PIP Voyagers' Improved Profiles 2020-2023

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Profile Improvements Project (PIP) Voyage Graduates
& Their Improved Profiles
These profiles are on the Voyagers' watchlist and are usually profiles for their own family. Each member has used the Voyage to show their skills in:
  • following the community's style guidelines
  • using the Wiki markup language
  • ensuring adequate sources for the information included in the biographies
The goal is constant improvement, not perfection, and each profile reflects the Voyagers' own personal preferences on profiles for which they are the only manager. Voyagers understand that:
  • improvements may be made by other members
  • they will need to work together with other interested family members on stylistic decisions
More recent voyage graduates, their profiles, and feedback can be found at PIP Voyagers Improved Profiles 2024.

2020 Graduates

2021 Graduates

  • Mary Tomlinson
  • Cindy (Ring-1915) Hanrahan
  • Ben Molesworth
  • Ann (Martin) Sherwin
    • Engelhard (Kunzmann) Kunzman
    • Albert Jacob Kunzman
      • "The Voyage has inspired me to stop creating bare-bones profiles about remote relatives and spend more time fleshing out the ones closer to me, like my great grandparents. That is really more fun in the long run. And it gave me many tools for doing so that I would never have found on my own. I highly recommend the Voyage."
  • Cherry (Cushing) Duve
  • Scott Lee
    • George Washington Martin (1853-1928)
    • Anne (Erwin) Hitchcock (1803-1854)
      • "You spent a lot of time looking at my profiles, finding areas that needed improvement, teaching me about citations and how to reference them. Which page to go to and what style to use. Also, the templates for sharing records regarding sites like Ancestry, and the html wiki markup language!"
  • Gillian Thomas
    • George Hardwick (1808-1858)
    • Thomasine (Baird) Pocock (1871-1915)
      • "I really enjoyed the PIP voyage. I loved working on profiles from my own watchlist. It made the learning experience much more relevant and meaningful. In my situation, as I've already had quite a lot of experience on WikiTree, my goal was to work on improving my skills in writing factual, thoughtful, interesting and sensitive biographies. Having a Voyage Guide to discuss some of the particular intricacies of the profiles I had picked was so helpful. I was very appreciative of the advice and feedback. I feel much more confident now in writing biographies for my ancestors and relatives. If I was relatively new to WikiTree, I know my profiles would have really benefited from mastering all the other skills involved in completing the PIP voyage."
  • Nan Hewitt
    • Emma (Gahan) Craven (1868-1936)
    • Johanna (Terry) Tynan (1843-1938)
      • "I found the PIP voyage very helpful. Overall, the most valuable aspect for me was learning the correct formatting for citations from various sources. However, I also learned other lessons about formatting in Wikitree. Being provided with feedback and suggestions accelerated the learning process for me and I now feel more confident in working on my family's profiles."
  • K C
  • Richard Barton
  • Maxx Martin
  • Ronald Spahr
    • Melba Amelia (Wright) Leggett (1914-1985)
    • Henry K. Spahr (1841-1922)
      • My guide spent a great deal of time reviewing my profiles, then providing pointers, tips, suggestions, and a great deal of feedback, helping me to structure the biographies and text of my profiles. She was always patient with me as I asked question after question. She also helped me work within g2g in my quest to have a sticker created for the I.O.O.F. I look forward to continuing to learn within WikiTree so I can leave a family history legacy that is not only accurate, but interesting to read.
  • Stephanie Ward
    • Granville Newton Haynes (1880-1964)
    • Ferrol Odessa (Haynes) Painter (1911-1975)
      • I highly recommend the PIP Voyage. No matter how thorough your biographies are, there's more to learn here at WikiTree, where new apps and widgets are being developed all the time. It goes without saying that you'll learn the basics if you don't already know them, but you'll also be given style pointers, citation advice, tips on how to add polish with images and links, and instruction on some of the many tools and menu items available on each profile page. Every question I had was answered. All at my own pace and without pressure. Many thanks to my guide Kathy, and to Debi for adding this wonderful service for our members!
