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Note - Inactive page. Mission accomplished: cleared up the problem with two Judith Colliers who married men of the same name - apparently father and son James Hickses (Hicks-1942 and Hicks-5191) who married aunt/niece Judith Colliers (Collier-419/Collier-4008). ~ Noland-165, 24 March 2021


US Southern Colonies Workspace

Five James Hicks/Hix

The Brunswick/Surry/Sussex line for Capt Robert Hicks-3762[1] includes several James Hix/Hicks (see 5 James Hicks presented below from page 7 of research posted by Devon Lewis). To recap:

  1. Hix-319 (also Hicks-13909) - James Hicks, son of Captain Robert, who married first Martha then Fathy - Fathy named in his 1760/1 will. Referred to in some of the records as James Hicks the Elder. (Merges pending for mom - Frances Unknown & Frances House [to be Unknown] & the two James Hix/Hicks profiles. ~8 March 2021)
  2. Hicks-8725 - James Hicks the Elder’s son, James Hicks (died 1776) married to Frances - 1776 will
  3. Hicks-1942 - James Hicks, son of Captain Robert’s son, George Hicks-5190 – "our James Sr. who married the first Judith Collier, daughter of Isaac Collier" - m Collier-419 - with will proved 1693 see this transcription.
  4. Hicks-5191 - his son, "our James Hicks Jr., who married Judith Collier, daughter of Charles Collier" - m Collier-4008 (niece of Judith Collier-419)
  5. James Ransom Hicks, son of Captain Robert’s son, John Note - as of 27 Feb., Capt Robert Hicks-3762 doesn't have a profile for a son John attached. Bluegrass Messengers (more speculation than fact, but does have will transcriptions and other useful stuff) says: "3) Captain Robert had a son John (Moved to NC in 1741; d. 1761 in Anson Co. so William d.1779.] documented and he left will."

James the Elder, James the Younger, and George Hicks

6 October 1747 patent. George Hicks of St. Andrews Parish, with a minor son James, was preparing to remove "out of this Colony" - NOT what this transcription says ("George intends shortly to remove out of this County") - & therefore selling to James Hicks the Elder - relationship not stated - but apparently James the Younger, son of George, is being left in Virginia.

Witnesses: relationship surmises
  • Richard Ransom - son-in-law of Captain Robert
  • Isaac Collier - future father-in-law of "James the younger"
  • Matthias Davis - profile of Capt Robert says his daughter Rachel married Matthias Davis (named Hicks in his 1739 will, Davis in her mother's 1744 will
  • John Wall, Junr. - John Wall, Gent. witnessed the 1744 will of Captain Robert's widow Frances[2]
Court November 5, 1747, Deed proved by the oaths of Richard Ransom and John Wall, Jnr., Gent.
1754 implies 1733ish birth of James the Younger, son of George of Brunswick County. James (the Elder) with wife Martha in 1744 patent is the son of Robert. Relationship: nephew/uncle, assuming George who removed is brother of James the Elder. Will of James the Elder (1760/1) refers to "Mr. James Hicks" as cousin [i.e., nephew]. This casts a question as to the identity of George, son of Captain Robert: George with wife Sarah is of Surry County in 1744 - and was still in Surry County in 1747 - so he's not the George who left his son James with James the elder... that George was "of Brunswick County".
Bill of Sale dated _________________, between James HICKS and James HICKS, the younger (son of George HICKS) in consideration of 93 pounds paid by James HICKS the younger, conveying 2 negroes, one named Brandon and the other boy named Tom and personal property. Referenced to a Mortgage Deed dated the 6th day of October, 1747, from George HICKS, father, to James HICKS for the benefit of James HICKS, the younger. Presented in Court on August 27, 1754. Deed Book 5, page 607. [3]
George Hicks of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County for £100, paid by James Hicks the Elder of same, Gent., Two negro Slaves the one a man Named Brandom &; the other a Boy Named Tom, Also two feather Beds and furniture, provided it is the true intent that whereas a Certain agreement of B&;S hath been formerly concluded between the said George Hicks and the said James Hicks for a tract of land lying on both sides of Jenneto Creek containing 396a for the making over &; conveyeing of which the said Land the said George Hicks at the time of the ssaid agreement entered into a Bond with the said James Hicks the Elder in the Penalty of £50 &; whereas the property of the sd. Land was at that time and still is vested in James Hicks an Infant, son to the said George Hicks, and as the said george intends shortly to remove out of this Colony &; has a Design to give the above named Slaves Beds &;c to his said son James on Condition that he shall when he arrives at the age of Twenty one Years make over &; convey unto the said James Hicks the Elder a good &; Lawfull Title unto the said Land it is therefore the tru intent of these presnts that the use of the said slaves be reserved unto the said James Hicks the Younger untill he shall arrive at the Age of Twenty One years &; that then &; from that time the sole right Title and property of the said two slaves Beds &; furntirue be and are hereby intirely vested in him the said James Hicks the Younger provided he shall on his arrival at the Age aforesadi or as soon after as he hsall be thereunto required by the said James Hicks the Elder make over &; convey the said Land &; premises unto the said James Hicks the Elder. In case the said James Hicks the Younger shall neglect or refuse to Comply with the above Conditions on his part that then &; from the time of such Neglect or Refusal the property of the said slaves and Beds are to be immediately vested in the said James Hicks the Elder, dated 6 October 1747. Signed George Hicks. Witnesses: Richard Ransom, Isaac Collier, Matthias Davis, John Wall, Junr. Court November 5, 1747, Deed proved by th oaths of Richard Ransom and John Wall, Jnr., Gent. Deed Book 3, Page 358.

Looking for Matthias Davis (prob. not Davis-13193 - of MD), found

John Davis (also of MD) - wikitree has his brother m to Mary Hodge/father of Catherine m James Townsend, but DAR doesn't.[4] Caught my eye because of recent Townsend connection, but that might be with Stiths.

George, James, Robert

abstracted from above:

James Hicks the elder, of age by 1747 (if I'm reading the 1747 document right, he's charged with administering land for James the younger by the younger's father George)
Jame Hicks the younger, son of George, minor in 1747; 1754 record acts on what he had promised to do when he turned 21 (which if done with no delay would put his birth c1733)
George, father of James Hicks the younger, was of St Andrews Parish, Brunswick County in 1747; George with wife Sarah was Surry County (1744, 1747).

James Hicks, 1760/1 will (Brunswick County) names wife Fathy (2nd wife? same James with wife Martha in 1744?) and refers to "Mr. James Hicks" as cousin [i.e., nephew] & mentions slave Brandum (slave Brandon is mentioned in both 1747 & 1754 records involving James Hicks the Elder & James Hicks the Younger). Children: Benjamin, Robert, Mary, Patty, James, Lewis, Frances and John Hicks. Witnesses: John Stephens Junr., Henry Vinson, and Thos. Harris Williams.[5]

Notes: See Robert W. Baird's research - "Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet" articles: Legal Age & Legal Terminology (e.g., cousin).

George Hicks, 1761/2 will (Charleston, Craven County, South Carolina) - Devises land to wife, and after her death to son, Robert Hicks. Son, George. Grand-daughter, Elizabeth Hicks. Grandson, Benjamin Hicks. Executor: Robert Hicks. Witnesses: Henry Bedingfield, George and Luke Paul.[6]

Robert Hicks, 1765 will (Berkely County, South Carolina) names wife & brother George as executors - Wife, Mary. Sons, Benjamin and Robert Hicks. Daughter, Elizabeth Hicks. Brother, George Hicks. Executor: Wife and Brother, George Hicks. Witnesses: Phil Dill, William Heustess, John Forrester.

James Hicks [Hix], 1776 will (Pittsylvania County) names wife Frances, brother Benjamin of Brunswick County executors: "...Benjamin Hix of Brunswick County my executors. Signed by James Hix. Witnesses were John Salmon, Elisha Harbour, David Lanier [husband to sister Mary], and Thomas Jamison."

Children: son Miles (not of age); unborn child (James' wife Frances is pregnant); daughters Nancy Hix, Elizabeth Hix, Franky Hix, Dolly Hix (also not of age - later in the will is mention of "the first of my daughters that comes of age").[7] -

P. 35-36 - JAMES HICKS, (estate account)
To David Lanier; includes cash payments to Field & Call & Co., John Colley; purchases

made for Miles Hicks, Nancy Hicks; returned Sept. 28, 1780.

Guardian account for his orphans; To Alexander Joyce, 1779; includes cash due John Colley;

payments for boarding Miles Hicks, Nancy Hicks, Elizabeth Hicks; payment for boarding four children; returned Sept. 28, 1780.

Robert Hicks

Indian Trader / Captain. Historic marker (image on profile for Hicks-3762 Robert Hicks II (1658-1738) - here)
2016 comment on profile for Robert Hicks-5684 (attached as father of Hicks-3762) by Eric Daly: "I guess this puts the theory a John is the father of Robert Hicks 1658 - 1738 the Indian Trader out the window." (Father had been John Hicks-1374 - removed Nov. 2016; birth date changed from 1658 to 1636; death date of 1739-03-06 and "Capt" prefix also removed.) Based on this image: Land Patent of John Poythris, Senr. sold to Robert Hix and others. Description posted with image:
"Land Patent of 24 Oct 1701 John Poythris, Senr. Deep Bottom, 350 acres Charles City Co. N side of Nottaway River adj 950 acres patented by Hugh Lee, Jr. (and sold to William Jones, Sr., Robert Hix, the taylor, Senr., and John Roberts); to fork of Myery Br., parting Tonatora old field, to the Indian SW, 24 Oct, 1701. Transportation of 7 persons; John Lee, Robert Boreman, Humphrey Hix, Hen. Snetgrove, Mary Drin, N. Satinbach, Wm. Lambut."
Biography for Robert Hicks-5684 (as of 18 Feb. 2021) begins:
[Item 1] Virginia Land Records: 1654 April 8 Robert Hicks Charles City Co., south side Appomattox River, north side 3rd. branch Blackwater (Creek), near Warrck Path (VPB#6, p. 510).

