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Price Family - Jamestown and Virginia Patriots

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John Price (abt.1586-1628)

See John's profile for information about the 1610 indenture cited as source for his parentage as well as evidence that the John Price of Montgomery, Wales, son of Richard, is the same John Price found in the 1624/5 Jamestown Muster, age 40, having arrived in Virginia aboard the Starr.

For on overview of John Price's ancestors, and a bit about other branches of the family, please see the WikiTree page "Price Genealogy". ~ Noland-165



John Price, a Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor (#A6408), was born about 1586 and died in 1628. The Jamestowne Society says he was a Burgess in 1625,[1] apparently based on the 1625 letter sent to the King from the House of Burgesses,[2] but Stanard does not list him in that session. Several other Prices served as Burgesses in later sessions (including Walter Price).[3]

John Price and "his wife Price" (no children, living or dead) are listed among the living at Neck of Land in the February 1623/4 Living and the Dead list.[4] The Find-A-Grave memorial for his wife Ann says he was the son of Richard Price (1560-1638) and Ursula Middleton Price (1560-1637),[5][6] but the memorial's information is incorrect (e.g., no support that Ursula's maiden name was Middleton). Please see Price Genealogy for sourced information about John's ancestors and other branches of the family. Note - still in progress as of 1 February 2022. ~ Noland-165

John is shown in the 1624/5 Jamestown Muster with wife Ann at Neck of Land, Charles Cittie (Ann age 21 and John age 40); 3-month-old "Mary" is also in the household (no surname and not specifically stated to be John's daughter).

John arrived in Jamestown aboard the Starr. William Price also arrived aboard the Starr, but dates of their arrival are not shown in the Muster. William (no age given) is at Colledge-Land, Henrico. Other Prices in the Jamestown Muster: Walter Price at Chaplins Choise, Charles City, and Hugh Price (35) - also at Neck of Land - his wife Judith (24), and his son John (2).[7][8]


  1. John Price (34 in 1635)[9]
  2. Mathew Price (20 in 1635)[9]
  3. Mary Price,[10] aged 3 months in January 1624/5,[11] so born about October or November 1624, is said to have married Richard Cocke Sr of Bremo. "Although these families were closely associated there is no proof of this marriage."[5]
On 6 May 1638, a patent was issued to Ann Hallom, widow, and the heirs of Robert Hallom, dec'd, for 1000 acres in Henrico. Northeast by the woods, southwest by the river, northwest by Bremo & land of Mr. Richard Cocke, & southeast toward Turkey Island Creek adj land of John Price.[5]

B.L. Price says John arrived with wife Mary and son William.[10] V.C. Price says no, but that he and Mary had two sons and a daughter. At least one researcher supposes that the 3-month-old Mary in his household at the time of the 1624/5 Jamestown Muster, which he shares with his wife Ann Price, is the daughter of his 1st wife Mary.

The William Price mentioned by B.L. Price is listed separately from John in the 1624/5 Muster, and there is no evidence to support that this William is John's son (William's age in the muster is not given).

Separate from the question of how many children he had, where, and by whom, is the 1638 patent naming Mathew Price son and heir of John Price and recieving the 150 acres granted to John Price in February 1619. It would seem that the John Price who arrived aboard the Starr in May (probably 1611) is the only candidate for this - John, son of Hugh Price, would have been 17 in 1619.

John could have earned 100 acres by working 7 years and the other 50 for the transportation of one person (earning the 50-acre "headright").

See Kay Haden's posting [here] about how land was acquired in Virginia.

The entry in Dorman names John's son Mathew as his heir in 1638:[12]

23 May 1638. Patent granted Matthew Price as son and heir of John Price for 150 acres on Turkey Island Creek in Henrico Co. "granted by patent to his late father John Price, now in possession of his mother Ann Hallom, Widow - being due unto him in right of his father who had a patent granted 20 Feb 1619. PB 1, part 2, p.558[5]

Virginia Patriots

About 150 years later, many Prices from Virginia fought for Independence or contributed patriotic/civil service. How these patriots relate to John's sons - if they relate to his sons - is not clear.

DAR Records, Pension Files, & WikiTree Profiles

William Price (1730-abt.1815), Patriot Ancestor #A093121 (1730-c1815), married Susannah Burton[13]
John Price, Patriot Ancestor #A092964 (1745-c1822), married Sarah Bourne (1739-)[15]
John Price, Patriot Ancestor #A092990 (1720-c1782), married Mary White[16]
  • son James Price married Susannah Williamson[16]
WikiTree's Cuthbert Williamson (abt.1700-abt.1743) & wife Elizabeth (Curd) Williamson (-1786) are connected as parents of

See Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters for transcribed pension applications for Prices.