  • Veronica Williams
  • David Urquhart
  • Kay Knight
    • Lucy Reed
    • Hannah Reed
      • "I highly recommend taking the PIP Voyage. It was an interesting journey and will certainly influence my future work. There are always new things to learn about WikiTree! This is a great way to see how your contributions can help improve our tree."
  • Francis Lehman
    • James Charles Norval
    • David Carter Rutherford
      • "I loved the project but I would have loved if there was a 72 hour waiting time between messages, I learnt so much that would take my profiles from good to great ... Again, thank you for the wonderful experience."
  • Loretta Leger Corbin
    • Spencer Lay, Sr.
    • Lettie Belle Ely Burrows
      • What a delightful Voyage! A definite “Must Do”. Personally, I believe every WikiTreer would benefit from taking the PIP Voyage. I would like to see a Mini Voyage for seasoned genealogists and a Starter Voyage for new genealogists. I learned so much about citing sources and personal knowledge citations, learned how to use some different genealogical sites, and learned a ton about formatting text. The profiles I chose for the Voyage were in pretty bad shape. One didn’t even have all the children listed! Spencer Lay Sr. started out with 3 or 4 children and wound up with 14 children and 8 siblings. Lettie Belle (Ely) Burrows had 17 siblings and 12 children. Probably not the best choices for the Voyage but my guide got me through it. I should be able to tackle just about anything now. Debi Hoag and her guides deserve a BIG Texas Size Thank You. Y’all Rock!!!
  • Pam Cormac
    • Isabel (Gammie) Fordyce
    • Thomas Edward Slaughter
      • It has been an amazing experience and taught me so much. I can't say enough how beneficial I think doing the PIP voyage is. A whole rounded adventure that dealt with sourcing, citations, formatting, images, categories, style and so much more. I'd recommend the PIP Voyage to anyone, whether they want to create beautiful memorials to the hero's and heroines that came before us, or they want to take their genealogy skills to the next level. I do and will continue to use these new skills everyday. I have absolutely loved it, seriously...thank you so much.
  • Pam Dale
  • Dana (Camp) Gammel
  • S D
    • Michael Kilcool (abt.1788-bef.1844)
    • Allan Lionel Sheppard (1889-1967)
      • "I very much enjoyed working through the Profile Improvements Voyage. It is useful to have a second pair of eyes looking at the details and sources of a profile - especially when the profile is long. I found that Debi did not overlook any problems or insufficiencies, but she was also flexible in my solutions. ... I learned about ref name= and now need to go back through my profiles to eliminate duplicate sources."
  • Kaitlyn Emmett
  • Sandra Williamson
  • A. Murphy
    • Selina (Cash) Barrick
    • Ella (Coffey) Bell
      • "The best part of the WikiTree community is its collaborative spirit, and the PIP Voyage is a wonderful way to get into that spirit. And what better way is there, than to voyage with a personal guide? Robin guided my voyage across the open water of wiki, through the straits of improvement challenges, and into the bay of beautiful profiles. Thank you!"
  • Bryan Lawson
  • Amy Gilpin
  • Ron Johnson
  • Damien (Pendleton) Blunderfield-Garwood
    • John Robert Rowley
    • Edward Garwood
      • It was very enjoyable. It taught me a lot of things that have helped me with my own family tree ... Most of the fundamental concepts I know about profile texts on WikiTree came from the voyage. we've explored profiles with varying levels of complexity, which has enabled me to go from not knowing the difference between a source and a citation/reference, to comfortably applying them to profiles as if born to it, including knowing when and when not to use inline referencing. [My Guide] asked me to consider and improve on problems that I would have never thought of, [has] been very patient in clarifying my many questions, and [has] even helped me with tricky areas of research. A word and a phrase come to mind: Amazing...Thank you!
