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Old Adaminaby Cemetery, NSW

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The Old Adaminaby Cemetery is situated above Lake Eucumbenein the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Old Adaminaby Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Old Adaminaby Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

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The completed table will include links to WikiTree profiles and direct links to the photos of gravestones. The profile created can include other sources of information as well as biographical details of the person.
  • Checking of transcription information
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Sortable Table of graves

Sortable table
name born died age notes photo #
Adams, Lawrence William (Laurie)19021957 Apr 2055H of Gladys 4072797
Adams, Robert Oliver1907 Jul 111976 Feb 05H of Violet; F of Valda, Pauline & Robert Lloyd 4072686
Adams, Violet Matilda Lavinia1901 Nov 181954 Sep 29M of Valda, Pauline & Robert Lloyd 4072685
Allen, Arthur18161894 Sep 1578with William Waddell 4072715
Allen, Celia Jane1934 Feb 0978 4072712
Allen, Eva Jane1969 Aug 2962W of James 4072713
Allen, James Frederick1967 May 1286H of Eva 4072713
Allen, Robert George1919 May 0967 4072714
Ball, Henry1903 Sep 0277 4072768
Ball, Joseph<16 wks 3 days 4072769
Ball, Sarah Jane1889 Dec 2071 4072769
Baragry, Ada Mary1945 Mar 1374with Denis Baragry 4072479
Baragry, Denis1933 Jul 0665with Ada Mary Baragry 4072479
Baragry, Edmund Joseph1917 May 0922KIA Bullecourt, France 4072480
Baragry, William Francis1916 Aug 2224AIF; d. Goulburn Military camp 4072480
Barrett, Ann Jackson1919 Aug 0488 4072662
Barrett, Elsie Mabel1897 Jun 117 4072661
Barrett, Flora1943 Dec 1783 4072659
Barrett, George1911 Feb 2287 4072661
Barrett, George Thomas1900 Mar 0439 4072661
Barrett, Henry Charles1918 Oct 0955 4072660
Bates, Esme1930 Nov 17with Rose Bates 4072727
Bates, Rose1930 Jan 26with Esme Bates 4072727
Bolton, Thomas1929 Sep 2348 4072730
Booshang, Anastasia18641934W of John 4072481
Booshang, John18271924H of Anastasia 4072481
Bourke, Amy1914 Jan 19infant 4072422
Bourke, Johanna1933 Jan 0178 4072401
Bourke, John James1893 Nov 2918Eldest S of J & J Bourke 4072399
Bourke, John1911 Jan 2070 4072400
Bourke, John Robert1956 Jun 1483 4072423
Bourke, Mary1972 Jul 2188 4072424
Bowler, Frances Matilda1895 Oct 1375 4072487
Brayshaw, Archibald 1943 Aug 1575 4072641
Brayshaw, David 1931 Aug 3179 4072642
Brayshaw, Flora1891 May 1070W of William Bradshaw Snr 4072657
Brayshaw, Olive1922 Mar <13 mths 4072673
Brayshaw, Reginald Bertram1959 Jan 0969 4072674
Brayshaw, Richard1865 Jul 051954 Jan 11 4072658
Brayshaw, Vivian19307 4072673
Brayshaw, William1888 Nov 1977 4072656
Brayshaw, William1889 May 2233 4072657
Britt, Edward 1937 Jul 1054H of Kate 4072635
