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People and places mentioned in Clayton Wills

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Date: 1780 to 1800
Location: Cheshire, Englandmap
Surname/tag: Clayton
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This list of Cheshire Wills belonging to the Clayton family is not exhaustive. The wills in the “researched” list have been looked at and people and places mentioned are noted.



Edmund Clayton 1674

Husbandman, Disley Standley[1]

William Clayton brother deceased, bequests to his children
Brother Francis Clayton and his wife Margaret
Sister Ellen and her son
Brother in law Francis Wood
Elizabeth Downes my cousin
Nephew Edmund Clayton
kinsman Radulphus Clayton was executor
Rapheson [Raphe’s son?][2]

John Clayton 10 Nov 1703

Husbandman, Disley Standley[3]
brother Ralph Clayton
Brother Edward Clayton
Brother William Clayton
Sister Elizabeth Downes
Sister Ellin
Brother in law John Elihalls
Sister in Law Martha Clayton
Sister in law Elizabeth Clayton
Sister in law Mary Seeley
Thomas Farley[?]
Martha Seeley [or Beeley or Deeley]
Wife Martha
daughter Tomas[?]
Edward, son of Ralph Clayton
William, son of Edward Clayton
Witnesses Edward C,Ashton, William Clayton

Ralph Clayton of Disley Standley 17 Jan 1710

Yeoman, Disley Hanley[4]
Son Edward Clayton, my son & heir of Disley Handley
Wife Martha
Son Ralph Clayton clergyman
Son-in-law George Brocklehurst of Taxall
I give & dispose of to my three Kinsmen & kinswoman ye sons & daughter of my brother Edward Clayton of Greens Hall in Disley aforesaid the sum of two shillings & sixpence
To the two sons and three daughters of Elizabeth Downes my sister

Grandson Ralph Clayton, son of my son the said Edward Clayton

To the two sons and four daughters of my son in law George Brocklehurst of Taxall aforesaid
My Daughter Hannah Brocklehurst, wife of George Brocklehurst
Sister-in-law Martha Clayton gets house & garden at Hag Bank
Witnesses Henery [?]indells, George Clayton, John Swindells[5]

William Clayton sen 7 Sep 1718

Disley, husbandman[6]
Sister-in-law Martha Clayton relict of my brother Ralph Clayton
nephew Edward Claytonof Hag Bank in Disley
his brother Ralph Clayton
my niece Hannah Brocklehurst now wife of George Brocklehurst of Taxall, Yeoman
Brother Edward Clayton
his son Edward Clayton
my sister in law Elizabeth Clayton
nephew John Clayton
sons of my brother Edward Clayton
Elizabeth Clayton daughter of my brother Edward Clayton
To the five children of my sister Elizabeth Downes relict of William Downes near Hayfield in the parish of Glossop & County
Sister Katharine Mallory daughter
Ralph Clayton the son of my said nephew Clayton of Hags Bank
Children of my nephew Edward Clayton of Standley Tivol[?]
To the six children of my said kinsman George Brocklehurst
brother-in-law John Elihalls
kinsman Edward Clayton William Clayton John Clayton Elizabeth Clayton sons & daughter of my said brother Edward Clayton
nephew William Clayton, son of brother Edward, is executor
Witnesses John Radcliffe, Thomas Salsbury, Wm Bancroft

John Clayton 9 Jan 1762

Yeoman, Romiley[7]
Wife Martha
Son John
Son Edward
The children of my son Edward, namely Edward and Joseph his sons, Beatrice, Martha and :Elizabeth his daughters
Son George
Daughter Annis, wife of Jonathan Swindells
Daughters Beatrice, Phyllis and Lettice
Witnesses Pater Gaskell, Samuel Shyrley, Robt. Ashtone

Isaac Clayton 1775

Presbury, late of Adlington[8]
Executors Peter Lomas, Peter Harrop

George Clayton 17 Sep 1776

Surgeon of Romiley[9]
Executor Timothy Booth of Werneth, Yeoman
Executor Henry Barlow the Elder of Romiley, Yeoman
Brother and executor John Clayton of Romiley, Yeoman
Sister Lettice the wife of Timothy Booth of Werneth
Sister Annis wife of Jonathan Swindells of Romiley
Esther, the wife of James Fidler of Romiley, daughter of sister Annis Swindells
Jonas Swindells, son of the said Annis Swindells
Sister Phillis the wife of Isaac Booth of Romiley
Nephew Edward Clayton of Bredbury, husbandman
Nephew Joseph Clayton of London, mason
Niece Elizabeth otherwise Betty Clayton of Bredbury
Niece Martha, the wife of Thomas Oldham of Brimington, farmer
Nephew John Booth of Stockport, weaver
Nephew George both of Glossop Dale in the County of Derby, husbandman
Brother Edward Clayton
Witnesses Joseph Bruckshaw, Nathan Rule, John Fidler

