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Original Records for Jost Schwab and related individuals.

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JOST SCHWAB - ORIGINAL RECORD EVIDENCES http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:2716215&id= I645221418. JOST SCHWAB - ORIGINAL RECORD EVIDENCES l. Letter of June 1, 1959 to Robert Long, Flourtown, Pennsylvania fromPastor Gerd Boettcher of the Lutheran Church at Duehren, Kreis Sinsheim, Baden. Dear Mr. Long,

Today I got by a circuitous route your letter of Jan. 2,1959 to the veterinarian, Dr. Schwab, of Sinsheim. At the moment I am really very busy, as there will be a visiting delegation to my church next Sunday, and day after tomorrow I have to fly to Berlin for a conference. But your letter has already been knocking about here so long that I want to give you at least some sort of response.

Right away I looked in the oldest church archives for the name of your relative, Jost Schwab, and did indeed find a page on which is inscribed something about Jost Schwab and his familial connections, but unfortunately the script is of such outmoded style that I need time to decipher it. Perhaps I'll get around soon to communicating the precise entries to you. Until then I just wanted today to inform you that you can come on to some new tracks in your genealogioal research here in Duehren, a small town in the neighborhood of Sinsheim. In case you come to this region I would be glad to help you.

I have been able so far to translate one entry: Jost Schwab was married to Anna Katharina of the Buergermeister family of Wolfhardt here in Duehren. The Wolfhardt's are a very interesting family here in the Kraichgau. One of their number was pastor during the Thirty Years War and wrote the only intact diary of that time that has been well-preserved here in our Duehren church archives.

Maybe sometime I shall have the pleasure of making your personal acquaintance.

Very sincerely yours, Gerd Boettcher, Pastor

2. Extract from the Baptismal Records of the Lutheran Church at Leimen, dated August 22, 1962, with pastoral certification as to its accurate copy: Year 1704, page 118. Date of baptism 28 May 1704

Child baptized: Johannes Schwab Parents: Jost Schwab, citizen and baker here residing and his wife Anna Catharina. Godparent: Johannes Kitzmueller, presently the miller at the Thorn Mill. page 1299 Added note by the pastor: ,,It may be of interest that on October 21, 1707, for Jost Schwab, citizen and baker here residing, and his wife (name not mentioned) there was baptized a child named Hans Ulrich.

3. Letter of August 27, 1962, from Pastor Gerhard Niemann of the Lutheran Church at Duehren:

Dear Mr. Long, When I recently entered upon my pastoral service in Duehren I soon discovered a letter that you wrote ca January 2, 1959 to Dr. Schwab of Sinsheim. At that time Dr. Schwab probably forwarded it to our pastoral office here for an answer to be worked out here, but my predecessor then neglected the matter. Do not therefore be too much annoyed if you have not received a reply before this.

For quite a while I have occupied myself with your matter and was also able to find out some things. Let us start out with Johannes Schwab. From the Luterhan pastor's office at Leimen I was able to get an extract from the register of births from the year 1704, aocording to which this Johannes was baptized May 28, 1704 in Leimen. Since on account of infant mortality at the time it was customary to baptize no later than the second day after birth, he was born, therefore, on May 26 or 27, 1704. The parente were Jost Schwab and his wife, Anna Katharina. I enolose the certified extract. Jost (i.e., Justus) Schwab, designated ,,Schwaben zu Duehren bei Sinsheim" in the ancient records, really turns up in our oldest church record-book. He was married May 17, 1681 to Anna Katharina Wolfhart.

From this marriage issued the following children: l. Hans Joerg, born July 19, 1682 in Duehren. 2. Jost Conrad, born April 29, 1687 in Duehren. 3. Jost Conrad, born January 11, 1690 in Duehren. 4. Anna Elisabeth, born Octobor 10, 1692 in Duehren. 5. Anna Magdalena, born April 11, 1697 in Duehren. 6. Maria, born October 9, 1698 in Duehren. 7. Johannes, born about May 27, 1704 in Leimen. 8. Hans Ulrich, born about October 20, 1707 in Leimen.

