Pine Ridge Cemetery

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Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Birds Hill Park, Springfield, Manitoba, Canadamap
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Pine Ridge Cemetery (sometimes called Pine Ridge Pioneer Cemetery) is a small cemetery located within Birds Hill Provincial Park in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, Manitoba.

Lianne Lavoie photographed this entire cemetery in the summer of 2014. Below is a complete transcription of the tombstones that existed at that time.


name born died notes photo #
Malenki, John1925 March 14still living1
Malenki, Olga1934 July 4still living1
Pushka, Olga1924 December 32008 March 29Obituary2
Pushka, John1919 August 42007 May 2Obituary2
Sitarz, Norbert Francis1943 July 11still living3
Sitarz, Lorna May (née Hatley)1946 May 12010 December 2Obituary3
Hudzick, Brent Jonathan "Huddy"1984 July 262008 March 8Obituary4
Fleming, Charlotte Marie-Anne Cicilia1997 October 11999 September 25Obituary5
Klapecki, Henry Richard Robert1934 October 13still living6
Klapecki, Cicilia Gladys (née Taras)1932 September 292008 April 21Obituary6
Fedewick, Salmea "Sally"1928 November 42004 May 23Obituary7
Fedewick, Pearl1925 February 10still living7
Halowaty, Glenn Daniel1954 May 272005 June 8Obituary8
deRidder, Henry1902 September 181988 February 59
deRidder, Anne1916 January 262002 October 23Obituary9
Rohoway, Alexander1931 August 251999 January 1110
Jaques, Levine Gwen (née Shalley)1962 August 232001 May 21Obituary11
Mozel, George1941 August 12007 August 1Obituary12
Chernetz, Gordon John1939 April 302004 April 2Obituary13
Chernetz, Edward Wm1949 October 181996 June 414
Bodner, William Walter (Bill)1930 August 192009 January 19Obituary15
Kurylko, David Alexander1941 July 181986 May 216
Kulyk, John1920 May 211996 July 2317
Chernetz, John1916 January 191986 May 2918
Chernetz, Katie1918 July 161995 November 1218
Paslawski, Emily1929 August 211988 February 2119
Shalley, Mary1915-07-071988-05-13Wife, mother, and grandmother20
Shalley, Michael1910-04-121996-11-17Husband, father, and grandfather20
Malegus, Peter1917-07-122007-02-2321
Malegus, Louise Florence (née Trylinski)1926-07-29Still living21
Malegus, George E.1950-06-27Still living22
Roscoe, Walter1918-03-042001-11-2423
Roscoe, Katherine1921-03-012000-02-0923
Stewart, Charles Robert1925201324
Malegus, Samuel "Sam"1922-08-21Still living25
Malegus, Moira (née Pennycook)1935-08-28Still living25
Malegus, Michael1920200226
Malegus, Eleanore (née Penziwol)19312012Obituary26
Petrasko, John1909-07-281987-09-01Husband, father, and gigi27
Petrasko, Frances1915-09-132003-09-21Wife, mother, and baba27
Halowaty, John1909-02-121991-02-2228
Halowaty, Pauline1912-11-102000-03-0628
Dudych, Alexander19122001Husband, father, and grandfather29
Dudych, Katherine19101996Wife, mother, and grandmother29
Dudych, Peter N.19531991Son and brother30
Halowaty, Steve N.1905-07-101982-09-11Husband, father, and grandfather31
Halowaty, Mary1905-08-172004-11-15Wife, mother, and grandmother31
Halowaty, Mary1934-10-152006-02-01Wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother32
Kichok, Peter1923-06-082003-12-0533
Kitchok, Pearl1912-12-152002-05-1534
