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PGM (Proj) Profile Review Checklist

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PGM Profile Review Checklist

  • Comment on the profile that you plan to enrich it


  • Confirm or add the PGM project box.
  • Confirm or request PGM project leader to add PGM as co-manager by profile note.
  • Check for duplicates and initiate any needed merges.
  • Confirm or add any needed categories.


  • Confirm or add Immigration date between 1621 and 1640 with inline sources.
  • Confirm or add birth date and location with inline sources.
  • Confirm or add parents with WikiTree profile references.
  • Confirm or add death date and location with In-line sources.


  • Confirm or add marriage dates and locations with inline sources.
  • Confirm or add spouses with WikiTree profile references.
  • Confirm or add profiles for each spouse.


  • Confirm or add children birth dates and locations with inline sources.
  • Confirm or add profiles for each childl'.
  • Confirm or add PGM project box and PGM as co-manager for children who migrated with parent(s)
  • Confirm or update data section agreement.

Radio Buttons

  • Confirm or add radio buttons and checkboxes, especially for dates - before, after, estimate, exact; no children; no more children/siblings; and no spouse on the marriage page.


  • Clarify any dispute.
  • Explain dispute (two or three sentences) at the top of the profile above the biography header.
  • Place more detailed information in the Biography or Research Notes section.
  • Request PGM project leader to project protect the profile (PPP) by profile note.
  • Add headers, if needed, to enhance or improve readability of the biography.


  • Confirm or add reliable sources.
  • Confirm or add sufficient original sources.
  • Confirm or add sources from The Great Migration Series by Robert Charles Anderson.
  • Confirm or add source hyperlinks.
  • Confirm or correct broken hyperlinks.
  • Check citation against source material, ensuring relevance to biography..
  • Confirm or correct citation format.
  • Confirm or correct ''See also” sources.


  • Confirm or create a narrative biography; bullet points are acceptable.
  • Confirm or correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Spell out abbreviations.
  • Confirm or update data section agreement.
  • Confirm or explain any estimated dates.
  • Remove any online trees.
  • Note or remove unreliable/questionable sources.
  • Confirm or add double dating If new style dates are used in the data field.

Brad Input

I agree with proposed solution #1, my vote re: what to do would be

  • "contact the uploader, ask them to confirm it's not copyrighted or state how they have permission to upload
  • and if X days pass without one of those two responses, unlink the image"
  • I think this applies to all those scenarios (wallpaper, thumbnail in text etc).
  • Basically if the answer to the initial question is "no", contact the person who did it, give them X days to fix it and after X days, fix/delete/unlink it yourself.
  • I'd rather not ask reviewers to hunting the internet for images to try and find for sure if one is non-copyrighted, that's a lot of work.
  • How many days? Maybe a week? maybe the person is traveling or on vacation? I'd be OK with a week, not less than 2 days though I'd say.
  • What if the person who linked the image to the profile is not the uploader? I'd still say the "uploader" because that's the root problem.
  • I think we DO need image guidance and I think we DO need text guidance too i.e. "a few sentences with attribution is OK but for more than that you need to paraphrase or summarize. You may not copy/paste more than a few sentences." or something like that. People "should" already know this but obviously some don't and again this shows due diligence on our part. "Infringing copyright" is pretty well defined for written and published text, much less so for images so I've come around to the view that I'd rather not use that phrase and ask people to make that legal judgement call for themselves. If "a few sentences" is too vague, let's say "four" or something.

Images Now


  • Are all images relevant to the profile?
  • Are they in the public domain?
  • Make sure there is a source attached, or statement of why it can be used.
  • If a wallpaper is used, is it subtle? Does it distract from the text?
  • If the images are within the biography section, are they a reasonable size and do they appear properly placed (e.g., left or right justified, or centered)


  • Remove any images not in the in the public domain or permitted by copyright terms.
  • Request Profile Manager to correct images are not relevant, properly formatted, and sourced.
  • Request Profile Manager to correct wallpaper that is not subtle or distracts from the text.


  • Please note in profile 'comment' section that update to profile has been completed.
  • Remove all maintenance categories from the profile.
  • Enter the date of completion on the project's managed profiles worksheet.


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