Therefore, Jost Schwab lived in Duehren from 1681 till about 1700. From then on the name Schwab disappeared in Duehren. Only in the year 1702 a citi- and master-baker, Albrecht Schwab, is named as godfather in our church archives. This is probably a brother of Jost Schwab. One more thing about this Jost: you write that he lived from 1678 on. That cannot be right, as he already married in 1681. Where did you get this date, anyhow?

George Schwab was the father of Jost. He was a citzen and councilman in the year 1681 in Sinsheim. Unfortunately, I was not able to find out anything in Sinsheim about this Georg Schwab - neither the dates of his birth and marriage nor anything about his wife, for in the so-called War of the Palatine Succession (Liselotte of the Palatinate!) Sinsheim was, as well as Heidelberg, totally destroyed, and in the process all the ancient records were also lost (burned). According to your letter this father of Jost Schwab is supposed to have been a Buergermeister in Leimen.(see page 1305) It would very much interest me to know where you got that information. For in the "Contributions to the Local History of the Community of Leimen" by Georg Ludwig Menzer, the sequence of Buergermeister of Leimen is set forth, but no Schwab is mentioned. Therein, it is only mentioned that in 1702 Jost Schwab moved from Sinsheim to Leimen and was immediately at the age of 46 - so he was born in 1655 - enrolled as a citizen (elector).

So that was all I could find out about the Schwabs. It was no easy job to dig up all I did. On the other hand, much more might be reported about the mother of Johannes Schwab, the Anna Katharina nee Wolffhart. If you were also interested in that, you should let me know by another letter, and then I'll do it.

Her father was Buergermeister in Duehren. Her grandfather was pastor in Duehren, and her great-grandfather was the Lutheran abbot of the Alpirsbach cloister in the Black Forest and Councilor to the Duke of Wuerttemberg (around the year 1600). In our oldest church record book there is a hand written diary of thirteen pages by the Pastor Wolffhart covering the year 1664!

Regarding Duehren the following may be said: it's a very old place! Archaeological remains from the pre-Christian era (celtic graves), excavation of a Roman villa that dates from 300 B.C., "villa Durmina" in 769 A.D., first church built in 827, Lutheran since 1552. There is a book of regional history concerning Duehren by Prof. Karl Schumacher, Ph.D., director of the Romano-Germanic Central Museum of Mainz. About fifteen houses four hundred years old are still standing here. The church was set afire in 1945 by fire from the American tanks and thereby destroyed. (Don't interpret this as a complaint).

Nevertheless, the magnificent choir room from the year 1494 (Gothicc style of architecture) with all the valuable paintings on the ceiling that date from the same year are intact. In this Choir in 1681 Jost Schwab was married to his Anna Katharina.

I remain at your disposition for further advice, to the degree that I can obtain such information for you, and remain with kindest regards, Yours, Gerhard Niemann, Pastor page 1301 4. Records copied at Lancaster County Historical Society, August 1969. Records submitted by Blanche A. Swope, 323 Richland Lane, Pittsburgh, PA. from research done in Germany prior to Hitler.

Contributions to the Local History of the Community of Leimen by Georg Ludwig Meinzer.

27 April 1702 - the following citizen was enrolled. Jost Schwab, his age 46 years, his wife, Anna Katerina Schwab, her age 38 years, he has the Reformed religion, and she the Lutheran religion. He was born at Sinsheim on the Elsenz (river), Kreis Heidelberg, Baden. They brought with them the following children: Hans Jorg, 19 years Jost Conrad, 13 years Anna Elisabeth, 11 years Anna Margaretha, 7 years Anna Magdalena, 5 years Anna Maria, 3 years Anna Katharina, 1/2 year

Churchbook in Duehren near Sinsheim: Churchbook in Leimen: Jost Schwab, unmarried son of Georg Schwab, citizen and councilman at Sinsheim, married his betrothed, Anna Katharina, single daughter of Hans Jorg Wolfhart, mayor of this place on Tuesday, the 27 May 1681.