  • Sheryl Moore
    • Benijah Keener
    • William Anderson Moore
      • I thoroughly enjoyed the PIP Voyage, and it was a fascinating incentive to work on my much-neglected ancestors’ profiles. No matter how much I thought I knew about WikiTree’s style, guidelines and protocol, I learned plenty of invaluable tips and tricks from my guide – Melissa. Her responses were timely, on point, and personal to my work. Great feedback and a marvelous experience! I will carry the voyage lessons with me on every profile I work on in the future and have already shared some tips with others. Thank you for providing this as part of the PIP Project. I excitedly anticipate participating in the PIP Project for a very long time!
  • K. Schreffler
    • Abel Cidney Alexander
    • Elizabeth Bickelman
      • I very much enjoyed my time completing the PIP Voyage. It can be daunting stepping into a new space and learning new formatting and style guidelines, even if you've already done the research. I wanted to feel comfortable working on the profiles of my ancestors, and now that I have finished the Voyage I feel far more confident creating their pages than I did when I began. My guide was gracious and knowledgeable and patient. I had a lot of questions! As well as specific things I wanted to include on the profiles I wrote. She answered everything thoroughly and clearly and was pleasant to correspond with. She always had excellent suggestions and I am very glad that I decided to sign up for the Voyage. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity.
  • Joyce Rivette
    • Marie Eugenie LeGlue
    • Paul S. Mingus
      • The PIP Voyage has been a very enjoyable experience. It has encouraged me to get past the bare bones narrative and to make profiles more interesting with images, tables, shared links to data behind paywalls, and more. I recommend this voyage to any member, whether experienced or novice! It has expanded my thinking and I'll continue to use what I've learned in the future. Thanks to my guide, Melissa, and her patience with me and the unavoidable delays I encountered. I really appreciated the stress-free environment and being able to go at my own pace.
  • Elsie Hagley
    • Frederick Olson
    • Edward Olson
      • The PIP Voyage has been a very enjoyable learning experience, and has helped me to understand what a good profile is. I learnt so much and I recommend it to any WikiTree user. A very big thank you to my Guide who has been so patient and given me so much of her time, teaching me to understand every part of the training needed to improve profiles. She has, thereby, given me the confidence I needed to work with them, instead off being afraid that I might mess them up. Every mistake can be fixed. Also, special thanks to Debi for this program.
  • Carolyn (Cole) Napoli
    • Iona May (Eldredge) Cole (1894-1987)
    • Bob Cole
      • Kathy was a wonderful mentor for PIP. I benefited tremendously from her guidance in editing sources. She has extensive knowledge on this subject and she was so helpful and patient during my learning process. Kudos to you Kathy!
  • Thom Anderson
  • Margaret (Dickson) Allison
    • Sarah (Tennant) Wright (1877-1958)
    • Robert Grierson (1813-1865)
      • This course honed my skills and gave me further information on sourcing. The two main lessons were the change for Find A Grave (which had slipped past me) and the free image for Ancestry Citer (once that was fixed up for me). I also realised that I needed to change how I linked to ScotlandsPeople, so now do a direct link instead of a generic one. More work for me, but it means that people see the record straight away. There were other minor style issues that I am developing.
  • Bartley McRorie
    • Samuel Benjamin Holt (1879-1939)
    • James McRorie (1880-1969)
      • Thank you again for the Voyage! I would highly recommend this process to any WikiTreer! I learned several things that will be a regular part of my profiles now, including placing a Familly Search link on WikiTree profiles, the Ancestry sharing link, and profile style considerations. I look forward to collaborating with you on a distant cousin in the future!
