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Personnalités Françaises

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The following is a list of French Notables with a profile on Wikitree.

There were 3012 people on the list as of 7 September 2017. This is only the beginning of the list, minus persons with only a tenuous French connection, most royals and a few fairly complete profiles.

Unconnected profiles and stubs

Nr. Name Link to profile if it existsTasksWorking on
1Emile ZolaShould connect Nov. 6Rassinot-1
2Louis PasteurNeeds Family, Needs Connected, Needs Sources
3Antoine de Saint-ExupéryNeeds Connected, needs better bio
4André-Marie AmpèreNeeds Connected
5Thérèse de LisieuxNeeds Connected
6Jean-Auguste Dominique IngresNeeds family, needs connected
7Pierre AbélardProbably impossible to get connected
9Jean BodelStandalone profile - no hope of ever connecting it.
12Jean-Jacques RousseauNeeds family (wife) , needs Connected
13Jean-Marie Le Pen
14Simone de BeauvoirNeeds family, needs connected
25Marion Cotillard
16Guy de Maupassant Needs connection and SOURCES!! Little-known illegitimate children have been added with only Geneanet as a source...
17Jean-Paul SartreNeeds Family, Needs Connected (see Schweitzer)
18Charles Messier
19Emile Durkheim
20Bérénice Bejo
21Auguste RodinNeeds family, Needs connected
22Georges SeuratNeeds connectedRassinot-1
23Albert CamusNeeds connected
25Jules VerneNeeds Connected
26Jacques-Yves CousteauNeeds Sources, Needs Connected
27Brigitte BardotNeeds Family, Needs Connected
28Edouard ManetNeeds Family, Needs ConnectedLavoie-802
29Henri BecquerelNeeds Connected
30Jacques OffenbachNeeds Connected (German born)Rassinot-1
31Sully PrudhommeNeeds Family, Needs Connected
32Frédéric MistralNeeds Family, Needs Connected, ...
33Gustave FlaubertNeeds Family, Needs Connected
34Maximilien de RobespierreNeeds Connected, Needs parents
35Michel FoucaultNeeds family, needs connected
37Romain RollandNeeds to be connected
38Jeanne MoreauNeeds connected
39Albert SchweitzerNeeds to be connected, could be done in concert with his cousin, Jean-Paul Sartre
40Vanessa Paradis Needs family, needs connected
41Charles de FoucauldNeeds family, needs connected
42Evariste GaloisNeeds Connected, Needs French bio
43Louis MalleNeeds Family, Needs Bio
45Marc ChagallNeeds Family, Needs Connected (parents are Russian)
46Louis DaguerreNeeds Family, Needs Connected
47Isabelle HuppertNeeds Family, Needs Connected
48Jean-Honoré FragonardNeeds Family, Needs Connected, rumour of family connection with Morisot needs checking Lavoie-802
49Marguerite YourcenarNeeds Connected

Connected profiles

Nr. Name Link to profile if it existsTasksWorking on
1Claude MonetBiography needs expandingRassinot-1
2Louis IXNeeds French bio, Needs cleaner Sources
3Blanche de CastilleNeeds Biography, Needs Sources
4François MitterrandNeeds more family, Needs Bio (already connected)
5Guillaume IX d'AquitaineNeeds trimming? French bio ?
6Irène Joliot-CurieAlready connected
7Louis-Antoine de Pardaillan de GondrinAlready connected
8René DescartesConnected Aug 2017
9 Louis AragonConnected 4 September 2017Rassinot-1
10Elsa TrioletConnected 4 September 2017
11Jean François MilletConnected 24 October 2017Add family, add and refine sourcing of connection to American Gallup family
12Edgar DegasConnected 30 October 2017Add ancestry, improve profile's biography and sources
13 Denis Diderot Connected 11 September 2017Rassinot-1
14Henri MatisseConnected; needs family, biography and sources
15Jacques ChiracNeeds a biograpyRassinot-1
16Marcel DuchampConnected; needs family, biograph and sources
17François-René de ChâteaubriandConnected.
18Mary LandrieuConnected 6 October 2017Lavoie-802
19Ferdinand de LessepsNeeds French and American families added Lavoie-802

The list was constructed with the help of the following command line:

http://petscan.wmflabs.org/?language=en&project=wikipedia&depth=3&categories=French_people&combination=union&ns[0]=1&sparql=select %3Fperson %3FWIkiTree {%0D%0A_%3Fperson_wdt%3AP2949_%3FWikiTree%0D%0A}&ext_image_data=on&add_image=on&add_defaultsort=on&interface_language=en&active_tab=&doit=

(courtesy of Magnus Sälgö).


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