New Home Baptist Church Cemetery, Simpson County, Mississippi

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Location: Martinville, Simpson, Mississippi, USAmap
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Mississippi Cemeteries Project



This project will catalog and document all burials in New Home Baptist Church Cemetery, located in rural Simpson County, Mississippi in the Martinville Community. This free space page for the New Home Baptist Church Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Mississippi Cemeteries Project, and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. The Mississippi Cemeteries Project is a sub-project of the larger U.S. Cemeteries Project.

This page is a work in progress, and will remain so until the Table of Interments (below) is completed. The Table of Interments is a sortable listing of persons interred at this cemetery, some or all of whom are linked to existing WikiTree profiles. If you know of a person interred at this cemetery that should be linked to an existing WikiTree profile, or needs to have a profile created for them, please contact Myrtis Bishop for assistance.

Contact Information, Location and Map

Off highway 541 on New Home Road, Martinville, Simpson, Mississippi USA
GPS Coordinates (WGS84)
31.99266, -89.74725
New Home Baptist Church Cemetery on Google Maps


New Home Baptist Church Cemetery is located next to New Home Baptist Church which has a Mendenhall address. On Google maps the cemetery is named New Hope Cemetery. There is no sign or fence or gate.

As of May 12, 2018 Findagrave shows 224 graves added with 97% photographed. [1]

Tasks Completed


  • 0% of marked graves in this cemetery have been photographed by Myrtis Bishop. On May 11, 2018, David Cole sent several photos of his family's graves to add for this cemetery.

Data Transcription

  • 0 % of all marked graves

Link Profiles

  • 0 % of all marked graves

To Do

  • Link existing profiles or create new profiles for persons listed in the Table of Interments
When complete, everyone listed in the Table of Interments will be linked to their own WikiTree profile, and to a photo of that person's corresponding grave marker. The created profiles can include other genealogical and biographical information as well as a listing of sources for documentation.
  • Validate links and transcription information
Profile and photo links and transcribed information needs to be cross-checked to ensure accuracy.
  • Create an audio/video tour of the cemetery
Record a virtual tour of the cemetery that can be viewed as downloadable media on computers, tablets or other device. Such a tour would take the viewer around the cemetery to explore the history of the people buried here. Background information can be supplied. Those with mobile internet access can access online links to more information.

