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Peyton Project

Peyton Name Study - Project Coordinator Liz Shifflett
Peyton DNA - Project Coordinator Tanya (Peyton) Jacobberger

Goal: Aid Peyton/Payton researchers by providing a focal point.

WikiTree's Peyton Name Study aims to integrate traditional genealogy (profiles categorized by location under Peyton Name Study categories) and genetic genealogy (profiles categorized by genetics under the Peyton DNA Project categories) in order to bring the two into agreement, backed by solid sources and science.

Purpose of One Name Studies: to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.

Add a profile to the study:

Profiles for males named Peyton or Payton who have the DNA badge should be included in the parent category for both the Peyton Name Study (Category:Peyton Name Study) and the Peyton DNA Project (Category:Peyton DNA Project).

The Peyton Name Study is currently focusing on Peytons/Paytons born before 1750 and their families, with emphasis on those who were in Virginia before 1800. The following categorization structure will develop and expand as the study does.

Categorization structure:

By time period: Category:Pre-1500, Peyton Name Study, Category:16th Century, Peyton Name Study, Category:17th Century, Peyton Name Study, Category:18th Century, Peyton Name Study. These categories include all Peytons/Paytons as well as their spouses and children who were born in the period of the category. The Pre-1500 category currently covers back to the 10th Century. Contact Liz Shifflett if you need 19th, 20th, 21st Century categories.
Peyton DNA parent category: Peyton DNA Project, currently restricted to profiles of male Peytons and Paytons who have posted their yDNA test information.
Subcategories: not yet created - structure still being researched
Peyton Name Study parent category: Peyton Name Study, currently collecting profiles for male Peytons and Paytons born before 1750, as well as male Peytons/Paytons with the DNA badge. The location subcategories collect profiles for Peyton families, currently restricted to profiles for the wives and children attached to profiles included in the parent category, Peyton Name Study. Profiles for immigrant ancestors should be included in two location categories.
Subcategories by location:
Note: Note2 - the ONS project box was changed to a sticker 23 May 2018. One Name Studies project guidance for its project box (template) is to use it only on the profiles that are the "central focus" of the study, and most of those profiles (the immigrant ancestors named Peyton) already have multiple project boxes. WikiTree guidance is to post project boxes at the top of a profile, but also to limit the number of project boxes. Because the One Name Studies project box provides links to the One Name Studies Project and the Peyton Project (this page) as well as a link to the G2G tag Peyton, the Peyton Project uses it more liberally, but at the bottom of the profile instead of the top. (See this G2G discussion and also step 4, below.)
For profiles of Peyton/Payton men that include DNA test information, copy/paste the following:
[[Category:Peyton Name Study]][[Category:Peyton DNA Project]]
For profiles of immigrant Peyton/Payton males born before 1750 who settled in Virginia, copy/paste the following:
[[Category:Peyton Name Study]][[Category:England, Peyton Name Study]][[Category:Virginia, Peyton Name Study]]


Join the Peyton Name Study - Peyton DNA:
  • Post an answer to this G2G discussion
  • Add [[Category:Peyton Project]] to your profile.
  • Add peyton to your followed tags.
  • Add your name and something about yourself in the Members section (below).
  • For the Peyton DNA half of the project, add your name and a note about what you're working on under its Participants section.


Space:Peyton_Genealogy_Resources Peyton DNA

Peytons of Virginia II, Volumes One and Two (2004, plus additional data edition 70 [March 24, 2013]: Peyton Society of Virginia)
  • The scroll box below with copy/paste text includes this citation under a "See also:" line that can be added to the Sources sections of the profile.
  • There are two Peytons of Virginia books (sometimes referred to as POV I and POV II). POV II consists of two volumes and is currently available for sale on CD by the Peyton Society of Virginia. POV I was published in 1976 and is no longer sold by PSV.


For Peyton-related pages within WikiTree, see Category:Peyton Project. The category also includes WikiTree's Peyton researchers who have added [[Category:Peyton Project]] to their profile (who will be the only "people profiles" in this category).

Images in WikiTree cannot be added to a category (as far as I know), but they can be collected by adding Space:Peyton_Name_Study_Images as being in the image. See Peyton Name Study Images for those images which have been collected that way.

