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Peytons of Virginia

This page is designed as a reference page for the Peytons of Virginia and to facilitate collaboration on profiles of Peytons (and Paytons) in America. See Of Peytons & Paytons for Peytons/Paytons in England.

Reference Section

While I was trying to figure out who’s who, I was struck by the solid information provided in bits and pieces across the various lines and duplicates. For example, WikiTree is fortunate in that Harold Davey of the Peyton Society of Virginia is a member and has posted notes on several Peyton profiles:
Additionally, I found transcripts of wills on a couple of profiles:
  • Valentine Peyton will, signed December 1785, mentioning wife Sally; children Craven, Prudence, John, and Robert; brother Burr Peyton
  • Henry Peyton will, signed May 1658, mentioning wife Ellen; brother Col. Valentine Peyton; sons Henry and Valentine (underage at time will was written); Uncle Thomas Partington of London
  • find a profile with a will transcript? add it here!


  • The Peytons of Virginia II (2004), suggested by Harold Davey

Lookup Offers

Check the Genealogy Resource Exchange subcategory under WikiTree Genealogy Help. (no obvious Peyton resources as of 3/28/13)

Collaboration Section

Lowest Peyton Profiles

Before any merging, we need to reach consensus on the version of the name to be used (for example, Payton or Peyton) and find the profile with the lowest numbered WikiTree ID. Then all of the duplicates can be merged into that profile. (See merging multiple profiles for additional information.)
As we determine the “final” profile for each Peyton, we can list him/her here, which will facilitate future merges. I’ve started a couple of lists for us to work with to do this. Please feel free to edit.[1]

Valentine Peytons


Westmoreland County (Nomini); Stafford County (Overwharton Parish); Prince William County (Hamilton, Dettington Parish)
The following location information is from Benjamin Rush's profile (he was made guardian of Robert, orphan of Valentine Peyton, in 1762 - Prince William County Court records - and his daughter Ann Rush married Robert Peyton - bible record of grandson Hiram Peyton Cochran, details relayed in this post).
  • 1715 birth in Westmoreland County, Virginia
    • Prince William County (sometimes given as birth location), was not formed until 1730/31 (from King George and Stafford counties); Westmoreland County was formed from Northumberland County in 1653 and Stafford County was formed from Westmoreland County in 1664[2]
  • 1744 marriage to Alice Grigsby in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia
    • Overwharton Parish, formed about 1702, served Stafford County from 1702 to after 1785. In 1776, the boundary between King George and Stafford Counties was altered, Overwharton began serving both counties.[3]
    • Overwharton Parish and Prince William County: When Prince William County was formed from Stafford County in 1731, all of Hamilton Parish went to Prince William County. Hamilton Parish was formed in 1730 and served Stafford County from 1730 until the formation of Prince William County, which it served until 1769. When Fauquier County was formed from Prince William County in 1759, Hamilton Parish served both counties. In 1769, Hamilton Parish was divided and all of the parish in Prince William County and part of the parish in Fauquier County was used to form Leeds Parish.[3]
    • Stafford County was formed from Westmoreland County in 1664.[2]
  • 1801 death in Chatham County, North Carolina
    • Chatham County was formed from Orange County in 1771[4]

Dettinger Parish & Overwharton Parish are close, but I think there is a bit more "crossover" than should be. For example, this Rootsweb page for Valentine (16 ) includes the following:

  • Birth: Abt 1687 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia
  • Death: Bef 1 Oct 1751
  • Event: lived in 25 Jun 1739 Hamilton Parish, Prince William Co., Virginia
  • Event: Burgess 1736 Prince William Co., Virginia
  • Event: Justice Office 22 Feb 1743
  • Event: Sheriff Office 25 Sep 1749
  • Event: Vestryman 22 May 1749 "Overwharton Parish", Stafford Co., Virginia
    • from Hayden (who is said to have merged two Valentines),[5] noting that the Overwharton Parish may be a different Valentine Peyton
  • Event: Vestryman 26 Jun 1749 "Dettingen Parish", Virginia

It may be more than two Valentines are chronicled.