Through God's blessing the following children were born to them: Hans Jorg was born the 19 July 1682. He was baptized the following Sunday. The godparent was Hans Jorg Boser, citizen at Weyler. Jost Konrad was born Friday, 29 April 1687 and brought for baptism on Sunday, the 1st August. Godparent: Jost Konrad Eglauf. (marginal note - Died 17 August 1689.) Jost Konrad, born the 11 January 1690; baptized the 12 of the same month. Godparent: Jost Konrad Eglauf. Anna Elisabeth, born October 1692, baptized on Sunday, the 16th of the same month. Godparent: Elisabeth, wife of Conrad Eglauf. On the 24 April 1712 after the proclamations were read three timesi n the parish church by Johann Peter Haan, the Reformed pastor at that time, Johann Eberhardt Riehm, of the baker' s trade, single son of Hans Andreas Riehm, citizen of Leimen, was married te Anna Elisabeth Schwab, single daughter of Jost Schwab, citizen and baker of the same place. They had two children born in Leimen: Johann Jakob Riehm baptized the 14 June 1713 in the parish church. The sponsor was Johann Jakob Alsentz, etc. Anna Katharina Riehm was baptized the 19 January 1716 in the parish church. Anna Katharina Riehm was the daughter of Hans Eberhardt Riehm, citizen and baker of Leimen and his wife, Anna Elisabeth, born Schwab. Anna Magdalena, the daughter of Jost Schwab and his wife, Anna Katharina, was baptized the 11 April 1697, dominica quasimodigenine, and named after the sponsor, Anna Magdalena, the daughter of Hans Georg Bender. page 1302 On the 9 October 1698 Justo Schwab, citizen and baker here and his wife, Anna Katharina had a daughter baptized and named after her godparent, Maria, wife of Alexander Wolfhart.* (FGS p 1331, child Nr. 2)

On the 19 September 1719 after the third proclamation Pastor Kirchmeyer married in the parish church, Andreas Meixel, widower and citizen at Leimen, and the young woman, Anna Maria Schwob, legitimate, single daughter of Jost Schwab, citizen and baker in Leimen. (Andreas Meixel died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1739. The will was written in High Dutch and not translated for nearly a century. The executors were his widow, Anna Maria Meixel, and John Schwab, her brother.)

Anna Margaretha Schwab was baptized at Sinsheim the 18 August 1695. Parents: Jost Schwab of Duehren and Anna Katharina, his wife. Godparent: Margaretha Ganser. Anna Margaretha was born the 18th of June 1695.

Anna Katharina Schwab. No baptismal record found; the only actual date found is that of the census of 1714 when she was confirmed after Christmas and admitted to the Lord's Supper. "Anna Katharina Schwab from Leimen, 13 years old. Father - Jost."

