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Join our Dickensian Pub Crawl

To celebrate our achievements in 2020, the England Project is hosting our first ever virtual pub crawl—a leisurely stroll through the inns and taverns of the Black Country, as we source and connect WikiTree profiles, and stop for the occasional tipple along the way.

Our adventure is set in 1861—at the height of the fame of author Charles Dickens—and we will hopefully meet some of his friends in our travels.

We will stop at ten pubs and begin our itinerary in Cradley, a village near the market town of Halesowen in the West Midlands. At each pub, our revellers will work together to create a bio for the landlord and a mysterious stranger, and to connect them both to the single family tree. We will visit one pub at a time, and only move to the next pub when we have finished the current pub.

Join the fun! You can stay for just one pub, or all ten—it's up to you.

To get into the Dickensian spirit, feel free to adopt the name of your favourite Dickens character. You can find a list of his characters here.

The instructions

  1. This is not a competition. It's just a leisurely meandering around the Black Country. All England Project members are welcome to join in.
  2. You can join or leave at any time. Come to as many pubs as you wish. To join us at a pub, add your name to the list of the revellers in the following format [[WikiTree-ID|Your name]]
  3. You can only visit the pub at the top of the list where you add your name to the revellers. No rushing ahead to quench your thirst at the next pub!
  4. Work with the other revellers to create a bio and connect the landlord and the mysterious stranger always found lurking in any pub. We will be using Discord and Google Group to coordinate ourselves so we're not all trying to edit the same profile at once.
  5. You will find information about each pub and its landlord on the links to the Long Pull website.
  6. When you and your fellow revellers have finished add a 🍺 to the landlord and stranger to say that everyone is happy and still sober!
  7. You can then move to the next pub along with anyone else that wishes to join.
  8. After each pub is finished, the pub's image will be replaced by a letter. Unscramble the letters to discover the name of the pub crawl's final destination—a free space page laden with unknown riches!
  9. All participants will be awarded a participant's sticker to add to their own profile:
    Participants' sticker


Bell Inn

1. The Bell Inn

Meeting place:The Bell Inn, 34 New Street, Cradley.
Landlord: William Bunn
Mystery stranger: John Elliotson (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 26
Directions: Take a stagecoach to St Peters Church in Cradley and ask for the old rag-and-bone shop.
Be warned: An area renowned for chain making, you may meet some tough characters.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, Flora Finching, Estella Havisham, Abel Magwitch, Jaggers The Vengeance, Artful Dodger, Ann Chickenstalker, Belinda Pocket,Widow Corney, Clara Peggotty, Bob Sawyer Ebenezer Scrooge, Sairey Gamp, Honoria Dedlock, Betsey Trotwood
Landlord's status: Connected. 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected. 🍺🍺

Bridge Inn

2. The Bridge Inn

Meeting place: The Bridge Inn , 8 Bridge Street, Cradley.
Landlord: Thomas Cemm
Mystery stranger: John Forster (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 73
Directions:Not too far to walk, you will find it opposite to the entrance to Mill Street.
Watch out: Ditches are a bit deep around here.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, Flora Finching, Estella Havisham, Abel Magwitch, Jaggers The Vengeance, Artful Dodger, Ann Chickenstalker, Belinda Pocket,Widow Corney, Clara Peggotty, Bob Sawyer Ebenezer Scrooge, Honoria Dedlock, Mr Fezziwig, Barbara, Betsey Trotwood
Landlord's status: Connected 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected 🍺🍺

Malt Shovel

3. The Malt Shovel

Meeting place: Park Row, Colley Gate, Cradley.
Landlord: Joseph Tibbetts
Mystery stranger: Ellen Lawless Ternan (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 377
Directions: Take a right and walk to Park Row.
In case there is a quiz: Malting starts with soaking grain in water causing germination, known as steeping. Once steeping is done, grain is then spread out on a malting floor and turned regularly using a malt shovel, to prevent the new roots from knotting.

Revellers: Abel Magwitch, Artful Dodger, Honoria Dedlock Mr Fezziwig, Tattycoram, John Peerybingle
Landlord's status: Connected. 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected. 🍺🍺

Gate Inn

4. The Gate Inn

Meeting place: 110 Colley Gate Cradley
Landlady: Lucy Matilda Mole
Mystery stranger: George Cruickshank (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 228
Directions: If you have just taken a long walk, don’t! You were already in Colley Gate!
People with animal names: Best not to make that remark, one of them might be a mole.

