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Mission Statement

The goal of this project is to create well sourced profiles with biographies for all the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. A succession box at the top of each profile links the popes in order.

All popes are Notable therefore this project fits under the Notables Project. However, it also fits under the Religious Project as all popes are leaders of the Catholic Church.

As of 12 Jan 2023, 100% of the popes profiles have been created. This is still a work in progress, with profile updates being the next part of the project.

Project Team

The Project was originally started by Greg Shipley but is now being managed by Deborah Talbot.


  • All popes are Notables therefore adding the Notables Sticker {{Notables Sticker:Catholic Popes}} to these profiles automatically adds the Category [[Category:Notables]] to the profile so please do not add that category to the profile. Please use the Notables Sticker under the Biography heading instead.
  • Add the category for the century e.g. 5th Century
  • Add the category for Saints if appropriate
  • For early popes add the category for Byzantine Empire, Western Roman Empire, etc as appropriate
  • For popes under a specific papacy grouping add Byzantine Papacy, or Ostrogothic Papacy etc as appropriate. To find the groups see subcategories under Catholic Popes.
  • For those popes who were Apocrisiarii (papal legates) prior to their papacy, add the category Apocrisiarii to their profile

Succession box code

{{Succession box
| title = 262nd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
| years = 21 June 1963 – 6 August 1978
| preceded-text = Preceded by
| before = [[Roncalli-1|John XXIII]]
| succeeded-text = Succeeded by
| after = [[Luciani-3|John Paul I]]


Preceded by
262nd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
21 June 1963 – 6 August 1978
Succeeded by
John Paul I

NOTE: Place Notables sticker template directly under Biography headings. Do NOT place any templates above the succession box. Any other projects that relate to a specific pope should be added under the succession box.

Project involvement statement

Immediately under the Biography place the text:

== Research Notes ==
[[Image:Flags-52.png |25px]]
{{Red|This profile is being updated by the [[Space:Popes|Popes Project]].}}

This yields the following under a heading Research Notes:

This profile is being updated by the Popes Project.

Naming Conventions

Naming conventions follow the standard for the various projects as per below:

  • For early popes with only one name we follow the Indonesia Profile Conventions thus using the name of the father as the LNAB, and if no father is known, then use the birth place as the LNAB.


  • The Papal Name (e.g. Pope Francis) should go into the Preferred Name field.
  • The title Pope is part of the Papal Name, and does not go in the prefix field.

Project Resources

Project Tasks

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Create Profiles for every Pope
  • Put their papal name in the Preferred Name field as Pope xxx. Do not put Pope as a prefix.
  • Categorize all profiles into Popes
  • Create an index by date and by Papal name to included here and on the popes category
  • Create a list of needed tasks including a sub-list of pre-1500 tasks.
  • Write biographies and add succession boxes to all profiles.
  • Include a profile image, Wiki Commons has public domain images of all the popes.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

This project works closely with the Notables Project and the Religious Project. At times individual popes will also be associated with other area projects (eg Medieval Project, England; Spain Project etc).

Useful source: Google Books on the Deaths of the Popes

Project Status and Tasks Table

NOTE: When creating the table I included all the tasks for every entry. For many of the post-1500 Popes some of the tasks have already been done and are not reflected here. I have also left "Needs Sourced" on profiles that only have the Wikipedia page, Strong primary sources or respected scholarly works exist online for all these profiles, they just need tracked down.

List of Popes:

