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New Netherland Records of Pieter Pieterse Quackenbosch

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Where the translations of names differ by author, the latest published translation is used.

1652 Beverwijck is officially formed
01DecBout Mr. Jacob Chirurgijns (Surgeon) declares that Piet Bout was cut across the hand by Jan Gouw, aka Jan Cornelise Vyselaer [1] [2]
Bout Pieter Bout buys a canoe [3]
18JanBout Johan de Deckere against Piet Bout, Piet Bout default [1] [2]
04AprBout Piet Bout is accused of violence at Bamboes tavern and challenging everyone, especially Bamboes, claims he was being mocked [1] [2]
02MayBout Testimony is given about Piet Bout and the prior violence at Bamboes tavern [1] [2]
17JunBout Referees are assigned to the Bamboes violence case [1] [2]
29JunBout Judgement against Pt. Bout for the violence at Bamboes tavern, fined 4 beavers [1] [2]
Pieter Bout claims that Pieter Bosboom is required to make bricks for him for ten months according to a contract that Pieter Bosboom had with "Heer" t'Hulter, Pieter Bosboom produces a release from that contract from Juffrouw Johanna, widow of "Heer" de Hulter, the court decides that Pieter Bosboom is released from his contract;
Pieter Bont is suing Pieter Wollebrant for 68 florijns
[4] [5] [2]
11JunBout Pieter Bout is suing a De Backer, De Kuyper and Juffrouw t' Hulter, all default [5] [2]
19JunBout Pieter Bout demands payment from Pieter Jacobsen but Jacobsen gives a counterclaim, court orders them to settle and return with the balance [5] [2]
20AugQuackenbosch Pieter Quackenbosch suing Pieter Bosboom, Bosboom default [5] [2]
07NovBout Johanna De Hulter, widow of Johan De Hulter, proposes to sell the house where Piet Bout dwells, but only the premises, Van Curler purchased it [4] [3] [6]
11DecQuackenbosch Pieter Jacobsen Quackenbosh suing Pieter Jacobsen Bosboom, Bosboom default
After locating several records in the Netherlands, it is clear that this is a transcription error.
[5] [2]
08FebBout Pieter Bout's wife suing Pieter Jacobsen Bosboom, Bosboom produces a counterclaim, court orders them to settle and return on the next court date with the amount of the difference owed [5] [2]
03SepBont Pieter Bont is listed as owing 186 florijns to Francois Boon on behalf of Jeronimus Ebbinck who is collecting the debts owed to Johannes de Hulter, deceased, for the inheritance of his children [7]
13JanBoudt Pieter Boudt is suing Cornelus Hoogenboom, Hoogenboom 1st default [5] [2]
27JanBoudt Pieter Boudt is suing, Cornelus Hoogenboom 2nd default [5] [2]
17FebBoudt Pieter Boudt suing, Cornelus Hoogenboom 1st default;
Pieter Boudt's wife suing Abraham Carpeyn on behalf of her husband Pieter, she is told to have her husband appear at the next court date
[5] [2]
02MarBoudt Pieter Boudt suing Abraham Carpeyn, Carpeyn claims that he already paid Pieter with beer won in a wager, the court orders Carpeyn to pay the debt he just confessed to because the court won't recognize a wager as payment [5] [2]
26MarBont Piet Bont given 30.4 stivers by the church for his son [10]
16NovBont Part of the land from the sale of the pantile bakery, adjacent to Pieter Bont's brick kiln (steenbackery), is sold to Pieter. [3]
1664 Beverwijck is sacked by the English and renamed Albany
According to notes of A. J. F. Van Laer in Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady, 1668-1673, due to the sacking the minutes for the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck are missing for the years between 1660 and 1668, to be resumed with Court of Albany, colony of Rensselaerswyck and Schaenhechtede in 1668.
