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Cambridge Antiquarian Society

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Cambridge Antiquarian Society

Founded in 1840, first published in 1859, under the title "Antiquarian Communications". In 1891 the series became "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society", and it began a new series numbering.

Available online at these locations:

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Quarto Series

  • Volume I.
  • No. I. A Catalogue of the original Library of St Catharine's Hall, 1475. Ed. by Professor G. E. Coreie, B.D. pp. viii+11. 1840.
  • No. II. Abbreviata Cronica, 1377—1469. Ed. by J. J. Smith, .A. ]pp. Yiii + 22 + 1 facsimile plate. 1840.
  • No. III. An account of the Consecration of Abp. Parker. Ed. by J. Goodwin, B.D. pp. viii + 9—27 + 1 facsimile plate. 1841.
  • No. IV. An application of Heraldry to the illustration of University and Collegiate Antiquities. By H. A. Woodham, A.B. Part I. pp. 1—73 + 1 coloured plate and illustrations in the text, 1841.
  • No. V. An application of Heraldry, etc. By H. A. Woodham, 1842. M.A. Part II. pp. 75—93 + 3 plates (1 coloured).
  • No. VI. A Catalogue of the MSS. and scarce books in the Library of St John's College. By M. Cowie, M.A. Part I. pp. ii+1—86. 1842.
  • No. VII. A Description of the Sextry Barn at Ely, Lately demolished. By Professor E. Willis, M.A. pp. 8 + 4+plates. 1843.
  • VIII. A Catalogue of the MSS. and scarce books in the Library of St John's College. By M. Cowie, M.A. Part II. pp. 87—162. 1843.
  • No. IX. Architectural Nomenclature of the Middle Ages. By Professor R. Willis, M.A. pp. 86 + 3 plates. 1844.
  • No. X. Roman and Roman-British Remains at and near Shefford. By Sir Henry Dryden, Bart., M.A. And a Catalogue of Coins from the same place. By C. W. King, M.A. pp. 24 + 4 plates {3 coloured). 1845.
  • No. XI. Specimens of College Plate. By J. J. Smith, M.A. pp. 18 + 13 joZafes. 1845.
  • No. XII. Roman-British Remains. On the materials of two sepulchral vessels found at Warden. By Professor J. S. Henslow, M.A. pp.4 + 2 plates. 1846.
  • Volume II.
  • No. XIII. Evangelia Augustini Gregoriana. A description of MSS. 286 AND 197 in the Parker Library. By J. Goodwin, B.D. pp. 42 + 11 plates (some coloured). 1847.
  • No. XIV. Miscellaneous Communications, Part 1 :
  • I. On palimpsest sepulchral Brasses. By A. W. Franks. pp. 1— 6 + 1 folding plate.
  • II. On two British Shields found in the Isle of Ely. By . W. Goodwin, M.A. pp. 7—13 + 4 plates.
  • III. A Catalogue of the Books bequeathed to C. C. College by Tho. Markaunt in 1439. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. pp. 15—20.
  • IV. The Genealogical history of the Freville Family. By . W. Franks, pp. 21—29 + 3 plates + Pedigree. 1848.
  • No. XV. An historical Inquiry touching St Catharine of Alexandria: to which is added a Semi-Saxon Legend. By C. Hardwick, M.A. pp. 48 + 2 plates*. 1849.
  • [I. From the Menologium Basilianum. II. Coloured figure of St Catharine traced from the wall of St Martin's Church, Leicester.]
  • NEW SERIES. Quarto publications
  • Vol I. The Dual Origin of the Town of Cambridge. By Arthur Gray, M.A. fp. 32 + 2 plates. 1908.
  • Index: Vol. 1-80
  • Vol. 1-107 (1850-2017)
  • Vol. 1-24 (1850-1922) old and new series
  • Vol. 25-97 (1923-2008) search only
  • Vol. 2 1860-1864 "Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol. 3 1864-1876 "Cambridge Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol. 4 1876-1880 "Cambridge Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol. 5 1880-1884 "Cambridge Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol. 6 1884-1888 "Cambridge Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol. 7 1888-1891 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 8 1891-1894 New Series Vol. II.
  • Vol. 9 1894-1898 New Series Vol. III. (1899)
  • Vol. 10 1898-1903 New Series Vol. VI. (1904)
  • Vol. 11 1903-1906 New Series Vol. V.
  • Vol. 12 1906-1908 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 13 1908-1909 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 14 1909-1910 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 15 1910-1911 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 16 1911-1912 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 17 1912-1913 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 18
  • Vol. 18-20 1913-1916 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 19
  • Vol. 21
  • Vol. 21-24 1916-1922 "Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society"
  • Vol. 22
  • Vol. 23
  • Vol. 24 1921-1922
  • Vol 1, no. 12: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 16 (1911-1912): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 9 (1894-1898): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 15: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol New Ser. No. 2: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 14: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 15 (1910-1911): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Cambridge Antiquarian Communications
  • Cambridge Antiquarian Communications
  • Vol No. 3: Publications
  • Vol 13 (1908-1909): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 11: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 5: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol New Ser. No. 1: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 18 (1914-1916): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol No. 2: Publications
  • Vol 14 (1909-1910): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 2: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 7: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 8 (1891-1894): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 10 (1898-1903): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • List of publications, 1840-1915
  • Vol 1, no. 6: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Cambridge Antiquarian Communications
  • Vol 1, no. 11: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 5: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol New Ser. No. 1: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 18 (1914-1916): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol No. 2: Publications
  • Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 8: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 17 (1912-1913): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 1, no. 1: Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 3: Cambridge Antiquarian Communications
  • Vol 12 (1906-1908): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 14, yr.1909-1910: Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol 6: Cambridge Antiquarian Communications
  • An index to the Reports & abstracts of proceedlngs; including subjects and authors of Communications and Publications. 1840-1897
  • v.1 (1852/59) Antiquarian communications.
  • v. 1 (1859) Antiquarian communications.
  • v. 2 Antiquarian communications.
  • v.5:suppl. Antiquarian communications.
  • Vol. 1-10 Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol. 3-21 Cambridge antiquarian communications.
  • Transactions of the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Archaeological Society
  • Exhibition of Stuart and Cromwellian relics and articles of interest connected with the Stuart period
  • June 1, 1913 List of the members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
  • Vol. ???
  • List of publications, 1840-1915.
  • The place-names of Huntingdonshire. By Professor Skeat.

