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New Sweden was located in parts of present-day Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The goal of this project is to document families who were part of New Sweden (1637-1655) both before it was acquired by New Netherland and during the interstitial period before Penn arrived in 1683 and set up English law. This project is a sub-project of both Sweden and New Netherland Settlers.

Some sources for New Sweden researchers are available on New Sweden Research Sources. The major source for this project is the work of Dr. Peter Craig for the The Swedish Colonial Society.

Nieuw Nederland and Nya Sverige


Project members

Add NEW_SWEDEN to your followed tags to receive word of project discussions. If you have a question about a New Sweden ancestor, ask in g2g, including tag NEW_SWEDEN so the rest of us see it & can pitch in.

Project Goals

Help Out However You Can...

  • Locate profiles of New Sweden colony residents.


New Sweden Project Template

Add {{New Sweden}} to a profile to display the following template and the profile to Category:New_Sweden (the name of the person will be automatically added where ... ... ... is shown below):
Swedish Flag
... ... ... belongs to a New Sweden family.
Join: New Sweden Project
Discuss: New_Sweden

Migrating ancestor template

Flag of Sweden
... ... ... migrated from Sweden to New Sweden in YEAR aboard the SHIP.
Flag of New Sweden in YEAR aboard the SHIP

To use this template, add the following code to the profile:

{{Migrating Ancestor
| origin = Sweden
| destination = [[Space:New_Sweden|New Sweden]] in YEAR aboard the ''SHIP''
| origin-flag = Swedish_Flags.png
| destination-flag = Swedish_Flags.png

Categories for New Sweden Ships

There are 16 ships with passengers that were bound for the colony of New Sweden.

These ships have been known in various sources and sites under up to three names: Dutch, Swedish, and English. A couple so-far reliable source for information are the geni.com New Sweden Immigrant Ships project and the New Sweden ships on Rootsweb. Have you found other sources? Please share them in the comments.

It may be that the best source is Peter Craig's series of articles where he attempts to identify every known settler who stayed in New Sweden and left descendants. There is a separate page The Expeditions to settle New Sweden which further explains his method and results. Note that some of the details on individuals on the Geni lists are derived from Dr. Craig's work.

Proposed format for names of ship

Name in Swedish (Name in English), sailed dd mm yyyy
  1. Kalmar Nyckel, sailed 1637 see: Category: Calmer Sleutel (Key of Kalmar), sailed Dec 1637. Ship name in category is Dutch; half the passengers were Dutch and the ship stopped in New Amsterdam).
  2. Fågel/Vogel Grip (Bird Griffin), sailed 29 December 1637 (Should name be Fogel Grip / Fågel Grip / Vogel Grip?)
  3. Kalmar Nyckel, sailed September 1639 (suggest we use the Swedish spelling? apparently no one bound for New Netherland was on board.) (geni.com)
  4. Freedenburg, sailed July/August 1640 (aka Fredenburg) (geni.com, could be NNS Ship too)
  5. Kalmar Nyckel, sailed July 1641 (geni.com)
  6. Category: Charitas, sailed May 03 1641 --currently an NNS ship, but were there New Netherlanders aboard?
  7. Fama, sailed 1642 (geni.com)
  8. Svanen (Swan), sailed 1642 (what date to use; she sailed from Stockholm August 16, 1642 and from Gothenburg November 1, 1642) (geni.com)
  9. Fama, sailed 29 December 1643 (geni.com)
  10. Gyllene Hajen (Golden Shark), sailed May 1646 (geni.com)
  11. Svanen (Swan), sailed 25 September 1647 (geni.com)
  12. Kattan (Cat), sailed 3 July 3 1649 (Also known as Katt or Katten, she was wrecked off Puerto Rico & never made it to New Sweden. I'd still categorize her as a New Sweden ship, a handful of her survivors made it to the colony.) (geni.com)
  13. Gyllene Hajen, sailed 1653 but was badly damaged and never left Sweden; its colonists transferred to the Örn--do we need/want a category? (geni.com)
  14. Örnen/Örn (The Eagle), sailed 2 February 1654 (rootsweb list and geni.com)
  15. Gyllene Hajen, sailed 15 April 1654 (geni.com)
  16. Mercurius, sailed 25 November 1655, arriving after New Sweden has fallen to Dutch (geni.com)

I suggest we create a parent category named either New Sweden Ships or New Sweden Settler Ships. In some cases, a ship carried settlers bound for both New Netherland and New Sweden. In that case use NNS Ships and/or Category: New Sweden Ships as appropriate.

So for example The Kalmar Nyckel in its 1637 voyage had settlers for both colonies, so should be in both parent categories. The Charitas contained no settlers for New Netherland, so would be in the New Sweden Ships category (current it's in parent category NNS Ships).