From a comment on Peyton-15's profile:

Westmoreland County, from which Stafford County was formed, was served by Nomini Parish from the time Westmoreland county was formed from Northumberland county in 1653.
Conclusion - Westmoreland/Nomini/Stafford County (Overwharton Parish) Peytons are Henry->Henry->Valentine (gent./clerk of Stafford Co. died after 1752). - descendants of Henry b Westmoreland County, shows information for both the Stafford County and Prince William County Valentine Peytons all under Captain Valentine Peyton of Prince William County.

WikiTree's Valentines

The following list of WikiTree profiles (probably changed since initially posted), offers some information, some of it sourced, but there appears to me that more than Hayden's two Valentines may have been merged - with so many prominent Valentine Peytons living so close together at the same time, it's hard to tell what fact should go with which other fact(s) and for which Valentine.

- are the following two profiles a match? -
Note: Valentine Peyton appears to have too many children, based on a note from PSV on Valentine Peyton that Valentine and Ann (unknown) had seven children. Additional sources? (Another note: PSV's Peytons of Virginia II could also have facts assigned incorrectly & review of sources cited in the books should be re-examined.)

Known Facts - "FE" Line

The Peytons of Virginia II (POVII) identifies Valentine Peyton, father of Robert (b 1 September 1745), as "FE" line. This section is to collect facts associated with the Valentine Peytons of an age to be father of Robert (b 1745), son Robert, and those associated with him - focusing on their locations. POVII says that Valentine (FE Line) is "of Prince William Co., Va." based, apparently, on the following source citations for son Robert:
  • "Prince William Co. VA, Orders, 1762-1763, Bk A, p. 590, Sept. 10,1761. Robert Peyton, an infant was

represented by John Peyton, his guardian. Prince William Co. VA, Orders, 1762-1763, Bk OB, p. 385, Nov. 2, 1762, Robert Peyton, Orphan of Valentine Peyton, Gent. deceased, came into court and made choice of Benjamin Rush for his Guardian, etc."

However, another source cites the same dates, but director sources:
  • "September 10, 1761: Loudoun Co., Va., Order Bk A:509 sent by Pat Duncan to Mary Gregg. November 2, 1762, Prince William Co., Va., OB 1761-1763:385 from Ruth and Sam Sparacio (see Mary Gregg's Genforum post #352, in which she provides a summary of information that she and her co-researcher Carlene St. John had found.)

From Benjamin's profile (Rush-505) is the statement: "'Benjamin Rush of Parish of Dettingen in the County of Prince William Planter & Alice his Wife' (Deed Abstract, December 1762)."

So to start:

Valentine (b c 1700) of... Prince William County? - Peyton-221 (currently attached as father of Robert b 1745, Peyton-432)

John (guardian of Valentine's son Robert in 1761), of... Loudoun County?

Robert's father-in-law (Benjamin Rush) of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County

Valentine, clerk of the court, Stafford County, was living in November 1752.[6]

Valentine of Prince William County was dec'd by 25 Aug 1752 (from this Rootsweb page, "the Pr. William Co. Court held a hearing in the case of Mark Brown and Elizabeth his wife against Henry Peyton, Gent. and John Peyton, executors of Valentine Peyton Gent. dec'd. [typos corrected]"

An aside on who Robert's mother might be, the following are two comments from Peyton-432:

update: beliefs change. At this point there I think that Frances Harrison married a different Valentine Peyton. The Stafford County Order Book returned to Virginia a few years ago shows a Valentine Peyton, Clerk, past the time that Captain Valentine Peyton died.
I think that strong evidence is mounting that Robert (b 1745, married Ann Rush) is the son of Valentine (d 1751) but not of Frances Linton. I believe that Frances Linton married Valentine c1716/1719 and was mother of some of the 7 children the Peyton Society of Virginia attributes to her, but not Robert (and I don't think Craven either). Frances Harrison is said to have married Valentine (d 1751), but also is said to have been born c1711, so she couldn't have married him in 1719. But she could have married him after Frances Linton died & been the mother of Craven (b c1730) and Robert (b 1745). Although it's not impossible that a 47-year-old woman in 1745 to have born a child (Frances Linton was b c1698), it's more likely a woman born c1710 did.
This Robert Peyton is from Prince William and Loudoun counties, Virginia according to deeds. His will was recorded in Franklin County, NC in 1785.
According to the Peyton Society of Virginia, the Robert Peyton who married Ann Guffey (born Rockbridge, VA) died in Tennessee in 1795 (born 1725).
The book Davis Stockton of Virginia, by Leona Irene Smith Johnson and Winfred Broadus Smith, has Robert Peyton m Ann Guffey living on Pissey Creek, Amherst County, 10 miles from Yelverton Peyton m Ann Guffey, living on Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge County. Amherst/Rockbridge are adjacent. PWC/Loudoun county are quite a distance away (see this map, select 1778).
Earlier, I concluded that Westmoreland/Nomini/Stafford County (Overwharton Parish) Peytons are Henry->Henry->Valentine (gent./clerk of Stafford Co. died after 1752). I'm leaning toward Robert (b 1745), son of Valentine (d 1751) are Hamilton Parish/Dettington Parish, Prince William County/Loudoun County. Robert's father (b c1700) would have been born before Hamilton Parish & Prince William County were formed in 1730/1731: From Freddie Spradlin's Parishes of Virginia: "Hamilton Parish... was formed by dividing Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. When Prince William Co was formed from Stafford Co in 1731, all of Hamilton Parish went...."
Dettington Parish was formed from Hamilton Parish in 1744 and served Prince William County to after 1785.[7]

Robert Peytons

following are by profile number (see also Of Peytons & Paytons)

Yelverton Peytons

Yelverton, it appears, is a family name from the wife of Thomas Peyton - Elizabeth Yelverton, born about 1615. Elizabeth was the daughter of Bridget (Drury) Yelverton (Drury-116). See the pdf for the Drury tree, p 429 from The history and antiquities of Suffolk. Thingoe hundred, by John Gage (available online courtesy of the Hathi Trust).
  • Yelverton Peyton, 1734 Stoney Hill, Stafford, Virginia, USA - 1783
  • Yelverton Peyton, September 1, 1755 Virginia - January 23, 1849 (Patriot - DAR Ancestor #A090000)
  • Yelverton Peyton, 1793 - 1858
  • Yelverton Peyton, 1857 Louisiana
  • Yelverton Peyton, 1780
  • Egelverton Peyton (no dates/places)
  • Sir Yelverton Peyton, Capt. R.N. (died Oct. 10, 1748); nephew of Robert Peyton who settled in Gloucester county, Virginia (maybe his uncle is Robert, son of Robert Peyton who died 1686 & who settled in Gloucester co. Peyton-434 seems a generation off to be his uncle). Source for Sir Yelverton: "Journals of the Council of Virginia in Executive Sessions, 1737-1763 (Continued)," The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 15, No. 2 (Oct., 1907), pp. 113-130 (specifically, page 117). Published by: Virginia Historical Society; Article Stable URL:

Peytons with Craven in Name

Peytons with Rowzee in Name

Unknown Peytons (for reference/possible identification)

Pending Peyton Merges

PendingMerges – please check that merge is into lowest numbered profile.

  1. I’ve made the privacy level of this page such that you need to be on the trusted list to edit it. My intent is that active Peyton profile managers would also be Profile Managers for this page, which would allow communication to all through a bulletin board post (those are sent to all managers for a profile).
  2. 2.0 2.1 History of County Formations in Virginia 1617-1995)
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  4. North Carolina County Development
  5. see this post
  6. see his profile, Peyton-221, specifically, this footnote (as of Aug. 4, 2017)
  7. Freddie Spradlin's Parishes of Virginia

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Peytons & Paytons
Peytons & Paytons

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Peyton Families Image 2

Drury Family Tree, from ''The history and antiquities of Suffolk. Thingoe hundred,'' by John Gage (p 429)
Drury Family Tree, from ''The history and antiquities of Suffolk. Thingoe hundred,'' by John Gage (p 429)

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a word of caution about Peytons of Virginia book as source... I reviewed the book at the Library of Virginia to aid in my quest to identify the father of my Peyton ancestor (a Valentine Peyton) and found that it had information that has since been corrected by the Peyton Society of Virginia, but the copy at the Library of Virginia did not include any corrections/addendums. And the copy of the book available there included no sources for the information I was looking to verify.

When you add information to a profile from The Peytons of Virginia - please add the date (the book is updated regularly) & the citation given for it (even if that means noting "no citation").

I think that in order to get the Peytons of Virginia correct, we need to add primary sources, not just "PSV" alone.

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