[Item 2] Book 7 PP 395 & 396 24 Oct 1701 John Poythris, Senr. Deep Bottom, 350 acres Charles City Co. N side of Nottaway River adj 950 acres patented by Hugh Lee, Jr. (and sold to William Jones, Sr., Robert Hix, the taylor, Senr., and John Roberts); to fork of Myery Br., parting Tonatora old field, to the Indian SW, 24 Oct, 1701. Transportation of 7 persons; John Lee, Robert Boreman, Humphrey Hix, Hen. Snetgrove, Mary Drin, N. Satinbach, Wm. Lambut. (ref C & P Vol 3, P. 52) Item 2 Image
Note in item 2 John Poythris, Robert Hix and Humphrey Hix are mentioned. There is a Anne Poythress on the will of Robert Hicks. ... and of interest: Ann Poythress witnessed Robert Hicks' 1739 will ... see and John Wall, Gent. witnessed his widow Frances's 1744 will - see (see too)... this bit copied to #Walls, below.[2]

Text for Hicks-5684 says he was born c. 1636 and came into Virginia around 1654 and that his son, "Captain Robert, married Evan's daughter, Winnifred in Surry Co. Virginia. Captain Robert was born c. 1658" ("Evan" being John Evans-8726, said to be associated with the "elder Robert" and who "owned land near Hix").
Trying to sort out the profiles for James Hicks led to trying to sort out the profiles for Robert Hicks:
  • Robert Hicks with a 1733 will - names
    • wife Esther
    • son Thomas
    • son-in-law John Halsey
  • Robert Hicks with a 1739/40 will - names
    • wife Frances,
    • sons Charles, James & George
    • daughters Frances Ransom, Martha Bedingfield, Elizabeth Hicks, Rachel Hicks, Mary & Tabitha
    • son-in-law Richard Ransom
    • grandsons Benjamin Hicks and John Bedingfield


moved most of this section to Space: Hicks Family Wills


James Wall m Elizabeth Ransom (daughter of Richard Ransom & Elizabeth Hicks) = Robert Williams m Sarah Lanier, son Nathaniel Washington m Sarah Jane Walton (see Lanier below).

see also A030733 & A030686 (tied by this record), but flags everywhere.
Frances Davis-48803 m Robert Lanier Winston, son of Joseph Winston & Elizabeth Lanier.
William Davis (1749-1826) Patriot Ancestor #A030729 m Lucy/Caroline Winston
and a Lucy Caroline Davis (desc. of William) m Anthony Arrington Pearson in 1839 (Pearson descendant of #A087057, Jesse Pearson m Amy Rush Perry [!!]) - wm walton is William Walton's pension application - he married Sarah Jones Hereford [sic, Hertford] County North Carolina in December 1783 (test. by Isaac Walton, William's brother)

[fn p. 13: family record]Rachel Walton Daughter of William Walton and Sarah his wife was born in October 15th 1784James Walton son of William Walton and Sarah his wife was born the 30th of October 1787Isaac Walton son of William Walton and Sarah his wife was born March the 27th 1791 Timothy Walton was born January 31st 1794

Sarah, widow of William, died May 31, 1840 in Smith County Tennessee

Williams/Walton connection.

DAR Records

Check this member's list of ancestors - wow! ... also this member's ancestors (but a different branch - e.g., Anderson, Walker, Lewis)
  • James Hicks, born c1750, Brunswick County/died 1819, Jerico, Virginia, married (1) Mary Harris, (2) Elizabeth Harris; son Thomas m Lucy Alsop has Note: "NO DOCUMENTATION HAS BEEN LOCATED IN ANY DAR COLLECTIONS TO PROVE THE PARENTAGE OF THE THOMAS HICKS WHO M. LUCY ALSOP." DAR #A054976]
Goochland marriage 11 May 1778 of Elizabeth Harris & William Hicks
dau. of Harrison Harris (Harris-5765?); Mary Hicks gives consent for William & Wit. includes Moses Hicks. (see this page of Goochland Marriages)
  • Thomas Hicks (1725-1791):
    Note on his DAR record was the following information about son Thomas: Thomas who m Mary Faison was grandson of Thomas, b. 1725, son of Daniel b. c1755. Proved by Bible Record. Another note: Another man named Thomas Hicks lived in Duplin County, NC. A third note: Will written 16 April 1775.
    • This Thomas is m Elizabeth Williams & DAR shows him as father of Daniel (both Thomas & Daniel of NC). That Daniel is Patriot Ancestor #A135263, with wives (1) Serene Williams & (2) "Mary A E Hare Croome" & the son Thomas who married Mary Faison (who should be his grandson)
    • The Daniel of SC, who married Fanney Delony, is Patriot Ancestor #A054993 & served in SC. He applied for bounty land at age 94, in 1855, at which time he was a resident of Mechlenburg County. See the application file. No indication of father's name in application, but it seems they were both living in SC in 1778, and that his father returned to Virginia: "In 1780, the British having driven the Whigs on [paper torn, text missing] from that part of South Carolina, his father returned [paper torn text missing] from where he had emigrated, this declarant also followed his father to Virginia, and found him at Hicks Ford in the County of Brunswick" Early in the application, he says he does not have a record of his birth, "the Tories having burnt his father's house". Other statements in his pension file include that he volunteered about 1778, "being then a resident of Cheraw District, State of South Carolina" and was part of Colonel George Hicks' regiment.[9] I believe both Daniel and that Colonel George Hicks were both gr-grandsons of Capt. Robert Hicks... I need to check RF though.... Seems so: The following information was posted by Hicks researcher Jane Peyrouse on November 29, 2004:[10]
"This Daniel [who died in 1857 - see Bible Record] is a descendant of Capt. Robert's son Daniel (1693-1735) by his son Thomas who married Elizabeth Williams. When Daniel (d. 1735) his wife Edith (probably Fonville) took her children to Duplin County, NC, where she remarried. Thomas married Elizabeth in Carteret County, NC, in 1754. My ancestor George, a son of Capt. Robert by his second wife Frances left Brunswick County, VA, about 1740 and went to Craven County, SC. You may have noticed that the Daniel who died in 1857 fought in South Carolina during the Revolution under friends and associates of Col. George Hicks, son of the above George. To go into this story in the detail it demands takes some 30 or 40 pages of documented narration." links added to profiles to try to help keep everyone sorted- but I'm curious about who Daniel's father was whose house was burnt by the Tories. Thomas m Elizabeth Williams doesn't fit if they're in NC (which DAR says they are, with a different son Daniel).
  • Thomas Lanier (c1721-1805 - DAR) m Elizabeth Hicks: - children include dau. Elizabeth, m Joseph Winston and a couple of daughters who married Williams (Sarah m Robert & Rebekah m Joseph) - see desc. record (Rebekah) & also desc. record for Joseph Williams (m Rebecca Lanier) #A126323
    • Lanier-507 is wife of Joseph Winston, but has her name as Minerva Elizabeth. Joseph's DAR record says he married Elizabeth Lanier, not Minerva - see his record, #A128899 ... see also this descendant record. Not sure how Thomas and David are related...
    • Patriot Ancestor #A069071 David Lanier (1750-1792) m Mary Hicks
      Descendant record (John Hicks Lanier b 1772 m Sarah Walton Sutherland Inge b 1796)
    • More Lanier DAR records
      • William (1731-1802) #A069111, m Elizabeth Burch, son Thomas m (2) Mary Catherine Peebles & son John m Nancy Ingram (other child listed, William m Elizabeth x) - record for Thomas desc.
      • James (1724-1786) #A069084 m Mary Cooke, children married Massey, Bankston (others)
      • Benjamin (1720-1796) #A069061 has a son Nicholas m (1) Patsy Malone, (2) Sarah Bugg; son Lemuel m Lucy Malone
      • Benjamin (1732-1817) #A069056 m (1) Susannah X, (2) Ann Nancy Jones; chldren included Bird Lanier m Elizabeth Dixon (note to Hicks/Lanier researchers - this one's mostly for me, I'm a Dixon descendant with a brick wall in Georgia) - checking member's other ancestors:
        • Robert Dixon #A032578, father of Elizabeth m Bird Lanier. Note on his records says "JOHN WHO MARR ELIZABETH POYTHRESS IS THE SON OF THIS MAN, NOT ROBERT DIXON, A032580."
        • Michael Dixon #A032574 (see also descendant record) is father of Robert #A032578 & James m Martha Anderson
      • Buckner (1742-1811) #A069065 m Rebecca Williamson
      • Lemuel Lanier (1720-1786) #A069092 m (1) Mollie Peebles, son George W m Elizabeth Hicks, son David m Mary Hicks, daughter Sally m Garret Williams
      • Elizabeth Chamberlain Smith (b 1717) #[ ]; m (1) Sampson Lanier, (2) Cuthbert Smith; daughter Agnes Lanier (b 1749) m William Davis (b 1747) #A030750 (see this record). Their son, Lewis Lanier Davis, m an Irvin (Louisa Tucker Irvin). Another son, Edward, m Margaret Lanier. (Flag on William Davis's record says service belongs to #A030752.)
  • William Hall (1740-1787), father of William Hall (1775-1856) - #A049579, this descendant record (found 1850 census for Wm b 1775) ... #A128396 is William Winchester, m Lydia Richards (Lydia Winchester m Winston McDaniel, son of Martha Winston & William McDaniel #A132461; Lydia R. McDaniel is in William Hall's household in 1850 census, as is Sarah Hall & William H. Hall - Sarah McDaniel m William H. Hall).
    • William McDaniel's mother Anne (wife of William McDaniel Sr.) is also a Patriot Ancestor: #A128205.
Got a bit lost on the Hall info ... here's Lydia R.Winchester's bio (before I found DAR record saying who her parents were - above):

Lydia was born 29 April 1806 and married Winston McDaniel on 26 January 1828 in Gallatin, Tennessee.[11]

In 1850, the household of William Hall in Sumner County, Tennessee included Lydia R. McDaniel (44, born in Virginia).[12] A few years earlier, on 11 September 1845, William Harrison Hall, William's son, had married Sarah W. McDaniel (born 8 January 1828 in Sumner County).[13]

Lydia died on 5 April 1870, Sumner County.[11]

  • See also the DAR record for William Winchester (m Lydia Richards), Patriot Ancestor #A128396.