Johannes Schwab has been baptized in the parish church by Pastor Johann Peter Haan in Leimen. Parents are Jost Schwab, citizen and master-baker here and his wife, Anna Katharina. Godparents: Johannes Kitzmiller, miller at the Thorn Mill. Hans Ulrich Schwab was baptized at the parish church. Parents are Jost Schwab, citizen and baker here and his wife. Godparent, Hans Ulrich Jerbuer, citizen and taylor here. George Schwab was the father of Jost Schwab. He was born about 1610, married about 1630, and died after 1681 and before 1689. Margaretta (Zimerman) Schwab, widow of George Schwab, councilor. She died 17 March 1695, age 82 years. 5. Research done by Herr Hermann Oskar Pertsch of Heidelberg, January 1972. Paten (Sponsors or Godparents) - Reformed Churchbooks, Leimen. 1695, 25 IX Schwab, Jost, posthumous son of ... Schwab former citizen at Sandhausen. 1697, 18 8 Schwab, Anna, wife of Philipp Schwab, citizen at Nussloch. 1697, 22 9 Schwab, Hanss Philipp, citizen and barber-surgeon at Walldor 1697, 3 Nov, Schwab, Anna Barbara, wife of Peter Schwab, citizen at Walldorf. 1700, 20 VI Schwab, Hanss Jost, (Gerichtsverwandter) senator or councilman at Sandhausen. 1697, Michaels day, Schwab, Anna Barbara, widow of the deceased Forstknecht Bernhard Schwab, Seeknecht at Ketsch. Marriages From Various Parishes near Heidelberg. Mannheim-Neckarau 1682, 20 June- Schwab, Johann Adam, Churpfaltz Forstknecht, son of the deceased Berndt Schwab, (Gerichtsverwandter) senator or councilman at Sandhausen, Bride - Spickart, Anna Barbara, daughter of the deceased Michel Spickart, Gerichtsverwandter here. page 1303 5. Research of Herr Pertsch continued. Marriages: Schriesheim: 169O, 28 June - Bridegroom: Schwab, Johann Joost, widower, village mayor at Sandhausen. Bride: Mack, Miss Johanna, daughter of Johann Georg Mack, chief magistrate here. Nussloch: 1697, May - Bridegroom: Schwab, Johann Philipp, widower, of the Petty Court of Nussloch. Bride: Reister, Miss Anna Barbara, daughter of Georg Reister of. the Petty Court. Leimen: 1712, 5 IV - Bridegroom: Riehm, Johann Eberhard, a baker. Bride: Schwab, Anna Elisabeth, daughter of Jost Schwab, a citizen and baker in Leimen. 1706, 24 6 - Bridegroom: Bott, Hanss Georg, the son of the deceased Hanss Bernhard Bott, citizen at Sandhausen. Bride: Schwab, Anna Catharina, widow of the mayer of Sandhausen, Jost Schwab. Burial Records of the Reformed Church of Nussloch: 1714, 9 Feb - Schwab, Hans Philipp, citizen here, age 64 years. Baptismal Records From the Lutheran Churchbook of Leimen: Date Child Father career Mother Sponsor 1706, 9 Jan. Johann Georg Schwab, Joh, Georg Master Wohlfahrth, Joh. Georg von Duehren bei Sinsheim 1713, 13 Jan, Georg Michael Schwab, Joh. Georg chr. in Walldorf 1715, 17 Sep. Georg Adam Schwab, Joh, Georg Masterbaker Anna Eva " 1716, 16 Apr, Eva Elisabeth Schwab, Joh. Georg " 1724. 2 Feb. Jost Schwab, Joh. Georg " Birth Records of Sinsheim, Reformed Churchbook: Date Child Father Mother 1690, 4 Dec. Hans Jacob Schwab, Georg Anna Esther 1692, 22 VI Anna Margaretha Schwab , Georg Anna Esther 1719, 7 Dec. Anna Maria Schwab, Johann Georg Anna Maria 1726, 24 Feb Johann Michael Schwab, Johann Georg Anna Mar Confirmation Records of Sinsheim: 1690, Sep, Schwab, Rosine 15 years 1690, 25 Dec. Schwab, Anna Barbara 13 years, daughter of Georg Albrecht Schwab, Stiftsschultheiss 1696 Schwab, Anna Catharina 14 years 1698, Easter Schwab, Georg Albrecht 17 years 1701, 27 Mar. Schwab, Anna Catharina 15 years 1706, Easter Schwab, Anna Margarethe 14 years 1711, 24 V Schwab, Matheus 14 years page 1304 5. Research of Herr Pertsch continued. Marriage Records in the Reformed Church in Sinsheim: 1697, 17 Feb. Rheinich, Hanss Peter of Eberbach and Schwab, Maria Rosina, legitimate, single daughter of Georg Albrecht Schwab, Stifts-Schultheiss here. 1712, 14 June Schwab, Herr Georg Albrecht, Stiftsschultheiss and Frau Magdalena Doersch. 1718, 15 XI Schwab, Georg, citizen here and Keydel, Anna Maria, daughter of Johannes Keydel, rnayor of Zuzenhausen. Burial Records of Sinsheim: 1695, 27 III, Schwab, Margaretha, 84 years old, widow of Georg Schwab, citizen and senator in Sinsheim. 1708, 14 III, Schwab, Dorothea, 64 years old, wife of Herr Georg Albrecht Schwab, Stiftsschultheiss (seminary director) 1712, 2 VI, Schwab, Anna, 73 years old 1717, 22 Dec. Schwab, Albrecht, Stiftsschultheiss (seminary director) 1718, 2 I, Schwab, Georg, 58 years and 3 months old. Son of Georg Schwab and Margaretha born Zimmerman. 1718, 13 IV, Schwab, Anna Esther, 57 years old, wife of Georg Schwab, baker and senator here. 6. At the Berks County Historical Society, Reading, PA in the Personalities File is the following information recorded on an index card. The source of the information is not given, but it appears to have been extracted from an old Family Bible. Inquiries were made at the Society to learn if the Bible or other source was in the collection of the Society, but we were informed that the Bible was not in their collection and that the source of the information on the card was unknown. Jost Schwab of Sinizheim, 22 February 1678. Maria Schwob, born 3 Weinmond (October) 1698. Anna Catharina Schwob, born 3 Herbstmond (September) 1701. John Schwob, born 26 May 1704 in Aquarious. Haness Ulrich Schwob, born 1707. My wife's child delivered in death 7 Herbstmond (September) 1709. My sister's child, Anna Christina born 1 Heumond (July) 1678. My daughter, Anna Eliass child born 1 Brachmond (June) 1713. * My Kett's first son born 9 March 1724.

