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Summary: Family Generations in America

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Notestein family pedigree chart
Born In
Jonas Nothstein
Mary Heckert
Bahlingen, Emmendingen, Freiburg, Baden, Germany Immigrated to American Colonies in 1772. Revolutionary war soldier in CHester county Pennsylvania militia. In one of the letters sent by Stella's pen pal, she mentions that Jonas left Germany because Lutherans were persecuted fom the Catholic church They had 10 children;
1. Rebecca
2. Mary
3. Jacob
6. Jonas
7. Barbara
8. Peter
9. David
10. Samuel
Jacob Notestine
1. Sarah Harsh
2. Susanna Ridenour
Pennsylvania 60 Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Married Sarah Harsh in Pennsylvania and had 8 children. Moved to Canaan, OH in early 1830's. Sarah died in 1836 and Jacob married Susanna Ridenour in 1838. 1. Delilah
2. Jonas
3. Heinrich
4. Catharine 5. Levi
6. Andrew
7. Mary
8. Barbara
Andrew Notestein
Mary Hotchkiss
Andrew-Pennsylvania Mary-New York Andrew-72
Jacob and Sarah's youngest son, he married Mary Hotchkiss in 1844. Andrew and Mary moved around several times in their marriage. From Canaan, OH they moved to Salem, IA, then to Missouri, Minnesota, then back to Missouri. They had 5 children. Andrew was an inventor and Farmer. 1. Winfield Scott
2. Elizabeth Iola
3. William R
4. Mary E
5. Charles O
Charles O Notestein
Annie Power
Both Charles and Annie were born in Missouri. Charles in Clark county and Annie in Arbela Charles-62
During their marriage, Charles and Annie lived mostly in Missouri (with a brief time in Arcadia, NE). Charles owned a livery business and farmed in Missouri; he and Annie then bought a peach orchard in Palisade, CO where they lived until his death in 1929 and hers in 1948. 1. William Earl
2. Nellie Blanch
3. Stella M
William Earl
Maude Cunningham
Both William and Maude were born in Missouri; William in Memphis and Maude in Arbela. William-83
They lived in Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Texas and back to Iowa. William and Maude suffered plenty of hardship. Maude suffered 9 years with ulcers that ultimately ended her life short. Their youngest, Eloise, caught pneumonia that later institutionalized her for the remainder of her life. 1. Juanita Ruth
2. Annie Earlene
3. Leslie Verne
4. Mary Madeline
5. Carrie Eloise
Leslie Verne
Evelyn Eliasen
Verne was born in Arbela, MO and Evelyn was born in Parkersburg, IA Verne-93
Verne worked 37 years at the post office and Evelyn graduated from beauty college and was a beauty operator. They lived in Iowa and traveled extensively when they retired. Additionally, they each had become excellent amateur genealogists and acquired a tremendous amount of family tree information. They had 5 children and 12 grand-children
Eliasen Family pedigree chart
Born In
Christian Eliasen Petersburg, Denmark Christopher - 78 Christian was born in Petersburg, Denmark in 1844. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1872 and settled in Iowa. 12 children
Jens Peter Eliasen Dike, IA
Evelyn Alpha Eliasen Parkersburg, IA
Cunningham Cunningham Family pedigree chart
Born In
Stephen William Cunningham Pendleton County, VA.
Adonijah Cunningham Pendleton County, VA.
Colonel Hull Cunningham West Virginia
Mary Maude Cunningham Arbela, MO
Belt Family pedigree chart
Photo Generation Name Born In Age Summary Children