Octavo Series

  • Vol. 1-48 & Index.
  • Vol. 1 1850-1859 "Antiquarian Communications"
  • Vol 1: The Anglo-Saxon Legends of St Andrew and St Veronica. Ed. by C. W. Goodwin, M.A. pp. xi + 47. 1851.
  • Vol 2: Fragment of a Graeco-Egyptian work upon Magic. Ed. by C. W. Goodwin, M.A. pp. x + 57 + 1 facsimile plate. 1852.
  • Vol 3: Ancient Cambridgeshire. By C. 0. Babington, M.A. 1853. pp. viii + 78 + 4 plates* and a map. (See No. XX for 2nd edition.)
* [Roman Stations at Cambridge, Grantchester and Bury, and Boman Villa at Comberton.]
  • Vol 4: A History of Waterbeach. By W. K. Clay, B.D. pp. x + 148 -t-3 plates. 1859.
  • Vol 5: The Diary of Edward Rud; to which are added Several Letters of Dr Bentley. Ed. by H. R. Luard, M.A. pp. vii + 52. 1860.
  • Vol 6: A History of Landbeach. By W. K. Clay, B.D. pp. ii -^ 126 -H 1 plate. 1861.
  • Vol 7: A History of Horningsey. By W. K. Clay, B.D. pp. XV + 60. 1865.
  • Vol 8: The Correspondence of Richard Porson, M.A., formerly Regius Professor of Greek. Ed. by H. R. Luard, .A. pp. xiii + 143. 1867.
  • Vol 9:. The History of Queens' College. Part I. 1446—1560. By W. G. Searle, M.A. pp. viii + 6. 1867.
  • Vol 10: Historical and Architectural Notes on Great St Mary's Church. By S. Sandars, M.A. Together with the Annals of the Church. By Canon E. Venables, M.A. pp. 98 + folding plan and 4 illustrations in the text. 1869.
  • Vol 11: A History of Milton. By the late W. K. Clay, B.D. pp. xii + 108. 1869.
  • Vol 12: The Coins, Tokens, and Medals of the Town, County and University of Cambridge. By W. G. Seable, M.A. pp. viii -1-40. 1871.
  • Vol 13: The History of Queens' College. Part II. 1560 - 1662. By W. G. Seable, M.A. pp. 297—584. 1871.
  • Vol 14: The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Bottisham and of the Priory of Anglesey. By Edw. Hailstone, un. pp. xii + 372 + 7 plates. 1873.
  • Vol 15: An annotated List of Books printed on Vellum to be found in the University and College Libraries at Cambridge ; with an appendix on the bibliography of cambridge libraries. By S. Sandars, M.A. pp. 80. 1878.
  • Vol 16: A Supplement to the History of the Parish of Bottisham and the Priory of Anglesey. By EdW. HaILSTONE, Jun. pp. 35. 1878.
*** XIV and XVI, with a title-page to the whole work, form a volume. 1873—78.
  • Vol 17: Josselin's Historiola Collegii Corporis Christi et Beatae Mariae Cantabrigiae. Edited by J. W. Clark, M.A. pp. vi + 68 and folding plan of rooms. 1880.
  • Vol 18: The Bells of Cambridgeshire. By J. J. Raven, .D. pp. 192 +folding plate cmd illustrations in the text. 1881.
  • Vol 19: A Supplement to the 'Bells of Cambridgeshire,' with an Index to the whole work. By J. J. Raven, D.D. pp. 93—220. 1882.
  • Vol 20: Ancient Cambridgeshire: An attempt to trace Roman and other ancient roads that passed through the county of Cambridge. By C. C. Babington, M.A., .R.S., F.S.A. Second edition much enlarged, pp. viii -1-106 + illustrations in the text and a map. 1883.
  • Vol 21: Memoir of the Rev. Caleb Parnham, B.D., St John's College. By J. R. Lunn, B.D. Second edition, much enlarged, pp. 50. 1884.
  • Vol 22: Suggestions addressed to King Henry VIII. for a Coinage for Ireland and the other islands belonging to England. By Nicholas Tyery. Edited by G. O. White-Cooper, .A., M.B., and F. J. H. Jenkinson, M.A. pp. 51 + Illustrations 1886. on India paper (in text).
  • Vol 23: The Diary of Alderman S. Newton (1662—1717). edited by J. E. Foster, M.A. pp. xvi 144. 1890.
  • Vol 24: Mr Essex's Journal of a Tour through part of Flanders and France made in August 1773. Edited by W. M. Fawcett, M.A., F.S.A. pp. xxxvi -h 77 + with portrait, silhouette front., and illustrations in the text. 1888.
  • Vol 25: The Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in St Michael's Parish, Cambridge. Edited by J. Venn, Sc.D. pp. vii + 213. 1891.
  • Vol 26: Pedes Finium: A Short Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Cambridgeshire. By Walter Rye, F.S.A. pp. vii +196. 1891.
  • Vol 27: Ingulf and the Historia Croylandensis. By . G. Searle, M.A. pp. viii + 216 + 1 folding plate. 1894.
  • Vol 28: On the Abbey of St Edmund at Bury. By . R. James, Litt.D., F. Brit. Acad. pp. viii + 220 + folding plan. 895.
  • Vol 29: Biographical Notes on the Librarians of Trinity College on Sir Edward Stanhope's Foundation. By Robert Sinker, D.D. pp. xii + 86. 1897.
  • Vol 30: An Index to the Reports and Abstracts etc. , 1840 —1897. pp. xvi + 80. 1898.
  • Vol 31: The Priory of Saint Radegund, Cambridge. By Arthur Gray, M.A. pp. viii+ 197 + plan and illustrations in the text. 1898.
  • Vol 32: The Sources of Archbishop Parker's Collection of MSS. at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. By M. R. Jambs, Litt.D., P. Brit. Acad. pp. 84. 1899.
  • Vol 33: The Manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace. By M. R. James, Litt.D., F. Brit. Acad. pp. 64. 1900.
  • Vol 34: Liber de obitibus Christ Church, Canterbury], utore Joh. Stone [1415—1472" Edited by tlie Rev. W. G. Searle, M.A. pp. 196. 1902.
  • Vol 35: Accounts of the Churchwardens of Saint Mary the Great. Edited by J. E. Foster, M.A. pp.viii + 598. 1905.
  • Vol 36: Cambridgeshire Place-names. By the Rev. W. W. Skeat, Litt.D., F. Brit. Acad, pp.80. 1901. Second edition.
  • Vol 37: A Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Huntingdonshire. By G. I. Turner, M.A. pp. clxiv + 300. 1913.
  • Vol 38: The Verses formerly inscribed on the Twelve Windows in the Choir of Canterbury Cathedral. Edited by . R. James, Litt.D., F. Brit. Acad. pp. 42. 1901.
  • Vol 39: Cambridge Gild Records. Edited by Mary Batson, with a preface by the Rev. W. Cunningham, D.D., F. Brit. Acad. pp. 176. 1903.
  • Vol 40: Annals of Gonville and Caius College, by John Caius. Edited by J. Venn, Sc.D. pp. xiii-H431. 1904.
  • Vol 41: The Chaplains and the Chapel of the University of Cambridge (1256-1568). By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., F.S.A. pp. viii +100 + 5 plates. 1906.
  • Vol 42: The Place-names of Bedfordshire. By the Rev. W. W. Skeat, Litt.D., F. Brit. Acad., Elrington Professor of Anglo-Saxon, pp. viii -t-74. 1906.
  • Vol 43: The Riot at the Great Gate of Trinity College, February, 1610-11. By J. W. Clark, M.A., F.S.A., Registrary of the University, pp. xxv + 42 + 1 plate. 1906.
  • Vol 44: Cambridge outside Trumpington Gates before the Foundation of Peterhouse. By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., .S.A. pp. viii + 88 + map + 1 plate. 1908.
  • Vol 45: The Esquire Bedells of the University of Cambridge. 13th century to 20th century. By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., F.S.A. pp. XU + 14:0 + 8 plates.' 1911. (Published by private donation for members only.)
  • Vol 46: Suffolk Place-Names. By the Rev. W. W. Skeat, Litt.D., F.B.A. pp. x+132. 1913.
  • Vol 47: Cambridge outside the Barnwell Gate. By the Rev. H. P. Stokes, LL.D., F.S.A. pp. viii + 64 + 2 maps and 2 plates. 1915.
  • Vol 48: (1917) Vetus Liber Archidiaconi Eliensis

Reports and Communications. 8vo.