Sokal, Anne1918-04-24Still living, married July 14, 194035
Sokal, Michael1914-11-182002-08-07Married July 14, 194035
Sokal, Katherine1909-06-091993-05-1236
Cherpako, John19051984Husband and father37
Cherpako, Kathleen19111990Wife and mother37
Eftoda, Gordon1929-04-042003-07-08Husband and father38
Kowalski, John1911-03-062002-08-0939
Kowalski, Rosie1915-09-271997-01-0839
Antonyshyn, Sam1898-02-071992-05-04Uncle, born in Ukraine40
Solinski, Christine Martha1944-12-252012-02-13"Beloved Sister, Aunt & Ciocia"41
Solinski, Rosie1921200342
Solinski, Michael1916200042
Rivers, Merlyn1920-07-151985-08-19"Father & Grandpa"43
Rivers, Julie1917-05-062010-11-08"Mother & Grandma"43
Rivers, Robert (Bob)1947-05-281981-12-27"Son & Brother"44
Rivers, John19091978"Brother"45
Rivers, Anne19191998"Wife & Mother"46
Rivers, Leonard19111977"Husband & Father"46
Rivers, Anna19062001"Daughter"47
Rivers, Anna18791950"Mother"47
Zaretski, Mary1905-09-051985-08-0448
Roshko, Christina18561934"Grandmother"49
Roshko, William18641919"Uncle"49
Rivers, John18681913"Uncle"50
Rivers, Edward18701912"Father"50
Zaretski, Mike18681945There is also Cyrillic (probably Ukrainian) text on the tombstone.51
Zaretski, Michael1894195052
Chmielnicki, Lawrence1879192553
Chmielnicki, Marie1883197153
Zaretki, Frances18701925-03-1154
Petrasko, Caroline1915193755
Kowalski, Mary18791941"Mother"56
Kowalski, Peter18831963"Father"57
Bodnar, William1918-06-111992-03-1358
Bodnar, Mary R.1921-01-12Still living58
Kudlowich, Stan1936-02-222001-12-31"Beloved husband of Diana and father of Michael"59
Slota, Stephen1911-01-062003-02-16"Son of Samuel & Pearl; beloved brother of Mike, Rev. Father George, Pauline, Theodore, Bill, Walter, Paul, Harry & Mervin"60
Kurylko, Sophie1915-03-111992-06-1861
Slotta, Mervin1925-07-1562
Slotta, Mary1927-05-2062
Sidoryk, Elaine Ann1942-04-271989-01-06"Wife and mother"63
Stasynec, Olga Vera1922-06-072011-05-0564
Holowaty, William19211995"Our beloved brother & uncle"65
Horzempa, Anna1870195366
Horzempa, Valentine1947-07-14"Aged 85 yrs."67
Seniuk, Tom18721945"Father"68/70
Seniuk, Agnes18741945"Mother"69/70
Zabawski, Apolonia1871-02-251944-12-06"Dearly remembered by her children"71
Zabawski, John1858-05-291941-10-29"Dearly remembered by his wife and family"72
Taras, Michael1888-08-011943-10-1573
Taras, Katherine1888-11-101964-07-0673
Leuschen, Dale Leigh1978-07-261978-08-0874
Zabawski, John1921Shared tombstone inscribed "Zabawski babies"75
Zabawski, Peter1923Shared tombstone inscribed "Zabawski babies"75
Solar, Nick1900198976
Solar, Stella19132003"Beloved wife & mother"77
Mihalyk, Helen Anna1935-051936-0179
Twardochleb, Leonard Joseph1920-02-082009-12-09"Beloved brother and uncle"80
Bodner, Therese (née Grycki)81
Bodner, Michael "Mike"81
Bodnar, Rose (née Zaretski)1928-03-052006-11-1482
Bodnar, Metro1926-07-262008-04-1482
Chajkowski, Katie1928-08-282006-12-30"Wife, mother, and grandmother"83
Chajkowski, Anthony1924-02-191991-12-28"Husband, father, and grandfather"83
Paslawsky, Edward1938-02-181993-02-2584
Conrad, Robert Jean1947200585
Taras, Rose1928200386
Taras, Stanley1920198486
Bodnar, John1915-08-031991-09-2587
Zabowski, Nick1912200388
Zabowski, Kasmir1911200089
Rasmussen, Frances (née Taras)1923-12-03Still livingRasmussen family history on back of tombstone.90/91