Table of Interments

Data given is as on Headstone

Sortable table
Last Name First/Middle Names/Initials Born Died Inscription (notes) Photo (click for larger)
AllenMary 1911 1911 Infant Dau. of John B. & Sara Allen Image:Allen-xxx.jpg
BaldwinMittie N. 1899-09-021990-04-09Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson Baldwin; In God's Care; Gone home to be with Jesus Image:Baldwin-xxx.jpg
BaldwinWilliam 1854-02-041958-01-02Uncle Image:Baldwin-xxx.jpg
BlackJackie L. 1956-12-291956-12-29 Image:Black-xxx.jpg
BrownDorothy Jean Eubanks1949-11-282009-05-24 Image:Eubanks-xxx.jpg
BushHarrison 1897-08-131974-11-23 Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushInfant 1914-10 1914-10 Infant of Mr & Mrs W. E. Bush Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushInfant Infant of W. E. Bush Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushInfant Infant of W. H. & Ola Bush Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushLeander 1931-09-151950-11-08In God We TrustImage:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushLillian 1875-01-021907-02-06Wife of W. E. Bush Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushLula Mae 1928-05-20 [wed] Oct 25, 1952Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushMae B. 1907-05-281969-08-22(nee Bynum) Gone to be an angelImage:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushMary Marzilla1839-02-071909-04-04Wife of W. E. Bush Image:Marzilla-xxx.jpg
BushTravis 1923-09-061978-07-27 [wed] Oct 25, 1952Image:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushTravis Chesley 1953-08-082011-03-09No Shoes No Shirt No ProblemImage:Bush-xxx.jpg
BushW. E. 1874-05-061928-12-10Gone but not forgottenImage:Bush-xxx.jpg
ByerleyAudrey Walters1918-03-071993-01-01Always in our Hearts Image:Walters-xxx.jpg
BynumAmanda A. 18761964(nee Flynt)
BynumAnnie Jane 1900-05-081963-10-08(nee Runnels)
BynumB. Taylor 1878-03-181960-02-09
BynumBenjamin G. 1923-08-111976-01-27Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumBetty Mae 1925-05-081925-05-08Dau of Mr. & Mrs M. N. Bynum Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumC. M.1880-10-041921-02-10(given name Columbus Morgan) She believed and sleeps in Jesus. Image:Bynum-965-1.jpg
BynumDora Shearer1916-02-081994-10-14(nee Shearer) Image:Shearer-810.jpg
BynumEstella 1907 1923 Asleep in Jesus Image:Bynum-872.jpg
BynumFlorence I. 1928-08-302009-04-09 Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumGertrue Lucky1934-05-062015-11-22(Obit)Image:Lucky-xxx.jpg
BynumGloria Jones1958-10-082005-12-10(nee Jones) MotherImage:Jones-109522.jpg
BynumGus B. 1877-08-261908-11-24In God's Care; Jesus Loves the Pure and Holy.Image:Bynum-931.jpg
BynumHenry Fordie 1936-05-261972-10-13 Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumInfant 1934-09-251934-09-25Infant of Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Bynum; Darling We Miss You (broken stone) Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumInfant Infant Bynum Daughter of Mr and Mrs J. C. Bynum Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumInfant Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumJames Claborn 1902-09-111995-03-09 Image:Bynum-935.jpg
BynumJames Howard 1927-05-041972-04-01Mississippi Pvt US Army Korea Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumJannie 1907-10-161931-02-26Image:Roach-1425.jpg
BynumJohn Daniel 1926-06-011926-06-01Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.N Bynum Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumJohn M. 1879-05-181962-05-26 Image:Bynum-937-1.jpg
BynumJohnnie Melton 1934-09-161995-09-23Husband Image:Bynum-943.jpg