Nathaniel Jones - #A015608, descendant record

RBB Papers

A lot of the RBB cards for Hicks are marked "*J.P. Madison Notes" (i.e., a less than stellar source):
  • Hicks, James (the younger, who married the niece - Judith Collier, daughter of Charles - in 1787)
  • Lucy Gray Lewis (d 1816), married Thomas Hicks 14 Oct. 1813 (Thomas m 2nd her sister Sarah Edmunds Lewis)
  • Hicks, Thomas (m sisters Lucy & Sarah), son of Isaac Hicks & Nancy Cryer
Robert Hicks, born c1658, m c1678 (1) Winifred Evans, (2) Frances (d 1744); d 1739 (front of card); children (on back)
  • Robert Hicks (Hicks-6764, married Elizabeth Irvin, daughter of Nathaniel Irvin and Elizabeth Peterson)[14]
  • Daniel Hicks
  • James Hicks m Judith Collier Note - If he married Judith, it was after Martha (wife in 1744) had died - Nope - this James isn't one of the two who married a Judith Collier. He's the James with the 1760/61 will naming wife Fathy (and reading the will, it doesn't sound as if any of the children are by her)
  • Frances Hicks m (1) R[?] Ransom, (2) Batte Peterson - this WikiTree profile looks like her: Hicks-3418 m Ransom-268 (attached to parents Robert Hicks-3762 & Esther Luten-1 - should be Frances unknown-538539)... has her m (3) Seymour Powell - Morrison tree has this too (m 3rd Seymour Powell). Her mother's 1744 will names her Frances Ransom. Profiles for Robert Hicks Ransom (Ransom-352), b after 1738, attached as son.
Robert Hicks died 1798, Greensville, m (1) Angelina, (2) Mary (front of card): Mary Hicks, Martha Dixon Greenway Hicks "among issue" (back of card). Posted Research Notes to daughter's namesake... Martha (Dixon) Greenway:
The 1796/98 will of Robert Hicks, of Greensville County, Virginia, names "my Daughter Martha Dixon Greenway Hicks", and "Dolly Peterson" was a witness. His wife Mary was named one of the executors and when the will was proved, Martha Greenway and John Blunt Turner were Mary Hicks's securities for the bond. The other executors were Winfield Mason and James Parham. The will was both witnessed and proved by James Parham and Eliza Parham.[15]
Conflated James, son of Robert Hicks, married Judith Collier, 26 November 1787 Brunswick: (son Isaac m Ann Booth, then Nancy Cryer - back of card)... see Booth-5253 (descendants' view).
Isaac married Anne Booth - 22 April 1782 Brunswick Co. marriage bond (front of card, back of card); his cards (front, back) have him son of James Hicks & Judith Collier, born 1755, m (1) Ann Booth, (2) Nancy Cryer; died June 1817, Brunswick
Brunswick WB: Isaac Hicks' will dated May 10, 1817, proved June 23, 1817, names daughters Elizabeth B. Booth, Sally Booth, Minerva Hicks; sons Reuben B. Hicks, Thomas Hicks

5 James Hicks

From (page 7), research posted by Devon Lewis in February 2013, with the note "In Memory of Beloved Cousin Richard Hicks". (Profiles are not linked in text - see section below the following excerpt.)

"The records concerning James Hickses can be very confusing. During the same period of time, there were five known James Hickses living in Brunswick Co., VA and transacting business, all of them family members – (1) James Hicks (son of Captain Robert, referred to in some of the above records as James Hicks the Elder); (2) James Hicks the Elder’s son, James Hicks married to Frances who died in 1776; (3) James Hicks, son of Captain Robert’s son, George –our James Sr. who married the first Judith Collier, daughter of Isaac Collier; (4) his son, our James Hicks Jr., who married Judith Collier, daughter of Charles Collier; and (5) James Ransom Hicks, son of Captain Robert’s son, John. Distinguishing between them can be even further obfuscated by the use of “Senior” and “Junior” by men who were not father and son; it was common for a younger man sharing the same name with an older man, such as an uncle or cousin or even a non-family member, to be referred to as “Junior” in documents.
"Since both James Hicks Sr., son of Captain Robert Hicks, and James Hicks Sr., son of Captain Robert’s son George, each had a son named James, some confusion among researchers exists as to which James was married to Judith Collier. An easy distinction exists. James Hicks, Sr. (son of Robert Hicks), whose will was proved in court on Feb. 23, 1761 (Will Book 3, page 352, Brunswick County, Virginia) named in his will is wife Fathy and numerous children including James and Benjamin. James Hicks, Jr., son of this James Hicks, died in Pittsylvania Co., VA (Will of James Hix, dated January 28, 1776, proved on May 23, 1776, Pittsylvania County, Virginia) and named in his will his wife, Frances, and his brother, Benjamin, as his executor. Our James Hicks, Sr. (son of George Hicks), who married Judith Collier (daughter of Isaac Collier), had no son named Benjamin among those sons named in his will and no son Benjamin appears connected to this James in land records. Thus, the presence of a Benjamin in the lineage of Captain Robert’s son, James, distinguishes that line from the Jameses in the line of Captain Robert’s son, George."
Profiles for people named in the above two paragraphs (with so many duplicates/conflations, see the following legend for [Hicks-a] - [Hicks-i]).
1st paragraph
  1. James [Hicks-a], son of Captain Robert [Hicks-b]
  2. James [Hicks-c], son of James [Hicks-a]/husband of Frances [unknown-a]
  3. James [Hicks-d], son of Captain Robert [Hicks-b]'s son George [Hicks-e]/husband of Judith Collier-419, daughter of Isaac Collier-988
  4. James [Hicks-f], son of James [Hicks-d]/husband of Judith Collier-4008, daughter of Charles Collier-390
  5. James Ransom [Hicks-g], son of Captain Robert [Hicks-b]'s son, John [Hicks-h].
2nd paragraph
  • James [Hicks-a], son of Captain Robert [Hicks-b], had a son named James ([Hicks-c])
  • James [Hicks-d], son of Captain Robert [Hicks-b]'s son George [Hicks-e], had a son James ([Hicks-d])
  • to distinguish the James ([Hicks-d]) who married Judith Collier-419... no Benjamins in their line. Line of James, son of Robert = Benjamins:
    • James [Hicks-a] (son of Robert [Hicks-b]) with 1761 will (in which case, Hicks-a would = Hix-319), his wife Fathy (Fathey-1) and two sons James [Hicks-c] and Benjamin [Hicks-i]
    • James [Hicks-c] with 1776 will (Pittsylvania County, Virginia), his wife, Frances [unknown-a], brother Benjamin [Hicks-i]
Family not discussed in the two paragraphs:
  • Robert Hicks-11427 married Esther with son Thomas and daughter Mary, wife of John Halsey, named in 1733 will
    • Luten-1 Esther (Luten) Hicks (abt.1673-1744)
    • Luten-78 Ester (Luten) Hicks (1673-1744)
    • Hicks-6076 Mary (Hicks) Jacobs (abt.1714-) attached as daughter (no mention of Halsey, so wrong Mary?)
    • Hicks-11426 Thomas W. Hicks (1710-1775)

to check

too many tabs/windows open...

Robert d 1796/98

Robert Hicks (-bef.1798) (1796/98 will).

Robert Hicks, of Greensville County, Virginia, left a will dated 1 March 1796 and proved in June 1798 Greensville County Court by witnesses James Parham and Eliza Parham, who also witnessed the will. His wife Mary was named one of the executors and when the will was proved, Martha Greenway and John Blunt Turner were Mary Hicks's securities for the bond. The other executors were "my friends" Winfield Mason and James Parham. Third witness to the will was Dolly Peterson.[16]
Family named in his will are

From Hicks-11481#Research Notes for

Identifying others named in the will, in addition to Mary's mother, Martha Greenway:[16]

nearly certain
not as certain
  • James Parham is either Elizabeth's husband or her son, but her profile does not have either attached. Whether husband or son, WikiTree has only one profile that might possibly be him, of age to be her son: James Parham (aft.1772-aft.1795). No information about this family is provided other than the reference to the father's will (I'm not an Ancestry member, so the reference - and the profiles created based on it, which do not include a wife as of 21 March 2021- is all I have). William Parham of Nottoway County wrote his will in 1794, and it was proved (in Nottoway County) on 7 December 1797.[17]
  • John Blount Turner (abt.1763-abt.1837), born in Brunswick County, married in North Carolina, died in Mississippi. His profile has a sister Mary attached, who is attached as wife of James John Wall of Greensville, Virginia. Citation to John Wall's 1796 will, proved in Greensville Court January 1797.[18]
  • Winfield Mason need to research
  • John Watson need to research
  • Hicks Chappell (1757-1836), son of Elizabeth (Hicks) Chappell, whose profile says she is named daughter in the 1738/9 will of Robert Hicks (1738/9 will of Robert names daughter "Elizabeth Hicks".[22] His profile does not have a profile for Elizabeth attached, as it is not clear that the Elizabeth Hicks named in Robert's will married a Chappell.
  • John Hopkins need to research


Walls - defer to Leake Little. He has knowledge of at least one branch of the family. Not enough info on profiles for me to determine who goes where with what dates. (See for example Wall-33 comment.)[2]

A will abstract for Joseph Wall (probated 19 April 1727, Surry County) posted to John Wall-875's profile led me to edit the profile for Joseph Wall-33 (d 13 Apr 1727). Probable duplicate profiles are Wall-3258 (d 17 Apr 1729) and Wall-2015 (d 19 Apr 1727). Lou Poole's research[23] has Joseph's wife as Susanna Kirkpatrick (attached as wife of Wall-33). Wall-3258 is attached as husband of Susannah Corker (who is attached as mother of John Wall-875 & John Wall-3256, who is attached as son of Wall-3258); Wall-2015 is attached as husband of Susan Potter-3502.