Pontiff NumberPapal NameGiven Name-Link to profile if it existsWikipediaTasks
1PeterShimon (Bar Yonah) Peter; St PeterSaint PeterNeeds Connected
2LinusLinusPope_LinusNeeds Connected
3AnacletusAnáklitosPope_AnacletusNeeds Connected
4Clement IClemensPope_Clement_INeeds Connected
5EvaristusEváristosPope_EvaristusNeeds Connected
6Alexander IAlexanderPope_Alexander_INeeds Connected
7Sixtus Xystus Pope_Sixtus_I Needs Connected
8Telesphorus Telesfóros Pope_TelesphorusNeeds Connected
9Hyginus Hyginus Pope_Hyginus Needs Connected
10Pius I Pius Pope_Pius_I Needs Connected
11 Anicetus Aníkitos Pope_Anicetus Needs Connected
12Soter Soterius Pope_SoterNeeds Connected
13Eleuterus Eléutheros Pope_EleuterusNeeds Connected
14Victor IVictorPope_Victor_INeeds Connected
15ZephyrinusZepheniahPope_ZephyrinusNeeds Connected
16Callixtus I Callixtus Pope_Callixtus_INeeds Connected
17Urban I Urbanus Pope_Urban_INeeds Connected
18Pontian Pontianus Pope_PontianNeeds Connected
19Anterus Anthirós Pope_AnterusNeeds Connected
20Fabian Fabianus Pope_FabianNeeds Connected
21Cornelius Cornelius Pope_CorneliusNeeds Connected
22Lucius I LuciusPope_Lucius_I Needs Connected
23Stephen I Stéfanos Pope_Stephen_INeeds Connected
24Sixtus II Síxtos Pope_Sixtus_IINeeds Connected
25Dionysius Dionýsios Pope_DionysiusNeeds Connected
26Felix I Felix Pope_Felix_I Needs Connected
27Eutychian Eutychianus Pope_EutychianNeeds Connected
28Caius Gaíos Pope_CaiusNeeds Connected
29Marcellinus Marcellinus Pope_MarcellinusNeeds Connected
30Marcellus I Marcellus Pope_Marcellus_INeeds Connected
31Eusebius Efsévios Pope_EusebiusNeeds Connected
32Miltiades Miltiades Pope_MiltiadesNeeds Connected
33Sylvester I Silvester Pope_Sylvester_INeeds Connected
34Mark Marcus Pope_MarkNeeds Connected
35Julius I Iulius Pope_Julius_INeeds Connected
36LiberiusLiberiusPope_LiberiusNeeds Connected
37Damasus I Damasus Pope_Damasus_INeeds Connected
38Siricius Sicirius Pope_SiriciusNeeds Connected
39Anastasius I Anastasius Pope_Anastasius_INeeds Connected
40Innocent I Innocentius Pope_Innocent_INeeds Connected
41Zosimus Zósimos Pope_ZosimusNeeds Connected
42Boniface I Bonifacius Pope_Boniface_I Needs Connected
43Celestine I Kelestínos Pope_Celestine_INeeds Connected
44Sixtus III Xystus Pope_Sixtus_IIINeeds Connected
45Leo I Leo Pope_Leo_INeeds Connected
46Hilarius Ilários Pope_HilariusNeeds Connected
47Simplicius Simplicius Pope_SimpliciusNeeds Connected
48Felix IIIFelixPope_Felix_IIINeeds Connected down to Pope Gregory I his great great grandson
49Gelasius I Gelásios Pope_Gelasius_INeeds Connected
50Anastasius II Anastasius Pope_Anastasius_IINeeds Connected
51Symmachus Sýmmachos Pope_SymmachusNeeds Connected
52Hormisdas Hormisdas Pope_HormisdasNeeds Connected
53John I Ioannes Pope_John_INeeds Connected
54Felix IV Fílix Pope_Felix_IVNeeds Connected
55Boniface II Bonifacius Pope_Boniface_IINeeds Connected,
56John II Mercurius Pope_John_IINeeds Connected
57Agapetus I Agapitus Pope_Agapetus_INeeds Connected
58Silverius Silverius Pope_SilveriusNeeds Connected
59Vigilius Vigilius Pope_VigiliusNeeds Connected
60Pelagius I Pelagius Pope_Pelagius_INeeds Connected
61John III Catelinus Pope_John_IIINeeds Connected
62Benedict I Benedict Pope_Benedict_INeeds Connected
63Pelagius II Pelagius Pope_Pelagius_II Needs Connected
64Gregory I Gregorius Pope_Gregory_INeeds Connected
65Sabinian Sabinian Pope_SabinianNeeds Connected
66Boniface III Boniface Pope_Boniface_IIINeeds Connected
67Boniface IVBonifacePope_Boniface_IVNeeds Connected
68Adeodatus I Adeodatus or Deusdedit Pope_Adeodatus_INeeds Connected
69Boniface V Boniface Pope_Boniface_VNeeds Connected
70Honorius I Honorius Pope_Honorius_INeeds Connected
71 Severinus Severinus Pope_SeverinusNeeds Connected
72 John IV John Pope_John_IVNeeds Connected
73Theodore I Theodore Pope_Theodore_INeeds Connected
74St Martin I MartinPope_Martin_INeeds Connected
75Eugene I Eugenius Pope_Eugene_INeeds Connected
76Vitalian Vitalianus Pope_VitalianNeeds Connected
77Adeodatus II Adeodatus Pope_Adeodatus_IINeeds Connected
78Donus Dónos Pope_DonusNeeds Connected
79Agatho Agatho Pope_AgathoNeeds Connected
80Leo II Leo Maneius Pope_Leo_II Needs Connected
81Benedict II BenedictPope_Benedict_IINeeds Connected
82John V John Pope_John_VNeeds Connected
83Conon Conon Pope_CononNeeds Connected
84Sergius I Sérgios Pope_Sergius_INeeds Connected
85John VI John Pope_John_VINeeds Connected
86John VIIJohn Pope_John_VIINeeds Connected
87Sisinnius Sisinnius Pope_SisinniusNeeds Connected
88Constantine Constantine Pope_ConstantineNeeds Connected
89Gregory II Gregory Pope_Gregory_IINeeds Connected
90Gregory III Gregory Pope_Gregory_IIINeeds Connected
91Zachary Zacharías Pope_ZacharyNeeds Connected
92Stephen II Stephanus Pope_Stephen_II Needs Connected
93Paul I Paul Pope_Paul_I Needs Connected
94Stephen III Stéfanos Pope_Stephen_IIINeeds Connected
95Adrian I AdrianPope_Adrian_INeeds Connected