  • Communications, Vol. I. 1859.
  • Report XI. May 26, 1851. Communications, No. I. pp. —36. 1851.
  • Report XII. May 17, 1852. Communications, No. II. pp. 37—5Q + plate, Roman Vessel found at Poxton. 1852.
  • Report XIII. May 2, 1853. Communications, No. III. pp. 51—80 + plate, Elizabethan shoe and clog found in Corpus Christi College. 1853.
  • Report XIV. May 22, 1854. Communications, No. IV. pp. 1—124. 1854.
  • Report XV. May 14, 1855. Communications, No. V. pp. 27— 176 + 3 illustrations ; Episcopal Figure from Mortuary Roll of John de Hotham, Vases from Bincombe, Dorset (2). 1855.
  • Report XVI. May 5, 1856. Communications, No. VI. pp. 77—240. 1856.
  • Report XVII. May 18, 1857. Communications, No. VII. pp. 241—286. 1857..
  • Report XVIII. May 17, 1858. Communications, No. VIII. pp. 287—2,4^+ plate. Arms, Millington and Woodlarke. 1858.
  • Report XIX. May 23, 1859. Communications, No. IX. pp. 343—374.
  • Communications, Vol. II. 1864.
  • Report XX. May 14, 1860. Communications, No. X. pp. 1—66 +ptoe, Fibulae found at Barrington. 1860.
  • Report XXI. May 13, 1861. Communications, No. XI. pp. 7—146. 1861.
  • Report XXII. May 12, 1862. Communications, No. XII. pp. 147—218. 1862.
  • Report XXIII. May 11, 1863. Communications, No. XIII. pp. 219—294. 1863.
  • Report XXIV. May 9, 1864. Communications, No. X-IV. pp. 295—370 + 4 plates: St John's Hospital, Piscina, (2), Ground Plan. 1864.
  • Communications, Vol. III. 1879.
  • Report XXV. May 9, 1865. Communications, No. XV (misprinted XIV). pp. 1—60. 1865.
  • Report XXVI. May 14, 1866. Communications, No. XVI (misprinted XV). pp. 61—118. 1866.
  • Report XXXIII. May 19, 1873. With Abstract of Proceedings (including Annual Reports XXVII—XXXII). 1866—1873. Communications, No. XVIlT pp. 119—294: + 8 plates : 1. Handwriting of Dr John Edwards. 2. Facsimile, "Image of Pity." —6. Fulbourn Church (4 folding). 7—8. Bronze Statuette found at Earith. 1878.
  • Report XXXVI. May 15, 1876, with Abstract of Proceedings(including Annual Reports XXXIV, XXXV). 1873—1876. Communications, No. XVIII. pp. 295—414 + 2 plates, Terra Cotta Statuettes found at Tanagra. 1879.
  • Communications, Vol. IV. 1881.
  • Report XXXVII. May 28, 1877. Communications, No. XIX. — pp. 3 82 (no pp. 83—84) + 5 plates : 1. Fresco discovered in Chesterton Church. 2. Prehistoric Peruvian Stone Implements. 3. Early Runic Calendar. 4, 5. Etruscan Bronzes. 1878.
  • Report XXXVIII. May 27, 1878. Communications, No. XX. pp.85—\%& + 9) plates : 1—3. Irish Basilica, &c. 4. Flint Implements from Helwan near Cairo. 5. Map of part of the Nil6, 6. Norwegian Clog Calendar. 7, 8. Flint Implements from the Barnwell River-Gravel and Chesterton Gravel-pits. 1878.
  • Report XXXIX. May 26, 1879. Communications, No. XXI. pp. 187—312 + 6 plates: 1. Leaden Vessel in Trinity College Library. 2. Powder Flask in the Collection of W. B. Redfern, Esq. 3. Mace borne by Senior Esquire Bedell. 4. Inscriptions on the Bells of King's College. 5. Arms of de l'Isle and of Arundel, Bishops of Ely (in colour). 6. Tracery on South Wall of Landbeach Church. 1881.
  • Report XL. May 24, 1880. Communications, No. XXII. pp. 313—432 + 8 plates: 1. Carved Oak Tally Board in the Collection of W. B. Redfern, Esq. 2. Roman Potters' Kilns found at Ashdon and at Colchester. 3, 4. Trinity Church, Cambridge. 5. Stone Figure of a Mitred Abbot discovered in Trinity Church, 1878. 6. Inscribed Vase found at Guilden Morden. 7. Plan shewing position of St John Baptist's Church, Cambridge. 8. Swords in the possession of Mr W. W. Faulden. 1881.
  • Communications, Vol. V. 1886.
  • Report XLI. May 30, Communications, No. XXIII. 1881. pp. 1—56 + 12 plates: 1—12. Anglo-Saxon Antiquities from Barrington. 1883.
  • Report XLII. May 22, 1882. Communications, No. XXIV. pp. 57 184: + 10 plates : 1—6. Palaeolithic Implements from South Africa. 7—10. Minster Church, Aachen. 1884.
  • Report XLIII. May 7, 1883. Communications, No. XXV. pp. 185—272 + 7 plates : Etruscan Mirrors, &c. 1884.
  • Report XLIV. May 26, 1884. Communications, No. XXVI. pp. 273—378. 1886.
  • Communications, Vol. VI. 1891.
  • Report XLV. May 18, 1885. pp. i— 1. Communications, No. XXVII, 1—176 + plates 2, Inscriptions, Wilne, Masham, Jarrow, &c. 1887.
  • Report XLVI. May 24, 1886. li—Ixxxvi. Communications, No. XXVIII. pp. 177—312 + plates 3, 4, Eadmer's Historia Novorum. 1888.
  • Report XLVII. May 24, 1887. pp. Ixxxvii— oxxvi. Communications, No. XXIX. pp. 313—346. 1890.
  • Report XLVIII. May 21, 1888. pp. cxxvii—clii. Communications, No. XXX. pp. 347404 + 2 plates : Four Gnostic Gems, Ancient Earthworks between Tyne and Solway, + Plates: 1—18. Four Runic Calendars. 19. Fire-place in Master's Lodge, Christ's College. [No plate 20.] 21. Tympanum, Pampisford Church. 1891.
  • Proceedings, Vol. VII (New Series I). 1893.
  • Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, October 29, 1888, to May 27, 1889. With Communications made to the Society, o. XXXI. pp. 1—84 + plates : 1, 2. Linton Church. 3. Jsel — linge Stone, Iceland. 46. Antiquities at Hauxton. 7. Choir — Stalls, Brampton. 812. Illustrations of the Bible. 13. Blue Glazed Oenochoe. 1891.
  • Proceedings, October 28, 1889, to May 19, 1890, with Communications, No. XXXII. pp. 85— 184 -t-plates: 14—25. House of Veysey Family in Cambridge. 26—29. Great Fen Road. 30—33. Alabaster Rotables from Milton and Whittlesford. 1891.
  • Proceedings, October 20, 1890, to May 27, 1891. With Communications, No. XXXIII. pp. 185 —S24:+ plates: 34, Bird'S eye View of Clare Hall, 1714. 35, Cambridgeshire Ditches and Tacitus. 36—38 (in text), Horham Hall. 39—41 (3,9 and 40 in text), Barnwell Priory. 42, ( text) Proposed Bridge St John's, 1698. 1892.
  • Proceedings, Vol. VIII (N.S. II). 1895,
  • Proceedings, 26 October, 1891, to 25 May, 1892. With Communications, No. XXXIV. pp. 1—84 + plates : 1. Library at Cesena 13 illustrations in the text of Chained Books and (and — Cases). 2 11. Pottery, Bones, &o., Cambridge Boundary Ditches. 1893.
  • Proceedings, 31 October, 1892, to 17 May, 1893. With Communications, No. XXXV. pp. 85—252 and 2 folding tables, Eton and Winchester + Plate 12 (and 1 illustration in text). Bucket, Ancient Well at Mountsorrel. 32 illustrations in text. Armorial Ensigns of University and Colleges. 2 in text ; facsimiles of 2 pages in Psalter. Figure 1, Plan shewing probable extent of Castle, 2—4 in text. 5. Plan of Castle, 1785. 6 and 7 in text. Plan, Koman House at Swaffham, in text. 4 illustrations (in text). Hall of Michael House. 1894.