BynumKatie F. Cook 1904-02-261984-06-28Mama; At Rest Image:Cook-10139.jpg
BynumLillie B. 1902-08-151904-09-22Dau of J. M. & S. B. Bynum; Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore. Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumMagnes Lee 1923-07-021923-07-02Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.N. Bynum Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumM. J.18541931(given name Mahala Jane Bush) At Rest With JesusImage:Bush-2435.jpg
BynumM. L. 18561929(given Morgan Lafait Bynum) At Rest With JesusImage:Bynum-945.jpg
BynumMary F. 1900-09-261980-11-10(nee Jones) Image:Jones-50784.jpg
BynumOliver 1897-06-281956-08-19
BynumRuby Vertress 1931-02-261931-02-26(reported burial) Image:Bynum-953.jpg
BynumS. R.1876-11-191921-06-17(given name Sarah Rowena Holifield) Wife of J. M. Bynum Image:Holifield-45.jpg
BynumSarah L. Cook1906 1935 (nee Cook) Image:Cook-14481.jpg
BynumTammy 1976-02-102010-06-12 Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumTerry Douglas 1959-01-271976-10-16Son Image:Bynum-xxx.jpg
BynumWilliam E. 1899-12-221990-02-24Daddy; At Rest Image:Bynum-877.jpg
ByrneDianne L. 1943-06-151986-06-24 Image:Byrne-xxx.jpg
ColeAnce C.1897-04-081983-06-16Daddy
ColeBennie 1904-10-061990-02-06Hard Work and Sweat His Seed He Did Sow Now in God's Heaven His Crops Forever Grow Image:Cole-xxx.jpg
ColeClemon 1918-08-281961-12-22Mississippi PFC Engineers World War II Image:Cole-6922.jpg
ColeDella J.Aug. 28, 1896Apr. 19, 1965(nee Jones) Mother
ColeElizabeth 1872-03-081968-09-16(nee Andress) Mother
ColeFlorence J. 1882-02-141980-10-09(nee Jones) Image:Jones-28125.jpg
ColeFrank C. 1867-02-201925-10-25 Image:Cole-xxx.jpg
ColeGary Lynn 1964-06-182000-11-02A Brother's Restless Heart At Peace
ColeGladys 1907-07-101977-10-30(nee Prestwood) Mama we will meet you. Image:Prestwood-77.jpg
ColeHayes Mitchell 1948-08-261982-08-15
ColeJames C. 1915-02-281975-06-13
ColeJerry C. 1944-08-151999-03-14Beloved Husband and Father
ColeJustice Boyd 1900-11-081953-06-14Daddy we will meet you. Image:Cole-16424.jpg
ColeKathleen 1950 1950 Image:Cole-xxx.jpg
ColeKatie Upton 1918-07-101996-12-28(nee Upton) Mother; In Loving Memory
ColeLaura W. 1872-11-091961-05-23(nee Walters)Image:Walters-xxx.jpg
ColeMark 1874-06-05 1931-09-30 Father
ColeMartha Jane Flynt 1870-05-011928-04-08(nee Flynt) Image:Flynt-xxx.jpg
ColeRobert B. 1883-07-221955-01-01 Image:Cole-6944.jpg
ColeSybil Ruth 1959-08-111959-08-12 Image:Cole-16963.jpg
ConradMargret E "Sis" Overby1880-09-101949-10-21Wife Image:Conrad-xxx.jpg
ConradWilliam Henery 1876-11-221937-06-05Husband Image:Conrad-xxx.jpg
CooperCharity Flynt1867-11-251940-10-12(nee Flynt) Wife of J. R. Cooper; Mother; At Rest Image:Flynt-345.jpg
CooperDarling W. 1897-03-031902-09-09Son of J. R. & C. C. Cooper; Asleep in Jesus Image:Cooper-xxx.jpg
CooperJames R. 1866-05-171963-12-11Father; At Rest Image:Cooper-24726.jpg
CooperVester 1905-07-151917-08-01Son of J. R. & C. C. Cooper; Asleep in Jesus Image:Cooper-xxx.jpg
CraftFannie Elizabeth 1893-05-171946-03-08MotherImage:Craft-xxx.jpg
CraftJohn Henry 1892-07-301968-06-23Father Image:Craft-xxx.jpg
CraftKatie Arena 1918-11-041919-10-30Dau. of J. H. & F. E. Craft Image:Craft-xxx.jpg
CraftLessie Meree 1916-07-111918-11-03Baby; Safe in the arms of Jesus. Image:Craft-xxx.jpg
CraftR. D. 1913-08-021913-12-18Baby; Asleep in Jesus' blessed sleep. Image:Craft-xxx.jpg
CreelCletious1926-08-102006-02-15 Image:Creel-xxx.jpg
CreelLou Nell 1935-04-131963-10-18Rest in Peace Image:Creel-xxx.jpg
D'AmoreQuida K. 1948-10-111989-04-26If Love Could Have Saved Her, She Would Never Have Died Image:D'Amore-xxx.jpg