Notable Family, or Otherwise Interesting Family Facts

What Happened
Levi Notestine Death in the family Levi outlived many of his family. He had two daughters die as toddlers. His oldest son died from battle wounds in the civil war (more below). Two of his sons worked for the railroad and both died in train accidents (more below). He outlived two wives.
William Finley Notestine Civil War Hero William, the first born son of Levi, must have demonstrated superior leadership when he enlisted in the 11th Missouri infantry regiment. At the time of his enlistment he was only 19 and was mustered in as a sergeant. Two years later when his contract expired, he reenlisted. According to his service his record, it said that he was the acting sergeant major for his unit. After 6 months he was given a commission and promoted to captain. His heroics have been recorded in a couple books, but he led a literal uphill charge against a rebel fort and captured it. He was then shot by a sniper in the leg and eventually succumbed to his wound,
James R Notestine Train Accident The second son of Levi, James fought alongside his brother in the 11th Missouri infantry unit during the civil war. After the war he went to work for the railroad. All that is found to date is that on December 31st of 1889 he died of shock as a result of a train accident. No details of the accident has been found.
Horace G Notestine Train Accident Another son of Levi, Horace is half brother to William and James. Horace worked as a locomotive engineer and met his fate when a rod broke and caught on a railroad tie forcing his train over the side of a bridge he was crossing. The train hit the bottom and exploded killing he and the fireman instantly. He was 62.
Charles O Notestine Train Accident Charles O Notestine was a cousin of all the Notestines mentioned above and son of Jonas Notestine who lived in Olney, IL. (Jonas as older brother to Levi) Apparently Charles was involved in a railroad mishap that crushed his leg which ultimately had to be amputated. According to the "Olney Ledger" from January 13, 1876, Charles brought suit against the Cairo Short Line Railroad.
Andrew Notestein Inventor Andrew received two U.S. Patents for inventions.
Andrew Notestein & Mary Hotchkiss Died Young Most of Andrew and Mary's children died young. Only 3 made it to their 50's and 2 made it to early 60's. Mentioned in Charles' obituary is that he was the youngest of six children, but only five children are known. The federal census is every 10 years so one child must have been no older than 9 when he died. Also, several of their grandchildren also never made it their 50's.
Christian Eliasen Royal Guard Prior to Christian Eliasen's emigration from Denmark in 1872, he was a member of the Danish Royal Guard
George W Notestine Arrested George W was the son of Henry and nephew of our ancestor Andrew. Henry had moved his family from Ohio to Kirksville, MO. In 1873 his son George owned a billiard room and he was approached by a man asking where he could get something to drink. George said he did not know, but he could find some. He then went to the drugstore and bought medicated whiskey for the gentleman. He gave the man his change then was arrested for selling intoxicants without a license.
Florence Notestine Doctor Florence was the daughter of George W Notestine and also lived in Kirksville, MO. She was born in 1870 and was inspired by her maternal grandfather to become a physician. She became a prominent osteopathic physician in Missouri
Isaac Rufus Belt Murder Victim Rufus was in the process of homesteading in Canada when he took in a stranger on his ranch in October of 1902. That stranger turned out to be his killer. The outlaw then dumped Rufus' body in the river and fled with his possessions. Fortunately the outlaw was later captured and executed for his crime. The interesting twist to this story is that if Rufus had not been murdered, his family would have ultimately migrated to Canada and his daughter Bessie Irene would never had met Jens Peter Eliasen to start her family. Read more about Rufus' story by visiting his profile.
Wallace G Notestein Peace Negotiator By the time WWI ended, Wallace was a prominent historian at the University of Minnesota. Due to his extensive knowledge of Germany, Wallace was invited by the U.S. State Department to be an advisor during the peace conference when the armistice was declared at the end of WWI. He later became a tenured professor at Yale University and taught there between 1928 and 1947.
Col James Notestein War Crimes Trial James was a career infantry soldier and by WWII he was a commanding officer of an infantry regiment during the Italian campaign. After the war James was invited to sit in as a member of the first war crimes trial conducted after the war. On trial was German general Anton Dostler who had executed American prisoners of war.
Raymond Notestein B-17 Bomber Pilot Raymond's B17 was struck by a German ME-109 fighter on his 7th bombing mission. The collision broke the aircraft in two and all the airmen in the tail section perished, that included the tail gunner, waist gunners and ball turret gunner. The top turret gunner was also killed. Raymond ordered the co-pilot to have the crew bailout while he remained at the controls to keep the damaged aircraft as steady as possible. He died trying to save his crew. Only 4 airmen of 10 survived.
Evelyn Eliasen Mayflower Descendant Evelyn is a descendant of Mayflower passenger, Edward Doty. Her great grandmother was Margaret Doty (Married to Ezekiel Jimmerson). Edward Doty was Evelyn's 7th great grandfather.

1. Evelyn is the daughter of Bessie Irene (Belt) Eliasen
2. Bessie is the daughter of Violettie Rachel (Jimmerson) Bailey
3. Violettie is the daughter of Margaret (Doty) Jimmerson
4. Margaret is the daughter of John Doty
5. John is the son of John Doty
6. John is the son of Jeremiah Doty
7. Jeremiah is the son of Edward Doty
8. Edward is the son of Samuel Doty Sr
9. Samuel is the son of Edward Doty Sr.
This makes Edward the seventh great grandfather of Evelyn. ||

Public Service, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Military

Jonas Nothstein/Notestine Private, 2nd company, 1st Battalion, Chester county, Pennsylvania militia
Jonas Notestine Postmaster, Route Agent & Justice of the Peace
William Finley Notestine Civil War Soldier
James R Notestine Civil War Soldier
William R Notestein Public servant (City Clerk)
Wallace G Notestein U.S. State Dept
Col James Notestein U.S. Army WWI, WWII Infantry Officer
Raymond Notestein U.S. Army Air Corps B-17 Bomber Pilot
Leslie Verne Notestein
U.S. Navy & U.S. Post Office
Edward Noyes Notesteen U.S. Army WWI & FBI agent

Presidential Relationships

President -Relationship
Evelyn (Eliasen) Notestein 1. George Washington - 10th cousin 4x removed
2. Ulysses S Grant - 13th cousins 1x removed
3. Thomas Jefferson - 12th cousins 4x removed
4. James Madison - 12th cousin 2x removed
5. FDR - 7th cousin 1x removed
6. Richard Nixon - 6th cousins 1x removed
7. Gerald Ford - 11th cousins
8. Theodore Roosevelt - 7th cousins 1x removed
9. James Garfield - 6th cousins 2x removed
10. Grover Cleveland - 6th cousins 1x removed
11. Calvin Coolige - 7th cousins 1x removed
Leslie Verne Notestein 1. George Washington - 9th cousins 7x removed
2. Thomas Jefferson - 12th cousins 5x removed
3. James Madison - 8th cousins 6x removed
4. John Quincy Adams - 12th cousins 4x removed
5. Ulysses S Grant - 13th cousins 3x removed
6. Theodore Roosevelt - 14th cousins 2x removed
7. FDR - 8th cousins 2x removed
8. Richard Nixon - 11th cousins
9. Herbert Hoover - 8th cousins 2x removed
10. William Harrison - 7th cousins 4x removed
11. Winston Churchill (not a president, but interesting anyway) - 7th cousins 1x removed


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