Britt, Kate 1936 Mar 2850W of Edward 4072635
Brooks, Flora Violet1957 Oct 1873with Harry Brooks 4072783
Brooks, Harry Druitt1958 Apr 2274with Flora Brooks 4072783
Brooks, Lewis Stirling1951 Apr 2840 4072785
Brooks, Wilfred Edwin1949 Jul 2634 4072786
Burgess, William James1949 May 10<11 day 4072463
Burke, Elizabeth Margaret1965 Dec 2085 4072409
Burke, John1951 Nov 1672 4072410
Caffyn, Francis Henry1910 Jun 1829 4072702
Caldwell, Sarah1865 Jun 011943 Sep 03nee Crowe; with Obrien McMahon 4072752
Campbell, Mary1877 Sep 08W of George; D of Flora & Hector Macmillan 4072758
Carney, Mary1902 Apr 1169 4072740
Carter, Oliver1879 Aug 251931 Apr 20S of Jane Oliver & Robert Carter 4072550
Carter, Raymond Lance1952 Aug 3161 4072814
Casey, Margaret194686W of Michael Obituary
Casey, Ross1954 Aug 1530AIF 4072684
Casey, William E1952 Oct54 4072495
Chalker, Edward1874 Aug 0922 4072454
Chalker, Ellen1945 May 2770 4072605
Chalker, William Arthur1952 Jul 2873 4072604
Clugston, Amy C1918 Nov 1157W of Thomas 4072793
Clugston, Dudley Nelson1914 Feb 212007 Sep 18H of Irene; Gt-GS of Thomas & Ann Locker 4072655
Clugston, Irene Rose1915 Apr 012010 Jan 14W of Dudley 4072655
Clugston, Robert1879 Feb 1348 4072717
Clugston, Robert1865 Jan 171938 Oct 24 4072794
Clugston, Robert Douglas1944 Aug 301945 Apr 04S of R W & B M Clugston 4072796
Clugston, Sarah1912 Jun 1482 4072792
Clugston, Thomas1939 Sep 2283H of Amy 4072793
Clugston, Valerie Kay1942 Oct 011942 Oct 01D of R W & B M Clugston 4072796
Clugston, William James1868 Apr 031945 Feb 08 4072795
Cochran, Angus1931 May 1388 4072760
Cochran, Donald1918 May 0572 4072764
Cochran, Janet1906 Aug 2994W of Lachlan 4072757
Cochran, Lachlan1866 Mar 1855H of Janet 4072757
Cochran, Lachlan1912 Apr 1458 4072762
Cochran, Marion Ada1932 Jan 2380W of Lachlan 4072759
Cochran, Mary Ann1938 May 3087 4072433
Coles, Charles Albert1948 Jul 0475 4072799
Cook, Elizabeth1925 Dec 1180with Michael Shanley 4072413
Cook, John Alexander1913 Jul 2074 4072817
Crawford, Alice Jane1931 Jun 2565 4072648
Crawford, Anthony John1953 May 066 4072483
Crawford, Edward1908 Feb 2267 4072663
Crawford, Edward A G1894 Aug 151959 Jun 11 4072664
Crawford, Robyn Lwellyn1953 Aug 101991 Sep 27S of Ralph & Barbara 4072429
Crawford, Trevor John19581971 4072428
Crowe, baby Una1946 Apr 10<11 mth 4072728
Crowe, Benjamin Joshua1878 Aug 201925 Feb 02 4072626
Crowe, Charles Francis1976 Feb 0787 4072624
Crowe, Elaine1943 Apr 1014 4072625
Crowe, Emily Jane1891 May 017GD of Robert Crowe; Sis of John 4072748
Crowe, Eric1946 Feb 2633 4072556
Crowe, Ernest Roland1948 Aug 2746 4072554
Crowe, Essie1925 Jul 2336nee Shanley; W of E H Crowe 4072555
Crowe, Isabella1941 Jun 1476with William Crowe 4072729
Crowe, John1900 Oct 3033GS of Robert Crowe; B of Emily 4072748
Crowe, John Raymond1901 Feb 073 4072748
Crowe, Robert1872 Mar 72 4072748
Crowe, William Thomas1951 Jul 2087with Isabella Crowe 4072729