John Wall has a few profiles too (Wall-875, Wall-1630, Wall-3256, Col Wall-6642+Browne-1360 to name a few). John Wall-3256 is attached as son of Wall-33 & Susannah Pittman (the "son-in-law" version of Joseph's relationship to Thomas Pittman). the following Note was posted to Wall-33 February 2021:

The relationship of Joseph Wall to "father" Thomas Pitman was, as posted on the "Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina" website: Step son, Son in law, or A bastard son of Pitman.[24] Lou Poole favors step-son.[25]

Who Col John Wall named as witness to Hicks' wills isn't yet positively identified, but is most likely the profile for John Wall-2096, which is attached as husband of Mary Irvin-438 (sister of Elizabeth who married one of the Roberts - Hicks-6764). The will abstract posted on Wall-2096's profile:

Will of John Wall of the parish of St. Andrews in the County of Brunswick. Brunswick Co., VA, WB 3, pp. 366-368, w. 4 Jun 1752, p. 29 Apr 1761 & 22 Nov 1762. Digital image at -
  • wife Mary; her late husband Burrell Brown
  • son John Wall
  • son Michael Wall
  • son George Wall
  • son James Wall
Exr: son James Wall
Wit: Wm Eaton, John Thompton, Daniel Weldon, Robert Jones Junr.

Ann Poythress witnessed Robert Hicks' 1739 will ... see and John Wall, Gent. witnessed his widow Frances's 1744 will - see (see too)

Col. John Wall is probably Wall-875... or Wall-6642 (maybe those are duplicates?... maybe not. 22 Feb. they both had the same death date. They don't anymore.)

Daughter of Robert & Frances married Richard Ransom. The executors for his 1748 will are "Friends Col John Wall. From her profile (Hicks-3418):

...Sons, James Ransone and Robert Hicks Ransom. All rest of estate to be equally divided among my three children, James, Robin, and Elizabeth. Friends, Col. John Wall and Col. Nathaniel Edwards, named as Executors and as guardians of my two sons..."[26]

From the bio of Col. John Wall-6642 (b 1680, m Anne Browne):

In February 1745, all the county?s western territory was made into Lunenburg County... John Wall and Nicholas Edmunds were commissioned by the Brunswick Court to oversee and recruit help for the laying of Brunswick?s new western boundary. Drury Stith made the actual survey...? ?...By 1732, the population had so increased that the Council decided to allow Brunswick to set up its own magisterial system and stand on its own. ...?Whereas in pursuance of the Act of Assembly for erecting the County of Brunswick a Court House for the said county is now built & by the increase of Inhabitants the said County judged is a Capacity to have Magistrates of its own. It is ordered that a Commission of the Peace be prepared for the sd. County, & that Henry Fox, Henry Embry, John Wall....William Machiln, Gent., be appointed Justices for the said County... ?Most of Brunswick?s troops were in the militia, and had been serving as early as 1741. Prior to this date, Prince George County, from which Brunswick was formed, had been responsible for the protection of the county?s frontier. According to existing records it appears that on 2 July 1741, Colonel Henry Embry was the first militia officer commissioned in the county. Also commissioned in July and August, 1741, were: John Wall, Lieutenant Colonel; and Drury Stith, Major, in a Company of Horse...? ?In the early days of Brunswick County, when the Indians still lingered around the fort and the population was sparse, the church had little communication with its frontier members. ...the nearest minister was the Reverend John Cargill, of Southwark Parish. In 1724 he wrote the Bishop of London from his home on the James River, ?My Parish is twenty miles in width and one hundred in length, being a frontier Parish. It has 394 families. The school for Indians is on the borders of my parish. There are one church and two chapels and seventy or eighty communicants.? ?The Parish of St. Andrew had legally begun before Cargill wrote his letter. When Brunswick was founded in 1720, the order setting up the new county also designated the area as St. Andrew?s Parish and provided money to build a church. The church was not built immediately, but was in existence before 1732. ?The St. Andrew?s Parish, Vestry Book, kept in the County Clerk?s Office, begins with an entry in July, 1732. A vestry is the elected administrative body of an Episcopal church. The first recorded vestry consisted of Henry Embry, and John Wall as Churchwardens... They were all paid 1000 pounds of tobacco for their services.?
was on his profile as of 23 February 2021 as above, with only two sources listed - one was MyHeritage (behind a pay wall) & the other - - was where this was copied from. It was given as a source (but not sure what for): [S100] Internet Source,
Regarding his association with John Wall

The link is a paper on the Walls that includes the following:

"Probably of greater significance is correspondence that Walter Ashe Wall had in 1953 with Mr. Richard Dunn of Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Dunn wrote:

"From 1725 to 1949 Joshua Poythress I and his descendants owned theFlower de Hundred plan-tation in Prince George County, Virginia. On 18 July 1952, I gave to the Archives Division, Vir-ginia State Library, a copy of the will, dated 17 January 1739, of Joshua Poythress I of Flower de Hundred which I had found among the papers of my late father, Dr. William Wilcox Dunn (1870-1952) who was the last descendant of Joshua Poythress to own Flower de Hundred.

"From your viewpoint, the interesting thing about the copy of the Will of Joshua Poythress I is that it was introduced asevidence in the suit of Wall against Poythress as is clearly shown by the following wording which was inscribed on the back of the will:

"Will (copy) of Joshua PoythressWall vs. Poythress...

"Also following excerpt from the will of Joshua Poythress I establishes the fact that as of 17 Janu-ary 1739 he had an unmarried daughter named Ann Poythress — 'the remainder of my estate I give and devise to my loving wife and to my sons Joshua Poythress and William Poythress and to my daughters Ann Poythress, Elizabeth Poythress and Mary Poythress to be equally divided be-tween them when my son Joshua Poythress shall come to age.'

"From the above, it would seem to me that Ann Poythress, daughter of Joshua Poythress I of Flower de Hundred, married John Wall after the death of her father and being dissatisfied with the division of her father’s estate brought suit against his executors."9

If all our speculations are true, then our task is to find a John Wall of Brunswick County, who married an Ann Poythress about 1740, and who was born between 1700 and that I have found such a pair, as documented below, does not prove a thing! But from these scant beginnings I have managed to build a trail of circumstantial evidence that, I think,does tend to corroborate, if not actually prove, the above statements.... (trail of evidence follows - see the paper for details)

See also p IV-41 of that document -

Lou Poole's pages accessed 23 Feb. 2021 (looking for Poythress-Hicks connection):

Biography for Robert Hicks-5684 (as of 18 Feb. 2021) begins:

[Item 1] Virginia Land Records: 1654 April 8 Robert Hicks Charles City Co., south side Appomattox River, north side 3rd. branch Blackwater (Creek), near Warrck Path (VPB#6, p. 510).

[Item 2] Book 7 PP 395 & 396 24 Oct 1701 John Poythris, Senr. Deep Bottom, 350 acres Charles City Co. N side of Nottaway River adj 950 acres patented by Hugh Lee, Jr. (and sold to William Jones, Sr., Robert Hix, the taylor, Senr., and John Roberts); to fork of Myery Br., parting Tonatora old field, to the Indian SW, 24 Oct, 1701. Transportation of 7 persons; John Lee, Robert Boreman, Humphrey Hix, Hen. Snetgrove, Mary Drin, N. Satinbach, Wm. Lambut. (ref C & P Vol 3, P. 52) Item 2 Image
Note in item 2 John Poythris, Robert Hix and Humphrey Hix are mentioned. There is a Anne Poythress on the will of Robert Hicks.

Another Poythress connection to explore (see Sloman-1 descendants):
The RBB card for Peter Wynne m Frances Anderson has (one the back): Prince George Order Book (1737-1740) page 205: Action of Account brought by Benjamin Goodrich against Lewis Green, Thomas Poythress, and Peter Wynne, exors. of Peter Wynne dec'd - 14 Nov 1738 - also page 180, Sept. Court, and page 189, Oct. Court. || See 1718 (Henrico 1719) will of grandmother Margaret () Cocke... || Issue: "Peter Wynne [exor of father].
See DAR records of Thomas & Sarah (?) Anderson & Charles Lewis's wife Mary Howell... maybe related somehow?


John Mason-3332 (1716-1785) m Elizabeth Chappell-540 - DAR #A074902

Children in DAR record:
  • Elizabeth Briggs Mason, m Christopher Rives/William Christopher Rives
  • John Mason, Jr, m (2) Jane Parham Thweatt
  • William Mason, m Mary Gilliam
  • Lucretia Mason, m William Mason
  • Peyton Mason, m Mary "Polly" Peebles
  • Mary Mason, m (2) Achilles Jeffery
Not listed: Rebecca m Rives ... John Hicks (both born 1630s/one died 30 Sep 1728 & the other married to Rebecka Rives-149 - proposed the merge with note: "Hicks-3445 and Hicks-1374 appear to represent the same person because: birth years close but no info to support either year, or wife Rebecka Rives, or death date 30 Sep 1728 (which with born 1636 is a bit of a stretch for time/place)... could you check your records and add to either both profiles or a merged profile? Thanks!")
Rebecca Reeves-4686 (b 1658 "Surrey" County, VA) m John Hicks-10060 (b 1658), mother of John Bennett Hicks-10059 (b 1677). Text for Reeves-4686 has both born 1658 and the following:
"...born c.1692 and died after 1729. She married John Hicks who made his will in Surrey County, Virginia, 31 July 1738; and it was probated there 20 August 1739, naming his wife Rebecca Hicks and her brother George Reeves as executors of his will. There is no data on his children.
"2. George Rives was born c.1698 and died 1 June 1746 in Surrey County, Virginia. His will refers to brothers Timothy and William Rives. All three brothers had sons named Timothy."
Rebecka Rives-163 m Thomas Hicks-4545 (b RI, 1640, d 1728 in VA) in 1657 in Charles City County; died 1729 in Surry
Rives-64: Rebecca (Rives) Hicks (1692-1729) m John Hicks-697 (b 1685, Charles City) in1712, Surry, died 1729, in Surry (born 1692 in Surry). Children Rebecca (Hicks) Tatum, Abigail (Hicks) Rose and Robert Hicks. John Hicks-697, died 20 Aug 1729, has the note:
Rebecca (Rebeckah) Rives (Reeves; also Rieves) is this John Hix wife. There is also a John Hix, who is a son of Captain Robert. The Rives family is also connected to Captain Roberts family.[28]
The bio is "John Hicks (also Hix) (b. 1685) married Rebeckah Rives (Rieves- Reeves) (1692) Surry Co; Brunswick Co. Bedford Co." Children are
  • ROBERT[2] HICKS, b. Abt. 1715, Surry Co., Virginia. m. Mary Courtney
  • JOHN HICKS, JR b. Abt. 1717, Surry Co.
  • DANIEL HICKS, b. Abt. 1719, Surry Co. m. Sarah Shackleford
  • ABIGAIL HICKS m. John Rose (John Rose, son of William and Lucy (Corker) #Jordan Rose, was born ca 1696 in Surry County, Virginia.)
  • REBECKAH (REBECCA) HICKS (1720 - March 14, 1750) [m. Robert Tatum ]
See Bluegrass Messengers regarding John's will has Paul Tatum son of Joseph Tatum... "

From ...