  • Anon Sharkey
    • Francis Donald Holden Bremner
    • Mary Carrodus
      • I found trying to get the citations difficult but with support got there. It has helped me think about what else might go in a profile, the need for a sequential layout and also to go away from a profile and then come back with fresh eyes and further thoughts. It would not have been possible without the patient and encouraging guide Melissa. Thank you
  • Nigel Clark
    • Mary Ann Elizabeth (Stichling) Amsden
    • Frederick Somerset Richard Hunt
      • For people interested in genealogy, WikiTree is the best computer application that I have found so far for the following reasons: a) The underlying principle that there is only 1 tree with all entries properly sourced, which has enabled me to link my ancestors with other relatives correctly and painlessly. b) It is free to use. c) The education and support processes within the system and from other genealogists that enable users to improve their genealogy skills step-by-step. This sets WikiTree apart from other genealogy Applications. The “Voyage” process is one of the support processes that works extremely well. My guide in this process was Leandra Ford. Rather than overload me with information “up front”, she worked with me step by step to improve the specific profiles that we were working on. Leandra provided me with links to the appropriate WikiTree tools when they became relevant to use with the profiles, and guided me in their appropriate use. Over a period of 3 weeks, she sent me a number of detailed emails which I will keep for reference as I continue to work on other profiles. She also ensured that she was encouraging and supportive all the way through. Great stuff! Thank you for your help.
  • Bill Feidt
  • Sue (Smith) Knifley
    • William Gregory Newton
    • Elizabeth L (Richeson) Smith
      • The PIP voyage was a great experience for me. I learned so much about writing citations and where to look for additional sources. It really made me realize the wealth of resources available online. Debi’s guidance made me look at my biographies and see where I needed to find additional sources to back up what I had written and in doing so I made other discoveries about my ancestor that i did not know. I gained the confidence I needed to work on the biographies of my other ancestors. I highly recommend the Voyage!
  • Fann Fann
    • Sarah Frances (Garner) Boland (1837-1912)
    • John Snipes (aft.1798-aft.1860)
      • The Profile Improvements Voyage exceeded my expectations. The profiles that I worked boosted my confidence in knowing what to include for best practices in documentation. I am now much more satisfied that the work that I do rises to a level where others who read profiles that I add or update can better follow the documentation and grasp the genealogically significant details added. Kathy was both a constant encouragement and an expert Voyage Guide. No detail was too small to inquire about and get a timely response.
  • Mel Bishop
    • Robert E. Hill (abt.1836-1904)
    • Richard Moore Bishop (1812-1893)
      • When I first found WikiTree, I was excited because it offers so many features I had wished for in other sites. However, those features come with an overwhelming amount of material to learn. The PIP Voyage was the perfect solution for me. At the most basic level, the program provides groundwork information on style, sourcing and formatting. Perhaps more importantly though, it offers an enormous amount of tips, tricks and resources I would maybe never have figured out on my own. My wonderful guide, Kathy, was knowledgeable and kind in her critique and advice, and quick to answer every question; she provided invaluable support and encouragement during my learning journey. I really can't recommend this project highly enough, for any WikiTree user, no matter their experience level. I had a fantastic trip!
  • Dola (Nowell) Acree
  • Julie Weller
    • Samuel Banthorp
    • Polly (Eley) Rowe
      • I am so grateful for all the help you have offered. I have learned so much from you, the general ways of producing an interesting read by utilizing the tools offered by Wikitree and how to access them. I would never have worked out by myself all the skills you helped me develop, not just the bigger ones such as 'tables' and 'stickers' but all the extra pointers you gave, I saved them to a 'cheat sheet' so I can add them easily to the rest of my ancestors profiles.
  • Jean Brooks
    • Ann (Oughtibridge) Kelsey
    • Arthur Seaton
      • I have really enjoyed my journey through PIP. I've learnt a lot, which I wouldn't have by myself. I found it quite challenging at times, but my guide Leandra has helped me through, and given me the tips I need to improve the profiles I manage in the future. I would really recommend anyone who is serious about genealogy, especially if they are new to the site to do this, as I found Wikitree a bit daunting at first. I certainly feel more confident that I can now do a better job. Will now be very busy updating the many profiles I manage with categories and pictures and other improvements.