  • Proceedings, 23 October, 1893, to 16 May, 1894. With Communications, No. XXXVI. pp.253-410 + plates. 13,14. Objects— found in Ancient Ditches. 1518. Arms of Englishmen at Padua. 19, 20. Library at Zutphen, and many illustrations in the text. 1895.
  • Proceedings, Vol. IX (N. S. III).
  • Proceedings, 22 October, 1894, to 29 May, 1895. With Communications. No.XXXVII. pp.1—164: +plates : 1—3(and 5in text), Lincoln Cathedral Library. 4—7, The Padders' Way. 1896.
C.L. Acland, on Norse Remains in North Britain. T. D. Atkinson, on a Chalice and Paten from Westley Waterless ; on a Bridge over the King's Ditch. E. M. Beloe, on the Padders' Way. E. Bowes, on a copy of Linacre's Galen 1521 in Trinity College Library, Dublin. J. W. Clark, on Ancient Libraries : Lincoln, Westminster, St Paul's. Arthur Gray, on the Watercourse called Cambridge in relation to the Cam and Castle. T. MoK. Hughes, Pottery from Great Chesterford. M. E. James, Fifteenth Century Glass in King's Chapel : On Wall Painting in Willingham Church. E. A. S. Macalister, Antiquities from Bandyleg Walk : On Killeen Cormiac, Kildare. . B. Pearson, on the Cambridgeshire Subsidies. J. Watkins, on the History of Willingham Church.
  • Proceedings, 21 October, 1895, to 27 May, 1896. With Communications, No. XXXVIII. pp. 165—296. 1897.
C.L. Acland, on the Earliest Volume of Registers of AH Saints' Church. T. D. Atkinson, on the Chapel of Gonville and Caius College ; on the Manor House of Overhall in the Parish of Cavendish. W. M. Fawcett, on Parliamentary Elections in Cambridge sixty years ago. T. McK. Hughes, on the Earth-works between the Tyne and the Solway. M. E. James, on Paintings formerly in the Choir at Peterborough : Legends of St Anne and St Anastasia: On a Window recently reloaded in King's Chapel. F. C. Kempson, on Skulls recently found behind Addenbrooke's Hospital. . Bass Mullinger, on the Relations of Francis Bacon with the University. . M. Palmer, on Cambridgeshire Assize EoUs. C. H. Evelyn White, on Dowsing's Iconoclastic visitation of Cambridgeshire, 1643-4.
  • Proceedings, 28 October, 1896, to 26 May, 1897. Witli Communications, No. XXXIX. pp. 297—418. 1898.
T.D. Atkinson, on the Gilds of Cambridgeshire. E. C. Clark, Bishop Bateman. J. E. Foster, Notes on the History of Exning : On Charters granted by Ramsey Abbey to the Fraternity of the Holy Sepulchre. T. McK. Hughes, on the Ditches round Ancient Cambridge : Further Observations o'n Castle Hill. M. R. James, Gleanings from the Library of Peterouse. R. F. Scott, List of Plate, Books and Vestments bequeathed by the Lady Margaret to Christ's College.
  • Proceedings, 28 October, 1897, to 26 May, 1898. With Communications, No. XL. pp. 419—458.
Professor Ridgeway's Inaugural Address : Dr Cunningham, The corrupt following of Hippodamus at Cambridge ; Dr H. P. Stokes, Sir Walter De Manny, K.G.
  • Proceedings, Vol. X. (N. S. IV).
  • Proceedings, 24 November, 1898, to 23 May, 1900. With Communications, No. XLI. pp. 1—98. Illus.
J. G. Clark, A Denarius of the Empress Plotina. J. W. Clark, The Vatican Library of Sixtus IV. W. Corner, Ruins and Remains at Mitla, Mexico. Mrs Gibson, Two Hebrew Documents of the 11th and 12th cents (and H. M. Ward, The Structure of Paper). J. W. L. Glaisher, Astbury the potter and Voyez the modeller. W. H. Bullock-Hall, The Icknield Way.
  • Proceedings, 7 November, 1900, to 29 May, 1901. With Communications, No. XLII. pp. 99—168. Illus.
T. D. Atkinson, Seals of the Commonalty and of the Mayor of Cambridge. J. E. Foster and E. McD. C. Jackson, A pre-Reformation paten. . W. L. Glaisher, English Pottery, M. R. James, Paintings formerly at Worcester Priory : Sculptures on the south portal of the Abbey Church at Malmesbury : Sculptures at Lincoln Cathedral. C. E. Sayle, A tinder-box attributed to Shakespeare. W. G. Searle, A Medal of Justinian I.
  • Proceedings, 4 July, 1901, to 7 August, 1902. With Communications, No. XLIII. pp. 169—292. Illus. 19.
C. P. Allix, St Mary's Church, Swaffham Prior. H. G. Fordham, A supposed Romano-British Settlement at Odsey. J. W. L. Glaisher, Nottingham Ware and Sgraffiato Ware. A. C. Haddon, The Evolution of the Cart : A pre-Christian Cross from North Ireland : Stages and rejects in the manufacture of Stone Implements. W. A. H. Harding, Delf Pharmaceutical Ware. T. McK. Hughes, Potters' field at Horningsea : Potters' field near Jesus College : Box of Weights and Scales for testing Moidores : A Kaffir Pillow : War Ditches near Cherry Hinton ; Excavations at Boxworth and Knapwell : Village of Romanized Britons on the Cam ; On modifications of design on an Indian Cloth : The Remains of the Dog, Prehistoric, Roman and Mediaeval, found near Cambridge : Ancient Horse-shoes : A Turf-parer from Westmoreland : Excavations in the Market Place : Arbury. M. R. James, Sepulchral Brass of St Henry of Finland : A Legend of St Stephen ;' t Urith of Chittlehampton. Mrs Lewis, A visit to the Coptic Monasteries of Egypt. E. J. Rapson, Archaeological Explorations of Dr Stein in Chinese Turkestan.
  • Proceedings, 14 October, 1902, to 18 May, 1903. With Communications, No. XLIV. pp. 293—498 end. Plates XVIII—XXIII and 21 other illustrations.
H. D. Catling, Apostle Spoons. J. W. Clark, Exeter Cathedral Library and Two pieces of furniture : Two Wheel Desks : W. Cole's description of the University Library (Rotherham's East Boom). J. W. E. Conybeare, Objects found at Barrington. F. M. Cornford, Sibyl Fresco at Cortina d'Ampezzo. H. G. Fordham, Bronze Object from Guilden Morden. J. E. Foster, Charter relating to Anglesey Abbey. 0. J. B. Gaskoin, University Wills at Peterborough. T. MoK. Hughes, War Ditches near Cherryhinton. W. O'F. Hughes and J. E. Foster, Preformation Paten. H. Hurrell, Boman Objects from Hauxton Mill. E. H. Minns, Dissolution of Thornton Curtois Priory. W. B. Redfern, Metal Exhibits. C. E. Sayle, Hospital of St John, Duxford: Mortuary Boll of the Abbess of Lillechurch. W. W. Skeat, Place-names of Huntingdonshire. A. C. Yorke, Wooden knife-handle (Saec. xiv). Bone Crucifix.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XI (N. S. V).
  • Proceedings, 2 November, 1903, to 30 May, 1904. With Communications, No. XLV. pp. 1—208. lUus. 9.
J. W. Clark, English Verses in a 15th cent. MS : University Chests. H. G. Fordham, Cambridgeshire Maps. A. E. Goddard, lckleton Church and Priory. A. C. Haddon, Irish Folklore. C. H. Hawes, Utensils and weapons of the Sakhalin Gilyaks. E. H. Minns, Exhibition of Russian objects. W. H. Eivers, Ceremonial of the Toda Dairy. G. C. Moore Smith, Comedy of Pedantius. A. C. Yorke, Iter v and ix of Antonine.
