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No.1 New Zealand Stationary Hospital

Privacy Level: Public (Green)
Date: 1915 to 1918
Location: Mediterraneanmap
Surnames/tags: WWI Marquette Nurses
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No.1 N.Z. Stationary Hospital during WWI

The aim of this project is to record the names of the men and women who served in the No.1 N.Z. Stationary Hospital during WWI. Included are those involved in the SS Marquette disaster.

Surgeon-Colonel D. J. McGavin was in command of this army unit by April 1915.

The List of Officers and Men

The first entry in 'Sources' below is the published list of the officers and men who sailed on the Marama from Wellington, N.Z. on 21 May 1915 for Egypt to establish a hospital for the wounded from W.W.I.

30 Nurses For The Front

On 21 May 1915 a contingent of thirty more nurses departed N.Z. for the front on the ship Sydney.

  • Note: Those surnames in BLUE have a personal profile and some columns can be sorted.
  • Table notes: '1' - Involved in the Marquette disaster.
Listed below are 30 nurses.
No. Surname Forenames Note
1 CAMERON Marie McNaughton 1
2 CLARK Catherine Rose
3 McLEOD Louisa Campbell
4 McLEOD Edith 1
5 MURRAY Florence Winifred
6 REYNOLDS Phoebe Mary
7 NICOLL Susan Lucy 1
8 BLACKIE Catherine Gibbons 1
9 COSTER Ina Nellie 1
10 O'CONNOR Mary
11 WRIGHT Mabel
12 HOOKER Hilda Vercoe 1
13 GOULD Mary Eleanor 1
14 WILKIN Edith Leaf 1
15 EDDY Lily
16 CHRISTMAS Mary Louise 1
17 HODGES Emily 1
18 LEWIS Jessie Euphemia
19 OWEN Elsie Milsted
20 YOUNG Elizabeth Buchanan 1
21 BRIGHAM Constance Eliza
23 CHERRIE Clara Edwards
24 GRIGOR Mary 1
25 STOKES Ella Myrtle
26 McLEAN Anne Louisa
27 GORMAN Mary 1
28 SINCLAIR Jeanne Spiers 1
29 VALENTINE Florence
30 GILL Florence

The Marquette Disaster

The staff of this N.Z. Army unit were on board the British transport ship, SS Marquette, when it was torpedoed, and sunk, by a German submarine (U-35) in the Aegean Sea on 23 Oct 1915. There were a total of 167 fatalities of which 32 were New Zealanders. Ten were nurses who died, mostly drowned, and the other 22 were male members of the hospital staff.

