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Project:Profile Improvement


Profile Improvements Project

The goal of the Voyage is to demonstrate the skills needed to improve profiles to their most complete state using the community developed Guidelines. New members of the Profile Improvement Project, known as PIP Voyagers, choose two open privacy 19th- or 20th-century profiles from their own Watchlist to improve. When ready, the profiles are reviewed by a Voyage Guide. The Guide will look for the following skills:
  • ability to create detailed citations for each of the facts
  • knowledge of best practices for writing biographies
  • ability to link or add profiles for family members
  • ability to resolve suggestions for profiles
  • ability to include images
  • use of detailed locations (city, county, state, country)
  • ability to include appropriate categories for military service, cemeteries, and migration
  • ability to appropriately use sticker and parameters
  • knowledge of methods to search for possible duplicates
  • ability to cleanup GEDCOM & merged profiles
  • ability to find unsourced profiles they manage
  • knowledge of collaborating with Projects if a Project is co-managing a profile
  • knowledge of when to communicate before editing
Voyagers should be in good standing in the WikiTree community. If a Voyager is required to work with a Mentor, they will be placed on Shore Excursion during that time to avoid receiving conflicting information.
We have incorporated two rubrics into the Voyage as standards that can be used by both the Guide and the Voyager. Each of them has three levels.
The Voyager Team Standards can be used:
  • by the Guide to evaluate the Voyagers
The Biography Team Standards can be used:
  • by the Voyager to determine where they are with their profile
  • by the Guide to determine how well done the Voyager's profile is when finished
The Bio Team rubric will also be used by members of the Profile Improvement Project Biography Team.

Suggestions for improvement can be made using examples, links to help pages, and via email or chats. Which method is used is left to the discretion of the Voyager and Guide. If a Voyager does not manage profiles to use when demonstrating merge and GEDCOM cleanup abilities, orphaned profiles can be used to demonstrate those skills.
Profile Improvement Voyager
... has completed the Profile Improvement Project's Voyage
When the Voyage profiles have reached maximum improvement and all skills have been shown, the Voyager will receive the successful completion sticker.
A successful Voyager is encouraged to review at least one profile from their existing watchlist each week. Sometimes that review will be as simple as reading the existing biography, and then fixing a typo or adding a newly found source. Other times, it may be a pretty extensive re-work. Which profile and what is done needs to fit with your lifestyle and research focus, so we leave it open-ended.
The goal is the steady improvement of all managed profiles. New records become available all the time, profiles get added which could be linked or might need to be merged, and we grow both as researchers and as knowledgeable users of WikiTree. It is a way to keep one's toes in our own genealogy and can help avoid burnout if we become heavily involved in projects.

How To Join

You can start the Voyage by adding an answer at the G2G post.

PIP Best Practices

Inline citations should always be for the source the researcher actually used to determine that the information applied to the person. Sometimes that means that the source will be behind a paywall because the record or image is not available for free. If a free index record for the same source is available, it can be placed in the See Also section for the use of other researchers.

Orphan Trail Considerations

The Voyage concentrates on biographies and generalized sources. If you need to learn more about specialized or hard-to-find sources for a country, check the Geographical Project list and click the link to answer their G2G welcome post. If they have a Trail, it's a great way to learn about the project's specialized resources
Project Trail graduates may wonder if they will learn anything. While the Trails and the Voyage are complementary with regard to formatting, etc, the Trails specialize is in how to find specific records for a particular country. The Voyage specializes is in making sure that any reader can determine how conclusions were reached by ensuring that the narrative is supported by verifiable sources.

Sample profiles

These profiles were created by PIP Voyage Guides and are offered as examples:
Emeritus Guides
A list of Voyagers who have completed the journey and links to their improved profiles can be found on the Voyagers' Improved Profiles page.

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Y'all should consider putting the entire last sentence of the first section in bold, to help seekers more easily find how to sign up!
posted on Profile Improvements Voyage (merged) by Stephanie Ward
Thanks for the suggestion, Stephanie. That's done now.
posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
We need a sticker for profiles that are being or have been improved using the profile improvement project. Could be voyage projects or ones done by graduates.

Update: I still think we should have a badge for profiles we worked substantially. Could be a category the said "profile improvement - Barton-7380" for example. This would also give us a way to visit profiles we work on to review for more updates. Just thinking.

posted on Profile Improvements Voyage (merged) by Richard Barton
edited by Richard Barton
Thank you so much for this project. It has helped me improve my profile development, as well as my overall genealogical skills. I have a much better understanding of what to look for and how to find the information I need. I'm now concentrating on quality rather than quantity. The guidance Debi has given me has been invaluable.
posted on Profile Improvements Voyage (merged) by Robin (Dodge) Shaules