DavisAdam B. 1906-11-031983-05-11 Image:Davis-xxx.jpg
DavisEsther L. 1912-03-232004-05-02(nee Cole; death date from SSDi)Image:Cole-16413.jpg
DavisJack E. 1941-05-132010-05-04(FHM)Image:Davis-xxx.jpg
EatonLinda Irene Pigg1944-12-061993-05-04Mother; Beyond the Sunset Image:Pigg-xxx.jpg
HamBaby 1933 1933 Image:Ham-886.jpg
HamBertha L. 1905-09-011996-11-10(nee Warren) Mother Image:Warren-6174.jpg
HamD. E.1859 1936 (given name Delaney Elizabeth Grice)Image:Grice-373.jpg
HamJ. A.1858 1921 (given name James Alford "Jim" Ham)Image:Ham-887.jpg
HamJoseph B.1904-09-231977-01-12FatherImage:Ham-678.jpg
HankinsAnnie 1930-04-122013-02-18(nee McDonald; death date from obit) MotherImage:McDonald-xxx.jpg
HankinsBessie Ann 1906-03-171976-11-02 Image:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HankinsChristopher 1965 2012 (FHM)Image:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HankinsFrankie 1900-01-061988-10-12Mama; Precious Memories Image:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HankinsHouston Eddie 1922-11-161991-08-15 Image:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HankinsRobert 1931-12-16 FatherImage:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HankinsSteve 1962-11-191993-07-17In memory of our Steve Image:Hankins-xxx.jpg
HastingsAnnie Ham1884 1937 At Rest Image:Ham-xxx.jpg
HinsonMyrtis Ree Jones1920-08-201949-09-15(nee Jones) Mother
HolbrookAlex 1884-10-191964-10-10His Memory is Blessed Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolbrookJ. Clarence 1881-02-181914-07-30 Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolbrookJohn B. 1850 1937 There Are No Partings in Heaven Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolbrookMartha E. 1856 1930 There Are No Partings in Heaven Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolbrookMinnie 1886-09-211968-01-23 Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolbrookVersie 1892-07-101972-06-05 Image:Holbrook-xxx.jpg
HolyfieldBarbara Cole1906-10-041953-07-06 Image:Cole-xxx.jpg
HowellAlpha Sullivan1885-11-021972-02-15 Image:Sullivan-xxx.jpg
HowellL. E. 1883-09-121959-05-24(given name Lemuel Edward)Image:Howell-xxx.jpg
JonesAlonzo C. 1920-05-051990-02-15[wed Nov 3, 1945] Father (mil PFC US Army World War II)
JonesCarrol D. Sr. 1935-10-081998-01-01Our Father Who Art in Heaven [mil] A3C US Air Force
JonesChesley Ebbie 1899-12-011984-12-14 Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesFannie L. 1912-12-241970-12-01 Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesFaynell 1932-06-041934-06-08 Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesGeorge W. 1904-04-201933-05-28
JonesHappy Jack 1938-07-032008-07-06
JonesHazel 1928-07-122015-05-06(nee Jones)
JonesJewel W. 1918-08-191982-03-01(nee) Wilborn [wed] July 27, 1935, Mama
JonesJohn J. 1880-09-011968-04-02 Image:Jones-71983.jpg
JonesJohn W. 1918-03-291982-05-06[wed] July 27, 1935 [mil] S2 US Navy World War II
JonesJunior Wilson 1934-09-281945-07-03
JonesLeon 1925-06-071985-06-16[wed] June 21, 1944, Daddy [mil] PFC US Army World War II
JonesLinda F. 1947-11-122000-02-01Mother Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesLydia Ree Daughter of C.E. & Janie B Jones (Same stone with sister, Melba Kay) Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesMahalia Jane Bynum1902-06-181991-06-12 Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesMartha R. 1883-09-111957-12-04(nee Roach) Image:Roach-5103.jpg
JonesMary Alice 1922-11-091945-10-21
JonesMary Sue 1928-07-021992-10-15(nee Williamson) [wed Nov 3, 1945]; Mother