Rasmussen, Clifford (Cliff)1918-07-222011-06-24Rasmussen family history on back of tombstone.90/91
Zabowski, Stanley1909-09-171992-01-08"Husband, father, and grandfather"92
Zabowski, Helen1912-11-191988-05-21"Wife, mother, and grandmother"92
Taras, Frank19141990"Beloved parents of Jessie, Theresa & Wayne"93/94
Taras, Josie19202009"Beloved parents of Jessie, Theresa & Wayne"93/94
Novak, Thomas1893197795
Zadworny, Eva1882195696
Zadworny, Joseph1943-06-19"our dear father", "aged 77 years"97
Zadworny, Frank1909-08-121936-08-0498
Kurylko, Mary19081947"Mother"100
Курилко, Ілія [Kurylko, Ilya]1912-07-301946-09-07Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.101
Kurylko, Walter1897-04-281964-07-21102
Kurylko, Maria18751965"Our beloved mother"103
Cherpako, Dmytro18751965"Husband & father"104
Cherpako, Anna19081965"Daughter & sister"104
Kurylko, Michael1896-08-231969-12-10"our beloved father & grandfather"105
Курилко, Івaн [Kurylko, Ivan]1909-10-281936-10-27Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.107
Слота, Paraskevia [Slota, Paraskevia]18851971-12-20Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian. "Mother"108
Слота, Сам [Slota, Sam]18811943-04-25Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian. "Father"109
Головатий, Николa [Holowaty, Nykola]1873-091958-07Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian. "Dad"110
Головатий, Марія [Holowaty, Maria]1881-081954-10Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian. "Mom"110
Головата, Анна [Holowaty, Anna]18951956-12-11Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian. "Mom"111
Holowaty, Panko18841965"Father"112
Slota, Stefania1912-01-121960-10-03"Beloved wife and mother"113
Bodner, Frances19141989114
Bodner, Fred19071966114
Botchar, Anton1913-07-251965-04-02115
Botchar, Mary1916-11-032001-10-07"Beloved wife, sister and aunt"116
Slota, Peter1918-07-201983-03-28"brother"117
Slota, Pearl1919-11-062003-02-12"Wife, mother & grandmother"118
Slota, Samuel1915-05-091985-11-30"Husband, father & grandfather"118
Slota, Paul1920-06-202012-09-15Married 1952-05-31, "Beloved parents of Garry, Greg & Veronica & grandparents of Michelle, Angela, Anastasia & Katrina"119/120
Slota, Pearl (Maksymetz)1921-09-191976-10-01Married 1952-05-31, "Beloved parents of Garry, Greg & Veronica & grandparents of Michelle, Angela, Anastasia & Katrina"119/120
Slota, Nicholas1900-12-191986-07-23"Husband, father & grandfather"121
Slota, Frances1914-09-121999-09-26"Wife, mother & grandmother"121
Malegus, John1912-07-281998-05-26"Husband, father, & Gido"122
Malegus, Lena1913-06-032008-08-08"Wife, mother, & Baba"122
Halowaty, Peter1915-07-071993-09-22123
Morris, Annie19141991"Wife & mother"124
Morris, John19102009"Husband & father"124
Wiwcharenko, Nicholas1916-12-162007-09-23"Husband, father, grandfather"124
Wiwcharenko, Pauline1932-01-202008-09-19"Wife, mother, grandmother"124
Slota, Donald1946-05-01Still living"Beloved husband & father", "Son of Sam & Pearl Slota", married 1969-06-14125
Slota, Carol1946-10-202004-03-22"Beloved wife & mother", "Daughter of Nick & Jeanne Tobie", married 1969-06-14125
Sitarz, Doris1924-12-072007-11-15"Wife & mother", Obituary126/127
Sitarz, Gail1946-10-02Still living"Daughter & sister"126
Shalley, Harry1918-01-282007-01-18"Husband, father & grandfather"127