Revellers: Abel Magwitch, Artful Dodger, Honoria Dedlock Mr Fezziwig, Tattycoram, John Peerybingle, Widow Corney Jaggers The Vengeance, Belinda Pocketwas, Clara Peggotty, Bob Sawyer, Ann Chickenstalker, Flora Finching, Betsey Trotwood, Ebenezer Scrooge, Sairey Gampwas
Landlord's status: Connected. 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected. 🍺🍺

Apple Tree Inn

5. Apple Tree Inn

Meeting place: Birmingham St, Halesowen
Landlord: James Nock
Mystery stranger: Augustus Leopold Egg (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 14
Directions: It’s just a mile across a few fields and hedges. Don’t forget your boots and take a Kerosene lamp.
Health Notice: The landlord, his wife and daughter are all nail makers, so be on your best behaviour.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, Sairey Gamp, Uriah Heep Estella HavishamThe Vengeance Ebenezer Scrooge Ann Chickenstalker, Widow Corney, Mr Fezziwig, Artful Dodger,Barkis is Willin, Honoria Dedlock
Landlord's status: Connected. 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected. 🍺🍺

Hare & Hounds

6. Hare & Hounds

Meeting place: 252 Hagley Road, Hasbury, Halesowen.
Landlord: Daniel Parsons
Mystery stranger: John Leech (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 267
Directions: Follow the hare, watch out for the hounds.
Secret signs: Look through the front window, nod three times and walk round the back.

Revellers: Abel Magwitch, Artful Dodger, Mr Fezziwig, Honoria Dedlock, , Tattycoram, Belinda Pocket, Jaggers, John Peerybingle
Landlord's status: Connected 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Connected. 🍺🍺

The Swan

7. The Swan Inn

Meeting place: The Swan Inn , 282 Long Lane, Hill and Cakemore, Halesowen
Landlord: Thomas Rudge
Mystery stranger: William Jones (Find-A-Grave)
Information: Long Pull Page 706
Directions: Head west for about 3 miles until the pig farm smell has receded.
Disappointment: Cakemore has nothing to do with cakes.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, Jaggers, The Vengeance, Artful Dodger, Estella Havisham, Flora Finching, Abel Magwitch, Honoria Dedlock, Betsey Trotwood, Ebenezer Scrooge, Clara Peggotty, Sairey Gamp
Landlord's status: Has profile. Connected 🍺😜
Stranger's status: Has profile 🍺

Nelsons Arms

8. Nelsons Arms

Meeting place: The Nelsons Arms, Hagley Rd, Hasbury, Halesowen
Landlord: William Knight
Mystery stranger: William Harrison Ainsworth (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 416
Directions: Another 3 mile hike, Southwest, past Leasowes Park. You can’t miss it!
Health Notice: The landlord assures that the recent deaths from Cholera and Typhoid at his Inn are unrelated to its cleanliness. Fresh sawdust gets laid every week or so, the walls have just been whitewashed, and the horses drink the water regularly with no problems.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, Flora Finching, Sairey Gamp, Abel Magwitch, Betsey Trotwood, Artful Dodger Ann Chickenstalker, Mr Fezziwig
Landlord's status: Has profile and is connected. 🍺🍺
Stranger's status: Has profile and is connected. 🍺🍺

Fish Inn

9. Fish Inn

Meeting place: 46 High St, Cradley.
Landlord: Thomas Fox
Mystery stranger: Mark Lemon (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 199
Directions: If you are thinking there is no time for another stop, licensing is 4am to 10pm so the day is yet young! If you don’t know how to get to Cradley by now, you have been drinking too much.
Short measures: Fox by name and by nature and decidedly fishy. Was recently charged with deficient weights, scales and measures.

Revellers: Ann Chickenstalker, Artful Dodger, John Peerybingle, Mr Fezziwig, Tattycoram, Abel Magwitch, Flora Finching, Jaggers, Belinda Pocket, Sairey Gamp, Clara Peggotty
Landlord's status: Has profile 🍺🍺 connected 🍺
Stranger's status: Mark Lemon bio complete & connected 🍺

Fox Inn

10. The Fox Inn

Meeting place: 42 Little CornbowW Halesowen.
Landlord: Joseph Willetts
Mystery stranger: Hablot Knight Browne (Wikipedia)
Information: Long Pull Page 213
Directions: There is only one Little Cornbow in the whole of the UK. You can’t go wrong.
Running out of time?: The landlord is not averse to extending hours.

Revellers: John Peerybingle, The Vengeance, Flora Finching, Sairey Gamp, Abel Magwitch Ann Chickenstalker, Artful Dodger, Mr Fezziwig, Tattycoram, Rosa
Landlord's status: Has profile. connected 🍺
Stranger's status: Profile created, connected 🍺

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