JonesMelba Kay Daughter of C.E. & Janie B. Jones (Same stone with sister, Lydia Ree)Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesNola C.1899-02-021988-02-12(nee Cooper) Mother
JonesObie S. 1904-09-2719650-6-19 Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesRalph T. 1943-01-252007-01-06Father [wed] Feb 18, 1964 Image:Jones-109524.jpg
JonesS. A. 1844-07-081909-07-06Wife of R. W. Jones Image:Jones-xxx.jpg
JonesSarah S. 1891-08-061955-05-14(nee Roach) Image:Roach-3435.jpg
JonesWilliam E. 1878-03-091928-08-02
JonesWoodie J. 1893-11-111980-01-26Father
KennedyAubert 1925-07-311945-05-28Mississippi Pvt 1 Marines 1 Marine Div World War II Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyChesley Clifton 1907-03-291993-02-22Daddy Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyFlora S. 1911-04-292000-11-27Mother Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyJ. Virgil 1901-02-141974-05-12Father Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyJan Berry1945-05-162005-01-11 Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyMyrtle Raye 1927-12-292003-06-23Mother; In God's Care Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyWalton Thurman 1926-12-202000-12-13Father; In God's CareImage:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
KennedyWilliam Zina 1902-12-261978-07-31Mother Image:Kennedy-xxx.jpg
LaytonB. J. 1927-10-102002-03-08 Image:Layton-xxx.jpg
LaytonCharity Louise 1926-01-271994-05-23 Image:Layton-xxx.jpg
LaytonCordell 1923-05-172002-06-17 Image:Layton-xxx.jpg
LaytonCoy 1902-12-241963-05-24Your Memory is Dear to Us. Image:Layton-1749.jpg
LaytonCurtis 1937-04-261993-09-30Beloved Husband & Father Image:Layton-xxx.jpg
LaytonLyndell B. 1930-06-231992-11-15I Love You. Image:Layton-xxx.jpg
LaytonMinnie 1903-08-041994-02-21(nee Martin) Image:Martin-47093.jpg
LeeNora Cooper1894-11-111973-09-05Mother Image:Lee-xxx.jpg
LuckeyLouis M. 1901-10-151990-10-17Daddy; Loving Husband & Father Image:Luckey-319.jpg
LuckeyViola Eunice 1905-07-041990-06-23(nee Bynum) Mama; Precious Memories, How They Linger Of A Sweet Christian, Wife & Mother Image:Bynum-876.jpg
LuckyBetty Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs S. F. Lucky Image:Lucky-xxx.jpg
LuckyDelitha Idell 1900-03-231954-03-20 Image:Lucky-xxx.jpg
LuckyLucille Infant of S. F. & Delitha Lucky Image:Lucky-xxx.jpg
LuckyMella A. 1912-07-291974-12-26(nee Bynum) Mama; At Rest Image:Bynum-874.jpg
LuckySidney Fount 1887-04-071960-07-08 Image:Lucky-xxx.jpg
LyonsInfant Son 1928-08-281928-08-28Infant Son of Mr & Mrs Archie Lyons Image:Lyons-xxx.jpg
LyonsMary Lee 1929-03-251929-04-07 Image:Lyons-xxx.jpg
MangumBaby Boy 1935-03-021935-03-02Beloved Infants of James Daniel & Onnie B. Mangum (Four Mangum children on one stone) Image:Mangum-210.jpg
MangumBaby Boy 1939-11-231939-11-23Beloved Infants of James Daniel & Onnie B. Mangum (Four Mangum children on one stone) Image:Mangum-xxx.jpg
MangumBaby Girl 1930-07-231930-07-23Beloved Infants of James Daniel & Onnie B. Mangum (Four Mangum children on one stone) Image:Mangum-212.jpg
MangumDelmer Ray 1950-06-202012-04-25 Image:Mangum-xxx.jpg
MangumJames Daniel Jr 1944-10-221945-02-01Beloved Infants of James Daniel & Onnie B. Mangum (Four Mangum children on one stone) Image:Mangum-xxx.jpg
MangumJanice Elizabeth Davis1948-10-302010-05-09 Image:Mangum-xxx.jpg
McGriffBilly Wayne 1965-10-041984-11-10Son; At Rest
McNeeceM. 1954-02-021954-02-02 Stone broken Image:McNeece-xxx.jpg
NecaiseMaxine 1939 1997 (FHM)Image:Necaise-xxx.jpg
OverbyNellie M. 1912-06-062003-05-08 Image:Overby-xxx.jpg
OverbyThomas B. 1901-08-221973-02-07 Image:Overby-xxx.jpg
