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The purpose of this team is:
To work on profiles for people who left the Nordic countries and connect them to family in both their old country as well as family in their new country. If you are interested, you can help out either sourcing the Nordic side or work on finding sources for a person in their new homeland.

We also work on profiles for people who came to the Nordic countries with origin in another country.

The work done will be beneficial for the whole global tree if we can find more connections between different countries.

What do members of this team do?
We improve emigrant profiles not only in accordance with WikiTree styles and standards but also in consideration of relevant standards of each Nordic country project. That means:

  • Correct spelling (using Nordic special letters) and add additional spelling variants to "Other last names" so the profile can be found in both countries and avoid duplicates.
  • Adding reliable sources in both countries so it is certain it is the same person
  • Writing biographies and translating biographies if needed
  • Adding research notes if necessary, for example explaining an extra name in addition to patronymic last name
  • Adding relevant categories and stickers

Team Members:
Team Leader: Maggie Andersson Works mainly on Swedish emigration (can also set up any missing categories in the Swedish migration structure).

Team Members:

  • Missy Berryann - Works on Swedish and Swedish-American profiles. I can also help in following Swedish emigrants in the US. I use, FamilySearch and RiksArkivet.
  • Karen (Mauger) Gunn - Can help work on Swedish emigrants in Sweden, and perhaps on any Nordic immigrants into the USA and Canada.
  • Susan Hautala - Works on Finnish and Finnish-American profiles. I can help with finding emigrant ancestors in the Finnish records. Member of the Finnish Family History Association ( with access to the somewhat more recent records from the late 1800s and early 1900s. I also have access to the database of the Migration Institute of Finland, and am willing to help with searches in both of these proprietary archives.
  • E Kippner - Works on Swedish and Swedish-American profiles, both in finding Swedish records for emigrants to the US and finding emigrants once they settled in the US.
  • Norm Lindquist - Working on Swedish and Finnish immigrants to the United States.
  • Laurie Miller - Can help work with Swedish records and primarily US records. ArkivDigital, subscription to all papers, MyHeritage, Ancestry, Riksarkivet.
  • Marie Ronnegård - Works primarily with unlinked Swedish profiles, and sourcing of Swedish emigrant profiles and profiles for immigrants to Sweden. Access to Arkivdigital, Swedish Censuses on CD, and the Swedish Death Index covering 1830-2020. Can do look ups in the book Svenskarna i Nya Zeeland/The Swedes in New Zealand that list over 3000 Swedish emigrants to New Zeeland up until 1940. Sometimes help DNA tested descendents to find their unknown Swedish ancestors (with varying success).
  • Eric Stamper - Working on Sweden and Finland immigrants to North America. Member of the Finnish Family History Association.
  • Jeffrey Wall - Working on Norway Immigrants to North America.
  • Jim Wiborg - Willing to help find reliable sources for Norwegian and Danish emigrants who immigrated to North or South America. Feel free to ask for special tasks.



If any member of this team has any questions, they can either be asked in the Nordic Google Group (please add "Migration Team" in the subject line) or in the Discord channel for the Nordic Project Migration Team.

If you are a Nordic Project Member but not part of this team, you can still ask questions in the Nordic Google group or in the "general" Discord channel for Nordic migration.

If you are not a Nordic Project Member, please use G2G forum to ask your question, be sure to add the tag "Nordic" as well as a tag for the country it concerns.

About Nordic Emigration:

Swedish emigration started about 1830, most of these early emigrants were well educated and financially well. But the major part of Swedish emigration took place between 1860-1930 when 1,200,000 Swedes left for North America with dreams and hopes for a better life.

Of course, there have been emigrants before the 1800s as well, the colony Nya Sverige/New Sweden along the Delaware River in the 1600s is one example.

A wave of migration from Finland took place around the turn of the 20th century for similar reasons. According to the Migration Institute of Finland, over 300,000 Finns moved to North America at this time. In the period ranging from the 1950s to the 1970s, 400,000 Finns moved to Sweden[1].

For Iceland, about 20% of the population emigrated during the latter part of the 18th century and into the 19th century, mainly to Brazil, Canada and America. See more about Icelandic emigration here: Iceland Project - Icelandic Emigration

It was not very different in the other Nordic countries ??? Needs opinions from other Denmark and Norway as well.


Nordic emigrant maintenance categories to work from:

Nordic immigrant categories to work from:

Helpful links for emigrant research

(please tell us about links you use so they can be added here)

Subscription sites:
These are subscription sites that at least one team member can search in. Please ask in the discord team chat for help.

  • EmiWeb, Archive list
  • Arkiv Digital Sverige Some Swedish congregations in countries outside Sweden can be found here if you are lucky (too many to make a list of). Some Swedish Passenger Ship Manifests can also be found through AD, example.
  • Not for use as a primary source but helpful for finding information that can then be used to find primary sources.

Nordic Migration Categories

These Nordic migration categories might be helpful in researching migrating persons. There might, for instance, be connections with other projects such as Titanic and One-Place Studies.

See also;

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I think Diana wrote the perfect post for me as well. I am in the Nordic Project, but not a team project. I have been researching my Danish family heavily for the past 20 years, but have been researching for about 50 years. I have been working on "jumping the pond" for several families and for several years. Especially I have been working on people who emigrated from Denmark to North America, particularly the Latter Day Saints emigration.
posted by Gilbert Nelson
I am a member of the Nordic Project, but not a project team. I would like to participate in the Migration Team, particularly for emigrants from Denmark to North America, which I have been researching for nearly 50 years on my own family.
posted by Diana Crisman

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