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NOTE: This page is not currently being maintained. It is being retained for historical purposes. Please do not edit it at this time. S. Willson, PGM Project Co-Leader, December 14, 2021.

See the badge report for the full list of current participants. If you are not currently a PGM member and would like to become one, please see our Project page!

Members, beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks! Let's try to keep the list alphabetical by last name listed (not ID).

  • Cheryl Skordahl PGM Co-Leader. I am busy with the duties inherent with leader responsibilities.
  • Jen Hutton PGM Co-Leader, currently providing back-up for Cheryl; exploring possibility of setting up discord channel for PGM communications; hope to soon help with updating any unsourced/lightly sourced profiles.
  • Robin Anderson Bouncing in and out of any and all profiles, concentrating right now on my immediate family (Spring, Pierce, Hemingway, Harris, Ball, others), but branching out when I have time.
  • Isara Chellis Argent Currently looking at the list of founders of Amesbury, MA
  • Chase Ashley Working on my PGM ancestors, most of whom came through (1) Duxbury/Bridgewater or (2) Amesbury/Salisbury/Newbury/Haverhill, but also some who came through (3) New London/Windsor/Hartford.
  • John Auborn I have several PGM ancestors including Samuel Eborne (a version of my own surname). I was born in Maine, went to grade school in Massachusetts and am always interested in early American history.
  • Anne B Co-Leader Emeritus. Currently concentrating on my own ancestors, but still working on creating accurate bios for the signers of the New Haven Fundamental Agreement and the Founders of Hartford, Connecticut. PGM Ancestors seem to be never ending Feb 2021
  • Gerrie Bartholomew A few of the ancestors I'm working with are: Robert Coe, John Lum, Roger Pritchard, Elizabeth Prudden, Edward Riggs, Richard Baldwin, and Elizabeth Alsop.
  • Sean Benjamin I'm working backwards and am currently fleshing out and sourcing profiles of ancestors born in New England roughly between 1680 and 1720. As I keep pushing back I'll soon be hitting the PGM generation and working on improving profiles using Anderson and other sources as I go. Surnames with suspected or confirmed PGM origin include: Ackley, Benjamin, Bennett, Bigelow, Bryant, Chadwick, Chute, Cleveland, Crandall, Denton, Eels/Ells, Fales, Farnsworth, Fillmore, Foster, Harrington, Hicks, Holmes, Huntley, Knowlton, Leighton, Loomer, Newcomb, Rand, Rice, Sanford, Tingley, Tufts, Vaughan, and Whitman.
  • Cynthia Billups Working on any and all PGM profiles and skeletonizing biographies using Anderson. Also like to solve problems, and puzzles.
  • Loretta Black Black - 1271 Studying the FLETCHER genealogy.
  • Tom Bredehoft - My primary interest is the Pettibone Family. I expect to be active on merging duplicates and cleaning up profiles.
  • Cheryl Caudill - interested in expanding on profiles with as much knowledge as can be found to bring life back to our ancestors with their stories to be shared with this generation
  • Chandler Hoyt MA and other PGM I am always searching my trees.
  • Christopher Childs - Putting finishing touches, in response to a request to PGM, on a very distant cousin's line down from shared GM immigrant Joseph Loomis; periodically chipping away at redrafting the top-heavy Biography of Gerard Spencer; still (ever-so-gradually) cleaning up my maternal lines back to Thomas Jones, signer of the Guilford Covenant, and Francis Bushnell, also a signer.
  • M Cole- PGM immigrants Ralph and Rebecca (Clarke) Wheelock and related lines; Thayer families and related lines; Early Settlers of Weymouth, Dedham and Medfield. I also work on the Suggestions to keep them in check.
  • Kyle Dane - Dane, Thacher, Sherman and Pond first, then any related families (which could be all of them).
  • April Dauenhauer - Began with Editha Stebbins-304 and related settlers of Springfield etc. May 10 - UPDATE: colonial immigrants from Magna Carta Ancestors by Douglas Richardson, using his list. Jan '18 UPDATE: Using RC Anderson's The Great Migration Directory (NEHGS, 2015) to update PGM profiles with listed sources from Directory. Continuing to check, correct and document relationships in PGM profiles.
  • Mike Dobson Jumping around a bit checking to see which ancestors need work, especially those with little or no biography. Also checking to see all eligible ancestors are actually in the Project. Helping where I can on profiles getting a lot of traffic in the google groups feed.
  • Robert Elmore Wanting to tie Edward Elmer (elmer-195) to his English roots a bit better.
  • Brenna Ewing I am logging in the contents of my cousin Linda Phillip Spearman's genealogy Turner - Howe & Related Families which includes a section researched by her grandfather and my great uncle, Malcolm Stuart Howe. I would like to research some of the lines that dead-end in her book. I am finding some of those lost connections here, wonderful!