96Leo III Leo Pope_Leo_IIINeeds Connected
97Stephen IV Stephanus Pope_Stephen_IVNeeds Connected
98Paschal I Paschális Pope_Paschal_I Needs Connected
99Eugene II Evgénios Pope_Eugene_IINeeds Connected
100Valentine Valentínos Pope_ValentineNeeds Connected
101Gregory IV Gregorio Pope_Gregory_IVNeeds Connected
102Sergius II Sergorio Pope_Sergius_IINeeds Connected Needs Sourced
103Leo IV Leo Pope_Leo_IVNeeds Connected
104Benedict III Benedetto Sabellus Pope_Benedict_IIINeeds Connected
105 Nicholas I Niccolò Pope_Nicholas_INeeds Connected,
106Adrian II Adrian Pope_Adrian_II Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
107John VIII Giovanni Pope_John_VIIINeeds Connected
108Marinus I Marinus Pope_Marinus_INeeds Connected
109Adrian III Adriano Pope_Adrian_IIINeeds Connected Needs Sourced
110Stephen V Stephen Pope_Stephen_VNeeds Connected
111Formosus Formosus Pope_FormosusNeeds Connected Needs Sourced
112Boniface VI Boniface Pope_Boniface_VINeeds Connected
113Stephen VI Stefanus Pope_Stephen_VINeeds Connected
114Romanus Romanus Pope_RomanusNeeds Connected
115Theodore II Teodoro Pope_Theodore_IINeeds Connected
116John IX Giovanni Pope_John_IXNeeds Connected
117Benedict IV Benedetto Pope_Benedict_IVNeeds Connected
118Leo V Leo Pope_Leo_VNeeds Connected
119Sergius III Sergorio Pope_Sergius_III
120Anastasius III Anastasius Pope_Anastasius_IIINeeds Connected
121 Lando Lando Pope_LandoNeeds Connected
122John X Giovanni Pope_John_XNeeds Connected
123Leo VI Leo Pope_Leo_VINeeds Connected
124Stephen VII Stefanus Pope_Stephen_VIINeeds Connected
125John XI GiovanniPope_John_XI
126Leo VII Leo Pope_Leo_VIINeeds Connected
127Stephen VIII Stefanus Pope_Stephen_VIIINeeds Connected
128Marinus II Marino Pope_Marinus_IINeeds Connected
129Agapetus II AgapitoPope_Agapetus_IINeeds Connected
130John XII Ottaviano Pope_John_XIINeeds Connected
131Leo VIII Leone Pope_Leo_VIIINeeds Connected
132Benedict V Benedetto Pope_Benedict_VNeeds Connected
133John XIIIGiovanni dei CrescenziPope_John_XIIINeeds Connected
134Benedict VI Benedetto Pope_Benedict_VINeeds Connected
135Benedict VIIBenedetto dei conti di TuscoloPope_Benedict_VIINeeds Connected
136John XIVPietro CanepanovaPope_John_XIVNeeds Connected
137John XVGiovanni di Gallina AlbaPope_John_XVNeeds Connected
138Gregory VBruno von KärntenPope_Gregory_VNeeds Connected
139Sylvester IIGerbert d'AurillacPope_Sylvester_IINeeds Connected
140John XVIIGiovanni SicconePope_John_XVIINeeds Connected
141John XVIIIGiovanni FasanoPope_John_XVIIINeeds Connected
142Sergius IVPietro BoccadiporcoPope_Sergius_IVNeeds Connected
143Benedict VIIITeofilatto dei Conti di TuscoloPope_Benedict_VIIINeeds Connected
144John XIXRomano dei Conti di TuscoloPope_John_XIXNeeds Connected
145Benedict IXTheophylactus of TusculumPope_Benedict_IXNeeds Connected
146Sylvester IIIGiovanni dei Crescenzi-OttavianiPope_Sylvester_IIINeeds Connected
147Benedict IXTheophylactus of TusculumPope_Benedict_IXNeeds Connected
148Gregory VIGiovanni GrazianoPope_Gregory_VINeeds Connected
149Clement IISuidger von Morsleben-HornburgPope_Clement_II
150Benedict IXTheophylactus of TusculumPope_Benedict_IXNeeds Connected
151Damasus IIPoppo Bagnario de' CuragnoniPope_Damasus_IINeeds Connected
152Leo IXBruno von Count of DagsbourgPope_Leo_IX
153Victor IIGebhard of Dollnstein-HirschbergPope_Victor_IINeeds Connected
154Stephen IXFrédéric de LorrainePope_Stephen_IXNeeds Connected (see Gozelo I his father
155Nicholas IIGerard de BourgognePope_Nicholas_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
156 Alexander II Anselmo da BaggioPope_Alexander_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
157 Gregory VII Ildebrando di SovanaPope_Gregory_VIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category, Needs Succession Box linked
158 Victor III Dauferio Benevento (Desiderio)Pope_Victor_IIINeeds Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category, Needs Image, See G2G question
159 Urban II Odo de LageryPope_Urban_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
160 Paschal II Raniero RanieriPope_Paschal_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
161 Gelasius II Giovanni dei CaetaniPope_Gelasius_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
162 Callixtus II Gui de BourgognePope_Callixtus_IINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
163 Honorius II Lamberto ScannabecchiPope_Honorius_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category, Needs Succession Box
164 Innocent II Gregorio PapareschiPope_Innocent_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
165 Celestine II Guido di CastelloPope_Celestine_IINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
166 Lucius II Gherardo Caccianemici dal OrsoPope_Lucius_IINeeds Connected,
167 Eugene III Bernardo PignatelliPope_Eugene_IIINeeds Connected,
168 Anastasius IV Corrado della SuburraPope_Anastasius_IVNeeds Biography, Needs Connected