(ii). – proposed – Edward Tatum “I” (~1700 – 1744), son of Peter Tatum (~1675-1771).
There is no proof of relationship. Peter Tatum left no will, but a close relationship is indicated with Peter’s grantor deeds. Edward Tatum’s wife was Martha __ (born ? and died 11 April 1771). Her maiden name might be “Hicks,” when a 1728 will of John Hicks mentions his son-in-law Edward Tatum. After Edward’s death, Martha married 2nd to William Scoggins.
1728 September 30 - Surry County: Will of John Hicks (Hix) names his wife Rebeckah Hicks and her brother George Rieves. Hicks had son Robert Hicks go and live with son-in-law Edward Tatum until he is 18 years of age. Witnesses were Ursilla Rieves, Elizabeth Rieves, and Christopher Tatum. Proved 20 August 1729.

from Nathan Hicks-727:

The will of Robert Hicks (written 1780/proved 1782, Brunswick County) names a son-in-law, not son Nathan, as sole executor. This implies that either Nathan was not yet 21, which would mean he was born no earlier than c1760, or he was not in a position to be executor (e.g., not in Virginia). Robert's bequest to Nathan was "five pounds current money of Virginia to him and his heirs forever". The profile for Robert says he married Mary Courtney in 1766, which puts son Nathan's birth either after 1766 or Mary not his mother.

from Robert Hicks-746 (with 1782; supposed father of Nathan, b 1743)

Research Notes

From a transcription of his will,[29] the following are probably his daughters and sons-in-law:

"...Paul Tatum, Mary Hicks, Tabitha Hicks, James Vaughan, James Bruce and Lewis Peebles, and lastly I constitute and appoint my son-in-law Paul Tatum my whole and sole executor..."[29]
son Nathan and son-in-law Benjamin Bass are also named in the will.[29]

Which daughter was married to Tatum, Vaughan, Bruce, Peebles, and Bass is not stated in the will.

DAR records show that Sarah married Benjamin Bass.[11]

Paul Tatum's wife may be Elinor. In a discussion of John Hicks' 1728 will is the statement "In the Will of Nathaniel Tatum, 1714 he mentions his sons: Edward Tatum (d. 1744 m. Martha -will), Peter, Christopher, Henry. His son Edward Tatum m. Martha in his 1744 will children are: Jesse, Edward (Jr.), Cheney, and John (his will witnessed by Robert Hicks, whose daughter Elinor m. Paul Tatum)."[30][31]

The same source lists Robert's children and their spouses - although without giving sources for the information - including Tabitha (married "Banjamin" Goodrich, 25 May 1789), Mary (married William Atkinson, 26 August 1782), Susanah (married James Vaughan), Ann (married James Bruce), and Jean (married Lewis Peeble, 25 January 1779).[30]

John Tatum-799 m a Howard (misread as Howell at first): Martha Millie Howard — married 1763 in Brunswick County, Colony of Virginia

Peter Tatums (from Tatum-759, one of the Peter Tatum's profiles; it's also on Tatum-89):

Do not confuse the following Peter Tatums, who are different!
  • Peter Tatum-243 (~1675 to 1771) of Surry and Brunswick Counties, son of Nathaniel Tatum “II” (~1635 – 1719). This Peter Tatum married Mary _ who is recorded only once. [32]
  • Peter Tatum (~1705 to 1751/55+), son of Nathaniel Tatum (~1670 to 1738+) – both of Prince George County. This Peter married Mary Epps. [32]
  • Peter Tatum (~1710 to 1751), son of Edward Tatum (~1670/80 to 1739) – both of Surry County, Virginia. This Peter married Sarah Heath.[32]
There is much confusion and concern because Prince George County’s Mary Epps married a different Peter Tatum (~1705 to 1751/55+) - son of Nathaniel Tatum (1670 to 1738+).[32]
Peter Tatum-217 (born 27 Jan 1742, Bristol Parish; died 11 Aug 1791 in Wilkes, Georgia), married (1) Ann Chappell, (2) "Virginia Rebecca" Howell (about 1764)... with comment on his profile that says Virginia Rebecca Howell is married to Peter Tatum Sr. not Peter Henry Tatum (and the father Peter attached to Tatum-217 is Tatum-759).
Ann Chappell m Tatum ... Chappell-729, born 22 Dec 1739 in Virginia; daughter of James John Chappell and Elizabeth (Briggs) Chappell. Wife of Peter, mother of Howell Tatum-218
Rebecca Hicks married Edward Tatum-98, whose profile has his birth in 1681 in Prince George County; death "before 16 May 1739 in Surry, Virginia". Rebecca named wife in will, along with sons Nathaniel and Peter, daughters Elizabeth Tatum and Ruth Tatum.[33]

Tatum-542 -

The inventory of Christopher Tatum was recorded in Surry Co., VA, DB/WB 9, pp. 700-701. The Surry Co. Court ordered the inventory on 19 Feb 1750 (old style). The date of the inventory was 30 Apr 1751. It was admitted to court on 21 Aug 1751. Digital image at -

Surry Co., VA, DB 6, p. 188, 8 Feb 1750 (old style): “John Tatum, Christopher Tatum, Thomas Tatum, Cheney Tatum, Frances Rieves, Widow Bridget Tatum (sons and daughters of Christopher Tatum lately decd) and John Rieves and Joshua Young who intermarried with two of the daughters to Joshua Tatum who was one of the sons of the said Christopher Tatum, decd. one Negro man slave named Jamie and all other personal estate. The Widow is to have her shares of the estate. s/ John Tatum, Thomas Tatum, Frances Tatum, Bethia Tatum, Boice Tatum, Christopher Tatum, Cheney Tatum, Bridget Tatum, Joshua Tatum, Joshua Tatum (sic). Wit: Augustine Claiborne, William Todd, Thomas Young, Leonard Claiborne Jr. Rec. 19 Mar 1750” (old style) [34]

Other Chappells

Thomas Chappel (1763-1820) #A021025, dau. Elizabeth m Drury T. Vaughan
desc. record for Sally Vaughan... and this one for Sarah R Vaughan... Thomas Chappel son of James Chappell #A021008 & Mary Harris.
Robert Chappell-160 m (1) Mary Chappell-170, (2) Eliza Hicks-1822, (3) Elizabeth Peterson-1154
Henry Chappell-941 m Elizabeth Hicks-6635 (m 1756) - text on Hicks-6635:
"Some researchers have apparently confused Elizabeth Hicks with Elizabeth Rives. There is an Elizabeth Rives that married a Henry Chappell on Nov. 5, 1779"
Elizabeth Chappell-1048 (b 1755) m Stephen Peebles-1307
  • John Chappel m Mary Hines, 1758
  • Thomas Chappell and Elizabeth Malone, 1771/2
  • Robert Tucker and Mary Ann Parham, 1771/2
  • Stith Parham and Lucretia Parham, 1771/2
    • 2 Sept., 1772, Stith Parham and Lucretia Parham, widow.
  • William Parham and Mary Kelley, daughter of John Kelly, Oct. 7, 1772.
  • James Chappell and Sally Hines, daugher of William Hines, 20 April 1769
  • Chappell Gee and Rebecca Lucas, dau. of Wm. Lucas, dec., 18 March, 1773
  • Frederick Jones and Susanna Claiborne, dau. of Aug. Claiborne, 18 Aug., 1774
lots more, lots of same names

Robert Chappell-55 (1680-1724), son of Thomas Chappell Jr & Elizabeth Jones (later Taylor).

  • Sarah (Cox) Crawley Chappell
  • Sarah (Lewis) Chappell 1706 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia Colony
  • Robert Chappell Jr.
  • Martha Carey (Chappell) Vaughan
  • John Chappell
  • James Chappell


Frederick Maclin #A072951, dau. Elizabeth m John Hardaway (see this desc. record). Also, John Hardaway is son of Thomas Hardaway, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A051388. Siblings = Nancy Hardaway m Daniel T Pegram, Martha Peterson Hardaway m Robert Rives (#A096527), Elizabeth Hardaway m Richard Locke, Susannah Hardaway m Peter Manson, Mary Hardaway m Ishmael Harwell.

There's another Thomas Hardaway (b 1734), with a DAR record: #A051384, whose daughter Elizabeth Hardaway-178 married Francis Epes Hardaway-177 (grandson of John Hardaway-48, an orphan of John who chose inlaw Hatcher as guardian - attached in WikiTree as brother of Thomas Hardaway-8 (DAR Patriot Ancestor #A051388 above). Citation for guardian selection is "Charles City Co., Va., Order Bk. 1687-95, p. 450".[35]

see & comment:

update: d 1779 is after date this John's will was proved (p 163)
d 1779, m Mary Wall (see .... pretty sure this is the John Maclin referred to as her husband)

lots of connections - copy of his profile (as of 24 Feb 2021):

John Maclin was born 1710 in James City County, Virginia to William Maclin and Kathryn Brewer. He died November 28, 1774 in Brunswick, Virginia.