Cullen, A R (Tom)1942 Sep 10624072577
Cullen, George1915 Jul 1977H of Mary4072578
Cullen, Joan1926 Jan 24<19 mths; Gd of George & Mary Cullen4072578
Cullen, John George1945 Dec 20674072631
Cullen, Mary1926 Sep 1879W of George4072578
Delaney, Alice1934 Feb 13704072506
Delaney, Anne1907 Mar 0553D of James & Johanna4072539
Delaney, James1888 Jan 2269H of Johanna4072539
Delaney, James1863 Aug 1954072540
Delaney, Johanna1895 Jul 1469W of James4072539
Delaney, Johanna1927 Jan 13654072539
Delaney, John1920 Feb 26684072539
Delaney, Lawrence John1949 Sep 094072448
Delaney, Margaret1932 Nov 18764072506
Delaney, Sarah1873 Feb 14604072447
Delaney, William1915 Mar 2664Eldest S of James & Johanna4072539
Delany, Clare Therese1956 Mar 17314072485
Delany, Denis1927 Mar 18664072486
Delany, James Thomas1949 Feb 08834072563
Delany, Ruby Mary1964 Aug 09834072564
Eccleston, Amelia Jane18851937M of Annie, Ivy, Robert, Reginald, Norman who dies in infancy4072782
Eccleston, Catherine1882 Sep 20684072417
Eccleston, George1882 May 19784072417
Eccleston, Ronald Victor19081925S of Amelia Eccleston4072782
Eldridge, Agnes Amelia1944 Aug 26W of Thomas4072704
Eldridge, Edward1856 Aug 281932 Sep 274072618
Eldridge, Raymond3S of Thomas & Agnes4072704
Eldridge, Thomas1910 Mar 06H of Agnes4072704
Evans, baby Colin1937 Nov 29S of Elmore and Freda 4072621
Finn, Walter1904 Aug 18334072414
Fletcher, Annie1900 Apr 2528D of Elizabeth & Charles4072445
Fletcher, Charles1917 Mar 2988H of Elizabeth4072445
Fletcher, Charles Edward1935 Sep 0959H of Mary Jane4072455
Fletcher, Elizabeth1887 Apr 2144W of Charles4072445
Fletcher, Elizabeth Monica1927 May 0244 yrs, 7 mths4072456
Fletcher, Frances1953 Jun 29114 mths4072482
Fletcher, George1898 Aug 3029S of Elizabeth & Charles4072445
Fletcher, Harry1933 Oct 06594072446
Fletcher, Isabella1975 Nov 2487W of John4072460
Fletcher, John Frederick1933 May 2747H of Isabella4072460
Fletcher, Mary Jane1971 Aug 0577W of Charles4072455
Foley, Ambrose Timothy1956 Jun 18764072551
Foley, Mary Jane1940 May 10534072552
Foster, Fanny Frances1930 May 13724072766
Foulcher, Nona Marion1956 Dec 08244072708
Francis, James P1955 Nov 11764072589
Fraser, Elizabeth Hannah1918 Dec 0975nee Moss; W of John Fraser; M of Catherine, William, Alexander, Mary, Isabella, Walter, Arthur, George, Maud, Herbert4072811
Fraser, George Frederick1878 Nov 131951 Sep 01B of William & Mary Jane Fraser4072812
Fraser, Louisa Harriett1869 Jul 121904 Mar 31W of William Thomas Fraser; M of Arthur, John, Olive, William, Louisa4072777
Fraser, Mary Jane1869 Jun 251950 Dec 20D of Louisa Harriett Fraser4072810
Fraser, William Thomas1865 Apr 181945 Oct 20S of John & Hannah; F of Arthur, John, Olive, William, Louisa4072810
Freebody, Henrietta S1951 Jul 28844072677
Freebody, James Hubert1912 Oct 21424072438
Fulham, Caroline1943 May 02834072405