  • Bob Land
    • Jan Bingham (Bartlett) Merritt
    • Moses McElroy
      • Thank you so much! My voyage has been really, really good. I feel like I know how to edit profiles well now. I feel motivated to do more editing and updating with other profiles on my Watchlist. I really appreciated the responsiveness I received to my emails. I was emailed back quickly and had very thorough and helpful feedback. I liked the little words of wisdom I received, such as the w w w w of sources as well as how I was pointed to many good tools on the WT site (Ancestry citer, Rootsearch). I also appreciated the suggestions for good habits such as making sure to check for dupes and suggestions before finalizing a profile. I also liked learning about how to use pictures and not have them on the right only. I learned to create a spacepage. I joined WT to connect with other researchers, and to get connected to the PIP Voyage was definitely a great step toward that goal.
  • Carrie (Hensel) Lippincott
    • Christian Bich
    • Lydia (Stokes) Wills
      • It has been quite a journey! I had no idea what I'd gain by doing it, but I thought I'd give it a try. It has been wonderful to work one on one with you learning. It is exciting to have new skills to improve the profiles I'm working on. I hope to also lead by example and help people to see the vision of how wonderful a profile can be. I am so in love with Wikitree! Photos, bios, documents, collaboration, categories and the list goes on!!! ... I can tell I am much better at working on profiles now.I appreciate having a better understanding of the editing tools/templates available! I am also more aware what my common errors are, so that also helps.
  • Natalie (Durbin) Trott
  • William Catambay
  • Ward Hindman
    • James Wiltse Allen (1832-1914)
    • James E. Green (1862-1894)
      • My PIP Voyage guide was terrific. She showed me many ways to improve my profiles. Showed me features of WikiTree that I had completely missed. Above all, she was patient with me and explained things different ways until I finally understood.
  • J. Mulder
    • Klaas Versloot (1855-1890)
    • Dirkje van der Vlist (1858-1908)
      • I loved doing this journey, especially so soon after joining WikiTree. It didn't only teach me to make profiles better, it also taught me a lot about how WikiTree itself works. I had a wonderful guide who answered all of my questions and helped me find my way on WikiTree. The profiles I will make going forward will be all the better for having done the PIP Voyage.
  • Phillip Pepperrell
  • Neil Croll
    • Colin Robertson (1856-1949)
      • My voyage experience was extremely rewarding and I was continually impressed by how knowledgeable my guide is. What I have learned will be reflected in every profile on which I work in the future.
  • Cherryl Schmidt
    • George Brake (abt.1844-1896)
    • Mary Hannah (Griffiths) Callow (1896-1971)
      • Thank you for providing such a great learning opportunity. I had been quite happy with my profiles to date but now realise there are always lots of things that can be done to improve them. I work in relative isolation much of the time so this was a great opportunity to obtain constructive feedback. Very much appreciated, and I can now move forward with greater confidence and contribute to this amazing Global Tree.
  • Denise Miller
    • Sarah Elizabeth (Frazier) Grimes (1851-1928)
    • Louis Meunier (1835-1910)
      • My guide was really helpful and explained everything really well. I'm going to cut and paste all her instructions into a word document so I have it for later reference. This was a great experience and I'll continue to improve my profiles with the suggestions she has given me.