  • Note: Those surnames in RED have a personal profile and some columns can be sorted.
Listed below are 123 persons.
No. Surname Forenames Rank Died
1 McGAVIN Donald Johnstone Surgeon-Colonel No
2 ROGERS Margaret Staff Nurse Yes
3 BROWN Marion Sinclair Staff Nurse Y
4 CLARKE Isabel Staff Nurse Y
5 FOX Catherine A. Staff Nurse Y
6 GORMAN Mary Staff Nurse Y
7 HILDYARD Nona Mildred Staff Nurse Y
8 ISDELL Helena Kathleen Staff Nurse Y
9 JAMIESON Mabel Elizabeth Staff Nurse Y
10 RAE Mary Helen Staff Nurse Y
11 RATTRAY Lorna Aylmer Staff Nurse Y
12 CAMERON Marie McNaughton Acting Matron N
13 WILKIN Edith Staff Nurse N
14 HODGES Emily Staff Nurse N
15 NICOLL Susan Staff Nurse N
16 EDWIN Staff Nurse N
17 GRIGOR Mary Staff Nurse N
18 McLEOD Edith Staff Nurse N
19 McCOSH Staff Nurse N
20 McKAY Staff Nurse N
21 POPPLEWELL Staff Nurse N
22 ABBOTT Staff Nurse N
23 GOULD Mary Staff Nurse N
24 WILSON Staff Nurse N
25 YOUNG Elizabeth Staff Nurse N
26 SINCLAIR Jeanne Spiers Staff Nurse N
27 BESWICK Mary Beatrice Staff Nurse N
28 CHRISTMAS Mary Q. Staff Nurse N
29 COSTER Ina Staff Nurse N
30 METHRELL Gladys Staff Nurse N
31 ANSTEY Winifred Staff Nurse N
32 HASTE Maude Staff Nurse N
33 BLACKIE Catherine Gibbons Staff Nurse N
34 HOOKER Hilda Staff Nurse N
35 WALKER Doney M. Staff Nurse N
36 WYLIE D. S. Major N
37 ACLAND Hugh Thomas Dyke Major N
38 FRASERHURST J. L. Captain N
39 LEEHY J. P. D. Captain N
40 STOUT Thomas Duncan MacGregor Captain N
41 ISAACS D. N. Captain N
43 BURRIDGE H. N. Captain N
44 FERGUSON P. B. C. Captain N
45 HARRISON T. Captain N
46 MARCHANT T. Captain N
47 EDWARDS A. R. Sergeant N
48 McLAREN P. C. Sergeant N
49 SHEEHAN B. C. Sergeant N
50 SYDE H. S. Sergeant N
51 FERGUSON R. A. Sergeant N
52 McDONNELL M. Sergeant N
53 WILSON Leonard Thomas Sergeant N
54 HAGGETT L. D. Corporal N
55 KINGSFORD A. R. Corporal N
56 JONES S. G. Corporal N
57 ALLAN W. E. Lance-Corporal N
58 PETTER H. Lance-Corporal N
59 MURFIN M. Lance-Corporal N
60 BROOM J. J. Private N
61 ABBEY G. Private N
62 BRITTAIN N. C. Private N
63 BROODS R. I. Private N
64 COLLEY F. Private N
65 COOPER F. E. Private N
66 CROUCHER E. W. Private N
67 DEMPSEY G. W. Private N
68 DUKE-CLAYTON E. W. Private N
69 FISHER I. W. Private N
70 DILLETT J. B. Private N
71 HEREWITH A. G. Private N
72 HARTIGAN J. F. Private N
73 HONORE D. A. Private N
74 HANWILL G. Private N
75 JUDGE A. W. Private N
76 KAY V. J. Private N
77 KEAT J. S. Private N
78 McCALL W. A. Private N
79 McGRATH W. Private N
80 McGREGOR R. Private N
81 MALCOLM R. C. E. Private N
82 MARTIN R. B. Private N
83 MOSELEN W. Private N
84 MUNRO F. S. Private N
85 NATHAN S. D. Private N
86 NICHOLSON C. S. Private N
87 PETTERS V. C. Private N
88 PAYNE S. Private N
89 ROOTS A. Private N
90 STEVENS K. M. Private N
91 WILSON P. A. Private N
92 CHRYSTALL J. W. Private N
93 HANNA G. L. Sergeant N
94 McINNIS A. Sergeant N
95 PREATINKEE A. Sergeant N
96 ROACH N. R. Corporal N
97 BENJAMIN A. R. Lance-Corporal N
98 ENGLAND C. W. Lance-Corporal N
99 BELL W. J. Private N
100 BELL R. Private N
101 CULLING A. Private N
102 CLARKE S. J. Private N
103 ELLIOTT L. E. Private N
104 FACHETT J. Private N
105 FINCH L. Private N
106 GOLDSWAN A. R. Private N
107 HAZARD P. Private N
108 HAIGH J. W. D. Private N
109 INKSTER J. L. Private N
110 MOOR F. Private N
111 JACKSON A. Private N
112 PITKETHLY L. Private N
113 SMITH P. Private N
114 GAPPER C. H. Private N
115 SANDER S. F. Private N
116 SHARDLOW W. Private N
117 STONE W. F. Private N
118 TENNANT W. Private N
119 WILLIAMS J. W. Private N
120 WILSON A. W. Private N
121 WATSON J. Private N
122 MILDINSON P. C. Private N
123 SMITH Staff Nurse N



H. M. Transport S.S. Marquette



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