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The Nor'Easters

We're a challenge team that has participated in every Source-a-Thon and Clean-a-Thon, and will now be participating in the first Scan-a-Thon.

We don't specifically limit what profiles we edit, but the Canadian Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island), plus Newfoundland and Labrador, and New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island) are what ties our team together. Many of us have ancestors from these areas and will be focusing on profiles of people from these areas.


... ... ... participated with Nor'Easters during the 2019 Scan-a-Thon, scanning and uploading 216 items to profiles.

Placing the following text in your bio will put this sticker on your profile (your name automatically appears but you need to enter the year and total eligible scanned items when the challenge is over):


More details on the sticker are here.

Scan-A-Thon Team Roster Team results

  1. Chris Whitten C17 C18 S16 S17 S18 - Captain (pre-1500)
  2. Steven Tibbetts S17 S18 C18 - (pre-1700, Data Doctor)
  3. Caryl Ruckert S18 (PGM, 1776, pre-1500)
  4. Amy Wiemer S16 S17 S18 C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Sourcerer)
  5. Shannon M Thomas C18 S18 (pre-1700)
  6. Scott McGrath S18
  7. Karen Fuller
  8. Judi Stutz C17 C18 S17 S18 (pre-1700)
  9. Robin Kabrich S18 (pre-1700, US History, Project Coordinator)
  10. Tina Chase C18 S18 (pre-1700)
  11. Anonymous Crewe S18 (pre-1700)
  12. Marion Walter (pre-1700)
  13. Joy Beer
  14. Brian Lamothe (pre-1700)
  15. Zachary Smith (pre-1700, Project Coordinator)
  16. Dawn Ellis (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Cemeterist)
  17. Janet Sinnett (Data Doctor)
  18. Shannon Caruso

Clean-A-Thon Team Roster

Previous team members will be contacted, those expressing interest will be listed for contact once registration opens.

Suggestions by State/Province

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Team History

These are our teams from 2018 Source-a-thon.

Results of A Team

A Team

  1. Chris Whitten C17 C18 S16 S17 - Co-Captain (pre-1500) #166
  2. Amy Wiemer S16 S17 C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Sourcerer) #021
  3. Caryl Ruckert (PGM, 1776, pre-1500) #069
  4. Susan McNamee (pre-1500, Data Doctor, Sourcerer) #077
  5. Roy Lamberton C17 C18 (pre-1700) #100
  6. Paula Jacunski C17 C18 S17 (pre-1700) #115
  7. Norman Dodge C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor) #121
  8. Judi Stutz C17 S17 C18 (pre-1700) #129
  9. Meridith Burwood (pre-1700, Mayflower) #132
  10. Darryl Rowles C18 (pre-1700) #155
  11. Shannon M Thomas C18 (pre-1700) #176
  12. Sue Fitzpatrick S16 S17 (pre-1700, Genealogical Society Member) #207
  13. Deborah Barber S16 S17 (pre-1700) #208
  14. Anonymous Helderman (pre-1700) #231
  15. Craig Albrechtson (pre-1700, Sourcerer) #323
  16. Eric Hull C18 (pre-1700) #383
  17. Scott McGrath #432

Results of Team #1

Team #1

  1. Steven Tibbetts S17 C18 - Co-Captain (pre-1700, Data Doctor) #009
  2. Natalie Trott (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Sourcerer, Class Clown) #028
  3. Doug McCallum C18 (pre-1700, Genealogical Society Member) #032
  4. Tina Chase C18 (pre-1700) #055
  5. Alice Rice-Everson C18 (pre-1700) #113
  6. Jo Gill C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Cemeterist) #114
  7. Robin Kabrich (pre-1700, US History, Project Coordinator) #149
  8. Glenda Poirier C18 (pre-1700) # 156
  9. Karen Usher C18 (pre-1700) #224
  10. Janet Akins (pre-1700) #234
  11. Sue Hall C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Cemeterist) #260
  12. Marlene Crosby C17 S17 (pre-1700, Sourcerer) #324
  13. Beth Stephenson S17 C18 (pre-1700, Data Doctor) #339
  14. Jeffrey Martin C18 (pre-1700) #355
  15. Ruth Ring C18 (pre-1700) #406
  16. Henry Chadwick (pre-1700, PGM, Sourcerer, Mentor) #445
  17. Margaret Moss (pre-1700, 1776) #517

This is our team from the 2018 Clean-a-Thon.


