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Are You My Cousin?

If you find that you are my cousin within 30 generations,
please leave a message on this page, and I'll add you to the table!

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My WikiTree Cousins

My WikiTree Cousins
Genealogists Relationship Closest Common Ancestor DNA match?
Patty (Miller Rinehimer) Almond 04.0425th Cousins Johannes Lee (abt.1200-aft.1298) N/A
Wilma (Apel) McAlpin 04.044th Cousins Robert Dale 17 cM across 1 segment
Robert Baber 04.0415th cousins once removed Richard Guilford KG (abt.1450-1506) N/A
Jutta (Armstrong) Beer 04.0419th Cousins William Willoughby KG (abt.1371-1409) N/A
Arleen (Berry) Allen 04.0417th Cousins Enoch Leachman Willoughby (1794-1827) N/A
Paula (Brewer) Franklin 04.04 16th cousins three times removed Margaret (Ros) Tuchet (abt.1400-bef.1430) N/A

Heather Brown

04.048th cousins once removed Johann Mattheus (Jochem) Yoakum (abt.1698-1783) N/A
Anne (Champion de Crespigny) Young 04.0415th Cousins, 1x removed Henry Willoughby (1452-1528) N/A
Sandy (Craig) Patak 04.0410th cousins once removed Frances (Burdette) Harrison (1636-abt.1698) N/A
Amy (Crawford) Gilpin 04.0411th Cousins John (Doane) Done Sr (abt.1590-1685) N/A
Connie Davis 04.04 16th cousins once removed Elizabeth (Tyrrell) Haute (abt.1436-bef.1507) N/A
Laura DeSpain 04.0416th Cousins Thomas Haute KB (1460-1502) N/A
Kurt Driver 04.0417th Cousins, 2x removed Nicholas Poyntz (abt.1393-1460) N/A
Michelle (Elkins) Brown 04.04Second Cousins Jack Arrington Oakley Not yet
R. D. Flowers 04.0418th Cousins once removed Walter Hungerford KG N/A
Chandra Garrow 04.0411th cousins Nicholas Snow (abt.1599-1676) N/A
Benette (Heymans) Grobler 04.0420th cousins 3X removed [[John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG N/A
Regina Hall 04.0412th cousins [[John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG N/A
Carole (Kirch) Bannes 04.0418th Cousins, 1x removed Hawte Wyatt (abt.1594-1638) N/A
Julia (McCartney) Hogston 04.0420th cousins once removed ?? N/A
Gary Milks 04.0421st Cousins 2X removed John (Coggeshale) de Coggeshale N/A
Linda (Lenze) Mearse 04.0415th cousins once removed John Bray (abt.1455-) N/A
Carol (Lloyd) Lloyd Neill 04.0420th Cousins, 3x removed William Boteler (1245-bef.1283) N/A
Cathy (Wilson) Leary 04.045th Cousins once removed Robert Dale ??
David Moore 04.0417th Cousins Twice Removed Millicent Maude n/a
Marilynn (Pomles) Tobash 04.0411th Cousins, 1x removed Barbara (Smythe) Bowers (abt.1595-1644) N/A
Jerry Regan 04.0421st cousins Henry Howland (1564-bef.1635) N/A
Judith Robinson 04.0412th cousins once removed Henry Howland Sr. N/A
Karen Stewart 04.04 11th cousins Ann (Unknown) Hawley (abt.1615-bef.1672) N/A
Karen Williamson 04.042nd Cousins Walter Garfield King 410 cM across 18 segments


A big thank you to Richard Ryker from whom I borrowed this idea.

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Hi Pam,

We are 8th cousins once removed with the common ancestor of f Elizabeth (Hudson) Blankenship (1704-1789).

posted by Emily (Cole) Ledford
21st cousins. Common 20th g g grandfather.

Regan-1501 /s/jr

posted by Jerry Regan
edited by Jerry Regan
Thanks, Cousin! I have added you to my list. See ya in the branches!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Linda and Pam are 15th cousins once removed

Linda (Lenze) Mearse and Pam (Dale) Fraley are both descendants of John Bray (abt.1455-).

posted by Linda (Lenze) Mearse
Hi Linda,

I have you added. Thanks!

posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Connie Davis Davis-50681 and Paula (Brewer) Franklin are both descendants of Richard Sergeaux (abt.1328-1393).