Shalley, Emily1921-11-081985-04-14"Wife, mother & grandmother"127
Piskor, Nicholas19051979128
Piskor, Doris19121992128
Slota, John19061980"Husband & father"129
Slota, Bernice19082004"Wife & mother"129
Kurylko, Basil (Bill)1900-04-121981-05-24"Beloved brother"130
Roscoe, Stephen1907-10-031993-12-12"Husband, father & grandfather"131
Roscoe, Mary1906-12-041996-10-09"Wife, mother & grandmother"131
Paslawsky, Michael1926-10-071972-02-27132
Twardochleb, Marcella1891-01-031964-09-27"Mother"133
Twardochleb, John1890-05-161988-06-13"Father"133
Zaluski, John19131963134
Zaluski, Bessie18901983135
Zaluski, Dmytro18851961135
Paslowski, Eva18991954136
Paslowski, John18881956136
Bodner, Michael1902-11-281959-03-01"Father"137/138
Bodner, Frances V.1905-09-171990-11-17"Mother"137/139
Marchillo, Nicholas1888-11-181963-03-27"Father"140/141
Marchillo, Helen1907-04-081973-05-05"Mother"140/142
Kulyk, Kathrine1894-11-241979-10-31"Mother"143
Kulyk, Micheal1887-08-141966-06-28"Father"143
Рошко, Йоан [Roshko, Joan (John)]18481941144
Рошко, Марія [Roshko, Mariya]18551949144
Рошко, Григоріи [Roshko, Hryhoriy (Grigory?)]18881963145
Mlynarowich, William Albert1884-04-081971-08-31"Father"146
Stasko, John18801957"Father"147
Novak, Anna19031945"Beloved wife and mother"148
Malegus, Niketa1883-06-071974-02-05"Father", born in Western Ukraine149
Malegus, Mary1881-01-291940-10-18"Mother", born in Western Ukraine149
Слота, Міхаило [Slota, Mikhaylo]1872-11-081936-10-21150
Слота, Параніка [Slota, Paranika]1872-10-281949-05-22151
Loupul, Michael19081979"Dad"152
Loupul, Katherine19111953"Mom"152
Cherpako, Katarina18821936"Wife and mother"153
Слота, Йоан [Slota, Joan]1871-02-121930-02-09154/156
Слота, Агафія [Slota, Agafiya]1872-03-121954-06-07155/156
Stasko, Kate1877-11-251931-05-07"Beloved wife of John Stasko"157
Pyrch, Mary1926-08-151931-09-06158
Mlynarowich, Anna1891-12-221932-01-14"Mother"159
Боднар, Гринько [Bodnar, Hrynko]1869-02-231932-04-28Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.160
Kulyk, Mary19261932"Beloved daughter and sister"161
Brill, Vincent18751932-08-18Born in Poland.162
Charyszyn, Doska18891932-09-27163
Марчило, І Стефан [Marchylo, I Stefan]1855-02-151943-12-07164
Марчило, Катерина [Marchylo, Kateryna]1860-09-201932-11-12164
Moroz, Wolionka18801953"Mother"165
Moroz, Semko18691954"Father"165
Sokal, Mary18871969"Mom"166
Sokal, George18731952"Dad"166
Sokal, John19101983167
Sitarz, Nellie19142007168
Sitarz, Frank19041955168
Sitarz, Katherine1881-08-241965-01-03"Mother"169
Shalley, Theodore18781958170
Warywoda, John19132008Father of "Edward, Shirley Ann & MaryJane".171/172
Warywoda, Lillian19201973Mother of "Edward, Shirley Ann & MaryJane".171/172
Swistowich, Nick19101973"Brother"173
Mlynarowich, Casmir W.1925-02-021974-01-29"Brother"174
Mlynarowich, John F.1911-01-291975-08-16"Brother"175
Mozel, Antonette1913-08-201999-02-16"Wife & mother"176
Mozel, Alexander1894-03-041978-05-08"Husband & father"176
Bodner, Jennie19202009177
Bodner, Daniel19101980177
Bernasky, John19091985178
Mihalyk, Anna19151999"Loving parents of Helen, Stephanie, Raymond, Beverley & Douglas"179
Mihalyk, Harry19041985"Loving parents of Helen, Stephanie, Raymond, Beverley & Douglas"179
Sitarz, Mary19071993180