John Clayton 9 Nov 1780

Yeoman, Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire[10]
Wife Martha
Dwellinghouse in Bredbury
Eldest son John Clayton
Bruckshaw’s land situated in Bromiley
New Barn Tenement situate in Romiley under John Arden Esquire
son Thomas Clayton
messuages, lands lately purchased of the trustees of the late Isaac Booth decd.
daughter Martha the wife of Ralph Heginbotham of Romiley, Yeoman
Son Joshua Clayton
lands in Bredbury purchased from Thomas Garcell and John Woodruff
daughter Mary the wife of Thomas Taylor of Bredbury, shoemaker
Daughter Ann Tomlinson widow
Daughter Sarah, the wife of John Marland of Ashton under Line, Yeoman
Witnesses Sarah Richardson, Tho. Richardson, Edwd. Sumner

Joseph Clayton 1780

Sheriff’s officer, Stockport [11]
Son Robert Clayton, husbandman
Probate 31 Jan 1781

John Clayton the Elder 1781

Yeoman, Stockport [12]
Late wife Mary Clayton
New erected buildings situate in the Higher Hillgate in Stockport now in the occupation of son John Clayton, James Leigh hat maker, and Samuel Wood hat maker, and the old building at the back thereof with the lands in which the same now do stand unto my said son John Clayton
Other lands and houses at the back, well and water
Thomas the son of John Clayton
William his brother [brother of Thomas]
Daughter Elizabeth Dawson [first letter of surname may be something else, perhaps Sawron]
Son Thomas Clayton
Garden plot now occupied by John Swindell joiner
Hedge or road now occupied by Richard Garnett opposite the garden
Dwelling House now occupied by Rebekah Leah, I, the testator, and Margaret Worth
Daughter Ellen the wife of John Bennett of Salford, County of Lancaster, innkeeper
Witnesses Thos Smith, Peter Bailey, John Ridgway

Edward Brewerton Clayton 28 May 1782

Gentleman of Disley, Cheshire[13]
he owes £700 to Thomas Bowden
mortgage owed to Thomas Beard of New Mill in Glossop, Derbyshire
owns freeholds in hamlet of Whittle, Parish of Glosspo
Father Ralph Clayton
Sister Lucretia
Ralph Clayton and Ellen his wife
Brothers Ralph and George
Sister Martha, the wife of Edmund Barns of Cuthorp within Brampton, Yeoman
Sister Ellen, the wife of William Lee of Stockport in the County of Chester, Chapman
The children of my said late sister Lucretia and the daughter of my late sister Sarah late the wife of Charles Forkington of Stockport aforesaid Chapman,
Witnesses John Wood, John Staveley, Wm Turner

George Clayton 13 Jan 1786

Cotton manufacturer in Stockport[14]
Wife Catherine
Late brother Edward, deceased
Waterside estate situate in Disley in the County of Chester
Brother-in-law John Hadley of Manchester, roadmaker
Witnesses: Ellin Lee, Thos Cunningham, R Bromiley[?]

Joseph Clayton 11 Feb 1789

Weaver, Worth[15]
Nephews and nieces
William Clayton, Thomas Clayton, James Clayton, Ralph Clayton, John Clayton and Mary Hartley being five sons and one daughter of my brother John Clayton by Nanny his first wife
Mary Cottrell, Sarah Cottrell, Martha Cottrell, William Cottrell and John Clayton being three daughters and two sons my late sister Hannah Cottrell
executor Nephew William Clayton of Worth, Yeoman
Witnesses Abel Turner, William Walker

George Clayton 11 Jun 1789

Lomberhaigh in Marple, Yeoman
eldest son George Clayton of Manchester
son Joseph Clayton
Daughter Marthe Hyde, wife of William Hyde
Daughter Mary Booth, wife of Phillip Booth
Daughter Sarah Ward, wife of William Ward
Daughter Betty Leah, wife of Samuel Leah
Daughter Ann Burgess, wife of William Burgess
Son George Clayton
Joiners’ tools and loom, husbandryware (cart, farming utensils, etc.)
Brother Ralph Clayton
Cousin John Taylor of Marple
Witnesses Joseph Norbury, Joshua Heginbottom, Wm Chatterton

Edward Clayton 31 Jul 1789

Cordwainer of Audenshaw, Lancashire[16]

Thomas Clayton 24 Oct 1789

Yeoman, Werneth, Stockport[17]
eldest son George Clayton
brother Joshua Clayton
brothers in law Samuel Ashlon and Thomas Ashlon
estate called the Heys in Romiley in the parish of Stockport occupied by Henry Booth
Three sons George Thomas and John
Daughters Betty and Mally
Witnesses John Cheetham, Samuel Ashton Junr., Thomas Ashton

Ralph Clayton 24 Jan 1798

Innkeeper, Worth[18]

3 dwellinghouses in Heaveley, Stockport

minor children son John Clayton & daughter Ann Clayton
sons Thomas, James, Ralph, Joseph and John Clayton
daughter Ann Clayton
executors son Thomas and James Clayton and John Barrett of Worth, cotton manufacturer
Witnesses Abel Turner, John Minshall, Thomas Barber

