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The purpose of this team is:

to make members aware of and to resolve suggestions, which are inconsistencies in the WikiTree profile database, and reported by WikiTree Plus, a tool and separate database developed by Ales Trnik, a WikiTree Team Lead. Suggestion Lists are updated weekly and published on Tuesdays.
Suggestions are:
  • Errors- incorrect entries as the result of typos or imports of GEDCOM that need to be corrected; or
  • Hints - results of inconsistencies in linking to external databases, like Ancestry or others, caused by a typo, an incorrect link to the profile, or an issue that needs investigating; or
  • Warnings - produced by uncommon data due to a typo or unique information on profiles and must be reviewed and resolved.

What do members of this team do?

This team corrects errors, reviews and resolves warnings, and investigates hints' in the WikiTree database following the guidelines of the Data Doctors Project, Nordic Project, and country subprojects.
There is a Difficulty Rating for each suggestion defined as:
  • " 'Easy'"- fundamental format issues caused by typos, punctuation omissions, name or date errors. (Examples: Brackets, Typos in any field, Headings);
  • "' Intermediate'" - requires knowledge of WikiTree functions and proper formatting. (Examples: Inline citations, Sourcing, Template formatting); or
  • "'Advanced'" - requires multiple steps, research, and combines more than one intermediate function to resolve. (Examples: Merging, Clean up Profile after merges, duplicate sources).
Navigate to pages outlining the process and tools used in working on suggestions in WikiTree from this table. The bolded titles are the most important guidelines.
Find what you are interested in resolving through the Difficulty-Level Suggestions and Suggestions Groups & More links and pages.
Suggestions and Nordic Project Data Doctors Team - Related Page Links
Suggestions Guidelines Suggestion Reports & Status Page Status Page Data Doctors Project Page
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Nordic Project Data Doctors Team

Leader Contact:

Team Members:

How You Can Help

The Nordic Data Doctors Team has two different ways to help:

  1. "Officially" join the Team as a badged Data Doctor, or
  2. If you just want to help lower "extra attention needed" suggestions counts

To "officially" join the Nordic Project Data Doctors Team, please:

  • be a badged member of the Nordic Project, and at least one country sub-project's badge,
  • be a badged Data Doctor through the Data Doctors Project, and
  • choose a specific country or countries to work on those suggestions
All Nordic Project and subproject members are encouraged to work on cleaning up suggestions. If you would like to help with this effort, you need to be a member of the Nordic Project, and at least one country subproject. You can contact the Team Leader for instructions and help get you set up.
As an official Data Doctor Team member, you can:
  • Work on any Difficulty-Level suggestions (Easy, Intermediate, or Advanced) with review of you work on three Nordic profiles for any suggestions at each level,
  • Send more than the normal 20 emails a day limit for WikiTree members,
  • Help build instructions and best practices for the Nordic Data Doctors with the Team Leader,
  • Mentor new members in the Nordic Project to resolve their managed profiles' suggestions.
If you "just want to help" reduce the large number of suggestions requiring extra attention each month you need to have the Nordic Project badge and at least one country's subproject badge:
  • work on the Easy Suggestions involved for the suggestions needing extra attention,
  • inform the Team Leader what you are working on, and
  • contact the Team Leader with any questions or issues
However you want to help, we appreciate your efforts and contributions, and excited to work with you and grow the team.

Team Progress

August 2022 Progress

Statistics from the Suggestions Lists published on 31 July and 30 August 2022 for work done in August were tablulated and summarized in this table. Please click on the links to review the full report by country and each suggestion listed.
The highlighted numbers on each country's report indicate 500 or more profiles with the suggestion, and require extra attention this month.
This table summarizes the total numbers for each country.
  • To see the countries' current complete Suggestions List, click on the country in the Nordic Country column.
Nordic Country Total Suggestions at
2022 0731
Total Suggestions at
2022 0830
Trajectory Progress Percentage -
1 month
Progress Report Link
Denmark 2,880 2,879 ↓ -1 ↓ 0.03% August 2022 Denmark
Finland 6,752 6,746 ↓ 6 ↓ 0.1% August 2022 Finland
Iceland 78 79 ↑ 1 ↑ 1.3% August 2022 Iceland
Norway 8,138 6,169 ↓ 1,969 ↓ 24% August 2022 Norway
Sweden 20,443 20,106 ↓ 337 ↓ 1.7% August 2022 Sweden

To Do in September 2022

Table of Extra Attention Needed Suggestions

The following table is the list by country of those suggestions requiring extra attention this month with more than 500 profiles needing resolution.
  • Disclaimer: Be sure you are comfortable working in the country and with the Suggestion Group, the individual suggestion, and the Difficulty Level indicated for the suggestion. If you need help, or want us to check a few suggestions you worked on, please contact one of this page's Profile Managers.

Access & Instructions

  • To access the suggestion's list, click on the Suggestion Links by Country for the suggestion you want to help with, which takes you directly to that suggestion at the top of your screen.
Note: If there is more than one country on the list, click on the suggestion's country link for the suggestion.
  • Once you click on the suggestion link and are at that suggestion in the report, scroll up a little to see the timeframes for the suggestion.
  • Click on the number in the timeframe you are comfortable researching to pull up the suggestion's list of profiles.
Suggestion Links By Country Difficulty Level Denmark' Finland Iceland Norway Sweden Full Report Link by Country
Sweden Error 608: Misspelled country in birth location Easy 5,330 Sweden
SwedenError 638: Misspelled country in birth location Easy 3,026 Sweden
Sweden Error 668: Misspelled country in birth location Easy 774 Sweden

Finland Error 892: Space page used as template

Sweden Error 892: Space page used as template
Easy 1,611 1,099


Finland Error 893: Space page used as transclusion
Easy 1,248

Sweden Warning 944: Missing Span Anchors
Advanced 834 Sweden
Norway Warning 945: Unused Span Anchors

Sweden Warning 945: Unused Span Anchors
Easy 599 718


Denmark Error 965: Link Error 404 Not Found

Norway Error 965: Link error 404 Not Found

Sweden Error 965: Link error 404 Not Found
Intermediate 626 1,303 3,264



Finland Error 966: Link error various

Sweden Error 966: Link error various
Intermediate 1,325 591

Unique Names
Warning 747: Unique Name in Middle Name 720

Finland Warning 777: Unique Name in Last Name at Birth

Norway Warning 777: Unique Name in Last Name at Birth

Sweden Warning 777: Unique Name in Last Name at Birth
Intermediate 550 1,408 642


Norway Warning 787: Unique Name in Current Last Name

Sweden Warning 787: Unique Name in Current Last Name
Intermediate 1,071 601


Norway Warning 797: Unique Name in Other Last Names

Sweden Warning 797: Unique Name in Other Last Names
Intermediate 1,406 563

Profile Completeness

Sweden Warning 456: Profile completeness - Birth date Status not set
Easy 531 Sweden

Sweden Warning 458: Profile completeness - Birth Location Status not set
Easy 598 Sweden

Nordic Countries Suggestions Work Archive

See previous months' reports preserved here: Nordic Countries Progress Reports.


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