John Hardaway (1736-1834) #A051380 m Elizabeth Maclin (1758-1801) - son John Clack Hardaway DAR desc.

Marriage Bonds Col. John Maclin and Ann Cryer, widow, March 29, 1773.[36][37]

From FindAGrave?

Husband of Amy Cook Maclin
Father of:
  • Rebecca Parham
  • John Maclin
  • Thomas Maclin
  • William Maclin
  • Susannah Maclin

Named in His Fathers Will

Will of William Maclin Sr., sons James, William and John; daughter Ann Lanier and her son Thomas Lanier, daughter Judith McKnight Dated January 29, 1751; proved March 26, 1751 p.161

Meade's list of vestrymen, St. Andrew's parish, gives names of William and Frederick Maohen. The writer of this sketch has personally examined old vestry book of the parish, and finds signatures of vestrymen William Maclin, Frederick Maclin, John Maclin.[38]


Will of Capt. John Maclin, confirms to son Frederick all property given him same; to sons John and Thomas, son-in-law Matthew Parham, son-in- law James Maclin, son William, daughter Amy Morton, daughter Susannah Maclin. Dated June 1771, proved November 28, 1774. p.163[39]

"John Maclin, vestryman of St. Andrew's; lieutenant, captain major, and colonel in county militia, 1743-1774; will probated November 28, 1774; children mentioned in will: Frederick, Thomas, John, William, Amy, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Susannah, executors, Frederick and Thomas Maclin, Gent."[40][41]

Research Notes


Parents: William Maclin 1682-1751 and Katherine Brewer 1707-1726
Spouse(s): Ann Cryer 1710-1785 and Amy Cooke 1711-1771


  • Rebecca Maclin
  • Thomas Maclin 1743-1798
  • Frederick Maclin 1720-1808
  • John Maclin 1733-1779
  • Elizabeth Maclin 1843-1876
  • Amy Maclin 1750-Unknown
  • Susannah Maclin 1750-Unknown
  • William Maclin 1752-Unknown


see - daughter Mary (by John Wall):

4.. Mary Wall seems to have married John Maclin (sp?). He died testate in 177S in Brunswick Co. He had been the executor of her half-brother Urvin Brown in 1776 and of his widow in 1778.

1850 Census

Couldn't find Malachi & Mary (Hicks) Murphy.

William Hall: "United States Census, 1850," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 23 December 2020), William Hall, Sumner, Tennessee, United States; citing family , NARA microfilm publication (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.). Image (accessed 21 February 2021).


Henry County marriages...

I recall mention of a Shelton ... orphan went back to Virginia to live with Rev Shelton? Maybe related to Bird Hicks-2024 born about 1740 married Anthony Shelton-586.

Found it - the bio for Chappell Love's FindAGrave memorial (#49047251): "Chappell's parents died in South Carolina and [he] was brought to Lunenburg County, VA by his uncle Samuel Love. He and two of his brothers were placed with a Rev. Shelburn so as to receive an education and to learn a trade.. He married twice in Prince Edward County. He and his second wife Martha renovated an earlier home on Allen Creek in Mecklenburg County and named it The Hermitage. His only son Allen inherited the home place."

From an e-mail (January 08, 2021/US Southern Colonies Project WikiTree; Wyche-54)... There is a marriage record for Elizabeth Davenport and Charles Abernathy. That does not say that she was a widow so it is unclear if Davenport was her birth name or the name from a previous marriage. I do not see anything for a marriage to a Malone either. I did find a marriage record for Elizabeth Johnson to Moses Hicks in 1786 in Virginia. There seems to have been a lot of confusion and tangling with this line. There does not appear to be any information that I have found that has Elizabeth Johnson in Virginia during this time period marrying either an Abernathy, Davenport, or a Malone. ...

Bird-6542 - Wilson Lee Bird (1807-1886), married Rebecka Lytle, desc. of Thomas Little, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A070521 (Rebecka had Hicks desc.)

John Covington, DAR #A026813, m Nancy Wall / son of John Covington, who was son of Henry Covington Sr. and Mary (Blackiston) Covington.

William Massey m Elizabeth Rives.

  • Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed 26 Feb. 2021), "Record of Lieutenant Colonel William Massey", Ancestor # A075138.

Clarrisa Rives father-in-law: Charles Gill #A044662, see

Father of Charles Gill m Rebecca (parents of Clarissa's husband) = Robert Gill #A044717

George Rives m Rebecca Hicks - Rives-40... attached to wife Sarah Cooke-2939 - comment on Rives-40 says will abstract at ...children attached (as of 27 Feb. 2021):

Thomas Vaughan (1725-1788), DAR Patriot Ancestor #A118344, desc. record, m Dorothy Jones... son Fielding Vaughan m Frances Rives (1769-1806) in 1787, Greensville Co., VA. Their son Peter Alfred Vaughan married Martha Peterson Rives (1795-1845) in 1814. (WikiTree has Martha Peterson Rives b 1795 m Thomas Jones Vaughan-2206.)


Sarah (Hicks-14271) Kimball, had been attached as daughter of two Roberts: Hicks-6764 and Hicks-3762. Since her profile says born c1690, probably daughter of Hicks-3762 (1658-1738). Her profile's attached as wife of Joseph Kimball Jr. (1698 - aft 1763) & James Adams (abt 1665 - 01 Jul 1720), with Kimball and Adams children.

Joseph Kimball-241 (c1660-1711). Profiles attached as wives - Frances Simmons and/or Virginia Shearin - were disconnected 24 February 2021 for lack of sources to support them. - no sources & has family starting in the north, but interesting.

Maryland Hicks Family

cross-over with Virginia Hicks family/ies? Looking for likely profiles of "John Hopkins" (named in the 1798 will of Robert Hicks), closest I find in a St. John's Parish one: Hopkins-10549 (born 26 Dec 1719), but no wife/children.
Hicks families in Baltimore - see this page, attached to John Armstrong-15811, who married Rebecca Hicks in 1714, in St. John's Parish, Jopa, Maryland.
My notes - Nehemiah & Phily... Hicks & Hix & others list the following record pages:
  • 86-87 & Rebecca p 86 (just these for Hix)
  • M72 (Nehemiah)
  • 64, 75, 140, M208 (Phily...)
  • Rebeckah M6 M198
  • Sarah BR140
  • William (pretty sure a Hicks – my notes are messy): BR6, 64, M194, 198, 242, William & Ann 6
Notes from Carole Taylor: I added all that I could find on the "Issues" William, Nehemiah he's good, all kinds but seems he is the only son to stay in Maryland with mom Jane. Henry and James, mentioned but can not find any birth or parent record source for them...
Re: Rebecca Hicks-6317. Her marriage in the book. And Jane's 1713 marriage. And Nehemiah and his sons with Phillazanah in the book. ... But I will look for William in Delaware... and add that as a note. (from Carole 14 March 2021) Me: Given location and names, I would say she’s definitely of this family – maybe descended from Thomas a different route? Maybe leave as is for now? The notes you’ve added point out she’s not in will. ...

from Carole: Subject: Rebecca Hicks-6317: ..."issues: 4 sons" no daughter. and Nehemiah married to Phillazania is a son. So I am adding all the profiles to that Will image... looks like I found William, the father. What do you think?


Location Notes: Pittsylvania County was formed from Halifax County in 1766/7, which had been formed in 1752 from Lunenburg County (itself formed from Brunswick County in 1746). Henry County was formed from Pittsylvania County in 1776/7. Brunswick County was formed in 1720, from Prince George County. Amelia County was formed from Brunswick County and Prince George County in 1734/5.[44]

Maybe a lead on Jones-Hicks info? from

1712 Apr 17, for Thomas JONES, son of Capt. Richard JONES, in the fork of Great Creek, north side of Nottoway River The following surveys were made by Robert BOLLING Prince George Co Surveyor and reported to the courts.

Bugg - Hix connection and detailed description/history of land. From ...

Bugg/Hix profiles: Ann Hix-19 (1736-1764), dau. of Amos, m Anselm Bugg... Mecklenburg County ; Joseph, James, Amos Hix listed in Lunenburg...

A James Hicks owned land on Smith's Creek and sometimes appeared in the Bowen records. He left his will in Brunswick Co dated 1789, proved 1793, leaving 860 acres on Smith's Creek in Mecklenburg to son Isaac Hicks. In 1757, Robert Wooding sold a tract of land to Field Jefferson described as 245 acres in Lunenburg on Taylors Cr, Meherrin River, purchased of Jas Hix (Lunenburg DB 4 p 337).

John Ingram's 1757 patent was for land on both sides of Taylor's Creek adjoining the Hicks land.

Patent to John Ingrum [Ingram]. 10 August 1759. Beginning at House's upper corner Spanish oak on the said creek thence along his line north forty five degrees west one hundred and seventy three poles to Twitty's corner hiccory in the same thence along south forty degrees west one hundred and fifty two poles to Hix's corner pointers in the same thence along his line south forty five degrees east one hundred and thirty three poles to a white oak on a branch thence down the water courses thereof as it meanders to a branch just below a lick thence up the other branch as it meanders to a poplar thence a new line north seventy five degrees east two hundred and eighty eight poles to a black jack in Pennington's line thence along his line north ten degrees east thirty four poles to a red oak thence a new line north thirty degrees west sixty six poles to a black jack in Mize's line thence along his line south twenty five degrees west seventy poles to a black jack north seventy degrees west one hundred and eighty four poles to a white oak on the said creek and thence down the same as it meanders to the first station. Patents 34, p 456, 457

According to the 1801 will of John Bugg (Mecklenburg WB 4 p 262-264), the land he left to son John Bugg was land "on Taylors Creek adjoining the land of Daniel Cheatham, James Lett, Isaac Hicks, and Robert Nance". He left land totaling 350 acres purchased of John Ingram to sons Zachariah Bugg and William Bugg. This was the Ingram land that adjoined Hicks above.