  • Maria Lundholm
  • Michelle Ketcham
  • Brianna Miller
  • Elaine (Walling) Goodner
    • Alice Marion (Bell) Hammon (1860-1908)
    • James Payne Scott (1888-1960)
      • Where to start! I have learned a huge amount about details. Details are the polish that make a profile shine. I now have tools for creating useable sources, not just the Source widget, but for Scotlands People and handed down documents. Learning how to use Free Space pages for the inline pictures is a real game changer for me because now I can use all the documents I have collected in profiles. I have been correcting FindAGrave sources on every profile I open that has one. The guidance you provided about the overall appearance of the profile (the use of the colon) is a big part of the polish. I like it! I have thoroughly enjoyed this Voyage and you made it that way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Sarah Bell
  • Robyn (Brown) Forgy
  • Jan (Smith) Hellier
  • David James
    • Clementine W. (Elsemore) Allen (1840-1904)
    • Ellen Jane (Longfellow) Bohanon (1833-1911)
      • I thought I was already a pretty good researcher when I started the voyage, but you have shown me that having a fellow genealogist review one's work is an invaluable learning experience. Your thoughtful comments about how to make a biography a more accurate (and more readable) synopsis of a person's life were invaluable, and I love the long list of helpful apps and tips that you saved for the end. This list of tools just reinforces my already strong conviction that WikiTree is one of the best resources for today's genealogists, and keeps getting better.
  • Alan Davis
    • Lilian May Meaden (1893-1983)
    • Francis Robert Davis (1891-1971)
      • My genuine thanks for your expert tutelage, knowledge, gentle prodding and patience in guiding me through. I have enjoyed the PIP Voyage immensely. Over the years I've developed some strong research skills, but the PIP Voyage has improved my approach to genealogy significantly. I have learnt the value of translating research into structured biographies that will endure over time and make interesting reading for current and future generations. I am particularly grateful that it has caused me to dig deeper and more thoughtfully into my immediate ancestors and bring their stories to life. The process has made me much more comfortable in navigating the Wikitree approach and using the many tools available. I'm looking forward to growing that knowledge base into the future and have volunteered to join the England Project. Progress from one part to the other was seamless & each new challenge was revealed just as I thought I was reaching the summit so that I was never overwhelmed by the task ahead.
  • Nikki Orvis
  • Denice Burger
  • Ruth Jowett
    • Hanson Jowett (abt.1836-1893)
    • William Edward Manley (1895-1917)
      • I have really enjoyed the PIP Voyage and found it an ideal follow-on from the England Project’s Orphan Trail. The Trail taught me about finding and citing reliable sources: the Trail then built on that by using more ‘advanced’ skills including images, stickers, and categories. I also enjoyed being able to work on profiles of people related to me, which made them more interesting (to me) than the strangers on the Orphan Trail. Following the PIP Voyage also encouraged me to look into an ancestor who, although he only had a short life, served in WW1, so I was able to find, and include, quite a lot of detail and have a full profile just in time for what would have been his 126th birthday. But I couldn’t have done it without Leandra’s guidance.
  • Chris Pederson
    • Ricard Clay Bourque (1880 - 1972)
    • George David Struck (abt. 1824 - 1911)
      • The PIP Voyage has been a wonderful experience! I think I’m a better researcher because of it. The course forced me to think more critically about sources and proper citations. Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with and so patient. I couldn’t have had a better 2nd set of eyes.
  • Elaine (Weatherall) Martzen

2022 Graduates

  1. My writing has been improved by being reviewed and critiqued by a knowledgeable editor.
  2. I've started including images in my profiles.
  3. My citations are more consistent and reliable.
  4. I've started adding categories and stickers to my profiles.
  5. I've learned to use Word to check spelling and grammar (a simple step, but one I hadn't previously thought of).
PIP was a lot of work, but well worth it.

2023 Graduates

  • Kathy Nava
    • William Hiler Sharp
    • Franz Urbach
      • I had a wonderful time learning how to write a biography to bring my ancestors to life. I am adopted so I chose one adoptive ancestor and one biological ancestor. I learned about my adoptive grandfather who died when I was an infant. I had no idea how important he was and what he went through during his life.
  • Erin Robertson
  • Elida Tirey
  • Lorraine O'Dell
    • Hannah (Chase) Butler
    • Florence Rose Edna (Odell) Squires
      • I decided to take the PIP Voyage because I was aware that I lacked some pieces of information about how to format certain things, particular some sources and what to do if certain information isn't readily available. I hoped the Voyage would help me specifically in those areas and it did. I also found it valuable to see my Biographies through someone else's eyes and will, hopefully, improve my writing of the narrative in the future. The profiles are not just for me, but for everyone and anyone and it's important that certain things are standardized and that the narrative be clear and even interesting. It sometimes felt like a lot of work but it was worth it.