Research Notes

following left over from a copy of Ann's profile (made 7 June 2021):

From the profile of Thomas Price (1609-1701), which was detached as son of Ann (7 May 2021): "Thomas Price came into the Province of Maryland, 25th Mar. 1634, being one of the party sailing from Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, 22d Nov. 1633, on "The Ark and the Dove," with Gov. Leonard Calvert, in the expedition to colonize Maryland..."[17]

The blog says she arrived in 1620 as Ann Price with their three children,[9] but the muster's list of people arriving aboard the Bonaventure does not include any Price children, and a search for Price in the 1624/5 Jamestown Muster shows John Price's household as just himself - head, age 40, arrived aboard the Starr - and his wife Anne.[8] It should also be noted that most passenger lists of this time, including the one for the April 1620 voyage of the Francis Bonaventure,[18] are based on the 1624/5 Jamestown muster, which lists her as Ann Price. She may not have been (and probably wasn't) married when she arrived in August 1620, and certainly not with three children at age 16. If an original passenger list for that voyage of the Francis Bonaventure could be found, it would answer the question of either what her maiden name was or whether she married John in England or Virginia.

There are two Edward Prices in the February 1623/4 Living and Dead List - one living, one dead, but neither at Neck of Land, where John Price and his wife are listed. There is, however, an Edward (no last name) listed as among the dead at Neck of Land.[19]

Two of the three children said to be Ann's by John Price are his sons Mathew and John, who arrived in Virginia aboard the George, 21 August 1635. Their ages at the time were 20 and 34, respectively.[20] This would make them the children of John's first wife, Mary Kemeye,[21] with John born about 1601 and Mathew born about 1615. They are said to have been left in Wales to be educated when their parents went to Virginia, following in 1635 aboard the George (Jo. Severne, master).[22][23]

Note - "Kemeye" is not found is a search of either John Price genealogy (B.L. Price's in 1910, V.C. Price's in 1988). The more accurate work (Price's 1988 genealogy) says that John and Mary had two sons and a daughter (snippit views from various searches do not find their names; if I were a Price descendant, I'd be buying her book!).

A son named Matthew Price, born about 1626 to Anne, is listed on her FindAGrave memorial, but without sources (although presented as if from Dorman's APP).[5] I believe this is the Matthew born 1615 (according to B.L. Price) who is named in the 1638 patent as son and heir of John.

John's son John (born c1601)[24] had at least two children, Daniel and John, who "sold 150 acres in 1677, land which was originally patented to the first John Price in 1619. Their uncle Matthew patented land on 23 May 1638; land that was on Turkey Island Creek, bounded by Bremo and the lands granted to his late father John Price and in possession of his mother Ann Hallom, widow."[25]

So, if John and Mary had two sons and a daughter, it would seem that Matthew and John are those sons. Perhaps the 3-month-old Mary B.L. Price names is the daughter of Mary instead of John's second wife Ann.

1988 Genealogy: Information from Vina Chandler Price's 1988 Ancestors and Descendants of John Price: Immigrant to Virginia 1610-11 -

John and his wife Mary had "two sons and a daughter." He immigrated from Wales to Jamestown aboard the Starr, which arrived May 22, 1611.[26]

Internet Archive's "Open Library" does not have a copy, but does offer the following:

Edition Description: "An exhaustive work of patience and accuracy by a certified genealogist of the known descendants of the first person into America with the surname Price - John Price of Breckonshire aboard the ship, "Starr". Precise tracking and identifiers are used throughout with a scholarly detachment about the veracity of some existing conclusions made by others. She goes not one inch further than the verifiable facts allow."[27]
First Sentence: "Seventy-eight years ago Benjamin Luther Price published his work, "John Price The Emigrant". To my knowledge this has been the only definitive work to date on the descendants of John Price."[27]

B.L. Price's 1910 work (available online courtesy of archive.org - image and full text versions]) contains some incorrect information (such as John arriving aboard the Starr in 1620) that is corrected by V.C. Price's 1988 work.