169 Adrian IV Nicholas BreakspearPope_Adrian_IVNeeds Connected
170 Alexander III Rolando BandinelliPope_Alexander_IIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
171 Lucius III Ubaldo AllucignoliPope_Lucius_IIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
172 Urban III Uberto CrivelliPope_Urban_IIINeeds Connected
173 Gregory VIII Alberto de MorraPope_Gregory_VIIINeeds Connected
174 Clement III Paolo ScolariPope_Clement_IIINeeds Connected
175 Celestine III Giacinto Bobone OrsiniPope_Celestine_IIINeed LNAB changed to Bobone (contacted PM on 7 Mar 2021)
176 Innocent III Lotario dei Conti di SegniPope_Innocent_III
177 Honorius III Cencio SavelliPope_Honorius_IIIDone
178 Gregory IX Ugolino dei Conti di SegniPope_Gregory_IXDone. Just waiting on response as to LNAB which should be Segni and current last name di Segni.
179 Celestine IV Goffredo CastiglioniPope_Celestine_IVNeeds Connected
180 Innocent IV Sinibaldo FieschiPope_Innocent_IV
181 Alexander IV Rinaldo di JennePope_Alexander_IV
182 Urban IV Jacques PantaléonPope_Urban_IVNeeds Connected
183 Clement IV Gui FoulquesPope_Clement_IVNeeds Connected parents and daughters mentioned in biography
184 Gregory X Tebaldo ViscontiPope_Gregory_XNeeds Connected
185 Innocent V Pierre de TarentaisePope_Innocent_VNeeds Connected
186 Adrian V Ottobuono FieschiPope_Adrian_V
187 John XXI Pedro Julião Pope_John_XXINeeds Connected
188 Nicholas III Giovanni Gaetano OrsiniPope_Nicholas_IIIDone
189 Martin IV Simon de BrionPope_Martin_IVNeeds Connected
190 Honorius IV Giacomo SavelliPope_Honorius_IVNeeds Biography. The age difference between his sister Maria and himself is more than 60 years (He was born in 1210 and Maria was born in 1285). This needs investigation and resolution.
191 Nicholas IV Girolamo MasciPope_Nicholas_IVNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
192 Celestine V Pietro del MorronePope_Celestine_VNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced,
193 Boniface VIII Benedetto CaetaniPope_Boniface_VIIINeeds Biography
194 Benedict XI Niccolò di BoccasioPope_Benedict_XINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced,
195 Clement V Bertrand de GotPope_Clement_VNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
196 John XXII Jacques DuèzePope_John_XXIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
197 Benedict XII Jacques FournierPope_Benedict_XIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
198 Clement VI Pierre RogerPope_Clement_VINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
199 Innocent VI Étienne AubertPope_Innocent_VI Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
200 Urban V Guillaume de GrimoardPope_Urban_VNeeds Biography, Needs Connected
201 Gregory XI Pierre Roger de BeaufortPope_Gregory_XINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
202 Urban VI Bartolomeo PrignanoPope_Urban_VINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
203 Boniface IX Pietro TomacelliPope_Boniface_IXNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
204 Innocent VII Cosimo Gentile MiglioratiPope_Innocent_VIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected
205 Gregory XII Angelo CorrerPope_Gregory_XIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected
206 Martin V Oddone ColonnaPope_Martin_VNeeds Biography
207 Eugene IV Gabriele CondulmerPope_Eugene_IVNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
208 Nicholas V Tommaso ParentucelliPope_Nicholas_VNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
209 Callixtus III Alfonso de BorjaPope_Callixtus_IIINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
210 Pius II Enea Silvio PiccolominiPope_Pius_II
211 Paul II Pietro BarboPope_Paul_IINeeds Connected
212 Sixtus IV Francesco della RoverePope_Sixtus_IVLNAB should conform to EuroAristo conventions, Needs Biography
213 Innocent VIII Giovanni Battista CyboPope_Innocent_VIIINeeds Connected
214 Alexander VI Roderic Llançol i de BorjaPope_Alexander_VILNAB should conform to EuroAristo conventions, Biography may need edited, Needs Sourced
215 Pius III Francesco Todeschini PiccolominiPope_Pius_IIINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
216 Julius II Giuliano della RoverePope_Julius_IINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
217 Leo X Giovanni di Lorenzo de' MediciPope_Leo_XNeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
218 Adrian VI Adriaan Floriszoon BoeyensPope_Adrian_VINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced,
219 Clement VII Giulio di Giuliano de' MediciPope_Clement_VII Needs Sourced, Biography cleaned up
220 Paul III Alessandro FarnesePope_Paul_III Needs Sourced
221 Julius III Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del MontePope_Julius_IIINeeds Connected
The preceding profiles are pre1500s
222 Marcellus II Marcello Cervini degli SpannochiPope_Marcellus_II Needs Connected, Needs Sourced,