  • This must be Johann Jacob Riehm, son of Joban Eberhardt Riehm and

Anna Elisabeth Schwab, baptized in Leimen 14 June 1713. 7. In Gilbert E. Swope's History of the Swope Family and Their Connections, 1678-1896, the following document is printed. The book states that the original document was in the possession of Adam Swope of Lancaster, Pennsylvania when the book was published in 1896. This document does not match research done in Germany or the United States. Perhaps it was translated incorrectly; for this reason I would like very much to know where the original document is. Our Jost was a member of the Reformed Church, not the Lutheran Church; his wife's name was Anna Katharine, not his mother's name; his father's widow, Margaretha born Zimmerman [she could have been Jost's mother or his stepmother), died in 1695, twenty-five years before this document was written. Then who is the Jost Schwab of the document? Research in Germany appearing on page 1303 has found other Jost Schwab's living in the vicinity of Leimen at the same time that Jost and Anna Katharina Schwab were living there and having children there. The translation of the document as it appears in the History of the Swope Family is as follows: "Lectoria Salutino; or Pentalem Ammegemon a Salutis Oceana. After the death of her husband, a burger and burgomaster in Liemen under Burstrasser (Bergstrasse) in Kurpfalz, Anna Katharine Swope was delivered of her youngest son, Yost Swope (Jost Schwab). Both were Evangelical Lutheran in Religion, and received into the church of Christ with the rest of the beloved family. As they intend to depart for a strange land, I herewith attest to their Christian character and the life they led up to this time, having long been their pastor and spiritual adviser. As their fide pastorale, I willingly testify that the above named Anna Katharine and her beloved son, Yost (Jost), have always been honest and pious as becomes God-fearing Christians and lovers of Christ and his church. And we have no knowledge of them excepting what is noble and good, naught but praise. The All-Helper be their support and guide, and bless their coming and going, and grant all their wishes with the richest blessings, both on earth and in heaven, ever partaking of the Holy Communion. Leimen, Germany, May 5, 1720. M. John Christoph Schrenik, Pastor Evangelische Kirchengemeinde" Perhaps the Anna Catharina Schwab, widow of Jost Schwab, the mayor of Sandhausen who married Hanss Georg Bott, the 24 of June 1706 is the Anna Catharine Swope of the above document.* Were she and her son related to Jost and Anna Katharina (Wolfhardt) Schwab, and did they accompany them to America in May of 1720? To find the meaning of this document, research continues.