Goodman, Jane Laura 1938 Oct 0352W of Robert 4072813
Goodman, Robert Daniel 1944 Oct 2862H of Jane 4072813
Goodman, George 7 May 1924 74Obituary
Greenwood, John1910 May 18744072805
Hanley, William1876 Dec 25854072434
Harnett, John1865 Jun 1044H of Mary4072541
Harnett, Mary1903 Oct 1082W of John4072541
Harnett, William Edward1885 May 2327Youngest S of John4072542
Hassall, James Mileham1899 Feb14072590
Henderson, Mary1910 Dec 2072W of David4072787
Heywood, Elizabeth A 1915 Jan 0243 4072492
Heywood, Joseph 1952 May 2882 4072491
Hilley, James1954 Dec 28734072562
Hilley, Patrick Michael1933 Jun 03544072559
Holston, James1833 Oct 261926 Aug 15b. Norway; H of Margaret4072753
Holston, Margaret1844 Jul 261935 Jul 07b. Kelso, Scotland; W of James4072753
Hyles, Anne1864 Apr 11164072767
Hyles, Kate Withy1864 Apr 09144072767
Inglewood, ?4072665
Jarrett, baby1927 Jul 064072427
Johnson, James1927 Nov 19594072497
Johnson, Maria1931 Nov 28624072496
Kearns, Catherine M1882 Sep 01314072417
Kearns, Elizabeth Ann1879 Feb 09404072417
Kearns, Isabella A1922 Sep 25544072418
Kelly, Alexander Stuart1953 Mar 1277H of Katherine4072788
Kelly, Jane1914 Aug 1673W of James4072791
Kelly, Katherine1941 Mar 1463W of A S Kelly4072789
Kennedy, Herbert1949 Feb 19554072576
Kennedy, Mary Catherine1906 Feb 1272W of William4072572
Kennedy, Minnie1972 Feb 08844072421
Kennedy, Reginald1953 Feb 13684072420
Kennedy, Ronald Edgar1957 Nov 13504072775
Kennedy, William1900 Mar 2572H of Mary4072574
Kershaw, James Edward1948 May 05164072435
Lanyon, Ann Thomasine1948 Sep 24924072676
Larkins, Arthur1937 Jul 10464072632
Lette, Ellen Mary1906 Mar 201992 Apr 064072476
Lette, Margaret Fay1946 Mar 204072477
Lette, Norman John1968 Apr 12654072478
Lette, Rollo Sylvester1906<19 mths4072571
Lette, Sarah1889 Dec 2154d. Kiandra4072754
Liddell, Frederick Roy1927 Feb 144S of M & S R Liddell4072690
Locker, Alice1896 Nov 0322 4072661
Locker, Alice J1954 Jul 07854072629
Locker, Anne1887 Aug 0980W of Thomas4072653
Locker, Arthur E1871 Apr 171964 Jul 31934072627
Locker, Charlotte1958 Feb 0576W of Clarence4072807
Locker, Clarence1940 Apr 2256H of Charlotte4072807
Locker, Daisy G1873 Nov 031963 Sep 02904072630
Locker, Edgar1897 Jul 04116 mths; S of Henry Locker4072650
Locker, Elizabeth1912 Oct 2767with John Locker4072644
Locker, Elsie Muriel190319644072705
Locker, Ernest William1936 Feb 2561H of Florence4072649
Locker, Florence1935 May 1260W of Ernest4072649
Locker, Florence M1896 Jun 07314072652
Locker, Helena Louisa1918 Aug 13354072645
Locker, Henry1896 Jun 1653H of Mary4072651
Locker, Henry Edward1896 Jul 1126F of Edgar4072650
Locker, John 1924 Aug 0379 4072643
Locker, John Leslie1893 Aug 069with Elizabeth Locker4072644
Locker, Kenneth Edwin1918 Aug 122010 Jul 034072808
Locker, Mary1915 Aug 1371W of Henry4072651
Locker, Rachel Emilie1953 Nov 27784072628
Locker, Thomas1889 Aug 2180H of Anne4072653