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First up: Add the appropriate categories (see descriptions above) to profiles of
  1. Male Peytons or Paytons that include DNA test information.
  2. Peyton & Payton males born before 1750.
  3. Wives/children attached to 2.
Next: Improve categorized profiles:
1. post a comment to the profile about the Peyton Name Study (include [[Project:Peyton]], which will link to this page; also reference the "Tasks" section) & that unless otherwise notified you intend to begin the steps under "improve profile" next week - you can link to the Tasks section using the URL
2. post a comment on this page that includes the date you'll begin your edit & the WikiTree ID, Name and birth date of the profile you'll be editing
3. improve profile:
  • research first (see this Help page) & add sources - remember that the Peyton of Virginia books by the Peyton Society of Virginia are a great starting place, but if a source for a fact is not given, then the fact should not be considered fact this includes family relationships
  • clean up the profile (post-merge cleanup, for example, or removal of unneeded details from a gedcom import) - see "The List" posted by the Biography Builders project
  • add appropriate location category/categories (for example, [[Category:Stafford County, Virginia]])
  • do what you can to make the profile "Genealogically Defined"
  • add a == Peyton Name Study == section below the sources. See Peyton-432 for an example of what to include (you can copy/paste the text in the scroll box to get you started):

:See also:

* <span id='POV'>''Peytons of Virginia II,'' Volumes One and Two (2004, plus additional data edition 70 [March 24, 2013] : [ Peyton Society of Virginia]).</span>

== Peyton Name Study ==
[ Peyton Society of Virginia]
: XX Line, # in ''[[#POV|Peytons of Virginia II]],'' Volume [One or Two, page xx]; ''haven't found yet''

DNA information

: [ yResults] reported to the "Payton/Peyton/Patton/Paxton DNA Project"
* no clear mention of this Robert for example, or
* identified as Haplogroup I1, I-M253

: WikiTree descendants
* Haplogroup I1, I-M253:
** [[WikiTree-ID|Name]]
** [[WikiTree-ID|Name]]
* Haplogroup xx, x-xxxx:
** [[WikiTree-ID|Name]]

: WikiTree's [ DNA Ancestors View for xxx Peyton]

4. Add the ONS sticker just below the Peyton Name Study heading, using the lowest and most recent location category (for example, if the person was born in England but died in Virginia, then the category would be Virginia, Peyton Name Study):
{{One Name Study|name=Peyton|category=xx, Peyton Name Study}}
5. Update your comment on both the profile page and this page that you've completed your editing.
6. Take a bow :D

Help Needed

Several profiles need research & cleanup: Peyton-18, Peyton-82, Peyton-47, Peyton-56, Peyton-96, Peyton-40, Peyton-947.
Specifically looking for sources to confirm father/son relationships between Peyton-18 and Peyton-947 (this trail). Peyton-18 is Henry of Lincoln's Inn (born 1590; Line B in Peytons of Virginia and I-M223 in The Payton DNA Project. Peyton-947 is Thomas de Peyton and WikiTree has him as the common ancestor of Peyton-18 and Peyton-434 (Major Robert Peyton), Line A in Peytons of Virginia and I-M253 in The Payton DNA Project.
See this G2G discussion about why that's a problem. Short version: Henry of Lincoln's Inn (descendants=I-M223) and Major Robert Peyton (descendants=I-M253) cannot both be direct descendants of the same Peyton ancestor and WikiTree shows that they are 5th cousins twice removed, through Thomas de Peyton.
Looking at how WikiTree connects them, all the relationships from Henry to Thomas are "uncertain" - the releationships from Robert to Thomas are mostly "confident" with two marked "uncertain": that Thomas Peyton-99 is the son of Thomas Peyton-947 and that Robert Peyton-507 is the son of Thomas Peyton-99.
If you can work on one or more of these, list it here with ~~~~:


Did you know that the db_errors project has a "by surname" search feature? Check it out here & see if any of your Peyton profiles are listed. Use the following link to check for errors involving Payton profiles:

Surname Activity Feed

Use this URL to see recent activity involving Peyton profiles:

and this one for Paytons:


  • Liz Shifflett: Peyton connection: wife of George Noland said to be Alice, daughter of Robert Peyton (George & Alec Noland witnessed Robert's will, but no other proof found as yet)
  • David Kenagy: DNA link to Maj Robert Peyton
  • Tanya (Peyton) Jacobberger my fourth great grandfather is [[Peyton-1056|James Peyton (abt. 1762 Virginia - 1817 Casey County, Kentucky) R line in Peytons of Virginia II, 2004.
  • Judith Fowler Buried in my many papers is Timothy Peyton, who went to Kentucky with his family and William Foster's family. Timothy was killed by Indians and a party that included William went out to recover his body.

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update - did what I could for Peyton-40 & he's now up for adoption

working on Peyton-40 (it's one I manage & was brought to my attention by recent edits by EuroAristo project leader)

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working a bit on Peyton-115 also (but more for Magna Cart project than Project:Peyton).

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