  • see page l303 (line 13)

page 1306 8. Chester County Collections, #1-8, 1936-1937, page 313. Letter of Administration granted to John Swoap, son of Jost Stwope, 29 January 1727. Bond Know all man, by these presents: That, we, John Swoap, Jacob Lynne, and Casper Loughman and all of ye county of Chester, yeoman are held and firmly bound unto Potters Evans, Reg'str Gen'al for the Province of Pennsylvania, in the sum of Eighty pounds current money, of the s'd Province. To be paid to ye said, Reg'str Gen'rl, his certain Att'y G. Excell'y, Admis, or Assigns, to which ye may in it well and truly, do be maid, we will bind ourselves our hands and hearts, Ex. G. Adm'Ex and jury of them in the whole and for the whole and solemnly and firmly by these presents, Sealed vith our own seal, and dated the twenty-ninth of January Anno-Domini 1727. The condition of this Obligation is sutch, yt, if the above bond an John Swope (Jost Schwab) admits of all and singular and if chatles and Creditts of John Swope, deceased to make or cause to be made a true and perfect grant of an all and singular goods, chattels and creditts, of ye s'd possessed which have or shall come to ye hands, possession or knowledge of him, the said John Swope or to the hands or possession of any others, a son or sons, the Sons to make an exhibit or causeth, an exhibit to be made. Ye, Reg. Ex-Gen'rl's Office at Chester on or before the twenty-seventh day of March, next ensuing, and the same goods and chattels and credits of the possessions at ye time of his death or which any time after, shall come to ye hands or possession of any other of son or sons for him. Do well and truly admit aocording to Law and find I do make or cause to be made a true and just account of this s'd advent, at or before the tenth day of March, which will be in ye year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and twenty eight and all of the rest and Residue of other said chattels and Creditts which shall be found remaining on ye said administratrix, ye have being first examined and allowed of by the Orphan's Court for the County of Chester shall be valid and pay unto sutch possessor or possessors Respectively, or as the said Court by its voice or sentence pronounceth the Law shall limit and appoint, and if it shall appease that any last will and Testament was made by the Defendent and the Executor therein named as Exhibitt-: to ye Register Esquire, for the said County, stating request to have the it, allowed and proved of accordingly if the said John Swoap being thereinto requested no lands and holdings up the said. Lastly of adminis'tr a probation of sutch testament being just had and made at the s'd Office, then this obligation to be rayd, I or else to stand and remain in full force and virtue in law. Sealed and Signed in the presence of: Johannes Schwab Hugh Lowe Casper Loughman Jos. Lowe h Jacob L Le mark page 1307 "An Inventory of all and singular, the goods and Chattels and credits of Joste Swope of Mill, near Conestoga in the County of Chester, pator deceased, taken and appraised, the sixteenth of ye 11th month Anna Domini 1728. By we, whose name are here underwritten. Imprimus: Have your private and outstanding, decates. lb. s. p. 4 books 10 17 8 1 chest 6 4 2 Axes, hose and sundry tools 6 4 2 1 feather-bed 0 5 0 1 littel spinning wheel 1 7 6 1 beade lining 0 8 0 1 table 2 0 0 Pewter & brass & iron pots 1 0 0 Brass kettel 0 3 0 4 horses and mares 1 0 0 5 horned cattel 6 10 0 6 sheep 7 10 0 Sundry head of hogs 1 4 0 2 drawing kind & seat of 0 5 0 5 ould cages & 1 cobord 0 8 0 Brass waiter 0 1 6 1 pr scales & 1 pound wait 0 2 6 1 chafing dish, tobaclah tongue 0 0 1 25 pounds of lead 0 6 3 Soatle Saten 0 0 6 1 crosscut saw 0 2 0 1 opocos tools 1 0 0 42 15 1 Appraised by us: Henry Jon Wm. Wilers (The value of the articles in this inventory are most illuminating. Jost Schwab owned four books which these men appraised as being of more value than his horses, his cows, his sheep, or any other article he owned. Would this inventory not be of even greater interest if they had given the titles of these precious books? Two of the four books were probably a Bible and a hymn-book. Durs Thommen, a Swiss settler on the Quittapahila Creek in Lancaster county (now Lebanon county) wrote to the authorities in Basel requesting that they send him two Bibles and two or three psalterspiels (hymn books). "German books are rare in this land, especially the Bible and the psalter spiel", he wrote.)

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