New Sweden ships could also be sub-categorized in any of the following:


Categories for New Sweden Locations

See this cool map of New Sweden Landmarks created by the SCS!

Locations in 1671 Census

  • Tinnacum Island (now part of Philadelphia), capital from 1642-1652
  • [Fort] Christina, capital from 1652-1655, (now Wilmington, Delaware)
  • Matinicum Island (now Burlington Island, part of Burlington, NJ)
  • Shackamaxon (now part of Philadelphia)
  • Wicaco (now part of Philadelphia)
  • Moyamensing (now part of Philadelphia)
  • Passyunk (now part of Philadelphia)
  • Aronameck (formerly Torne)
  • Kingsessing (now part of Philadelphia)
  • Carkoens Hook
  • Calcon Hook
  • Ammansland
  • Upland (now Chester, Pennsylvania)
  • Printztorp (link)
  • Marcus Kill
  • Marcus Hook
  • The Bought
  • Verdrietige Hook
  • Skilpot Kill
  • Deer Point
  • Bread & Cheese Island
  • Swart Nutten Island
  • Feren Hook
  • Long Hook
  • Mill Torp
  • Turkey Island
  • Crane Hook
  • Paerden Hook
  • Swanwyck
  • New Castle (New Amstel), (now New Castle, Delaware)

Other Locations

  • New Stockholm/Bridgeport
  • Fort Nya Gothenborg
  • Fort Casimir/Fort Trinity (now part of New Castle, Delaware)
  • Fort Nya Elfsborg
  • Nya Vaasa (now part of Kingsessing in West Philadelphia)
  • Raccoon (now part of Swedesboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey) Brief History of Swedesboro
  • Sahakitko (now Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland)
  • add more locations here

Categories for New Sweden Churches

Images for New Sweden Project currently contains photos and brief architectural histories of Gloria Dei, Trinity, and St. George's.

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On 23 Nov 2018 at 09:05 GMT Susan (Coetsee) de Bruyn wrote:

Hi, can any one assist this guy.

Hi Susan

I would like to close my present account and open a new one wich will be much more accurate.

Since i started my tree here, a lot more information is available, and since i don´t know how to change the structure of the relatives connections, or merge a person that appears on more than one branch of my tree, it would be much easier to create a completely new and correct tree.

Kind regards /Mikael Hempel SWEDEN This message is from Mikael Hempel (mikael.hempel@hotmail.com). Click here for their WikiTree profile: https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Hempel-473 I did reply to his email. but he really need assistance. Have a great day

On 15 Apr 2018 at 18:05 GMT Heather Husted wrote:

Ruth, that is true! There is still a New Sweden, Maine--many times, Ancestry gedcom files conflate our two "colonies."  : )

On 15 Apr 2018 at 18:03 GMT Heather Husted wrote:

Hi Nancy! Charles Springer is a fascinating character, but was not part of the original New Sweden colony. He walked from Virginia to the community of Swedes in Raccoon, in Gloucester County, New Jersey in 1684. His wife and mother of his children was Maria Hendricksdotter, daughter of forefather Hendrick Jacobsson.

On 12 Apr 2018 at 17:47 GMT Ruth L. wrote:

A second wave of Swedish immigrants arrived in Maine in the 1860s and settled in Northern Aroostook County. You can still find many descendants in New Sweden, Maine and Stockholm, Maine. Other descendants moved to Massachusetts and Alaska.

On 26 Mar 2018 at 13:12 GMT Nancy Gill wrote:

I don’t see Charles (Karl) Springer d. 1738 Delaware on the project list of profiles?

On 26 Mar 2018 at 11:08 GMT Nancy Gill wrote:

I would like to join the NEW_SWEDEN Project. I would like to try and clean up some of the abandoned profiles. Such as Justis-14

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The proposed merge of Stalkofta-1 and Andersson-5812 now have been approved to merge (by default). Since they are project protected, would anyone from the project like to complete the merge??

On 5 Jan 2018 at 20:35 GMT Maggie Andersson wrote:

Any of the team members up for a discussion of origin of Gunnar Rambo?


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Lena will be out temporarily. If you need assistance, please leave a note on my page. I will try to remember to check this page frequently.



On 10 Aug 2017 at 04:11 GMT DL Johnson wrote:

I need help correcting/editing the LNAB for ppp'd Forefather "Clement Jöransson formerly Jöranasson", to just "Clement Jöransson"?

Another I need to edit & potentially merge is Palsson-149 (Olof Olle, Ollie, Klockare Palsson aka Paulsson) with spelling preference?

Many thanks

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