OctQuackebos Pieter Quackebos owes Gerrit Hendricxsz van Reis, who is about to return to Holland, 1 1/2 beavers valued at 12 guilders [11]
21NovBont Pieter Bont was paid 26g 10st by the church for 10 loads of wood for the use of Hans Carelsen [12] [10]
22NovBont Pieter Bont paid 15 florijns by the church for 1/2 thousand bricks on behalf of the poorhouse [10]
JulQuackenbos Pieter Quackenbos purchases the brickyard from Adriaen Van Ilpendam [13] [3]
08OctBont Mention made of 1 1/2 beavers and 18:12 florijn being owed by Piter Bont to Gerrit van Rees, not to be paid until there is a judgment made against him [14]
Citations: Juffrouw Ebbinghs* vs. Piter Quackenbos. Juffrouw Ebbinghs suing Piter Pitersz Quackenbos, Ebbinghs demands 122 florijn in beavers, 64 florijn in strung seawan and 10000 brick for goods received, the wife of Piter Bont admits the debt but says that "the old farmer"† paid some money on the account, Ebbinghs says she knows nothing of it and that everything was settled except the bond, the court orders Piter Pitersz Quackenbos to pay the beavers, seawan and brick "on pain of execution";
Maritie Quackenbos suing Juffrouw Ebbinghs, Maritie Quackenbos demands 100 florijn in beavers for beer received from Monsr. Curler, which Ebbinghs promised to pay Monsr. Curler but hasn't, Maritie Quackenbos also demanding 2 beavers owed to "the old farmer", Ebbinghs says that she needs to check her books, the court orders Ebbinghs to check her books
24JunQuackenbos Citations: Piter Quackenbos vs. Juffrouw Ebbinck. Piter Quackenbos demanding payment of 100 florijns in beavers plus two beavers which have not been paid to Monsr. Curler and "the old farmer"† as she promised, Ebbinghs claims that she doesn't have to pay and that the bond was executed after the settlement of their accounts, Piter Quackenbos defers her oath and declares that he'll pay when required, the court dismisses Piter Quackenbos' suit and orders Ebbinck to check her books as she said she would previously [14]
Citations: Piter Bont vs. Juffrouw Ebbinck. Piter Quackenbos against Juffrow Ebbinck, claims that he's paid everything that he owes to Ebbinck and declares that what Margriet Deckers owes him is now owed to Ebbinck, Piter Quackenbos asks Ebbinck to swear before court that she didn't agree to pay Curler and "the old farmer"† and produces and affidavit of "the old farmer" saying that Ebbinck promised to pay him 2 beavers about 10 years ago, Ebbinck disputes the meaning of the affidavit, Piter Quackenbos persists and gives the court money to keep for himself until Ebbinck swears, the court agrees to hold the money until Ebbinck examines her papers and either swears that she didn't agree or that she doesn't know anything about it [14]
02SepBont Margriet Hardenbroeck (Deckers?) obligates herself to pay 15 beavers for the payment of the tile and brick received on account of Piter Bont and agrees to pay the same to Juffrouw Ebbincx as soon as she's ordered [14]
21OctBont Juffrouw Ebbinghs against Piter Bont, Juffrouw Ebbinghs persists in former claim that Pieter owes her 116 florijns in beavers, which she shows in her book, Pieter Bont claims that this is invalid because according to her books she has paid over 1000 florijns on his account but that she can still make the oath, Ebbinghs refuses to take an oath based on her memories of 12 years ago, Pieter Bont and Ebbinghs both agree that the court should settle the dispute and they will accept the outcome, the court decides that they split the difference and each receive half and each must pay half of the costs of the court preceedings [14]
31DecQuackenbos Pieter paid 3.15 florijns by the church for 25 tiles for the house of Domine Schaets [12] [10]
03MarQuackenbos (1669) Citations: Lowies Cobes vs. Geertruyt Vosburch and Piter Quackenbos, both default ‡ [14]
17NovQuackenbos Citations: Pieter Quackenbos vs. Willem Abramsz, Abramsz default [14]
05JanBout (1670) Citations: Pieter Pietersz Bout vs. Willem Abramsz ‡ [14]
28MarBont Piet Bont paid 4 florijns by the church for 25 tiles for the poorhouse [10]
1673 New Netherlands is recaptured by the Dutch, Albany renamed Willemstadt
In 1674 New Netherlands was returned to English rule and Willemstadt was renamed Albany once again. The minutes for this period are printed in Documents relative to the Colonial History of the state of New York, Vol. II, but exclude Albany. [15]
