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Principles and Formatting Guidelines for Religious Categories

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Could the section on 'Punctuation and Abbreviations' please provide advice on the use of apostrophes.

Existing categories often include them (for example Category:St Mary's Church, Streatley, Berkshire ), but often do not (for example Category:St Mary Church, Speen, Berkshire or Category:St Giles Church, Reading, Berkshire)

posted by Troy Phillips
It really depends on what the church calls itself it documents, literature, websites, etc. Some will not have the apostrophe and others will.

This page is not current, though.

Regards, Natalie

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
I cannot find a Catholic, Religious Order category for Sisters of the Precious Blood, with or without “Sisters Adorers …” as in early and Wikipedia titles.

There are enough members in my extended family to make this category worthwhile. It was founded in Canada but also existed in the U.S. Can the project help with this?

posted by Joanna Gariepy
I would like to add a category for a small country church where many ancestors have been members. New here. Would this be the right way to do it?
Name: Lafayette Presbyterian Church
Location:Category: Ithaca, Michigan, United States of America
Address:8026 E. Saint Charles Road Ithaca, MI 48847
Map of Profiles:WikiTree+ Maps
Project / Team:Religion
See also:Ask questions in G2G using the tags Religion and Religion and Categorization

Profiles are placed in this category with this text [[]] .

As an example here's an obit referencing a service at the church as recently as 2019.

I would like to add this category for example to profile Russell-31412 among others. Thanks!

Location=Ithaca, Michigan ...leave off the United States of America. Just go to Russell-31412 and tag the profile with Category:Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, Michigan (in brackets but I can't use them here in the comment box). Then use the category info box that you displayed. Make sure you fill in the parent=Gratiot County, Michigan, Religious Congregations.

Thanks for asking! Natalie, Categorization member

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
I'm not certain where to input the new category box. I tried adding it directly to Russell-31412 profile but not sure that is right. Thank you!
Ok, I'll do it. You can look at what I did afterward.


posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
This has lost me a bit. Where does a Roman Catholic or Church of Ireland parish fit into this scheme?
They don't fit into the structure that this page describes. Most of this page is obsolete, mostly because it was so complicated that most people got it wrong. For a church, we have a category structure for "Religious Congregations" that are for the members of a church. There is a Category Information Box for setting these up. This is for the membership rather than the building (people confuse the two concepts). The new structure is described at .
posted by Doug McCallum UE
What is this category Lutheran professional Genealogist about? Would who ever in this category be able to help??? I just starting to build this project.

I started a new Lutheran Project. I had someone in project asking about Famous Lutherans and adding them to project.


Last year, WikiTree team requested those categories for Professional Genealogists who may wish to join WikiTree, so the categories were created.

"Famous Lutherans" should be a free-space page within your project, and you can link to these famous persons from your free-space page, in a table.

If the person is famous for some other reason than being Lutheran, such as a famous actor who is a Lutheran, the fame is already covered by the Notables categories. If the person is a notable church founder or other figure, we have Category: Religious Figures and Religious Occupations. Note that the use of Category:Country, Religious Figures is used and also Category:Quaker Notables. The Quaker category existed before there was an attempt to change the entire structure, which this page is based on. There should really not be a Category:Famous Lutherans or Category:Lutherans, Notables.

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
edited by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Regarding Catholicism: there are many inaccuracies in the following paragraph regardring Catholicism. As a catholic priest i can assure you that the term Catholic Church refers to ALL the particular Churches, both Western and Eastern, that compose it. Thus, what you here consider to be 'The Catholic Church is really the Latin Church (with several rites: Roman Rite, Ambrosian RIte, etc.). To this same Catholic Church belong all the Eastern Catholic Churches which are in communion with the Pope, Bishop of Rome, who is Supreme Pontiff of the whole Church, including necessarily all the Particular Churches making up the universal Catholic Church. There is no such thing as denominations within the Catholic Church. Rightly do the particular Churches deserve a Subcategory, but it must be under Catholic Church, for the term Catholic Church is not limited to the Latin Church, but covers all the particular Churches in Communion with Rome and with one another. Thus, under Catholic Church should be the sub-category Latin Church to which a majority of Catholics belong. Then there will be Sub-categories such as : Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Coptic Catholic Church, Maronite Catholic Church, Chaldean Catholic Church, and so forth, which are all Eastern Rite Churches, whereas the Latin Church to which most of us belong is a Western Rite Church. What is quoted here below is simply not right, for Catholic Church is not equal to Western Rite or Latin Church. Thank you!

In the process of working on the Category: Catholic Church category description, a G2G discussion occurred regarding different forms or rites for Mass in different churches in Catholicism and how those rites affect categories. As noted in that discussion, the focus of the structure of categories in these Principles is on the internal hierarchy of the churches themselves, not on the specific rites or practices used at any given time by any group or differences in theology or doctrine not reflected in the Church's own denominations and hierarchy. Those churches which are "in communion" with the Pope in Rome (whether accepting the Pope as supreme leader or not) have their own internal organizational structures rather than being a part of the hierarchy of episcopal conferences and dioceses which make up the main stream body of the western tradition Catholic Church. Thus, such churches, including the 23 autonomous Eastern Catholic Churches, are not included in Category: Catholic Church and its subcategories. Instead, these and other churches practicing Catholicism which have their own internal organizations should have their own categories under Category: Catholicism named according to the official name of each church with their own subcategories fitting their internal organization. For example, Category: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is not a subcategory below Category: Catholic Church, but it is still under the structure for Category: Catholicism


This is something you would want to discuss with Project:Religion.

posted by Steven Harris
Just a quick correction so a copy/paste error doesn't confuse people: Under item #3 under crosslinking congregations and related cemeteries, the second sample text (to put on the cemetery page) should read

Related: [[:Category: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Savanna, Illinois]]

posted by Eric Hoffman
I moved the comments to the previous content of this page to the bottom of the page to preserve them while also avoiding confusion as to which comments relate to the recently adopted principles and which relate to earlier discussion drafts.
posted by Mary (Brandt) Jensen
Vicky, I've sent you a private message so you will get my email to ease consulting. I've also added you to the info box on the Baha'i categories as an Interested Wikitreer so we keep track of who to consult until we have a project name to add.
posted by Mary (Brandt) Jensen
Hi folks,

Regarding the Baha'i categories, I am the one who originally created them and I'd be happy to consult about how they might fit into the system you're creating here. I am an active member of the Baha'i Faith and have been chronicling the lives of some of our early adherants for some time now.

Kind regards,

Vicky Majewski