Locker, Walter E1886 Feb 241975 Aug 03894072706
Lovelock, Abraham1860 Apr 101932 Feb 19 4072621
Lovelock, Caroline Ann1868 Jun 171950 May 30 4072621
Lovelock, Lindsay Roy1905 Feb 101924 Feb 29 4072621
Lovelock, Mary Matilda1911 Jul 1440 4072637
Lovelock, William1915 Mar 0745 4072622
Lowther, Albert Ernest1922 May 29414072761
Luton, Alfred1945 Jun 16814072683
Mackay, Christina Inglis1956 Sep 19774072609
Mackay, Clement Samuel Charles1925 Aug 132012 Aug 034072472
Mackay, David George1956 Sep 17484072608
Mackay, Ellen Mary1937 Oct 2062with Reginald Mackay4072466
Mackay, Eric Samuel Watkins1968 Jun 1267with Ruby Mackay4072469
Mackay, Florence Ann1966 Jul 0887Sis of Norman4072612
Mackay, George 1917 Nov 1979H of Sarah 4072602
Mackay, George 1944 Sep 07714072640
Mackay, George Samuel1957 Feb 16724072601
Mackay, Hannah Isabel1953 Aug 1452mother4072614
Mackay, Harold Edgar (Bill)1972 Aug 13574072606
Mackay, James1962 May 28854072610
Mackay, James1878 Feb 01274072694
Mackay, John1902 Jun 1367b. Ireland; d. Ashfield4072692
Mackay, Keith George2006 Jul 2983AIF NX150287; H of Marjorie4072475
Mackay, Marjorie Ellen2013 Jun 1189W of Keith George; M of Christopher, Catherine, Bernadette, Paul, Patrick, Francis4072474
Mackay, Mary1923 Nov 04774072640
Mackay, Oswald John1939 Aug 07374072464
Mackay, Peter Eric1949 Feb 282002 Jul 204072470
Mackay, Reginald George David1942 Feb 0938KIA Malaya; with Ellen Mackay4072466
Mackay, Rita Mary1926 Apr 042010 Sep 13nee Byrnes4072471
Mackay, Robert James1973 Dec 31614072607
Mackay, Ruby Myrtle1964 Apr 1963with Eric Mackay4072469
Mackay, Samuel1965 Feb 06684072615
Mackay, Samuel1933 Jul 19914072639
Mackay, Sarah 1934 Jan 2477W of George 4072603
Mackay, Stanley Albert1908 Jul 021990 Mar 024072467
Macmillan, Flora1877 Sep 0859W of Hector 4072758
Mansfield, Linton1951 Sep 08234072804
Mansfield, Rebecca1898 Oct 0737D of Henry Ball 4072768
Mansfield, Ross1943 Oct 0523d. POW, Burma4072804
Mansfield, William Thomas1938 Sep 10464072806
Maragry, Denis Joseph1933 Jul 0665with Ada Baragry4072479
Marr, Nellie1902 Feb 2625W of C N Marr4072720
Maskill, Shirley1947 May 03114072594
Matthews, Geraldine Frances1935 Feb 152004 Feb 18formerly Richardson; D of Oswald & Mary Mackay4072465
McKeahnie, Alex A1916 Jan 29754072763
McKeahnie, Charlie L1868 Apr 291895 Aug 03274072756
McKeahnie, Mary1911 Nov 0372with John McPhie4072755
McLaughlin, Elizabeth1944874072746
McMahon, Arthur Alfred Angel (Mick)1959 Apr 1156H of Daisy4072749
McMahon, Emily1891 Mar 131957 Mar 0466W of John; M of Eunice, Clive, Bob, Zillah, Freda, Elva, Reg4072751
McMahon, John1886 Aug 041956 Feb 0170H of Emily; F of Eunice, Clive, Bob, Zillah, Freda, Elva, Reg4072751
McMahon, Norman Rowland1953 Jul 29244072750
McMahon, Obrien1861 Jun 161919 Sep 13with Sarah Caldwell4072752
McManus, James1907 Feb 24584072566
McPhie, Jean1910 Nov 20<15 mths; D of W & E McPhie4072816