  • Proceedings, 31 October, 1904, to 22 May, 1905. With Communications, No. XLVI. pp. 209—284. Plates X—XV and 19 other illustrations.
T. D. Atkinson, A Survey of the King's Ditch, Cambridge, in 1629: Consecration Crosses in East Anglian Churches. F. C. Burkitt, Some Heidelberg Autographs. H. C. Catling, Loggan's Habitus Aoademici. W. L. H. Duckworth, Gable Decorations in Marken Island. W. J. Evans, gold hawking whistle. J. E. Foster, Hobsou's connection with Hobson's Watercourse : On a badge of the Cambridge Volunteers qf 1798. T. McK. Hughes, Boman Pavement from Landwade ; Second Beport on Arbury : Bone Harpoons from Eunda, Esthonia. A. J. Pell, Bronze objects found at WUburton, 1882. W. B. Eedfern, Elizabethan Bushel-Measure belongingto the Corporation of Cambridge : The so-called University Butter-Measure : On a gold hawking whistle belonging to W. J. Evans. Sir E. Temple, he Practical value of Anthropology. G. E. Wherry, A village tragedy of fifty years ago.
  • Proceedings, 1905-6. With Communications, No. XLVII. — pp.285—520. PlatesXVIXLand94other illustrations.
Allen, F. J., M.D., Shambles at Shepton Mallet. Ball, Prof. Sir E. S., rish Scenery and Antiquities (n. p.). Bilson, J., French Archeeological Congress, 1905 (n. p.). Clark, J. W., The Library at La Chaise Dieu in Auvergne : 'The Library of St Mark, Venice: The Eiot at the Great Gate of Trinity College, 1610-11 (n. p.). Cunnington, W. A., AnthropologicalNotes from Lake Tanganyika (n. p.). Davenport, C, Bookbinding in England ( p.). Duckworth, W. L. H., M.D., Photographs of Chinese Medals : The proctors' halberd and other insignia. Edmonds, Eev. A. J., istory of Great Gransden (n. p.). Fletcher, W. M., Old Playing Cards found in Trinity College. Fordham, H. G., Cambridgeshire Maps. Fryer, J. C. P. and G. L. Keynes, Late Roman Settlement near Somersham. Gadow, H., Aztec Civilization (n. p.). Gray, A. B., John Bowtell, uriole and nephew. Guillemard, F. H. H., M.D., Prehistoric buildings in Menorca: A set of Early English Roundels. Haddon, A. C, Address on retiring from the office of President: Dances of Natives of Torres Straits (n. p.) : South African natives (n. p.). Hope, W. H. St John, Norman origin of Cambridge Castle. Hughes, Prof. T. M°K., A section in the alluvium of Melbourn, Cambs; Ancient trenches and interments near Shepreth, Cambs : A skeleton found near the Observatory, Cambridge: A grave found near the Mill Road, Cambridge: Superficial deposits under Cambridge: Objects found on the site of the Bird Bolt Hotel, Cambridge. James, M. R., Litt.D., Tapestries at Aix-en-Provenoe and La Chaise Dieu, Auvergue. Keynes, G. L., see Pryer J. C. F. Layard, N. F., 'A palaeolithicsite in Ipswich. Macalister, R. A. S., Excavations at Gezer (n. p.). Magniisson, E., Dyngya, or the Women's Bower in the North. Petrie, rof. Flinders, Recent Explorations in Sinai (n. p.). Phillips, F. W. Mediaeval Floor tiles (n. p.). Rhodes, W. A., Dentistry ancient and barbaric (n. p.). Ridgeway, Prof. "W., The origin of basilicas.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XII. (New Series, VI.)
  • Proceedings, 1906-7. With Communications, No. XLVIII. pp. 1 —119. Plates I—V and 3 other illustrations.
Haddon, A., C, Sc.D., The Morning Star Ceremony of the Pawnee (n.p.). Hubbard, A; J. and G., (1) Neohthio Dewponds, (2) Neolithic Man in the Hills and Plains (n.p.). von Hiigel, Baron A., Gold Armilla found in Grunty Fen, 1844. Hughes, Prof. T. McK., Herculaneum. Pick, S. Perkins, Decay of Artistic Handicrafts (n. p.). Sykes, Capt. Mark, Plains of Mesopotamia, Forests of Pontus, and Highlands of Kurdistan (n.p.). Walters, H. B., Arretine Vase in the Cambridge ArchseologioalMuseum. Wherry, Mrs, Dancing Towers of Italy and India (n.p.). White, Rev. C. H. Evelyn, Vetus Liber Arohidiaoonatus Eliensis (n.p.). Yorke, ev. A. C, Historical Notes on Fowlmere (n.p.). The Round Moat at Fowlmere. Sixty-seventh Annual General Meeting.
  • Proceedings, 1907—8. Michaelmas Term. With Communications, No. XLIX. pp. 122—U6. Plates VI—X.
Le Braz, Mons, La Bretagne et sa litterature (n.p.) Gray, Arthur, Dual Origin of Cambridge, von Hiigel, Baron A., Recent additions to Museum. Hughes, Prof. T. MoK., Excavations in King's Lane. Walker, Rev. F. G., xcursion round Old Cambridge. White, Rev. C. H. Evelyn, Surnames of Cambridgeshire (n.p.).
  • Proceedings, 1907-8. Lent Term. With Communications, o. L. pp. 147—266. Plates XI—XV and 8 other illustrations.
Benton, G. M., Wall Painting in Lolworth Church. Stone Coffins and Skeletons, Thetford. Caroe, W. D., Restoration of King's Hall, Trinity College. Clark, J. W., Book-chains found in St Benet's Church. Clark, J. W., and Poster, J. E., Senate House Yard and early Cambridge Stationers. Durham, Miss, Serb and Albanian in the Balkans (n.p.). Pordham, H. G., Cambridgeshire Maps in the XlXth Cent. Early French Provincial Cartography. Poster, J. E. (see Clark, J. W., and Foster, J. E.). Gray, ev. T. D., Wall Painting, Babraham Church. Keynes, G. L., and White, . Evelyn, Earith Bulwark. Sebley, P. J., Coins found in the Cam, 1876. Stokes, Rev. H. P., LL.D., Cambridge outside Trumpington Gates before the Foundation of Peterhouse. Wherry, G. E., Kings under eaves of old Houses. Beport of the Belgio Congress, 1907. Report of Antwerp Celebration, 1905.
  • Proceedings, 1907-8. Easter Term. "With Communications, No. LI. pp. 267—325. Plates XVI—XXIX, and 18-other illustrations.
Atkinson, T. D., On some points in Ely Cathedral (n.p.). Bond, F. Bligh, Rood Screens in Cambs. Catling, H. D., Cambridge Caricatures (n.p.). Hughes, Prof. T. McK., Tumulus excavated on Newmarket Heath. Walker, Bev. F. G., Skeletons excavated near 'War Ditches,' Cherryhinton. Tumulus excavated at Lord's Bridge, near Cambridge. Report on excavations at Barton Moats. Sixty-eighth Annual General Meeting. Index to Vol. XII.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XIII. (New Series, VII.)
  • Proceedings, 1908-9. Michaelmas Term. With Communications, No. LII. pp. 1—141. Plates I—XIV, and 15 other illustrations.
Bond, Francis, How the English Parish Church grew (n.p.). Bond, F. Bligh, Screens of Cambs. Part II. Fordham, Sir H. G., Cartography of the Provinces of France. Clark, J. W., and Foster, J. B., Site in Senate House Yard. Hope, W. H. St John, Loss of King John's Baggage in Well Stream in Oct. 1216 (n.p.). Petrie, Professor W. M. Flinders, .Brit. A., Recent Discoveries at Memphis (n.p.). Ridgeway, Prof., P.Brit. A., Origin of Turkish Crescent (n.p.). Bouse, Dr W. H. D., Modern Greece (n.p.). Skeat, Prof. W. W., F. Brit. A., Corrupt Spelling of Old English Names. Walker, Eev. F. G., Old Houses in Cambridge.
