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About the Project

The Orme Name Study is part of the One Name Studies Project. It serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Orme name. The hope is that researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists and anyone with an interest in the Orme name.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to people who are related biologically, but can include anyone with Orme name. Every Orme profile on WikiTree is of interest to this project! We endeavour to continually develop Orme branches and to improve the quality and accuracy of Orme profiles to make them more accessible, useful and attractive to researchers and relatives.

Our research is organised by interest area. Each member of the project can join groups according to their interest. If their particular area is not covered, it can be added to the study. Research areas can be geographical (England Ormes, Ireland Ormes, USA Ormes etc. etc.), chronological (18th Century Ormes), or topical (Orme DNA, Orme occupations, migrations, population statistics...) All the research for a particular area is gathered on a special Research Page. These Research Pages form the heart of the Orme Name Study.

How to Join

If you have an interest in the surname Orme we'd love to hear from you! To join the project, ask a question or just say hello, simply leave a comment below or contact the Name Study Coordinator, Chris Orme

Take a look at the Research Pages below to see if there is a specific study going on that fits your interests. If so do, leave us a message! If a research page does not yet exist for your particular area of interest, perhaps you could start one? Why not get in touch?

... ... ... is a member of the Orme Name Study Project.

Once you are ready to go, you can show your project affiliation with the ONS Member Sticker:


Members of the Orme Name Project

Research Pages

This page serves as a welcome and introduction to the study. The heart of the research is divided into special interest areas, each with its own Research Page.

These Research Pages are for anyone to read. We hope you will find them useful and interesting! Do leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

Once you are a member of the Orme Name Study Project, if a Research Page is listed below for your area of interest, please dive straight and help us develop it! Just add your name in the Members section and get started. If there isn't yet a page for your interest, please just leave a comment below or contact the Name Study Coordinator, Chris Orme.

What Orme Research area could you start?

Related Surnames and Surname Variants

As Orme was a later from of Orm (see Origins, Meanings and Early Ormes), we will also consider that simpler spelling. At present, the study is limited to these two spellings. However, as our research grows and others join the project, brining their own interests, we may review our decision and include one or more of the common variants.

Adding Profiles to the Orme Name Study

Every Orme profile on WikiTree is within the scope of the Orme Name Study! Our aim is to improve the quality and accuracy of these profiles, making WikiTree an ever better place for Orme research. We aim too to fill in the gaps, adding new Orme profiles to WikiTree.

An Orme Name Study Sticker should be proudly attached to each Orme profile that has the research foundations in place:

The biography text can be short, even just a single sentence, if not much is known about the person. It should be supported by the cited source(s).

There is a sticker for each special interest area!

This profile is part of the Orme Name Study.

For example, to add the Cheshire Orme Name Study sticker, add the following at the start of the Biography (this will also categorise the profile):

{{One Name Study|name=Orme|category=Cheshire, Orme Name Study}}


There are four means by which Orme Study members keep in touch.

  1. This page and the linked Research Pages
  2. Research Notes on individual profiles
  3. Comments on these pages or individual profiles
  4. Private messages and emails

Some things you can do

As well as persuing our own special interest areas of Orme research, we can all contribute to improving the overall Orme genealogy on WikTree. The following my be satisfying fill-in tasks between other things you are working on.

With some of the WikiTree+ links below, you may need to scroll down and click, "Get profiles".

  1. Find and attach sources for Unsourced Orme profiles. Often quite easy with big benefits for WikiTree and our Orme resarch. You may need to scroll down and click, "Get profiles".
  2. Fix data errors in Orme profiles reported in WikiTree+. Again, some of these are very quick and easy to fix but they make a huge difference to the quality of the profile. You may need to scroll down and click, "Get profiles".
  3. Adopt and/or improve Orphaned Orme profiles. This is potentially a bigger task but, of course, depends on how much improvement is needed and how much you want to take on!
  4. Try to connect Unconnected Orme profiles to the global tree. This can be more challenging, but very satisfying when you find that linking profile.

Remember, with any of the above tasks, you can never fail! If you don't find what you were looking for always add a Research Note explaining what you've done.

Last, but not least, don't forget to keep an eye on questions asked in G2G about Orme research and profiles tagged with ORME. Can you answer a question or lend a hand? It may also be an opportunity to recruit another Orme researcher to this One Name study!

Tools, Resources and Interesting Links

  • The Orme Genealogy page has a list of every Orme on WikiTree and many useful tools (see the quick links at the top of the page).
  • Forebears A great place to start with a definition of the surname, current world distribtution map, surname origins and other interesting information.
  • surnamedb An interesting short article on Orme name origins. Well worth following up the people named for inclusion in WikiTree. Some work is required to verify and properly cite sources before we can create profiles.
  • Your Family History Excllent free analysis of the census data for every year from 1841-1911.
  • The Orme Website is the personal site of Andrew and Brenda Orme. Well worth a visit! Some very interesting information and some famous Ormes that we could add to WikiTree, if we can find good sources.
  • Orme (name) on Wikipedia. A list of notable people with the name Orme.
  • British Surnames The Distribution Map, based on the 1881 Census, is very interesting.
  • House of Names Worth a visit, though there seems to be more emphasis on selling hidden information than providing sources. They are selling a family crest but, in the absence of information to the contrary, it is presumably just a clip art that they have created.
  • An Orme forum at genealogy.com. There are no posts since 2014.

Some Places with the name Orme

Making these Pages Better

We want the Orme Name Study pages to be an interesting and valuable resource for all Orme researchers and family members. Please join the Orme Name Project and help to develop and improve these pages, adding to the study according to your interests.


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Hi Chris,

I stumbled across an Orme in Utah. I'm searching for sources, but I am confident that they are LDS, as the kiddoes have traditional Mormon names; i.e., Heber, Moroni, Deseret.

I edited the Orme Name Study sticker to Derbyshire - it that OK? Fix it if you need to.

posted by Jo Gill
Hi Chris,

Please include me in your Orme project. I think we may already have been in contact in the past because of our Orme connection. My profile tree is Hall-32593. Susan Clark

posted by Susan (Hall) Clark