McPhie, John Kenneth1915 Feb 20<16 wks; with Mary McKeahnie4072755
Mercer, Alice1900 Feb 17824072703
Merewether, Adelaide Marian1864 Apr 2114072767
Miners, Alice Ruby1902 Feb 101997 Nov 2595nee Barrett4072666
Miners, Anthony Graham (Snow)1943 Feb 091992 Aug 244072675
Miners, Colin Herbert1985 Aug 14504072667
Miners, Daphne Olga1952 Dec 10204072671
Miners, Frederick William1950 Jun 24624072672
Miners, Kevin Samuel1972 Jul 2948with Patricia Miners4072669
Miners, Marlene Ruby1973 Oct 01354072668
Miners, Patricia M1976 Jul 3055with Kevin Miners4072669
Monaghan, Bridget1941 Aug 1586with Michael Monaghan4072436
Monaghan, Michael1921 Feb 0973with Bridget Monaghan4072436
Murrow, baby191619164072691
Naughton, Herbert John1957 May 23474072494
Neiberding, Christopher1949 Nov 281950 Apr 024072459
Norton, Harriett1930 Feb 2758W of John4072415
O’Connor, J Z1904 Dec 21624072778
O’Mara, Mary1931 May 0732?4072506
O’Neill, Alice1894 Oct 1415 4072581
O’Neill, baby1911 Jan 044072425
O’Neill, Catherine Eliza1862 Dec 221955 Nov 09b. Friying Pan Ck, Adaminaby; d. Adaminaby; D of John & Hannah Fraser; Sis of William, Alexander, Mary, Isabella, Walter, Arthur, George, Maud, Herbert; M of Patrick, John, Thomas, Mary, Helen, Margaret4072553
O’Neill, Edward1918 Apr 2788b. Tipperary, Ireland; H of Susan 4072584
O’Neill, James Edward1926 Jan 28574072570
O’Neill, James Edward1916 Jan 20524072582
O’Neill, John Thomas187619404072443
O’Neill, Joseph John1957 Nov 18494072439
O’Neill, Margaret1956 Jul 2990 4072587
O’Neill, Matthew James1930 Dec 05744072557
O’Neill, Matthew James1944 Aug 08324072585
O’Neill, Michael Thomas1895 Mar 25214072569
O’Neill, Patrick1876 Sep 02654072558
O’Neill, Simon1950 Aug 09724072583
O’Neill, Susan1884 Mar 2614 4072581
O’Neill, Susan1919 Oct 2678b. Liverpool, NSW; W of Edward 4072584
O’Neill, William J1884 Apr 161 4072581
O’Regan, Grace Evelyn1944 Dec 0165 4072392
O’Rourke, Bernard1896 Oct 1386H of Hanorah4072565
O’Rourke, Hanorah1891 Feb 1056W of Bernard4072565
O’Rourke, William1867 Jul 177S of Bernard & Hanorah4072565
Osmond, Emily1923 Jul 1882W of James4072633
Osmond, James1911 Mar 0373H of Emily4072633
Pellegrini, Nardino1953 Jun 2030b. Italy4072430
Pint, Julius C1955 Jun 14524072595
Poczay, Les1929 Sep 012001 May 244072426
Potter, Catherine1923 Sep 0675W of Charles4072721
Potter, Charles1913 Oct 1883H of Catherine4072721
Prebin, Daniel1930 Jun 172014 Apr 27with Francoise Prebin4072449
Prebin, Francoise1934 Jun 032010 May 10with Daniel Prebin4072449
Reid, James1911 Jan 0187H of Mary Jane4072419
Reid, Mary Jane1933 Apr 1488W of James4072419
Reynolds, Ann Selina1952 Jan 2375W of Arthur4072776
Reynolds, Archibald1900 Sep 19824072779
Reynolds, Arthur Albert1935 Aug 1763H of Ann4072776
Reynolds, Flora 1911 Sep 1895nee Fraser; b. Auchtascailt, Lochbroom, Ross-Shire, Scotland; D of William & Catherine Fraser; Sis of Anne, Isabella, John, Roderick 4072780