  1. Chris Whitten C17 S16 S17 - Co-Captain (pre-1500)
  2. Steven Tibbetts S17 - Co-Captain (pre-1700, Data Doctor)
  3. Sue Hall (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Cemeterist)
  4. Amy Wiemer S16 S17 (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Sourcerer)
  5. Deborah Barber S16 S17 (pre-1700)
  6. Beth Stephenson S17 (pre-1700, Data Doctor)
  7. Judi Stutz C17 S17 (pre-1700)
  8. Roy Lamberton C17 (pre-1700)
  9. Paula Jacunski C17 S17 (pre-1700)
  10. Darryl Rowles (pre-1700)
  11. Doug McCallum (pre-1700, Genealogical Society Member)
  12. Greg Lavoie (pre-1700)
  13. Norman Dodge (pre-1700, Data Doctor)
  14. Jo Gill (pre-1700, Data Doctor, Cemeterist)
  15. Tina Chase (pre-1700)
  16. Diane Brakeley (pre-1700)
  17. Glenda Poirier (pre-1700)
  18. Dana Reale (pre-1700)
  19. Alice Rice-Everson (pre-1700)
  20. Charles A Barrett (pre-1700)
  21. Shannon M Thomas (pre-1700)
  22. Jeffrey Martin (pre-1700)
  23. Lisa Penree (pre-1700)
  24. Rebecca Walker (pre-1700)
  25. Karen Usher (pre-1700)
  26. Eric Hull (pre-1700)

Here is our team from the 2017 Source-a-Thon in September.

Team results at link

  1. Heather A. #368
  2. Deborah Barber S16 #406
  3. Paul Chisarik #482
  4. Marlene Crosby C17 #370
  5. Dalton Hathaway #451
  6. Eric Hull #489
  7. Paula Jacunski C17 #372
  8. Jeffrey Martin C17 #376
  9. Peggy Norris #278
  10. Lynlee O'Keeffe #487
  11. Beth Stephenson #437
  12. Judi Stutz C17 #413
  13. Steven Tibbetts #350
  14. Karen Usher C17 #393
  15. Jared West #348
  16. Chris Whitten C17 S16 #095
  17. Amy Wiemer S16 #086

Here's our team from the 2017 Clean-a-Thon in April:

  1. Marlene Crosby
  2. Norman Dodge
  3. Paula Jacunski
  4. Roy Lamberton
  5. Jeff Martin
  6. Eunice Pender
  7. Jessie Ross
  8. Judi Stutz
  9. Karen Usher
  10. Chris Whitten

The 2016 Source-a-Thon roster:

  1. Deborah Barber
  2. Jennifer Braham
  3. Michele Camera
  4. Richard Chandler
  5. Tina Chase
  6. Leona Frost
  7. Julia Howard
  8. Vern Howe
  9. Kristen Humphrey
  10. Lisa Penree
  11. Doug Peters
  12. Rick Reed
  13. Nancy Schlegel
  14. Walter Steesy
  15. Donna Schlafer Ulman
  16. Mary Rose Van Fleet
  17. Chris Whitten
  18. Ralph Willing
  19. Ray Woodburn

For S-A-T 2019

Unsourced Profiles

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A Nor'Easter
A Nor'Easter

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On 14 Jan 2019 at 15:05 GMT Janet (Langridge) Wild wrote:

Congratulations to you all for a job well done an amazing number of uploads this weekend

Sandringham Strollers Team

On 14 Jan 2019 at 13:52 GMT Loretta (Leger) Corbin wrote:

The Southern Super Sweepers want to congratulate your team for a job well done!

On 13 Jan 2019 at 20:50 GMT Steven Tibbetts wrote:

Glad you could make it. We are messaging in the chat.

On 13 Jan 2019 at 20:45 GMT Robin Kabrich wrote:

Sorry guys, my plans got interrupted by life - getting a late start but here I am!

On 11 Jan 2019 at 19:45 GMT Natalie (Durbin) Trott wrote:

Good luck, team! Sittin' this one out, but will be in gear for April's thon!

And I'll add a few scans during the scan a thon, but just can't do much this weekend.


On 11 Jan 2019 at 14:14 GMT Chris Whitten wrote:

The Scan-a-Thon is on! Come post on our G2G chat thread with what you're working on.

On 11 Jan 2019 at 13:12 GMT Loretta (Leger) Corbin wrote:

Here's a Big ole Howdy Y'all, from the

Southern Super Sweepers! Good Luck!

On 4 Jan 2019 at 05:29 GMT Steven Tibbetts wrote:

S is source-a-thon and C is clean-a-thon. Then you got the year. 2018, or 2017, etc.

On 4 Jan 2019 at 04:41 GMT Anonymous (Helderman) Crewe wrote:

What do S18,C17, etc. stand for?

On 2 Oct 2018 at 15:43 GMT Ronel (van Heerden) Olivier wrote:

From sunny South Africa (Team Springboks)

To all members congratulations and well done !! We had a lot of fun sourcing and hanging out with you.. You rock !!!

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