08FebQuackebosse (1675) Harme Gansevoort against Pieter Quackebosse, Gansevoort demands 97 guilders in seawan to settle accounts, the wife of the defendant, Pieter Quackebosse, declares that she can pay in brick, the court condemns the wife of Pieter Quackebosse to pay within 2 weeks, cum expensis because she refuses to swear that it would suffice to pay in brick ‡ [15]
06JunQuackeboss Pieter Quackeboss against Jacob Tyse van der Heyden, Pieter Quackeboss claims that Tyse owes him 10 beavers which he paid for a piece of ground near Tyse's house which "must now be torn down since it was never conveyed to him", Tyse says that he showed the land to Pieter Quackeboss several times telling him that he could have it if he wished, court orders Pieter Quackeboss to be satisfied the lot on the hill and to pay the court costs [15]
20JulBont The wife of Pr. Bont swears to an account against Jan Stuart [15]
04SepBont Mr Siston, sheriff, against Hend. Rooseboom and Piet Bont, demands they pay a fine per ordinance as they were fighting, Rooseboom says that he was only defending himself from Pr. Bont as Pr. Bont was very drunk, Pr. Bont is found guilty and fined 25 gilders in seawan cum expensis [15]
07DecQuackeboss Jan van Loon against Pieter Quackeboss, van Loon claims that Pieter Quackeboss owes him 86 florijns in seawan, the wife of the defendant, Pieter Quackeboss, claims that she delivered 1500 brick to van Loon amounting to 57 florijns, she also claims that she rented van Loon a horse for three days totalling 24 florijns, therefore she only owes him 5 gilders in seawan, van Loon claims that he was promised as many bricks as he needed to finish his gable and that he would pay for any bricks over the cost of what he was owed, she hasn't given him enough brick to finish his job and he borrowed the horse in exchange for having it shod, the court offers to allow van Loon to take an oath regarding the brick, van Loon swears that he asked Pieter Pieterse Quackeboss a day or two after he delivered the 1500 brick if he would be bringing more, van Loon claims that Pieter Pieterse Quackeboss said that he didn't know
"Well," the deponent said, "if you people refuse to deliver any more brick to finish the work, as I said to your wife, I will not receive these 1500 brick." And he said the same to his mother and brother.
The court decides that van Loon isn't due the 1500 brick as they have not delivered the other brick according to their promise, they must pay van Loon adjusted accounts within 14 days minus the horse rental fee and both must split the court cost.
10May? Van Laer has this entry listed in the index as "Pietersen, Pieter, surety for Geertruy Hieronimus, 118. See also Quackenbos, Pieter Pietersen" The proceedings mention Pr. Lassingh and the surety is signed by Pyetter Pyetterszen. This requires more research as this entry has previously been connected to Pieter Pieterse Lansing [16]
DecQuackenboss Peter pays the church for the use of a large pall [12]
06AugQuackenboss Pieter Quackenboss, Reynier Pieterse, Wouter Pieterse and Jan Pieterse pledge to pay a yearly amount for the acquisition of a second minister [17] [16]
Quackenboss Peter paid 170 guilder for 7000 bricks for the alms house [12]
02SepQuackeboss Pieter Quackeboss against Teunis Cornelise van der Poel, the wife of the plaintiff, Pieter Quackeboss, on behalf of her husband, demands according to settlement of accounts 7 1/2 beavers for brick delivered, van der Poel claims that the wife of Pieter Quackeboss did not deliver the brick according to the agreement, having delivered soft brick with the gable brick, and that he had to wait for the brick and wants damages, the wife of Pieter Quackeboss swears that van der Poel owes her 7 1/2 beavers, the court order van der Poel to pay the 7 1/2 beavers "cum expensis" [16]
12DecBont(s) Johannes and Bata Clute sell land neighboring Piet. Bont out of the north gate [18]
Pieter Bont aka Quackenbosch, residing in Rensselaerswyck, trades Jacob Van Vorst for his estate in Albany [19] [20]
between 1686-1702
Quackenbos Pieter's name appears in a set of minutes originally transcribed by notary Jan Jurianensen Becker, deceased, that have been discovered in the house of William Hoogen, Becker's son-in-law
"I Coopb: & Ruyling Tusschen Pietr. quackenbos & Jacobus van vorst"

* Juffrouw Ebbinghs is also Johanna De Hulter. [14]
Who is the "old farmer"? Monsr. Arent van Curler drowned in Lake Champlain in 1667. [14]
These entries have previous years date but are placed chronologically under the next year due to the Julian calendar issue.


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