Researcher’s Notes

Double entry dates, like 1623/4 are due to Old Style Calendar: Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used. (entered by Jan Gorman, June 7, 2017)

Note: If Matthew was of age in 1638, and Ann was 21 in 1624, he's unlikely to be Ann's son. But he could be the inspiration for the idea that her maiden name was Matthews (was unable to find where this note came from in the changes tab)

Need to check/incorporate:

Children of John and his first wife, Mary:
  1. William Price, born 1606 at Winchester, Hampshire, England; "raised a family at "College Land," and his descendants lived in Gloucester, Middlesex and other eastern counties"[28] of Virginia.
  2. Edward Price, born 1608 in England.
  3. Matthew Price, born 1615 at Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales; father of Sarah Price Jameson; died in Henrico.
  4. Richard Price, born 1617 in Montgomeryshire, Wales; died April 1688 in Montgomeryshire, Wales.
  5. Margaret Price, born 1622 in Neck Land, Henrico, Virginia; died 1682.
Children of John Price and Ann Matthews:
  1. Mary Price, born 1624 in Virginia.
  2. John Price, born 1627 in Henrico, Virginia; died 1662 in Henrico, Virginia.

Daniel Price Will

from changes to his (Daniel's) profile, now James Price (abt.1720-bef.1802)

Daniel married 23 Mar 1781, Lydia Morris, in Bedford Co VA. His will proved in Halifax Co on 27 Feb 1804 names his wife as Lydia. Daughter Susannah Booker. Sons, Samuel, William and John. Another daughter Ann D. Price. Executors: wife Lydia Price and brothers William Price, Williamson Price and friend John Morris. Dated 3 Mar 1802.
p.24 Feb Court 1804 The LW&T of Daniel Price, dec'd was presented in court and proved on the oaths of two of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.

Will of Daniel Price as found in the case of: Caroline County, VA Chancery Record Index #: 1812-005[29]


In the name of God Amen. I Daniel Price of the county of Halifax being perfectly in my senses and memory do make ordain and publish the following as my last will and Testament Vizt Item __ to my daughter Susannah Booker a negroe girl that I have heretofore lent her by the name of Milly and her increase during her natural life and after her death the said negroe Milly amnd her increase to be equally divided among such children as my said daughter has now or may have hereafter and it is my will that my trustees hereafter named Shall have the management of the said Slave Milly and her increase so that they be kept together for the use of my said daughter and her children during her life and then divided equally among her said children as before directed. Item I give to my son Samuel one negroe boy by the name of Harry to have and his heirs forever. Item I give to my son William Price on negroe boy the name of Royall to have and his heirs forever. Item I give to my son Daniel Price one negroe boy by the name of Patrick to have and his heirs forever. Item I give to my son John Price one negroe boy by the name of Charles to him and his heirs forever. Item I give to my daughter Lydia Price two negroe girls by the name of Hannah & Clory to her and her heirs forever. Item I give to my daughter Anne O. Price two negro girls by the name of Cleo(?) and Juddy to her and her heirs forever. It is my will that the specific legacies given to my children shall be delivered to them on their marriage or coming of lawful age. Item I leave to my beloved wife Lydia Price all the rest and residue of my Estate for her support and for the support of children during the life or widowhood of my said wife ____ if my said wife should marry again in that case all such estate that I have left her for the purposes above mentioned shall be given up to my Trustee and kept together until my son John Price comes of lawful age and then to be equally divided amongst my children. But it is to be understood that if my said [wife] does not marry that she is to have the use of the estate given her during her life and it is also my will that the part that should fall to my daughter Susannah Booker be kept by my trustees for the use of my said daughter and her children during her life and then to be equally divided among her said children. It is also my will that if any of the negroes given to my children should die before they become possessed of them that my wife or my Trustee hereafter named shall give to such child or children a negroe of equal value out of the slaves given for wifes(?) use and for the purpose of rais’g my children. It is my desire that my son Samuel Price have the bay colt called his and it is also my desire that each of my sons and daughters shall have a horse of the same value or as near as the circumstances of my estate as they marry or come of age that is if the estate is in a situation to spare them except my daughter Susannah Booker who already has a horse. Having the highest confidence in my beloved wife Lydia Price and my brothers William Price and Williamson Price also my _____ John Morris I do hereby appoint them my executrix and executors and trustees of this my last will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3d day of March 1802.

Signed and sealed in the presence of

J. Scott, William Miller, Nathaniel Jones } Daniel Price (SEAL)

At a Court held for Halifax County the 27th(?) day of February 1804

The within written last will and Testament of Daniel Price deceased was exhibited in court and proved by the oaths of two witnesses thereto subscribed. And ordered to be recorded.


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