David Bowen clearly owned land that adjoined this Hicks land which he sold in 1790. Notice that the deed was witnessed by Robert Nance who also held land near the Bugg and Hicks land.

Mecklenburg DB 7 p 572 9 February 1790. David Bowen of Mecklenburg to Jones Gee. 45L about 75 acres. Beginning at a corner white oak on Balaam Jones line thence from the said Joneses line up a small branch to the head and thence along Samuel Hopkins's line an east course to the head of another small branch thence down the said branch as it meanders to a bend of the said branch and thence along a line of markd trees an east course to a corner on Hix & Bowens line thence along the said Bowen line to a corner on William Thomassons line thence along the said Thomassons line to a corner white oak on James Marimans line thence along the said Marimans line to Balaam Joneses line thence along the said Joneses line to the first station. Signed David (X) Bowen Wit William Walker, Robert Nance, Wyatt Nance

Mecklenburg DB 5 p 104 10 October 1777. Abraham Merrimoon & William Bowen of the Parish of St James & county of Mecklenburg to David Bowen of same. 10L about 70 acres. Beginning at James Tomerson's line thence along James MCan's line to a branch thence up the branch west to the head from thence a new cut to Balaam Jones line from thence north to James Merrimoon's line east to William Tomerson's line thence along Wm Tomersons lines to James Thomerson's line thence south along James Thomersons line to the beginning. Signed Abraham + Merrimoon, William X Bowen Wit James Hicks, David Bowen, Little Berry Bowen Rec 13 October 1777 Anne wife of the said Abraham having been privily examined voluntarily relinquished her right of dower.

Even though the name Hicks appeared at least three times in the Bowen family and we can place James Hicks' land near the Bowen land, no connection to this Hicks family has been proven.

Done with

Rather than cross through/update with notes, just moved notes to here. The impetus for this page - sorting the two Judith Colliers who married father/son (apparently) named James Hicks. Collier-419 is the aunt & married Hicks-1942; Collier-4008 the niece married Hicks-5191.

James and Judith (Collier) Hicks marriages - two sets
James profiles
Problem with James Hicks who married the aunt (Judith, daughter of Isaac):
  • James son of Robert according to some - e.g., JSTOR "Hicks Family" article, apparently sourced by "Goode's Virginia Cousins". The entry for James cites his 23 Dec. 1793 will (and includes information not in the will: "Nancy Vines (born 1766, married Dr. William G. Walker)"
  • James son of George according to others - e.g., Carol Morrison (see this page)
Plethora of support for both Robert's son James and George's son James, with little regard of which info is applied to which person. Known: Robert's son James was married to Martha in 1744.
Will of James m Judith (the aunt, daughter of Isaac) - following abstracted from transcription posted at ~ Will Book 5, page 518, Brunswick County, Virginia
Will written 20 March 1789, proved 23 December 1793
"I James Hicks Senr. of Brunswick County..."
"I appoint my three sons, namely Charles, John and Isaac Extrs"
Witnesses: Myhill Collier, Zachr. Floyd, and Chisten Curtis.
"Brunswick County Court December 23, 1793 this last Will and Testament of James Hicks Senr. decd. was proved according to law by oaths of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Charles and John Hicks two of the exors therein named who made oath thereto and together with Vines Hicks, Robert Watson, and Robert Hardaway their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of four thousand pounds with condition as the law directs Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form liberty being reserved for the other executor to join in the said probate when he thinks proper."

Robert Hardaway's profile notes that Vines Hicks is Sarah's brother. (form showing headings)

... Sarah Hardaway is listed in 1810, Meherrin census: (two entries below Judith Hicks). Colliers listed too (e.g., Charles).

... Hicks (James & John): 1810, Meherrin census:


From what I can tell, the " in the columns do not mean "same as above", else why have some " and repeat a number previously given in others. So, I think the " is just a placeholder. In which case, heads of household in the 1810 census were

page 0750:
  • Judith Hicks
  • James H. Hardiway (looks like "Jamy" but that appears to be how the census taker wrote James - his s's look like y's)
  • Sarah Hardiway
page 0751:
  • James Hicks
  • John Hicks
page 0745
  • Michael Collier (index transcribed it as Richard, but it looks like Michael to me)
  • Charles Collier
  •  ? Collier (maybe James? or Vines?... but doesn't style the ending "s" like other entries [which is why I went with Vines])
page 0746
  • Benjamin Collier

St Andrews (Index):

page 0714
  • Isaac Hicks
  • Reuben Hicks
  • Jordan Hicks
  • Jesse Hicks
page 0715
  • Fanny Hicks marked with what looks like "(M)" - no whites, 6 "other" (all other free persons, from this page; [see form] [excludes Indians]); no slaves

Speculation: Top three in table are probably (3) |Sarah (Hicks) Hardiway, (2) James Hardaway, her son, and (3) Judith Hicks her mother. James Hicks' 1789 will left the "plantation whereon I now live" to his wife Judith and to his son Vines,[47] so possibly it is Vines and a son in Judith's household. BUT... Profile for the wife of Vines (son of James & Judith Hicks) remarried c1804, implying Vines was dead before 1810 census.

Thoughts on Judith Hicks (probably Collier-419) household...
  • Vines Hicks, son of James & Judith (Collier) Hicks (Vines Hicks-1941, James Hicks-1942, Judith Collier-419). Vines was born c1760 & was left James' planation in his 1789 will (Judith was too). Profile includes a son young enough to fit 10-15 (William Hicks, born c1797).
  • Issac Hicks, son of James & Judith, was a widower in 1810 and, according to the WikiTree profiles, his youngest daughter married in October 1810 (to Benjamin Booth); his sons were all too old to be the 10-15 male in Judith's household. (AND... he's on page 0714, in St Andrews)
  • James and John, the other sons of James & Judith (Collier) Hicks, were probably not the James and John on page 0751 - based on their profiles (John's profile says he married in North Carolina in 1782; James married in 1787 but died in South Carolina in 1817). However, Charles names his brothers James and John as beneficiaries and executors of his will - written 1805/proved 1821 - see his profile: Chareles Hicks-15177. Also on that profile is proof that Judith was a widow, living in Georgia in 1817 (not that James had moved to Georgia).[48]
  1. Maybe Judith's household was Vines' youngest son (William, born c1797) and Judith's widowed son Isaac (born c1755), and herself. Not Isaac - he's in St. Andrews, Brunswick County 1810 Census, page 0714.
  2. James Hardiway's household was likely himself (born 15 October 1785) and "ELIZABETH MARTHA RAINES GREEN", his wife (his profile says nothing of a wife). She was born c1762 and they married 4 April 1810.[49]
  3. Sarah (Hicks) Hardiway's husband died prior to 1810. Her household is probably herself (female 45+), her granddaughter (born 1808), her daughter and son-in-law; the remaining male, 10-15, fits with the third child attached to her profile - Richard Stanfield Hardaway, born 1797.
  4. James Hicks: Not sure yet. He's probably the 45+ but are all the others his wife and children? If so, 3 sons & 6 daughters by a wife 26-44. Could be Hicks-5191... had two sons in 1805. (Children info doesn't line up too well, but wife Judith Collier-4008, who was living in 1817, in Georgia, would have been under 45 -just- in 1810.)
  5. John Hicks: Not sure yet. Some of the entries unreadable (either a number or the placeholder "). The male and female 45+ could be himself and his wife, with one son and three daughters (based on readable entries). Could be Hicks-10498... had 3 sons in 1805.
  6. Michael Collier
  7. Charles Collier
  8.  ? Collier
  9. Bejamin Collier
  10. Isaac Hicks (these Hicks in St. Andrews, page 0714; previous entries in Meherrin)
  11. Reuben Hicks
  12. Jordan Hicks
  13. Jesse Hicks
  14. Fanny Hicks
#HeadWhite Males
under 10




White Females
under 10





1Judith Hicks
2James Hardiway
3Sarah Hardiway
4James Hicks
5John Hicks
6Michael Collier
7Charles Collier
8Vines? Collier
9Benjamin Collier
10Isaac Hicks
11Reuben Hicks
12Jordan Hicks
13Jesse Hicks
14Fanny Hicks
#Headunder 10
White Males




under 10
White Females






James Hicks (1776 will) / wife Frances

Posted to her profile 24 March 2021, which includes a good summary:

Patricia, I'll leave this profile to you and other descendants, but I would like to share with you more indepth reasoning as to why I'm not convinced that this Frances is the daughter named by Daniel Coleman as Frances Hicks.

Yes, obviously, Daniel moved to North Carolina before he died. And, yes, Virginia to NC is not a major journey... which seems to be part of the problem when working on the MANY Virginia/Carolina Hicks families. I haven't been at this for very long - especially compared to how long you have been, and I'm not related, but I did jump in to the mess that was WikiTree's Virginia/Carolina Hicks families when working on Collier pending merges/unmerged matches (I'm involved in the Collier One Name Study).

Someone had proposed that two Judith (Collier) Hicks profiles be merged, but their profiles were a generation apart and they had different fathers. Thus began my journey. For information I've collected along the way, and an illustration of why I think more information is needed to say this Frances Hicks is the same Frances as Daniel Coleman names daughter Frances Hicks in his 1777 will, see Space:Noland-165_Sandbox_Twenty (a bit of a mess itself, but it's just my workspace for information about the Hicks Family... more of a scratch pad for notes so that I can find things again that I've encountered in this journey).

In addition to what appears to be father and son James Hickses (Hicks-1942 and Hicks-5191) marrying aunt/niece Judith Colliers (Collier-419/Collier-4008), there are two Robert Hicks who are apparently progenitors of separate Hicks lines:

  1. Robert Hicks the Indian Trader, of Surry County, with a will dated 6 March 1738/39 and proved "At a court held for Brunswick Co. the 7th day of February, 1739" (whose family is a prime example of how close Brunswick County/Petersburg and the Carolinas are) and
  2. Robert Hicks of Charles City (whose profile has a death date of 1738 and a note that "This line of Hicks is in no way related to the Hicks of Surry County Virginia.").