  • Cheryl Grogan
    • Ann (Heath) Dunning
    • Charles Dunning
      • I have just finished my Voyage and have enjoyed every part of it. My Guide has been fantastic and it has been great to learn how to create well sourced and interesting profiles. I would definitely recommend anyone just starting out on WikiTree to take advantage of the Profile Improvements Project.
  • Sally Kimbel
  • Lorraine Nagle
  • MaryAnn Blakeman
  • Ray Landry
    • Philippe McNeil
    • Theodore Martin
      • Being relatively new to WikiTree, I could tell from my brief exposure there must be a great deal behind the scenes to this system of managing genealogy. On my own, I tried to learn basic profile creation, using a “hit and miss” approach. In my early journey, I quickly began to interact with active members in Louisiana and I attempted to learn from the work they created. Specifically, Jacqueline Girouard and Stephanie Ward generate a tremendous amount of quality work. In one of our many collaborative encounters, Stephanie Ward, who I have never met, recommended I join PIP Voyage; I am very grateful to her for pointing me in that direction. Although I was somewhat hesitant, I joined and encountered another quality person in my guide. She was an excellent PIP guide and coach exposing me, in a non-threatening manner, to simple steps to producing a better profile. Many of these steps I did not even know existed, but was amazed at how easily they could be employed after practice. I learned many techniques to make profile development easier, making me much more productive, which I now appreciate. You may wish to journey alone as I first considered, but I highly recommend anyone wanting to know more to experience the voyage in improving their profile development skill set utilizing a collaborative approach set to your own pace
  • Katie Miller
    • Amos Miller
    • Charles Miller
      • I am really pleased with the results of the PIP Voyage. I learned a great deal about WikiTree while undertaking the Voyage. I appreciated the links to help pages regarding Find A Grave and the use of templates. It made me search the help pages the use of Ancestry and FamilySearch sources/templates. There is so much to learn about WikiTree. I thought setting a time frame for the Voyage was also a good idea. Although for me I had already decided to get my profile done relatively quickly, I imagine this would be very helpful for others in setting aside time to focus on their Voyage profiles.
  • Liza Macklem
    • Celeste Sauve
    • Marie Durocher
      • I know that I haven’ asked a lot of questions but I feel that I have learnt a lot. Specifics would be things link correcting the Find A Grave Source, adding a photo within the text, and a few other things. However, just as important to me, I have learnt how to slow down and really look at the sources I have and write more about a person because of it. I have grown a lot in profile writing since I joined WikiTree and the PIP journey has helped me to improve/confirm what I write when I take the time to do it properly. I can see the improvement even though it may be hard to see in the 2 profiles I have done as part of this journey, and I thank you for that.
  • Stephen Mosier
    • Olive Delphine Garber
    • David S Snyder
      • The first thing I learned is how much stuff (templates, formatting rules, guides, apps, etc) there is on WikiTree that you may never see unless someone directs you to it. I discovered resources and apps that make research easier and faster, and I learned a lot about formatting a citation. I'm not sure I ever would have found these things on my own. And kudos to my guide for the effort she devoted to my voyage.
  • Kevin Huigens
    • William Frederick Ogden
    • Margaret H. (Kennedy) Kain
      • The PIP Voyage was a wonderful aid to help me climb the WikiTree learning curve. I learned so many useful and interesting ways to improve profiles (categories, links to external sources embedded in citations, links to uploaded source images in citations, checking the links to make sure that they work) and shortcuts (mainly Sourcer, once I figured out how to configure it to get EE-style citations). I was also able to see how sharing WikiTree profiles was a great way to share my research with others. Robin was a generous guide who put a lot of effort into going through what turned out to be a couple of very long profiles. I am looking forward to applying my new knowledge to my existing profiles and the new ones I'll create.