Thomas Clayton 22 Jun 1799

Werneth, Stockport bachelor[19]
Brother George Clayton of Werneth
Uncle Joshua Clayton of Romiley
Brother John Clayton
Sisters Betty and Mally
John and Mally still under 21
Witnesses Nathan Collier, John Hyde, William Wainwright

John Clayton 1804

Romiley, colour maker[20]
wife Jane
Probate 14 May 1805

Jane Clayton 1806

Romiley, widow[21]
Son John Clayton of Romiley, calico printer
Son Richard Clayton of the same place, calico printer
Elias Wilde of Bredbury, blacksmith
Jonathan Smith of Romiley
Probate 20 Sep 1807

Ambrose Clayton 21 Nov 1807

Yeoman, Offerton [22]
Wife Ann
Messuages & dwellinghouses in Churchgate, Stockport in several possessions of Anthony Hammerson, Richard Siddall, Henry Cruce, Thomas whalley, John Wilkinson, James Hudson, :William Chanolley
Son Ambrose Clayton
Messuages & dwellinghouses in Offerton in several possessions of William Hammond, Edmund Hill, John Hill
Messuages & dwellinghouses in Ardwick, Manchester in several possessions of John Longley, Thomas
Daughter Ann Thompson, the wife of Joseph Raymond Thompson
Witnesses John Harrole, attorney, Robert Butlock, Jas. Woodruff

John Clayton 1 Aug 1808

Audenshaw, Lancashire, Yeoman and widower[23]

John Clayton 5 Nov 1808

Gentleman, romiley, top o’th hill, Stockport[24]
Son Thomas Clayton
House in Romiley now occupied by Joseph Brecton
land called the Great Snow, etc.in Romiley
Daughter Susannah Clayton
Daughter Margaret Cook
Daughter Martha Clayton
Son George Clayton
House in Romiley now occupied by John Hammond the older and John Hammond the younger
Messuage in Bredbury dwellinghouse in Woodley within Bredbury purchased from widow Cheetham
Dwellinghouse purchased from Ralph Burgess
Son John Clayton
Daughter Sarah Clayton
Witnesses Joseph Brereton, Robert Hammond, John Hammond

William Clayton 12 Jul 1810

Yeoman Worth, Prestbury[25]
“Interest in Swansey Colliery in the township of Hudersfield together with the Enginn and all and every of the other Impliments and metarials whatsoever unto me belonging for working the said Colliery”
Broom Stair Estate in township of Denton and Haughton in possession of John Hooley and others as tenants
The Whitette Estate in the possession of Joseph Redfern as tenant
…other lands mentioned…
Grandson William Clayton
Grandson David Shaw Clayton
Grand Daughter Elizabeth Clayton
Daughter-in-law Catherine Clayton (mother of above grandchildren)
Witnesses Henry Lamas, Wm Knowles, Thomas Barber

George Clayton 24 Oct 1812

Gentleman, Marple, Lombarhey[26]
Wife Mary
Children mentioned but not named
Witnesses A Eccles, Wm Burgess, Julius Washington

Mary Clayton 1816

Widow, Stockport[27]
Executors son Joseph Clayton of Plymouth Dock, Devon, press man and Henry Hope of Manchester, gentleman, and John Beard of the same place, parish clerk
Probate 19 Jun 1817

Joseph Clayton 23 Jul 1816

Yeoman, Disley[28][29]
Executors: George Clayton, Joseph Clayton
Son Joseph Clayton
Son George Clayton
House & land at Badger Clough in Disley now in the occupation of Matthew Heywood as tenant
12 leasehold messuages, cottages or dwellinghouses at the bottom of Disley in occupation of Thomas Osbaldiston, Joseph Clayton, James Beresford and others as tenants
Lands in Disley called the Corks, Adams Croft with houses in occupation of William Clayton, John Gardwood and John Swindells as tenants
Daughter Ann, the wife of Samuel Wood
Daughter Annis the wife of George Swindells
Witnesses George Lomas, Samson Bretsford, Ester Lomas

Ann Clayton Jul 1819

Widow, Offerton[30]
Daughter Ann Thompson
Grandson Charles Frederick Thompson
Son Ambrose Clayton
Matthew Longden of Offerton, farmer


Jane Clayton 1588

Disley, widow[31]

Brian Clayton 1636

Husbandman, Disley[32]

Joseph Clayton 1738

Cooper, Adlington[33]

William Clayton 1739

Linen Weaver, Walton in the Dale[34]

Samuel Clayton 1812

Gawsworth [35]

George Clayton 1813

Gentleman, Lambarhey[36]

William Clayton 1813

Farmer, Brindle[37]

Grace Clayton 1816

Widow, Grimshaw Park Within Blackburn[38]

Robert Clayton 1816

Yeoman, Woods[39]

Jonathan Clayton 1818

Stone mason, Luzley[40]

Thomas Clayton 1818

Innkeeper, Blackburn[41]

Jane Clayton 1833

Widow, Osbaldstone, Lancaster[42]


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