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The goal of this project is to ... shorten my personal BIO........ The family Tartan is "Taylor-25258_37.jpg" by adding all the PROJECTS I am currently working on.........

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Carole Taylor.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • working on all of them once in awhile
  • focus on completing if possible


  1. CECIL County, Maryland 2 Parishes 656 images
  2. is the defunct "Old Denver City Cemetery" OK, DID I MAKE A FREE SPACE?????????????????
  3. Category: Clan Grierson
  4. SCOTLAND Project PIT GOALS GO TO [1] Unsourced profiles can be found at WikiTree+ (select the blue "Get profiles" button) and the Unsourced profiles Scotland report.
  5. Irish Roots Project. Carole Taylor--28 Jul 2015--Awarded by Maria Maxwell OUR Ancestors from IRELAND are William Hamilton/ daughter Margaret Hamilton-Puntenney AND of COURSE::#Name_Study Grierson name study Grierson name study They have snipped our ties to the Old Country, and the Greer-Grierson LIneage..............so we are desperately LOOKING for PROOF. [citation needed] DNA sure made my papertrail burn up!!! Have had my dna tested, the results say,
"I R E L A N D --75 --10682 --0.7 --YES..both SIDES
North Ireland --3 -- 304 --1.0 --That would be the Protestant side ???? "
  1. Colorado_Families-_A_Territorial_History [2] FREE SPACE
  2. JUST added another SOS Project.. The Columbian Harmony Cemetery (Defunct) adding the 37.000 people who were laid to rest there, and then moved (???) in 1960 not there headstones though....................35,000 people
  3. 3rd Colorado Civil WAR 1145 DONE
  4. 27th Missouri Mounted Infantry, SOLDIERS FREE SPACE Space:27th_Volunteer_Mounted_Infantry_Soldiers DONE
  5. Research Project Governor's of Colorado, family, adding sources/BIOs parents.wives, most kids.. DONE:
  6. [[[Space:FREE_SPACE_for_my_DUVCW_Research|DUVSW FREE SPACE]]] Research CANCELLED
  7. [3] Poynter_Name_Study
  8. SAVING AN HISTORIC CEMETERY Weisner Cemetery, Longmont, Colorado only 8 persons.
  9. notables PROJECT
  10. CANCELLED Civil War Nurses Medical Dept. US Vol. USBH email wikitrees-african-american-project AT googlegroups.com

I am working on now, OFF?ON.................
  1. This is the last IRISH Ancestor for our GREER, Grierson, MacGregor, lineage..... King Fergus MacErca, King of Dalriada (Fergus Mór) "King of Dál Riata, Fergus the Great, 131st King of Ireland" mac Eirc formerly Maceric aka macEarca--Born about 0450 in Dalraida, Ulster, Ireland ---AND do NOT forget g-g-g- gramma Margaret "Peggy" Hamilton Puntenney, born IN IRELAND, and her father, g-g-g-g grampa William Hamilton...
  2. [[:Category:Missouri_Unsourced_Profiles]|Category: :Missouri Unsourced Profiles (Missouri/California/Colorado/Ohio)
  3. FREE SPACE PROJECT [4]] 27th Volunteer_Mounted_Infantry_Soldiers DONE
  4. [5] Grampa Capt. William GREER SR is in the PENDING RESEARCH mode because Lance is saying the data does not match the sources and not enough SOURCES agree. need to find and add all sources................
  5. Profiles Project [6]
  6. My DELP/DELPH family, what a mess... Daniel Delph and all his kids.. I have a list. just "Unsourced" 4 of them today 3/30/2017
  7. Guidry-Patin Marriages [7] Name Study
  8. Magna Carta Sureties MATCHES thru my FATHER-Lee's--Scott's There is a direct ancestral relationship. Geoffrey (Say) de Say is the 24th great [8] Grampa to me....thru the Lee-Scotts..AND also thru the Masons relationship. William (Lanvallei) de Lanvallay is the great, father of Carole Taylor. William Lanvallei [9] Also thru the Scotts--There is a direct ancestral relationship. John Clavering FitzRobert [10]
  9. 3rd Colorado Civil WAR
  10. Project: US Presidents [[Project:US_Presidents]|See the FREE SPACE: [11]] for my family line to the LINK to the grandfather of the 26 Presidents that are LINKED to our TRIG.
LIST OF US Presidents in wikitree [12]
  1. New Hampshire Oath of Allegiance Moses Leavitt Oath DONE
  2. Huguenot Migration with Chet Snow [[13]]
  3. the Greer One Name Study [14]
  4. The Manis family, adding the Will Book of Tennessee
  5. Clean-a-thon got 10 fixed/sourced..3/26/2018
  6. United States History Project
  7. April 21-23 Tornadoes clean a thon April 2018
  8. 1000 photos I took at the Riverside Cemetery, Colorado Section #6 and placed 516 profiles....DONE Aug 2018
  9. 500 photos I took at the Elizabeth Cemetery, Colorado [15] 157 just the WEST side 4 rows.
  10. CleanAThon April Greer-Grier-Grierson DONE
  11. Missouri GLORIOUS DEAD Monument /wiki/Space:Glorious_DEAD_Monument DONE
  12. Gumry Hotel Fire DONE