17th cousins twice removed!

posted by Connie Davis
I got 16th Cousins Dear. Got ya added.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
We are 16th cousins 3 times removed
Hello my sweet Cousin. You are on the list!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Got you added! Thanks cousin, See ya in the branches.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hi, Pam

We are 11th cousins through Ann Hawley.

posted by Karen Stewart
Hi Karen! Totally forgot about this page. Thank I have you added
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hi Pam,

We are 11th cousins, once removed through Barbara (Smythe) Bowers abt 1595-1644. Marilynn Tobash

Hello Cousin, Nice to meet ya! I added you to my list.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
This goes beyond the scope of your question/request, but perhaps you will find it interesting to know that you (along with many others, probably all of your cousins) also descend directly from Yaroslav Kiev-19 and Ingegerd Olofsdottir-8 in 31 generations according to WikiTree+.
posted by Robert Baber
Pam, in case you are interested, you (Dale-2823) are also a cousin of Comanche Chief Parker-379, Cherokee Wilma Pearl Mankiller-2, Sam Starr-1135, Doc Holliday-60, etc.
posted by Robert Baber
Very cool, Thanks. I will have to investigate these further.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
You (Dale-2823) and Hannover-43 are 12th cousins 7 times removed (Uncertain) with 367 common ancestors within 30 generations. A statue of Hannover-43 is kitty corner from my (Baber-306) apartment in Bad Homburg, Germany.
posted by Robert Baber
The WikiTree Relationship Finder says that we are 15th cousins once removed (Uncertain) with 291 common ancestors within 30 generations. I am Baber-306.
posted by Robert Baber
We are 19th cousins apparently. We're both descendants of Willoughby-68.
posted by Jutta (Armstrong) Beer
Hello Cousin! Nice to meet you! I have you added to my list.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
12th cousins 1x removed. Judith Robinson and Pam Dale are both descendants of Henry Howland Sr.
posted by Judith Robinson
Hello Cousin! Nice to meet you! I have you added to my list.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Pam and Kurt are 17th cousins twice removed (Uncertain)

Pam Dale and Kurt Driver are both descendants of Nicholas Poyntz.

posted by Kurt Driver
Hello, I added you to my list, Cousin!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hi Pam,

We’re 18th cousins, once removed, through Hungerford-1. Great idea! 😃

posted by Carole (Kirch) Bannes
Hello Cousin! I got you added to the list!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hi We are 15th cousins once removed (Uncertain but only one relationship marked as uncertain: Willoughby-103 seems unsourced and orphaned at present )

Pam Dale and Anne (Champion de Crespigny) Young are both descendants of Henry Willoughby.

Yes! A Willoughby Cousin! Nice to meet you I added you to my list.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Pam, we are 17th cousins. Our common ancestor is Thomas Frowck JB MP
posted by Arleen (Berry) Allen
I couldn't find Thomas Frowck JB MP and the relationship thing told me we aren't connected.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hey Pam.

We are 20th cousins three times removed.

Benette (Heymans) Grobler and Pam Dale are both descendants of John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG.

Hi Cousin! I Added ya, I'm having so much fun with this!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Julia and Pam are 20th cousins once removed (Uncertain)

Julia (McCartney) Hogston and Pam Dale are both descendants of David Norbury.

Who is our common ancestor? It's telling me no relation.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
We are 8th cousins, once removed via Mathias Jochem! 🙂
posted by Heather Brown
Hi Cousin! Got you added to the list!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hi Pam!

We're 11th Cousins, our closest common relative is Nicholas Snow (abt.1599-1676).

posted by Chandra Garrow
Hey Cousin! I got you added to my list! Thanks!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
We're 20th Cousins, 3x removed. William Boteler (1245-1283) is our common relative.
I got ya added to my list, I was hoping you would be closer as my 2x Granny was a Neil.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Checked my spouse's ID and nothing.
Gotcha added. John is my Mayflower Ancestor did you know that?
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
I did! He's mine too... I think I have a couple of others as well.
posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Hi Pam,

We’re 21c 2r through John (Coggeshale) de Coggeshale (abt.1279-abt.1319)


posted by Gary Milks
Hello Cousin, Gotcha added! That is going way back!
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hey Cousin Pam!

We are 18c 1r, and you and my daughter are 19th cousins. Our common ancestor that WT found is Walter Hungerford KG.

On your Ahnentaffel, he is

1 11111 00101 00000 11110

...V..........5..........0..........U in my numbering system, 2069534 in the usual one, which took more figuring, so I may have erred with it.

On my daughter's Ahnen, he is

1 01111 01100 00010 10100

...F..........C.........2,,,,,,,,,,,K in my numbering system, 1552468 in the usual one, which I calculated from the above.

Most of my far back ancestors are of FC@ / 3032/ George Joseph Yate, or his wife FC^/ 3033/ Mary Wells Yate.

posted by R. D. Flowers
edited by R. D. Flowers
I got ya added we also connect through my Bonus-Dad. Dean Lowe. R. D. Flowers is 15 Degrees from Pam Dale their Common ancester is Jacob Lowe (1836-1924). It counts because he is also my double uncle. LOL! My mom and 2 of her sisters married brothers.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley

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