Reynolds, Henry Archibald1889 Oct 1945S of Archibald4072779
Reynolds, James William18871964 Apr 154072773
Kennedy, Noel Brian1949 Aug 09120 mths4072776
Richardson, Herbert1926 May 232003 Dec 08H of Geraldine Matthews4072465
Rossiter, Alice May1936 Feb 05384072719
Rossiter, Mary1943 Jun 2180mother4072726
Rossiter, Reginald Walter1973 Nov 19784072709
Rossiter, Sidney James1919 Jan 3022 4072725
Rossiter, Walter James 1921 Nov 1766 4072725
Rowe, Ita May1948 Aug 08474072579
Russell, Catherine1908 Dec 0757W of John Russell 4072395
Russell, Charles James Michael1911 Feb 2524S of Mark & Martha 4072391
Russell, Charles Michael1964 Jul 0883 4072407
Russell, Charlotte Ann1918 Sep 3044 4072397
Russell, Elizabeth1905 Jul 2683W of William 4072390
Russell, Elizabeth1938 Feb 22854072403
Russell, Elizabeth May1889 Oct 235D of Mark & Martha 4072391
Russell, Francis1891 Jun 164S of J & C Russell 4072394
Russell, Isabel Margaret18781948 4072710
Russell, James Andrew1891 Jul 0513S of J & C Russell 4072394
Russell, John1922 Jun 2977H of Catherine 4072396
Russell, Leila Eileen1918 Aug ?8 4072493
Russell, Leslie Mark19081941 4072710
Russell, Marcus1913 Sep 2464 4072388
Russell, Marcus Edward1947 Mar 0669 4072406
Russell, Maria1944 Mar 1481 4072411
Russell, Martha1917 May 0369 4072389
Russell, Mary Honorah1954 Mar 0874 4072402
Russell, Micheal J 1943 Aug 30854072404
Russell, Timothy Edward1936 May 0577 4072412
Russell, William Edwin18711941 4072710
Russell, William1927 Nov 2071 4072387
Russell, William1864 Jun 0248H of Elizabeth 4072390
Russell, William Thomas1955 Feb 0469 4072408
Scott, Robert1944 Jun 23644072790
Shanahan, Ellen1919May 13W of William4072473
Shanahan, William1945 Jul 1482S of Ellen & William4072473
Shanahan, WilliamH of Ellen4072473
Shanley, Albert1879 Jan 05<15 mths; S of Matthew & E Shanley4072504
Shanley, Albert Henry1910 May 244072543
Shanley, Cecilia1945 Aug 30714072500
Shanley, Charles James1881 Sep 044072543
Shanley, Charles Peter1941 Jul 13694072545
Shanley, Annie Edna1922 Aug 1616D of James & Laura Shanley4072546
Shanley, Elizabeth1922 Jan 0372W of Mathew4072544
Shanley, Henry John1965 Aug 26854072499
Shanley, James1891 Apr 274072543
Shanley, James Joseph1931 Jun 13574072547
Shanley, John Matthew1919 Dec 09144072502
Shanley, Laura1956 Aug 13764072548
Shanley, Lavinia Alice1920 Aug 1532Funeral notice
Shanley, Leslie James1945 Jan 15364072498
Shanley, Mathew1922 Jan 0178H of Elizabeth4072544
Shanley, Michael 1920 Aug 1164with Elizabeth Cook 4072413
Shanley, Rachel1951 Nov 2973with William Shanley4072549
Shanley, William1892 Feb 074072543
Shanley, William1950 Oct 2873with Rachel Shanley4072549
Sheen, Mary J1934 May 14484072687
Sheehy, Catherine1873 Jun 2148W of William4072568
Sheehy, William1880 Oct 0472H of Catherine4072568
Shiels, Becky1898 Mar 0227D of Thomas & Mary Ann Clarke4072599
