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Welcome to the Portuguese Portal page. The Portuguese Portal's mission is to make Wikitree accessible to Portuguese-speaking people.

Project Leader: Mindy Silva
Project Coordinator: Christina Garcia


Workspace for members

Translation Team

  1. Marcos Amores de Oliveira
  2. Pedro Lucas da Silva Cunha
  3. Leônidas Luiz Volcato Descovi

Translation Steps

  1. Very important: communicate! Go to the Google group to tell us what page you are working on, where you are at, and what difficulties may be present.
  2. Choose a page to translate.
  3. Do the translation.
  4. When the translation is finished, have another person check it. Remember to inform the Google group that a new page is ready to be verified!
  5. After verification, Aleš will place the translated page on the site. (This may not occur until we get several pages done).

Translation Page

Please read carefully before proceding. (Note: We need to get a few pages done while we wait for Portuguese to be added to the choices. We can do these on the Space pages linked below).

Help Page Progress

We can keep track of the pages here for now. For status you can put: working on, translated, needs links, has some links, etc.. These are not listed alphabetically as linked pages are listed under the page they are linked in.
Help Pages
Help Page Space Page Translator Status Checked By Ready
Honor Code Space
Courtesy Space
Sources Space
Collaboration Space
Privacy Space
Our Mission Space
How to Use WikiTree Space Leônidas Luiz Volcato Descovi
The Free Family Tree Space Leônidas Luiz Volcato Descovi
Getting Started Space

Marcos Amores de Oliveira


Register as a Guest Space
Membership Space
GEDCOM Help Space
GEDCOMpare Help Space
New Member How-To Space

Marcos Amores de Oliveira


Start Climbing Space

Marcos Amores de Oliveira


Collaborative Family Tree Space
Problems With Members Space
Adding Family Space
Merging Space
RootsSearch Space
Duplicates Space
Tags Space
Edit a Profile Space Pedro Lucas da Silva Cunha
Join the Community Space

Marcos Amores de Oliveira

Be Successful Space

Marcos Amores de Oliveira



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