223 Paul IV Giovanni Pietro CarafaPope_Paul_IVNeeds Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Image
224 Pius IV Giovanni Angelo MediciPope_Pius_IV Needs Biography expanded.
225 Pius V Antonio GhislieriPope_Pius_VNeeds Connected, Needs Sourced.
226 Gregory XIII Ugo BoncompagniPope_Gregory_XIIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
227 Sixtus V Felice Peretti di MontaltoPope_Sixtus_VNeeds Connected, Needs Sourced
228 Urban VII Giovanni Battista CastagnaPope_Urban_VIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
229 Gregory XIV Niccolò SfondratiPope_Gregory_XIV Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
230 Innocent IX Giovanni Antonio FacchinettiPope_Innocent_IX Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
231 Clement VIII Ippolito AldobrandiniPope_Clement_VIIINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
232 Leo XI Alessandro Ottaviano de' MediciPope_Leo_XINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
233 Paul V Camillo BorghesePope_Paul_V Needs Biography, Needs Sourced
234 Gregory XV Alessandro LudovisiPope_Gregory_XVNeeds Profile, Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced, Needs Category
235 Urban VIII Maffeo BarberiniPope_Urban_VIII Needs Biography, Needs Sourced
236 Innocent X Giovanni Battista PamphiljPope_Innocent_XNeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
237 Alexander VII Fabio ChigiPope_Alexander_VII Needs Biography, Needs Sourced
238 Clement IX Giulio RospigliosiPope_Clement_IXNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
239 Clement X Emilio Bonaventura AltieriPope_Clement_XNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
240 Innocent XI Benedetto OdescalchiPope_Innocent_XINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
241 Alexander VIII Pietro Vito OttoboniPope_Alexander_VIIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
242 Innocent XII Antonio PignatelliPope_Innocent_XII Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
243 Clement XI Giovanni Francesco AlbaniPope_Clement_XI Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
244 Innocent XIII Michelangelo dei ContiPope_Innocent_XIIILNAB should conform to EuroAristo Conventions, Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
245 Benedict XIII Pietro Francesco OrsiniPope_Benedict_XIII Needs Biography, Needs Sourced
246 Clement XII Lorenzo CorsiniPope_Clement_XII Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
247 Benedict XIV Prospero Lorenzo LambertiniPope_Benedict_XIV Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
248 Clement XIII Carlo della Torre di RezzonicoPope_Clement_XIIILNAB should conform to EuroAristo conventions, Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
249 Clement XIV Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio GanganelliPope_Clement_XIV Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
250 Pius VI Giovanni Angelo BraschiPope_Pius_VI Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
251 Pius VII Barnaba Niccolò Maria Luigi ChiaramontiPope_Pius_VIINeeds Biography, Needs Sourced
252 Leo XII Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiore Girolamo Nicola Sermattei della GengaPope_Leo_XIILNAB should conform to EuroAristo conventions, Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
253 Pius VIII Francesco Saverio CastiglioniPope_Pius_VIIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
254 Gregory XVI Bartolomeo Alberto CappellariPope_Gregory_XVI Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
255 Pius IX Giovanni Maria Mastai-FerrettiPope_Pius_IXNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
256 Leo XIII Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi PecciPope_Leo_XIIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced Biography is being built by Jennifer Robins
257 Pius X Giuseppe Melchiorre SartoPope_Pius_XNeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
258 Benedict XV Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista Della ChiesaPope_Benedict_XV Needs Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
259 Pius XI Achille Ambrogio Damiano RattiPope_Pius_XIBiography needs edited, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
260 Pius XII Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni PacelliPope_Pius_XIINeeds Biography, Needs Connected, Needs Sourced
261 John XXIII Angelo Giuseppe RoncalliPope_John_XXIIIDone
262 Paul VI Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria MontiniPope_Paul_VI Biography needs expanding
263 John Paul I Albino LucianiPope_John_Paul_I Needs Sourced - Being reviewed by Janet Wild
264 John Paul II Karol Józef WojtyłaPope_John_Paul_IIDone
265 Benedict XVI Joseph Aloisius RatzingerPope_Benedict_XVIPrivacy Protected
266 Francis Jorge Mario BergoglioPope_FrancisPrivacy Protected Needs Biography, Needs Connected