  • Ralph Geer
    • Jonas Geer
    • Willis Fielder Barrows
      • Spending time on the PIP Voyage was the best investment of my time this year. My guide taught me so much that I didn’t know. I recommend that anyone serious about improving themselves and their profiles take the PIP Voyage. Just after I finished my first profile and thought there was nothing else to learn, my guide showed me more tips, tricks, tools, and investigative ideas that really impressed me. She expected nothing but perfection from me and guided me towards that end. She must have made an impression on me because I find myself automatically using what I have learned on each profile I create and edit.
  • Gordon Mac Rae
    • Sarah Lancefield
    • Ross Hockly
      • Thank you very much for the journey, I enjoyed it thoroughly and the journey solidified various tips I had started to learn. UI am forever spoiled and will only be putting together well made profiles. Your help, Denise, was invaluable and my Wikitree journey will be the better for it. I will call on you when I need some help, thank you for the offer.
  • Debbie Ferguson
  • Ros Haywood (Fast Track)
  • Scott Fulkerson
  • Tracey Bent
  • Kirby Mullenberg
  • Audrey Crockett
    • Donatille Primeaux
    • Charles Frederick
      • I hoped to achieve a greater knowledge of how to create and format a profile on a more expert level. I believe that I have learned a great deal from you on the intricate ins and outs of profile creation and formatting. I hope to continue to use this new knowledge as I create and edit profiles on WT. It has far exceeded my expectations on what I hoped to learn.
  • Sjana Lee (Dreyer) Bauer
    • George Alva Cullins
    • Jacob Kramp
      • It was a pleasure working with my Voyage Guide. I never felt rushed my guide went through all the different aspects of WikiTree and how to make a proper profile, efficiently and properly. My guide also ensured I understood where to find and use all the different tools that Wikitree had to offer, and made clear and concise suggestions as to how to enhance my profile, while listening to my desires to keep it my "voice" and personal. This was important to me and with my guide’s suggestions, I ended up with profiles that both myself and my family could be proud of. My guide was always available, and responded in a timely manner, even when on vacation and the PIP Project was very workable with me while I was going through some major health issues. The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) came highly recommended to me and I honestly think this is a Project that every member of WikiTree should be a part of. I feel that I have grown and improved significantly because I 1) had a wonderful and patient Voyage Guide, and 2) the project is set up for one to succeed. I recommend it 100%.
  • Michael Black
    • Frank B. Scott
    • William Noble Bailey
      • I'm relatively new to WikiTree, but love to write and have been looking for a good, long-term solution for sharing my research with others. I had little idea what to expect from the PIP voyage, other than it came highly recommended by two of my other WT mentors. My PIP guide was fantastic—she was full of tips, shortcuts, and advice, and had a wealth of conventions, standards, and frameworks to share with me. Kay was also generous with her time and is a fellow perfectionist, which I really appreciated. Before working with my guide, I wasn't clear about what constituted a very well-written and well-composed profile. I now feel I have a good grasp of the numerous aspects I must keep in mind and the skills I need to develop to produce great profiles. The time I spent on the PIP Voyage was a wise investment in improving my skill set, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their WT profile writing skills.
  • Alice (Stephens) Thomsen
    • Ford Mott
    • John Walker Stephens
      • I found the Voyage to be Exceptional. I am not new to WikiTree but felt like I just was not understanding Wikitree as I should. I highly recommend it, especially for each new person, but also to all Profile Managers who truly want to make their tree grow with full biographies, and properly completed. My Guide was Exceptional. I have to agree, she was "full of tips, shortcuts, advice and a wealth of conventions, standards and frameworks" for me to use as I move on. She reminded me how you need to keep rechecking your work, the smallest detail can throw the whole profile off. I learned so much and I know I will continue to learn from where she left off. It truly feels wonderful to see profiles on my watchlist finally complete with full biographies.

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