  • Proceedings, 1908-9. Lent Term. With Communications, No.LIII. pp. 142—222. PlatesXV—XXV, and other illustrations.
Allen, Dr F. J., Church Towers of Cambs. Ball, Sir E. S., The MilkyWay (n.p.). Foster, J. B., Chesterton Vicarage and Abbey of Vercelli. Rapson, Prof. E. J., Early Indian History from Coins and Inscriptions. ivers, Dr W. H. H., Secret Societies of the Banks' Islands ( p.). Smith, Beg. A., Santon Downham Hoard of Metal. Stokes, Eev. Dr. H. P., Early University Property. Walker, Eev. F. G., Comberton Maze and Origin of Mazes.
  • Proceedings, 1908-9. Easter Term. With Communications, No. LIV. pp. 223—322. Plates XXVI—XXXIII, and other illustrations.
Allix, C. P., Ancestor's Escape from France after Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Bowes, E., The Zodiac Club. Chadwick, H. M., Eunic Inscriptions (n.p.). Duckworth, Dr W. L. H., Notes on Corsica, (a) The discovery of a Megalithic site near Ponte Leccia. (6) The Men of the Niolo and Asco districts. Gray, J. G., The shops at "West End of Gt St Mary's Church, Cambridge. Peile, Dr John, On Four MS. Books of Accounts kept by Joseph Mead, B.D., Fellow of Christ's College, with his pupils between 1614 and 1633. Bedfern, W. B. , Ancient Footgear. Walker, Bev. F. G., Greek Coins and Syrian Arrowhead dug up in Roman Cemetery at Godmanchester. Sixty-ninth Annual General Meeting. Index to Vol. XIII.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XIV. (New Series, VIII.)
  • Proceedings, 1909-10. Michaelmas Term. With Communications, No. LV. pp. 1—123. Plates I—III, and other illustrations.
Bond, P. Bligh, Recent Excavations at Glastonbury Abbey (n.p.). Brindley, H. H., Ship in the windows of King's College Chapel, Cambridge. Cheshire, Rev. J. G., William Dowsing's destructions in Cambridgeshire (n.p.). Cunningham, Yen. Archdeacon, Problem as to the changes in the course of the Cam since Roman times. Duckworth, Dr W. L. H., Human Bones on the site of the Augustine Friary, Bene't St, Cambridge ; Observations on Schoolboys in Aragon. Fordham, Sir H. G., An Itinerary of the Sixteenth Century, Jean Bernard, Paris, 1579 : John Gary, Engraver and Map seller, fl. 1769—1836 (n.p.). Green, E. W., Western Oases in Egypt and their antiquities (n.p.). Petrie, Prof. W. M. Flinders, Palace of Apries, Memphis (n.p.). Redfern, W. B., Hair and Wig Powdering from early days. Skeat, Rev. Prof. W. W., Grantchester and Cambridge. Stokes, Rev. Dr, Old Mills of Cambridge ( blished in the Easter Term Proceedings, 1910).
  • Proceedings, 1909-10. Lent Term. With Communications, No. LVI. pp. 125 — 176. Two large Maps, and other illustrations.
Christian, F. W., Western and Eastern Caroline Islands (n.p.). Durham, Miss M. E., Old Customs in High Albania (n.p.). Eckenstein, Miss L., Comparative Study of some Nursery Rhymes (n.p.). Gray, A., Ford and Bridge of Cambridge. Grueber, H. A., Coinage of Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius, B.C. 43 31 (n.p.). Haverfield, Professor, British Universities and British Antiquities (n.p.). Vaughan-Williams, Dr R., Folk Songs of East Anglia (n.p.). Walker, Rev. P. G., Roman roads into Cambridge.
  • Proceedings, 1909-10. Easter Term. With Communications, No. LVII. pp. 177—244. Plates IV—VIII, and other illustrations.
Ball, Sir R. S., The work of Early Astronomers (n.p.). Haddou, Dr A. C, Piegan Blackfeet Indians of Montana (n.p.). Layard, Miss N. P., Comparative sizes of some Pleistocene Mammals, recently found at Ipswich (n.p.). Hailstone, E., Notes on an Ancient Seal of Anglesea Priory. tokes, Rev. Dr, Old Mills of Cambridge. Walker, Rev. P. G., Two Bronze pins recently found near Cambridge. Seventieth Annual General Meeting. Index to Vol. XIV.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XV. (New Series, IX.)
  • Proceedings, 1910-11. Michaelmas Term. With Communications, No. LVIII. pp. 1-67. Plates IV, with other illustrations.
Barnes, Very Rev. Monsignor, Tombs of SS. Peter and Paul (n.p.).. Brindley, H. H., Ship in St Christopher window in Thaxted Church. Duckworth, W. L. H.,M.D., 1. Oland, a Swedish island. 2. Ancient Pont at Skanor, Skane, Sweden. Gaselee, S., Cult of 24 elders in Egypt (n.p.). ray, Arthur, .1. Late survival of Celtic Population in East Anglia. 2. The Wandlebury Legend. Green, P. W., Soudan, Ancient and Modern (n.p.). Jackson, T. G., R.A., Winchester Cathedral (n.p). James, M. R., Litt.D., Hortus Deliciarum' of Herrade of Lansperg (n.p.). Petrie, Prof. W. M. Flinders, Meydum and Memphis (n.p.). ¦Ridgeway, Prof. W., 1. Ancient Irish Dug-out Canoe. 2. Cist Grave in County Wexford (n.p.). Tremearne, apt. A. J. N., Some Nigerian Head-Hunters (n.p.). Walker, Rev. F. G., Neolithic Site at Gamlingay.
  • Proceedings, 1910-11. Lent Term. With Communications, No. LIX. pp. 69—198. Plates VI—XIX and other illustrations.
Atkinson, T. D., Some Consecration Crosses; Sign of the Cromwell Arms, Ely; Inn Signs painted by Bichard Hopkins Leach. Duckworth, r W. L. H., Notes on Cromer Forest Bed. Haddon, Dr A. C, Art of ^Palaeolithic Man (n.p.). Harrison, Miss J. B., Rain-making ceremony on a fragment of a Dipylon Vase (n.p.). Lennel, Professeur F., Cala,is, sous la domination anglaise (n.p.). MacRitchie, David, Arctic Europeans in seventeenth century ( p.). Open Meeting. Stokes, Eev. Dr, Cambridge Parish Workhouses. Walker, Eev. F,. G., Excavations (1) in Tumuli at Bourn, Cambs. ; (2) at Magdalene College, Cambridge ; (3) near Latham Road, Cambridge.
  • Proceedings, 1910-11. Easter Term. With Communications, No. LX. pp. 199—321. Plates XX—XXV.
Cook, A. B., Birth of Athena and its significance (n.p.). Clark, J. W., On the Library of S. Mark, Venice. Irving, A., Sub-fossil Horse Skeleton recently found near Bishop's Stortford(u.p.). Palmer, W. M., Cambridgeshire Doctors in the Olden Time. Prior, E. S., Mediaeval Figure Sculpture of England (n.p.). Torke, Eev. A. C, A Village in the Making. Loan Exhibition of Stuart and Cromwellian Relics. Seventy-first Annual General Meeting. Index to Vol. XV.
  • Proceedings, Vol. XVI. (New Series, X.)
  • Proceedings, 1911-12. Michaelmas Term. With Communications, No. LXI. pp. 1—59. Plates I—V.
