sr. NC
Mendenhall John Sr. PA
Mendenhall Mordecai NC
Mendenhall Mordecai PA
Mendenhall Robert PA
Mendenhall Thomas ENG
Mendenhall Thomas PA
Michener John PA
Mifflin John Jr. NJ/PA
Milburn the Elder John NJ/VA
Milhous(e) Thomas Sr. PA
Millikan William IRE/PA/NC
Mills Henry PA/IL
Mills John PA
Mills Lydia IA
Moore James PA
Moore John VA/NC
Moorman Andrew VA
Moorman Charles VA
Moorman Thomas VA
Morgan Edward
Morris John NC
Mosher Asa MA/OH
Mosher Samuel NY
Mott Adam ENG/RI
Mott Jacob RI
Neal Henry PA
Newlin Nathaniel IRE/PA
Newlin Nicholas IRE/PA
Nichols Eleazer MA/NY
Nichols Thomas MA
Nixon Zachariah ENG/NC
Noblet/Noblit John PA
Noblit Joseph NJ
Osburn/Osborn Matthew NC
Outland/Oudelant William VA
Overman Abigail NC
Painter Samuel PA
Palmer John ENG/PA
Palmer Ruth PA
Parrish I Edward MD
Passmore William ENG/PA
Patterson Edward NJ
Paul Joseph PA
Pearson Benjamin VA/SC/OH
Pearson Enoch Sr. PA
Pearson Thomas ENG/PA
Pearson/Pierson Lawrence ENG/PA
Peaslee Joseph MA
Peasley Joseph MA
Pegg Valentine MD
Pemberton Phineas PA
Phelps Henry ENG/NC
Phelps Nicholas MA
Piggott Susannah NC
Pleasants John ENG/VA
Plover Eleanor
Pope Henry Sr. VA
Pope John VA
Pope William VA
Pope William Sr. VA
Post Jotham NY
Powell Howell MD
Powell Walter MD
Price Mordecai MD
Prior Mathew NY
Pugh Jesse GA
Purinton Elijah CAN/NH
Pusey Ann Stone Worley ENG/PA 2
Pyle Nicholas PA
Pyle Robert Sr. PA
Rakestraw William ENG/PA
Ratcliffe Richard VA
Rathbun Joshua Jr. RI/CT
Reid James SCOT/NJ
Reynolds Henry NJ/PA
Richardson William MD
Rickes (Rickesis) Isaac VA
Roberds Bethula SC/IA
Roberts Rachel Tabor VA
Rogers Wing VT/MA
Ross Alexander VA
Sanford Samuel MA/RI
Saunders Joel NC
Scaife Jonathan PA
Scarborough Hannah PA
Scarborough John PA
Scarborough John Sr. ENG/PA
Scarborough Matilda VA
Scholey Thomas NJ
Schumacher Peter Sr. PA
Scranton Abigail IL
SCTt Jane Bond PA
SCTt Richard ENG/RI
Sharp John NJ
Sharples John ENG/PA
Sharpless John PA
Shattuck William ENG/MA
Sherman Jacob MA
Shinn Daniel NJ
Shoemaker Sarah PA
Sisson William MA
Slocum Ebenezer RI
Slocum Giles RI
Small Benjamin VA
Smith Christopher RI
Smith James ENG/MA
Smith John MD
Smith John OH/NE
Smith Joseph NH
Smith Robert NJ
Smith Thomas PA
Smith William PA
Snowden John PA
Somers John ENG/PA/NJ
Southwick Cassandra NY
Southwick Josiah MA
Southwick Lawrence NY
Southwick Provided MA
Spencer Isaac NC
Stanton Samuel RI/MA
Stanyarne Mary SC
Stanyarne Thomas ENG
Starbuck Abigail NH
Starbuck Edward NH/MA
Starbuck Mary Coffin MA
Starbuck Nathaniel ENG/MA
Starr Jeremiah IRE/PA
Stevenson Thomas NY
Stokes Thomas NJ
Stout Peter DE/NC
Stovall Barthalomew VA
Strode Susannah VA
Stubbs Thomas PA
Sutton George NC
Swaine Patience MA
Swasey Abigail NY
Swift Joan MA
Taylor Joseph PA
Taylor Philip PA
Taylor Thomas PA
Terrell Henry VA
Terrell Henry I VA
Terrell Richard VA
Terrell Richmond VA
Tew Richard ENG
Thatcher Richard PA
Thomas Evan PA
Thornbrough Edward IRE/NC
Thornbrough Walter IRE/NC
Throckmorton John NJ
Throckmorton John NJ/RI
Thurston Edward ENG/RI
Thurston Edward RI
Tilton John ENG/NY
Tilton Mary MA/NY
Tilton Peter MA/NJ
Tompkins Nathaniel RI
Townsend John NY
Travers/Travis William NC
Tripp John RI
Troth William MD
Trueblood John NC
Twining John MA
Twining John PA
Twining William PA/MA
Vaughan John RI
Vernon Randall ENG/PA
Vestal William I ENG/PA
Vestal William II PA/NC
Waggoner John SC/OH
Walker Jane Barringon NY
Walker John MA
Walker Lewis PA
Walton George ENG/NH
Wanton Edward MA
Ward Philip PA
Ware John NJ
Washbourne Sarah NY
Washburn(e) Mary NY
Waters John II MD
Watkins Woodson Rachel VA
Watters Walter VA
Whetherhill/Whetherill Christopher NJ
Whitacre Ephraim OH
Whitacre John PA
Whitacre John VA
Whitacre Samuel VA/IN
Whitacre I John NJ
White William PA/IN
Whitson Willis PA/IN
Wilkinson Samuel RI
Willard Joseph NC
Williams Richard PA
Williams Richard VA
Willis Henry NY
Willits Isiah PA
Wills Dr.Daniel NJ
Willson Robert NJ
Wilson Christopher ENG/DE
Wing Aaron NY
Wing Daniel ENG/MA
Wing Prince NY
Winslow Joseph IN
Winslow Joseph NC
Winslow Karen NC
Woodford Thomas VA
Woodruff Noadiah CT/ONT
Woodson Benjamin VA
Woodson Elizabeth VA
Woodson John VA
Woodson Joseph VA
Woodward Anthony ENG/NJ
Woodward Richard ENG/PA
Woodward Robert ENG/PA
Woolman John ENG/NJ
Woolverton Charles NJ
Wordell Mary RI
Worley Henry PA
Worley Jacob NC/OH
Worrilow John ENG/PA
Worrilow Thomas ENG/PA
Wright Charity MD
Wright James PA/VA
Wright John SC
Wright John VA
Wright Joseph VA
Wright Josiah VA
Wright Rev. James VA
Wynne Thomas Dr. PA
Yarnall Francis ENG/PA
Yarnall Peter PA
Zane Robert ENG/NJ

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