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Omaka Cemetery Interments Table 1

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Omaka Cemetery Interments Table

This page is for the interments table used by the New Zealand Cemeteries Team to record progress on profiles added, data, transcriptions and headstone photos added to WikiTree.

Where relevant, the overall progress, and last worked date, should be updated on the New Zealand Cemeteries Team Progress page. Please also add any transcriptions to the comment field below the applicable profile photo (of the memorial or headstone), and simply update the table on this page to say "done". A link to each photo uploaded is included in the table.

The table progress will be summarised below.

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SORTABLE TABLE of Memorials and Interments at Omaka Cemetery
AdamsJohn William1870 Jul 311950 Jul 879Block 10 Row 0 Plot 50tbctbc
BrightMay Mildred19031950 Dec 2247Block 36 Row 0 Plot 1tbctbc
AstonWilliam18751949 May 2473Block 17 Row 0 Plot 29tbctbc
BadmanJohn Albert Davis18511931 Jul 1078Block 23 Row 0 Plot 31tbctbc
BadmanRichard Arthur18961954 May 557Block 47 Row 0 Plot 14tbctbc
HoultVera Alice18971946 Jan 1968Block 19 Row 0 Plot 42tbctbc
BiggsFelix Russell1898 Sep 121968 Jul 2570Block 81 Row 0 Plot 7tbctbc
SwaffordMary Ann Entwistle19091932 Mar 3123Block 6 Row 0 Plot 12tbctbc
BoyleFrancis George1897 Jun 241970 Feb 1373Block 83 Row 0 Plot 8tbctbc
PoteteEthel Jean1916 Dec 301952 Apr 1236Block 37 Row 0 Plot 18tbctbc
BrightHenry James1865 Oct 231958 Aug 2495Block 37 Row 0 Plot 16tbctbc
BrightSamuel Thomas1903 Jan 141995 Dec 2992Block 36 Row 0 Plot 3tbctbc
BrightMary Jane1879 Sep 301966 Jul 687Block 37 Row 0 Plot 14tbctbc
TaituhaAni18471926 Jul 779Block 21 Row 0 Plot 67tbctbc
EarnshawRobert Thomas1890 May 61960 Dec 1570Block K Row 0 Plot 11tbctbc
EylesMary Lucinda18681946 Jul 878Block 18 Row 0 Plot 37tbctbc
GillespieRichard1900 Aug 18197473Block 4 Row 0 Plot 23tbctbc
EylesFrederick William18651957 Jan 1091Block 18 Row 0 Plot 39tbctbc
HoultBernard Edmund Joseph18981966 Jan 1968Block 19 Row 0 Plot 40nono
JellymanArthur Ernest18691932 Feb 2962Block 26 Row 0 Plot 21tbctbc
JellymanHenry Russell1902 Jan 181981 JunBlock 12 Row 0 Plot4 0tbctbc
KinzettHedley Leonard1873 Apr 81941 Aug 1668Block 9 Row 0 Plot 36tbctbc
MeachenEdwin Pereste Purcell18961970 Jul 1175Block 48 Row 0 Plot 27tbctbc
MearsAlbert John18951922 Feb 11Block 5 Row 0 Plot 4tbctbc
NewportWalter Francis18831961 Nov 3078Block 52 Row 0 Plot 11tbctbc
BadmanEllen Mahalia1898 May 261991 Oct03Block 47 Row 0 Plot13tbctbc
BrightKathleen Muriel1908 Dec 301952 Apr 1544Block 37 Row 0 Plot 10tbctbc
AstonGertrude Mary18821946 Nov 1265Block 17 Row 0 Plot 27tbctbc
RoseHorace James18701938 Feb 25Block 4 Row 0 Plot 19nono
KnightIvy Beryl19031946 Oct 3043Block 17 Row 0 Plot 17tbctbc
RoseMay18761940 Sep 2663Block 4 Row 0 Plot 17tbctbc
SimmonsMyra Doreen1928 Feb 82008 Oct 1280Block 88 Row 0 Plot 19tbctbc
JellymanCaroline1869 Oct 241949 Mar 1779Block 26 Row 0 Plot 23tbctbc
PatchettRose1872 Dec 141937 Aug 2964Block 25 Row 0 Plot 48tbctbc
MeachenAdeleaide May1903 Jun 291972 May 2670Block 48 Row 0 Plot 27tbctbc
SoperAnnie Eliza18801969 Jun 788Block 9 Row 0 Plot 24tbctbc
SoperHugh Douglas1887 Apr 191975 Aug 388Block 9 Row 0 Plot 22tbctbc
SoperWinsor Lucraft1843 Feb 141916 Feb 10Block 14 Row 0 Plot 73tbctbc
WilkinsonThomas Elijah1883 Aug 291963 Apr 1277Block 69 Row 0 Plot 34tbctbc
BadmanAlice Edith18761943 Oct 268Block 23 Row 0 Plot 29tbctbc
DavisAnne Margaret1861 Apr 191936 Jan 274Block 21 Row 0 Plot 65tbctbc
FrenchEmily Elizabeth18731957 MayBlock 29 Row 0 Plot 26tbctbc
DrummondZipperina18921952 Dec 1Block 37 Row 0 Plot 48tbctbc
MonroGeorge Home1879 Nov 161961 Aug 31Block 52 Row 0 Plot 4tbctbc
BrightEmma1888 Feb 141958 Jan 1169Block 62 Row 0 Plot 24tbctbc
EarnshawMary Ann Elizabeth1868 Sep 141924 Jan 1153Block 20 Row 0 Plot 15tbctbc
HoldawayHelena18651943 May 3078Block 1 Row 0 Plot 72tbctbc
HoldawayLeonard James18641914 Feb 1449Block 1 Row 0 Plot 73tbctbc
NewportCecelia Catherine19011961 Oct 1160Block 52 Row 0 Plot 12tbctbc
LaceyGeorge Thomas John1885 Aug 111885 Dec 144MUnknowntbctbc
BothwellAmy1882 Jun 291962 Jul 1380Block 47 Plot 15tbctbc
BothwellEdwin George1879 Jan 21954 May 2776Block 47 Plot 16tbctbc
SchwassEleanor Mary1880 Oct 311948 May 867Block 15 Plot 28tbctbc
BothwellWilliam Turnbull1877 Oct 31969 Oct 2293Block 81 Plot 26tbctbc
PaskAlice18671948 Aug81Block 16 Plot 37tbctbc
PaskBetsy18721952 Jul80Block 9 Plot 43tbctbc
LovedayElsie May18861967 Jul 681Block 63 Plot 26tbctbc
TappFlorence Mabel1884 Mar 131921 Dec 1237Block 12 Plot 38tbctbc
JellymanJames Henry1847 Apr 221913 Feb 1765Block 18 Plot 351tbctbc
MearsMary Ann18751922 May 1246Block 22 Plot 10tbctbc
LovedayWilliam Henry18821958 Nov 2876Block 63 Plot 26tbctbc
JellymanAnn18501924 Aug 374Block 22 Plot 14tbctbc
MearsWilliam Wilfred18681957 Aug 2589Block 22 Plot 12tbctbc
PaskEdward Albert1869194273Block 9 Plot 45tbctbc
PaskWalter1864 Feb 91947 May 1685Block 16 Plot 9tbctbc
NewportHonora18541919 Jun 2965Block 6 Plot 64tbctbc
SchwassHerbert Charles1875 Feb 101937 Feb 2562Block 29 Plot 32tbctbc
BothwellAda Jane1880 Jun 271971 Sep 492Block 81 Plot 26tbctbc



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