Allen, P. J., M.D., Church Spires of Cambridgeshire. Brindley, H. H., .A., Notes on Mediaeval Ships (n.p.). Crewdson, Eev. Canon, M.A., Psychical Phenomena in Ancient Mythology (n.p.). Johns, Mrs, Early developments in Egyptian civilization (n.p.). Petrie, Professor W. M. Flinders, D.C.L., Roman Portraits from Egypt (n.p.).' Rushe, Eev. J. P., rigin of S. Mary's Gild, Cambridge, and its connection with Corpus Christi College. Stokes, Eev. Dr, F.S.A., Old Trees of Cambridge (n.p.). Report for year 1910-11.
  • Proceedings Lent and Easter Terms 1911-12.
  • Lent Term. With Communications, No. LXII. pp. 60-117. Plates V—X.
Forster, E.H., M.A., Excavations at Corstopitum (n.p.). James, M.E., itt.p., F.B.A., Earliest Inventory of Corpus Christi College. Johns, ev. C. H. W., Litt.D., Debt of Europe to the Ancient East (n.p.).Moir, J. Reid, Palaeolithic Workshop of mid-palaeolithic age at Ipswich(n.p.). Myers, C. S., M.D., Se.D., Primitive Music (n.p.). Seward, professor A. C, P.E.S., Churches of Gothland. Walker, Eev. F. G., M.A., Roman Pottery Kilns at Horningsea (to be printed later). Wyatt, A. J.M.A., Anglo-Saxon Riddles (n.p.).
  • Easter Term. With Communications, No. LXIII. pp. 118— 200. Plates XI—XIII and other illustrations.
Brindley, H. H., M.A., Fishing boats in a window of 1557 in Auppegard church, Normandy. Duckworth, W. L. H., M.D., Sc.D., Report on Human Bones from Roman and Saxon Site in Grange Road, Cambridge. Duckworth, W. L. H., M.D., Sc.D., Report on some Human remains from Hyning, Westmorland. Gaselee, S., M.A., Relic of Samuel Pepys. Palmer, W. M., M.D., College Dons, County Clergy and University Coachmen. Skeat, Professor, Litt.D., F.B.A., Place-Names of Suffolk (this paper wiU be printed in the Society's 8vo. Publications). Smith, Rev. F., Comparative morphology of Scottish and Irish palaeolithic relics (n.p.). Walker, Rev. F. G., M.A., Roman and Saxon remains from Grange Road, Cambridge. alker, Rev. F. G., M.A., Palaeolithic Flint Implements from Cambridgeshire. Seventy-second Annual General Meeting. Index to Vol. XTI.
  • Proceedings, 1912-13. Michaelmas Term. With Communications,No.LXIV.pp. 1—70. Plates I—IV and other illustrations.
Coulton, G. G., M.A., Some marks and inscriptions in Mediaeval Churches (to be printed later). Hope, W. H. St John, Litt.D., The practical study of Heraldry (n. p.). Landtmann, C, Ph.D., The Religious beliefs and practices of the Kiwai-speaking Papuans (n. p.). Ogilvie, P. F., Recent discoveries at the Great Pyramids (n. p.). Palmer, W. M., M.D., The Reformation of the Cambridge Corporation, July 1662 (to be printed later). etrie, Prof. W. M. Flinders, D.C.L., P.B.A., A Cemetery of the Ist Dynasty (n. p.). Rivers, W. H. R., M.D., F.R.S., The disappearance of Useful Arts (n. p.). Walker, Rev. F. G., M.A., Roman Pottery Kilns at Horningsea, Cambs. Report for year 1911-12.
  • Proceedings, 1912-13. Lent and Easter Terms. With Communications, No. LXV. pp. 71 156. Plate V" and other illustrations.
Abrahams, I., M. A., The Decalogue in Art (u. p.). Bansall, W. H., MA. (M.B. Edin.), Ely Cathedral (n. p.). Barnes, Very Rev. Monsignor, M.A., The Knights of Malta (n. p.). Benton, Rev. G. Montagu, B. A., A Damask Linen Cloth woven with Sacred Designs and dated 1631. Brindley, H. H., .A. , Mediaeval and Sixteenth Century Ships in English Churches. Bushe-Pox, J. P., Excavations on the Site of the Roman City at Wroxeter in 1912 (n. p.). Duckworth, W. L. H., M.D., Sc.D., Gibraltar in Historic and Prehistoric Times (n. p.). Fletcher, W. M., M.D., Sc.D., More old Playing Cards found in Cambridge (to be printed later). Forster, R. H., . A., Excavations at Corstopitum during 1912 (n. p.). Ridgeway, Prof. W., c.D., F.B.A., The Image that fell down from Jupiter (n. p.). Valentine Richards, Rev. A. v., M.A., The History of the Foundress' Cup of Christ's College (n. p.).
  • Proceedings, 1913-14. Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms. With Communications, No. LXVI. pp. 1—78. Plates I—VI.
Abrahams, I., M.A., Les Neuf Preux, or the Nine Worthies (n. p.). enton, Rev. G. Montagu, B.A., Certain Carvings in Saffron Walden Church (n. p.). Brindley, H. H., M.A., Ships in the Cambridge "Life of the Confessor." Bushe-Fox, J. P., M.A., Excavations of the Roman Cityat Wroxeter in 1913 (n. p.). Fletcher, W. M., M.D., Sc.D., More Old Playing Cards found in Cambridge. Gardner, Arthur, M.A., F.S.A., Sculpture of the Gothic Renaissance in Italy (n. p.). Hall, H.. R., M.A., .S.A., Discovery and Excavation of the Temple of Mentu-hotep at D6r-el- ahri (n. p.). Home, Rev. Dom Ethelbert, O.S.B., Ancient Scratch Dials on English Churches (n. p.). Hughes, Prof. T. MoK., M.A., F.E.S., F.S.A., Flints. Karsten, Rafael, Ph.D., Social Customs of the Chaco Indians in S. America (n. p.), Lee, A. E., M.A., Wrought Iron Gates of the 17th and 18th Centuries in Cambridge and elsewhere (n. p.). Petrie, rof. W. M. FUnders, M.A., P.E.S., F.S.A., F.B.A. The Incoming of the Dynastic Egyptians (n. p.). Prior, Prof. E. S., M.A., F.S.A., A.R.A., The Stone of Mediaeval Building (n. p.). Roth, Georges (Agrege de I'Universitelink title de Paris), Le Eoi Soleil : la Vie k la Cour de Louis XIV (n. p.). Stokes, Eev. H. P., M.A., F.S.A., Cambridge outside Barnwell Gate (to be printed in the 8vo publications). Report for year 1912-13.
  • Proceedings 1914-15. Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms. With Communications, No. LXVII. pp. 102. Plates I—XIX and other illustrations.
Bullen, F. St John, M.E.C.S., The Churches of Lincolnshire (n. p.). Burkitt, M. C, B.A., Rock-engravings in Russia and Scandinavia (n. p.). oulton; 6. G., M.A. , Some more Drawings and Scribbles from Medieval Buildings (Medieval Graffiti). Dent, E. J., M.A., Mus.B., English Musical Drama during the Commonwealth (n. p.). Holden, J. Sinclair, M.D., Palaeolithic Figure-stones from the Stour Valley, Sudbury (n. p.). Edleston, R. H., F.S.A., F.R.G.S., The Monumental Brasses of Spain. Gardner, Samuel, Misericords and Bestiaries (n. p.). Hughes, Prof. T. McK., P.E.S., .S.A., (1) Acoustic Vases in Ancient Buildings, (2) Some Recent Excavations, and objects found, in the King's Ditch under the Masonic Hall. Marchant, . P., Bohemia and its People (n. p.). Ogilvie, P. P., Philae: a Sacrifice to Utilitarianism (n. p.). Parsons, Catherine E., Cambridgeshire Witchcraft. Petrie, Prof. W. M. Flinders, F.R.S., F.S.A., F.B.A., The Treasure of Lahun (n. p.). Quiggin, E. C, M.A., High Places of Ireland (n. p.). Stokes, Rev. H. P., LL.D., F.S.A., (1) Wayside Crosses of Cambridge, (2) Cambridge Bell-men (to be printed later). Vallance, Aymer, M.A., .S.A., The Cathedral of Reims (n. p.). Wardale, J. R., M.A., The Maker of the Iron Gates at Clare College.

