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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here, contact One Place Studies Project Leader, Azure Robinson, Sandy Patak, or Amy (Crawford) Gilpin.

Team Leaders: Pam Fraley


Starting Out

What is a One Place Study?

A One Place Study is a historical and genealogical study of a specific place and all the people who have lived there. The project also aims to promote connections to the Worldwide family tree from within local family groups in one-place studies at WikiTree.

As a coordinator of the study, you don't need to take on all aspects yourself. Ask for help in G2G and on social media!

Should my Study cover a small place or a large place?

We certainly don't suggest you try to cover an entire country or even county/province.

Start as small as a building or house, street, cemetery, hamlet, etc.

Where can I find the list of One Place Studies on WikiTree?

The project page has a link to the listing of studies

How does my Study get listed?

This happens automatically within the category structure.

Can a One Place Study be anywhere in the world?

Certainly it can. Check on the regional page to see if it is already being studied: Category:One_Place_Studies

Can I do a study for a monument or memorial?

If you are interested in doing a page about a monument or memorial, the Cemeterist Project would be the place for this (see Cemetery Pages), and there is a category structure for them here: Monuments and Memorials

Do I have to create a freespace profile?

No. A Project Leadership team member will create the page for you.

What does the study page look like?

See the OPS Template & Example Studies

Two studies for the same place?

That's why we ask you to check before you start. Someone else may already be studying your Place, and would welcome your collaboration. If you have created a second study in error, please contact the One Place Studies Project Leader(s).

Moving Along

How do profiles get added?

Profiles are added to your One Place Study by adding the OPS sticker below the Biography header on a profile. The sticker wiki markup will be on your study page and category after creation.

Can profiles be PPP (project protected)?

Yes, though Project Protection, if needed by a profile, is usually supplied by another project under which it comes (i.e. England Project, PGM, Dutch Roots etc).

How do I use the One Place Study sticker?

Template:One Place Study
Profiles can have up to five stickers, but they are to be removed if the Profile Manager requests it. If you need help using the sticker, ask a Project Leader.

The sticker wiki markup will be on your study page and category and goes below the biography header.

This profile is part of the Raton, New Mexico One Place Study.

{{One Place Study
|place=Raton, New Mexico
|category=Raton, New Mexico One Place Study

This profile is part of the Fairmont Cemetery, Raton, New Mexico One Place Study.

- or -
{{One Place Study
|place=[[Space:Fairmont_Cemetery_Raton_NM_USA|Fairmont Cemetery, Raton, New Mexico]]
|category=Fairmont Cemetery, Raton, New Mexico

How do I use the Member sticker?


... ... ... is a member of the Raton, New Mexico One Place Study.

|place=Raton, New Mexico

Customize Your OPS Logo

Project Maintenance


As with One Names Studies, study pages are co-managed by the project. If you have a study that is missing the project profile as a co-manager, please add it to the trusted list and then click the "Add as Manager" link.

  • wtoneplacestudies@googlegroups.com



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