Sitarz, Stanley19061981180
Boychuk, John1933-091979-02181
Chernetz, Antoinette1897-06-131993-07-02182
Chernetz, Sidney1920-01-281978-11-23183
Bernusky, Michael1881-11-211978-11-06"Father"184
Kinas, Paul18811961185
Kinas, Ahafia18811952185
Sokal, John18701944186
Sokal, Rose18731960186
Sitarz, Katarzyna [Katherine]1916-11-081944-08-25She has two tombstones: one in Polish and one in English.187, 188
Sitarz, Jozef1876-01-261939-06-20"Here lies our dear father" (translated from Polish). He has two tombstones: one in Polish and one in English.189/191
Sitarz, Michael1915-081981-03The tombstone also says "Maranatha", which could be another name.190
Sokal, John Edward1943-03-07still livingMarried on 1964-01-11. "Beloved parents of John, Darren & Sharlene."192
Sokal, Erlene Sigurborg (née Reykdal)1943-10-242011-06-02Married on 1962-01-11. "Beloved parents of John, Darren & Sharlene."192
Shalley, John19091930193
Swistowich, Harry1878-10-031928-11-12"Our beloved father"194
Piskor, John18711928195
Piskor, Eva18821945195
Petrasko, Andrew1876-06-091927-07-29"Father"196
Petrasko, Anna1883-08-221940-06-20"Mother"196
Roshick, Madeline18741926"Our dear Mother"197
Roshick, Johnny Peter (Wally)1921-02-122003-05-12"Beloved son", "Father of Lina and Robert"198
Sokal, Annie19111924199
Курилко, Григорц [Kurylko, Grygortz]1965-12-031922-04-03?Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.200/201
Худсік, Іван [Khudsik, Ivan]18711918202
Shalley, Cathrine18871924203
Shalley, Pauline19211924"Baby", "Sister"204
Paslowski, Anna1917-10-251926-04-1205/206
Shalley, Kathrine19211921"Baby", "Sister"207
Ditsko, Pearl18861935"Mother"208
Боднар, Іван [Bodnar, Ivan]1850-07-071934-12-09209
Bodner, Paza1943-03-27"Mother"210
Bernusky, Mary1886-05-011944-07-04Wife and Mother211
Bernusky, William1911-09-191945-09-28"Father"212
Kuszczak, Maria1953-01-14"Mother", "Aged 84 yrs"213
Kuszczak, Jacob1948-06-19"Father", "Aged 82 yrs"213
Falsarella, Nellie1918-07-271972-08-22214
Mazur, Ahafia (née Bodnar)18671952215
Wicheranko, Olena18791961216
Swistowich, Eva18851963"Mother"217
Hutts, Peter18941970218
Setnor, Daniel18941951219
Hutts, Mary18971943221
Gawiak, Steve1942-01-07"Aged 53 years"222
Gregg, Marie19221941"Sister"223
Sokoloski, John18891939224
Кароль, Марія [Karol, Mariya]1868-09-101937-11-23225
Brus, Wasyl18651936-06-28Very difficult to decipher; apparently in Polish. I found a death record for a William Bruce that seems to be the same person.227
Charyszyn, Magda18741935-09-18228
Chernetz, Harry1934-07-21"Age 44 years", "Father"229
Цемнар, Марія [Tsemnar, Mariya]18851935-03-20Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.230
Боднар, Александер [Bodnar, Aleksander]18661933-11-14Warning: Month names were transcribed from Ukrainian by someone who doesn't know Ukrainian.231
Боднар, Іван [Bodnar, Ivan]232
Худсік, Андрі [Khudsik, Andri]1894-12-111909-12-13233
Perch, Michal18821917-09-09Warning: Dates were transcribed from Polish using Google Translate.234
Корнсвін, Андреи [Kornsvin, Andrey]18801911235
Слота, Василь [Slota, Basyl]18971917There is a death record for a William Slota that could be the same person.236
Dudych, Michael1968-03-01237
Piskar, Ana1914-12-25238
Slota, George1921-05-05"Baby"239/240

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