PattonOris Red 1933-10-282006-01-06 Image:Patton-xxx.jpg
PeakTeresa F. Jones1965-01-082003-02-18Loving Sister & Daughter Image:Peak-xxx.jpg
PendergrassAddie Jane 1892-08-271967-11-26 Image:Pendergrass-xxx.jpg
PendergrassCorine 1914-09-081951-12-20 Image:Pendergrass-xxx.jpg
PendergrassJessie Asbury 1882-01-221963-01-30 Image:Pendergrass-xxx.jpg
PendergrassJessie Monroe 1911-06-291987-09-25Pvt US Army Image:Pendergrass-xxx.jpg
PerrettJ. Henry 1910-10-151991-02-08 Image:Perrett-xxx.jpg
PerrettLona L. 1910-11-081966-02-13 Image:Perrett-xxx.jpg
RoachH. C. 1863-09-241912-01-04 Image:Roach-1448.jpg
RoachVioler 1914-12-281916-06-07Forever with the Lord. Image:Roach-xxx.jpg
RobertsA. J. Jr 1934 1950 Image:Roberts-xxx.jpg
RobertsAndrew J. 1900-01-161987-06-05 Image:Roberts-25196.jpg
RobertsBilly Frank 1926-01-261990-07-12 Image:Roberts-xxx.jpg
RobertsKatie M. 1901-09-201984-04-10 Image:Roberts-xxx.jpg
RobertsLina Kate 1943-05-221943-05-22Daughter of Lavelle & Castine Roberts Image:Roberts-xxx.jpg
RobertsMartin Lavelle 1922 1950 Veteran World War II Image:Roberts-xxx.jpg
Roberts IveyMarzie Castine Edwards1922-01-072003-10-12We Will Always Love You Image:Roberts Ivey-xxx.jpg
RossVivian Lavurel 1925-04-201948-08-23Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven Image:Ross-xxx.jpg
RunnelsVersia Ree Holbrook1912-01-281977-01-29Mother Image:Runnels-xxx.jpg
ShearerSallie 1882-03-071933-09-27(nee Jones) Image:Jones-27603.jpg
ShearerSidney S. 1891-05-011958-01-12 Image:Shearer-1244.jpg
ShoemakerBaby 1949-01-011949-01-01 Image:Shoemaker-xxx.jpg
ShoemakerEmma Lola 1914-06-291996-09-06 Image:Shoemaker-xxx.jpg
ShoemakerSaleta Roach 1911-10-151949-06-28Mother; Her Memory is Blessed Image:Roach-1447.jpg
ShoemakerSherry Lynn 1953-10-291953-10-29Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Shoemaker Image:Shoemaker-xxx.jpg
ShoemakerThomas J. Jr 1913-10-121986-05-12 Image:Shoemaker-xxx.jpg
ShoemakerWilliam Ezra 1901-11-151994-01-24Daddy Image:Shoemaker-1156.jpg
ShowsBaker J. 1902-04-251969-05-18 Image:Shows-278.jpg
ShowsBelton L. 1911-06-161989-10-13 Image:Shows-200.jpg
ShowsEva L.1906-03-311961-02-25(nee Cole) Image:Cole-20991.jpg
ShowsJoseph C. 1904-03-021962-02-03Out of Sorrow, God Speaks to Us Best Image:Shows-83.jpg
ShowsL. E. 1926-11-151951-07-17Beloved One, Farewell Image:Shows-85.jpg
ShowsOlga L.1916-06-241972-06-06(nee McWilliams) Image:McWilliams-1055.jpg
ShowsSusan1907-06-271957-06-04(nee Warren) Our Precious Mother; Asleep in Jesus Image:Warren-6207.jpg
SimsFlorence 1894-05-151928-08-29 Image:Sims-xxx.jpg
SimsJames Edward 1924-01-271924-03-16Our Loved One; Gone So Soon; Our Baby Image:Sims-xxx.jpg
SimsJohn Morris 1890-03-201968-10-27 Image:Sims-xxx.jpg
SimsVelma 1895-03-201962-02-07 Image:Sims-xxx.jpg
StewartLeavy Jane Bynum1886-07-291928-07-28(nee Wells) Image:Wells-9990.jpg
UnknownUnknown Image:Unknown-xxx.jpg
VineyardKatie B. 1941-06-252001-02-27Mother Image:Vineyard-xxx.jpg
WaltersJames L. 1890 1946 Father Image:Walters-xxx.jpg
WaltersMary Alberteen Toler 1940-12-021940-12-03In Loving Memory Image:Walters-xxx.jpg
WaltersPearlie A. 1895-02-161978-05-04Mother Image:Walters-xxx.jpg
WaltmanJessie C. A Friend Indeed Image:Waltman-xxx.jpg
WarrenSarah Annie Bynum1886-08-031937-10-22(nee Dupree) Mother; Asleep in Jesus Image:Dupree-195.jpg
WellsA. J. 1881-06-141950-06-22The Way Will Not Be Dark Image:Wells-7312.jpg
WellsMargrette M. 1911-11-071912-01-15Daughter of A. J. & M. M. Wells Image:Wells-xxx.jpg
WellsMary M. 1883-10-141964-04-23Mother Image:Wells-xxx.jpg


  1. Findagrave - New Home Baptist Church Cemetery


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