Shingles, Bertha Eliza1920 Mar 0811with Robert Shingles 4072598
Shingles, Eliza1902 Apr 2652W of Joseph 4072597
Shingles, Joseph1921 Nov 1584H of Eliz 4072597
Shingles, Robert Alfred1926 Jan 0852with Bertha Shingles 4072598
Smith, Amos Alexander1898 Jan 03214072462
Smith, Harold John1934 Dec 05264072461
Smith, John Walter1945 Nov 1671d. Lewisham hospital; H of Laura 4072457
Smith,leonard Joseph1923 Nov 18<17 mths4072461
Smith, Laura Elizabeth1954 Sep 0565W of John 4072458
Snowden, Margaret1888 May 2925W of Thomas4072711
Stewart, Sarah Ann1929 Jul 0661W of Thomas4072646
Stewart, Thomas David1930 Oct 1358H of Sarah4072647
Sutton, Lucelle Jean1940 Jul 05114072818
Taylor, William1944 Mar 05874072724
Thomas, Thomas1885 Jan 1864 4072567
Thomas, Johanna18301904 Dec 3744072567
Thorp, George18441916 4072772
Thorp, Harriet18461922 4072772
Thorp, Louisa Adelaide Irene18891941 4072772
Thorp, Thomas Philip18821958 4072772
Tozer, Eva 1955 Jun 0982W of John 4072634
Tozer, Georgina Isabella Jane1888 Oct 291948 Jan 224072616
Tozer, John Thomas 1949 Dec 0578H of Eva 4072634
Train, Barry 1944 Aug 06123 mths; S of Freda & Rob Train 4072674
Turner, baby19334072739
Turner, James H187319584072731
Turner, Jane185819244072734
Turner, Lawrence190819264072735
Turner, Marie E19391942Les & Ena4072738
Turner, Marjorie192419254072736
Turner, Mary E1955 Jan 0387 4072580
Turner, Phoebe J191119354072732
Turner, Richard1922 Aug 3162 4072580
Turner, William J187819304072733
Venables, Sarah Jane1949 Nov 23784072453
Venables, John Sidney19294072698
Venables, John Sidney1937864072699
Venables, Thomas 1818191193 4072697
Venables, Trenna1937 Jan 0940W of T S Venables 4072781
Waddell, William J1893 Dec 2813with Arthur Allen 4072715
Ware, Katherine1910 Feb 0651mother 4072444
Warner, Esma Grace1935 Feb 07124072771
Watkins, Thomas1877 Sep 20214072695
Welch, Alfred 1912 Jun 1548H of Annie 4072701
West, Annie Catherine1937 Oct 05874072432
West, Francis1887 Oct 06194072745
West, Henry Alfred1938 Feb 01674072742
West, Henry Alfred1902 May 05914072745
West, James1919 Sep 11454072744
West, Mary1935 Feb 2163with Thomas West4072741
West, Thomas1920 Jan 0154with Mary West4072741
West, William Henry1929 Nov 22824072743
West, William Henry1917 Nov 01454072744
Westerman, James1935 Sep 1273B of Thomas4072416
Westerman, Mary Jane1940 Jun 1686W of Thomas4072416
Westerman, Thomas1936 May 1383H of Mary; B of James4072416
White, David1934 Jan 30694072681
White, Thomas N1939 May 1337H of Dulcie; F of David, Lila, Gordon, Christina, Noel, Rose, Reube4072680
Wortz, Clara Jane 1890 Feb 11<111 mths 4072769
Yen, Ada May18961922 Aug 2926 4072489
Yen, Charles John 1927 Jun67 4072489
Yen, Jane 19?? Jul60 4072489
Yenn, Charles John 1938 Sep 1657F of Ross; H of Kathleen 4072689
Yenn, Kathleen B 1933 Oct 2950W of C J Yenn 4072688

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