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This site lists up-to-date scholarly works on the popes (nothing available online ... a visit to a library is necessary): Oxford Bibliographies.
posted by Traci Thiessen
Now I’m pre-1500 Certified I’ve started working backwards from Pope Paul IV. I’ll be creating a profile for each pope that doesn’t have one, adding basic information (birth, papacy, death) and succession box, categories for Popes and Notables. When each of those are completed I’ll populate profiles with more biographical detail.
posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
Doing some work updating this page and linking
posted by Aaron Gullison
I've been fixing succession boxes that had broken links in them. I contacted the person who made the errors explaining how the coding works so they don't make the same errors in future. I've also updated the biography for Pope Sixtus V. I've updated the list so show current status of each pope's profile.
posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
I've updated the succession boxes for 29 popes back to and including Sixtus V.

I can't add succession boxes to Pope Francis or Benedict XVI as they are protected.

I'll continue working on the succession boxes backwards from Gregory XIII.

posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
I've updated the succession box for Leo XIII.
posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
To be effectively able to locate Popes in the list, we really need a column for dates when the Popes served (at least the date they were installed/began serving)


posted by Russ Gunther KT CH
This is a wonderful project! Though I may not be able to contribute as much as I would like (I'm still working on that Data Doctor-thing), do count me in. I will see what I can do. lcr

This is a great idea! You should post in G2G about and ask for some volunteers. I will try to get it in a newsletter. Be sure to tag it with "projects" and "Notables".


posted by Abby (Brown) Glann