mtDNA - "Ancestral Origins"

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this all MEANS
Country --MATCH -- Percentage -- REMARKS
I am only going to list the countries that have "Match" 10 or more --:UNLESS of course it is very INTERESTING
Austria ------4 --1012 - -0.04 --interesting???
BELARUS ---1-- 595 -- 0.2 ==Elena, my sons wife….
CANADA -22 --1086 --2.0 ??????????
Czech Republic--12--1017--1.2 ?????????
Denmark --6 --997 --0.6 --interesting???
E N G LA N D -149 --13312 --1.1 --YES, I agree both sides, course
Finland --20 -- 33140 --0.6 -- ?=never saw it
France --48 --4229 --1.1 --yep.. Mom's side
G E R M A N Y--138--13195--1.0 --yep.. Mom's side
Greece --12 --606 --2.0 --???
IRAQ --6 --226 --2.7 --REALLY: must be the BIBLE people
I R E L A N D --75 --10682 --0.7 --YES..both SIDES
North Ireland --3 -- 304 --1.0 --That would be the Protestant side ????
I T A L Y --33 --4115 --0.8 --???Got Me???
Netherlands --12 --1545 --0.8 --Yes, the Greers Dad's side
Norway --17 --2772 --0.6 --got me?
P O L A N D --20 --4893 --0.4 --aka; PRUSSIA yes… Mom's side
RUSSIAN Fed (Cossack clan on the Ukrainian steppes) --10 --2986 ---0.3
Toepfer's/ I know where they are buried in Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation
S C O T L A N D --63 --5258 --1.2 --Yes, The GREERS Dad's side
S P A I N --11 --2040 --0.5 --guess, that would be Tea Tephi/Heremon
S W E D E N --25 --3279 --0.7 --Magog, from the BIBLE….
Switzerland --15 --1595 --0.9 --got me?
United Kingdom --81 --7331 --1.1 --yep, Mom's PATERNAL side….
United STATES??? --23 -2569 ---0.9 --Who is this? ME or Native American
N A T I V E AMER. --5 --3515 --0.1 --YEP, Susan Patsy Fields-Manis Cherokee
Wales: aka:England --11 --1127 --1.0 --?????Wales aka: United Kingdom
PLUS the misc::: --57 === Heinz variety

WELL, guess this tells me one thing, where I get my VERY BLAND taste buds

BUT, IF my dna ONLY traces the maternal lineage, bull pucky… this report is a LIE!!!!!!!!

It doesn't even tell me who my Mom/Dad were, but on one page it did say,
"my furthest ancestors were John Alden/Priscilla"
(I could not find the SOURCES to prove this) but my ancestors that are of the same year and same place would be the Hathaways... on my Mom's side....

And when I do a Relationship Finder Quick Links

IF you can read it plz... let me in on the secret...

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

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