(n. p. means that the communication has not been printed in full.)

Occasional Publications

  • Catalogue of Coins, Roman and English Series, in the Museum of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. 1847.
  • Index to the Baker Manuscripts. By four members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. [J. J. Smith, C. C. Babington, C. W. Goodwin, and Joseph Power.] 8vo. 1848.
  • On the Cover of the Sarcophagus of Rameses III., now in The Fitzwilliam Museum. By Samuel Birch, LL.D. 1875. 4to. (Reprinted from Communications, Vol. Ill, No. XXXV.)
  • Catalogue of the First Exhibition of the University and College Portraits held in the Fitzwilliam Museum, May, 1884. By J. W. Clark, M.A., President. 1884. 8vo.
  • Catalogue of the Second Exhibition of the University and College Portraits held in the Fitzwilliam Museum, May, 1885. By J. W. Clark, M.A., President. 1885. 8vo.
  • Catalogue of Loan Collection of Plate exhibited in the Fitzwilliam Museum, May 8, 9, 10, 1895. By J. E. Foster, M.A., and T. D. Atkinson. 8vo.
  • The Charters of the Borough of Cambridge. Edited for the Council of the Borough of Cambridge and the Cambridge Antiquarian Society by P. W. Maitland, LL.D., and Miss Mary Bateson. 1901.
  • Catalogue of the Murray Collection of Irish Antiquities. by W. Ridgeway, M.A., Disney Professor. Illustrated. 4to.

Lists of the Members of the Society. 8vo. With the Lists have been printed the following : The Laws, since 1880 : List of Publications, since 1882 : List of Societies in Union, since 1884: Report, since 1886: President's Address 18871893 : Summary of Accounts, since 1894.

Extra Publications

  • Luard Memorial Series : Records of the University.
  • Vol. I. "Grace Book A, containing the Proctors' Accounts and other records of the University of Cambridge for the years 1454—1488. Edited by Stanley M. Leathes, M.A. pp. xliv + 276. 1897.
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  • Vol. III. "Grace Book B," Part II. Edited by Mary Bateson. 1905.
  • Catalogue of Loan Collection of Plate exhibited in the Fitzwilliam Museum, May 8, 9, 10, 1895. By J. E. Foster, .A., and T. D. Atkinson. Illustrated Edition. 4to. pp. xvi + 132 + photogravure plates and 15 illustrations in the text. Issued to Subscribers. 260 copies on ordinary, and 35 on Japanese paper.
  • Catalogue of the First Exhibition of Portraits in the Society's Collection and of Cambridge Caricatures to 1840, held in the Fitzwilliam Museum. May and June, 1908. ByRev. F. G. Walker, M.A., and H. D. Catling, M.A. pp. 43. 1908. 8vo.
  • Catalogue of the Loan Exhibition of Stuart and Cromwellian Relics held in the Cambridge Guildhall, May 15-20, 1911. By Rev. F. G. Walker, M.A. pp. xxiii+ 102 + 4 plates. 8vo.
  • Map (in colours) of the Roman Roads in Cambridgeshire. y Rev. F. G. Walker, M.A. 1911.

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