Then there are the Maryland Hicks (see for example Rebecca Hicks-6317). I didn't get into the Maryland Hickses much, and the more Northern Hicks families not at all (see for example the profile of Rebecca's father, William, which says he was born in New York). And the Puritan Great Migration Project manages a Hicks profile that isn't PGM but claims to be - see Hicks-369.

A WikiTree search for Frances Hicks comes up with 278, including several spelled Hix & five with the LNAB of Unknown (this profile is one of them - the Frances named by James Hicks as wife in his 1776 will - another is the 2nd wife of his grandfather - Robert the Indian Trader - named as wife in his 1738/39 will).

Husband James's will is proved in Pittsylvania County, Virginia & his profile says he was born in Brunswick County. Yes, Amelia County is close. But it is not Brunswick County.


25 March 2021:

Didn't get into more

Descendants now involved in the profiles, so my efforts no longer needed... Following pages had been on my to-do and/or "look into" list as of 24 March.

Gees (married a Chappell)
Edward Tatum's 1744 will (transcription):
Watson (named in a Robert Hicks 1798 will - Hicks-11481, m Greenway... an unconnected [to a father] Robert - and couldn't figure out who he might be) - open tabs/offshoot leads... (m Watson) (has a Chamberlain connection) (married Rawlings) (son of a Bolling woman)
Another window full of open tabs: (son of a Tatum) (of NC) (m Turner) (Chappell Hicks, with Pension #) (John Turner) (John Turner) (John Turner, m Ruth Rawlings)
Another window... (Benjamin, NC, married Harrell) (m Greenway) (m Parham) (m Parham, sister m Greenway) (m Mary Dixon-427) (m Robert) (Robert d 1788 m Rives) (NC/SC) (VA) (MD-VA) (VA) (NC) (VA-TN) (MD) (VA-GA - brother of Sarah/Sally m William Billingslea, son of Francis m Asenath) (VA) (Robert's 1803/4 will) (has 1803/4 will on his profile, but not sure it's the right Robert) (Lemuel Lanier) ... turned up in search results:

Pages open on potential online info/leads:
Brunswick County USGenWeb pages:
Notes from computer:

Hicks in Maryland: Nehemiah (son of Rebecca Hicks)

looking for Irby (1744 will of Frances, widow of Captain Robert, names granddaughter Tabitha Irby - daughter of daughter Elizabeth?)... looking for Irby:

John Irby Jr = Witness in 1745 along with a Beddingfield (Captain Robert's daughter Martha married a Beddingfield): From -

Indenture made the 25th day of January, 1745, between Thomas Hicks of North Carolina, and Nathaniel Edwards of Brunswick County, Virginia, for 40 pounds, conveying 250 acres on North side of Maherrin River and is the lower part of a tract of land containing 500 acres whereon Daniel Hicks, late of Brunswick County, at the time of his death did dwell and by his Last Will and Testament dated December 17, 1734, the said Daniel Hicks devised the land to Thomas Hicks. Witnesses were John Walls, Jr., George Hicks, James Hicks, Jr., John Irby, Jr., Henry Beddingfield and Francis Price. Acknowledged in Court on February 6, 1745. Deed Book 3, page 141.

Blunt/Irby (related to Hicks, I think, but Desc/Ancestors of Blunt-52 didn't show any Hicks... just realized I didn't search for Hix though) Joshua (immigrant)

Same window: - Robert Hicks, Indian Trader - Robert Hicks, Indian Trader - Will of James Hicks - Mary (m Walton) - Edward - Thomas (of England... moved to be son of Edward in England & not of Edward & Elizabeth - maybe not Booth - of Virginia - Elizabeth

"Before we were a twinkle..."

More notes from computer: - Ann (Maclin) Lanier

Collier -,Charles,George

open dar Sherwood bugg - oops. he’s A016730 Benj. Harris, ", & Absalom Harris: (member name=Chappell!) – Absalom Harris dau jane m Chappel Sledge Elizabeth Harris m Kinchen Peterson Tweatt (on 24 June 1824) – Absalom Harris member - Judith Louise Searcy

Hicks wills:

Other tabs open on page with Hicks wills: (648 pages) - joshua - nathaniel

- DAR pages open in that window

lots of ancestors -

John Dixon b 1755 & served in Georgia: (only one child listed... Thomas)

James Thweatt desc.- James Thweatt (p Elizabeth Peterson) - – Benjamin Rives Benjamin Rives/dad of Elizabeth m Rosser -

David Rosser - m Elizabeth/dau. mary m Benjamin Harris

lots of ancestors -

other tabs: - Robert Bolling ad (ran away from him) - Upper sc history

Still to finish

The profile for Daniel Hicks that I created spawned "Hicks Family Wills" and "Hicks Family Bible (Virginia)"... still need to finish moving info from Daniel's profile that is better on a "multi-person" platform such as the Wills or Bible page.

Robert Hicks-3762 ... family group sheet. Need to check comments/ profile text and see if additional changes for mother of kids are needed (check 6 April or so, when the two profiles for James should have gotten default OK).

Followup on comments:

Holmes connection to explore (Holmes/Stovall):

See DAR descendant record of Sarah Stovall, daughter of Josiah Stovall (Patriot Ancestor #A110795) and Mary "Polly" (Hicks) Stovall. Mary died in Hinds County, Mississippi in 1845. Father of Josiah is John Stovall (Patriot Ancestor #A110786).

James Holmes (1796-1861), son of Elisha Warren Holmes Sr. and Sarah (Stovall) Holmes – holmes/Stovall

James Holmes (1796-1861), son of Elisha Warren Holmes Sr. and Sarah (Stovall) Holmes


  1. Profile for a different Robert (Hicks-1262) has a note on the profile: "This line of Hicks is in no way related to the Hicks of Surry County Virginia."
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 This (Wall-875) is probably the younger John Wall, the one who married Ann Poythress. The profile attached as father - John Wall-3256 "the Elder" - has the same dates as Wall-875, and is attached as both husband and son of Susannah Corker-15 (as of 26 March 2021).
  4. Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Genealogical Research Databases, database online, ( : accessed 21 Feb. 2021), "Record of Captain John Davis", Ancestor # A030406.
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  14. "all land and plantation in Isle of Wight on South side of Meherrin River" - given to Robert Hicks who married Elizabeth Irvin (her mother's 1736 will)
  15. Will of Robert Hicks, dated 1 March 1796, proved in June 1798 Greensville County Court.
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  20. Benjamin Hicks, son of James who died 1761 and named wife Fathy, married a Delony (Lucy). So did Daniel Hicks (married Fanny). Lucy & Fanny were daughters of Henry Delony. Henry's DAR record shows a son Henry who married an Ann Turner - Henry de Long, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A031564 - daughter of James Turner (in WikiTree, James born c1748/Ann born 1766). Henry Delony & Anne Turner's daughter Rebecca married son Sugars Turner.
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    Sarah was born in Dinwiddie County on 24 April 1762 and died in Brunswick County on 6 January 1841. - inline citation: DAR record for a descendant of James Hicks Hardaway, son of Robert Hardaway (#A051382) and Sarah Hicks.
    ... doubtful she was born in Dinwiddie (although that's where DAR shows that Robert was born).
    She married Robert Hardaway and had at least one child by him: James Hicks Hardaway who married "Elizabeth Martha Raines Green". - inline citation: Robert Hardaway, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A051382
  48. From Hicks-5191:
    Emigration to Other States from Southside Virginia, Volume 1, compiled by Katherine B. Elliott, South Hill, Virginia. Page. 33. "HICKS, Judith - Greene County, GA. Know all men by these presents that I, Judith Hicks, of Green County, State of Georgia, widow of James Hicks of the aforesaid county, deceased, do appoint Thomas Hicks, of the County of Green, State of Georgia, and Williamson Smith of Brunswick County, State of Virginia, my lawful agents, or my attorneys in fact, to demand and recover my dower, or third part, of a tract of land in Brunswick County, Virginia, on Indian Branch, it being a tract of land sold by my late husband to WILLIAM WALKER, and to which I have not relinquished by dower, and my attorneys are to represent me as if I were there in person. Dated 29 January 1817, Recorded 26 Jan. 1818 Ref: Brunswick County Deed Book 24, page 18.
  49. Robert Hardaway, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A051382; desc record.

  • info about John Hicks' 1728/29 will was posted as a comment to Hicks-1374 1 March 2021 (see copy here in hidden text)

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!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You to Rebecca Maloney for posting transcriptions of many, many Hicks wills (including the one I was looking for - James/1716). See ...

"... I James Hicks of the County of Brunswick being very sick and weak but of sound mind and Memory... twelfth Day of February one Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty..."

wife named: "Fathy Hicks"

sons not yet 21: "James, Lewis and John Hix be paid by my Wife or Two Executors as soon as they shall come to the Age of Twenty one years"

children: "Benjamin, Robert, Mary, Patty, James, Lewis, Frances and John Hicks"

executors: "my beloved Wife, Benjamin Hix and Robert Hix Sole Executors of this my last will and Testament... signed James Hicks, and witnessed by John Stephens Junr., Henry Vinson, and Thos. Harris Williams.

"At a Court held for Brunswick County the 23rd Day of February 1761 This Will was proved According to Law by the Oaths of John Stephens Junr. and Thomas Harris Williams Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and on the motion of Benjamin Hix and Robert Hix two of the Executors threin named who made Oath thereto and together with James Hicks and Robert Stark their Securities entered into and Acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of Three Thousand pounds Conditioned as the law directs Certificate was granted them for obtaining probate in due form."

Will Book 3, page 352, Brunswick County, Virginia

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
George Hicks Sr / George Hicks Jr

Sarah Jane (James) Hicks (1730-1793) - wife of Jr., her 2nd husband (first was Gardiner)... mother of

George Jr is Patriot Ancestor #A054954

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
If you were looking for the draft Teams page that was here, it went live: Space:US Southern Colonies Teams, 25 Aug. 9:45 pm
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett

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