  • A Fabry New London, Connecticut. Primarily the Welsh Group. Coit; Calkins; Brewster; Gardiner; Douglas; Chandler.
  • Michael Foos - I am tracing my ancestors in the family lines of Lippincott, Elkington and Ballinger.
  • M. Gaulden, Mags - I am descended from the Lord line which settled in MA, CT, SC, and GA, in that order. (They split from Church's, founded new ones and moved on). As I continue to add my line, I will add the template to my Puritans as well as source information (most have already been added). I am also looking for PGM questions in G2G.
  • Abby Glann -
  • Andy Haight Always looking at and filling in holes in Hoyt/Haight trees
  • Bob Hall - Primary concern is my mothers Larrabee Ancestors, court records of Colony of Connecticut, abt. 1637-47, and their related their families; Nims, Bennett, Aldrich, Ballou, Wheaton, Tenney, etc. Also, Mayflower Ancestor: Francis Cooke. My fathers lines, Wilcox, Fish, Sherman, Dodge, Keyton, Harrington, Aldrich, Snow, Rathbun, etc.
  • Bobbie Hall - Currently focused on Dedham research.
  • Cheryl M Hammond - Master class in yak shaving. Descended from Thomas Blodgett, Thomas Goble, Kenelm Winslow, and others.
  • Judith Harjung Waldert - Studying the descendants of Samuel Wilbore [1]. Also searching for connections in the Caswell family of the same time.
  • Pat Hickin - Elizabeth Fones (1610-c1668 & William Hallett (1616-1709) Edited biography of Elizabeth's first husband, Henry Winthrop. Winthrop-13 and her brother-in-law John Winthrop the Younger Winthrop-14
  • Darlene Athey Hill - Will focus on the Nantucket families.
  • Walter Howe Working on the five Howe families who settled in New England during the Great Migration, and also my ancestors of all names who settled during this period. My grandfather Dr. Oliver Hunt Howe was one of the key researchers that produced the Howe Genealogies published by NEHGS in 1929.
  • Chris Hoyt Direct descendant of Dolar Davis MA: Nathaniel Mowry RI: Gregory Dexter RI; John Hoyt MA/NH and by marriages, so many other early New England families. Primary focus is on these and their collateral lines and adding source information where I can.
  • Bob Jewett - Primarily work on Maximilian Jewett and his brother Joseph Jewett. Also those folks that came with them in 1638 on the ship John of London with Ezekiel Rogers ... see the Rogers profile for the passenger list.
  • Leigh Anne (Johnson) Dear Continuing work on children and grandchildren of my many PGM and Mayflower ancestors along with pre-1700 profiles I'm continually 'tripping across' that are in need of an update. Currently researching families Dorchester, Milton, Lynne, Newbury and Marblehead, Massachusetts areas although I admit to getting side-tracked into other early N.E. towns.
  • Joan Kelly - Continuing work on the Gilberts of Taunton, MA.
  • Robert Keniston - I'll be working on my early New England ancestors - Harrington, Cutter, Bemis, Lock(e), Cutler, Russell, Rolfe.
  • Michael Alan Lewis - lineal male descendant of Edmond Lewes (Ipswich, England, 1634), searching for ancestors in England
  • Renee Malloy - Hoar - Chase - Tuttle families. Hingham families. [Green-11245] Adams and Colburn Families
  • Scott McClain - Still focused primarily on my own known and potential PGM ancestors and related families, including primarily Wallen, Elwell, Bassett, Burt, Cobb & Rich families. I plan to branch out from there.
  • Bryan McCullagh - Immigrants George Allen, Hugh Calkins, Thomas Clarke, John Peckham, Tobias Saunders, Hugh Roberts, Joseph Holloway, Peter Worden, Rev. Joseph Hull, Hadsell, Bateman, Richmond, Perry
  • Doris Miller-Yetton Early Maine and Dover, NH families. Battle of Dunbar Scottish prisoners in Maine.
  • Laurence Mohr - I have several PGM ancestors and I’m interested in PGM profile improvement. I’m currently working on a complete Mohr family genealogy, which traces back to Hesse, Germany. I’m also closing on a solution for a brick wall ancestor, my maternal 2nd great grandfather.
  • Jill Neibaur Olson - Working with Rhode Island records right now and adding early emigrants into the Project
  • Daniel Nordlund - Primarily interested in the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Millett and his wife Mary Greenaway.
  • Michael Palmer - concerned mostly with the families who ended up in Southwest Connecticut.
  • Carole Partridge - Scattered now: Brainerd, Crews, Graves, Partridge, Wight; Connecticut valley of Massachusetts; Smithtown area of Long Island.
  • James Paxton - Primarily working on immigrants to Rowley, Mass., Newbury, Mass., Dover, NH, Exeter, NH, Stonington, Conn., and Windsor, Conn.
  • William Pease - Working mostly on improving the profiles of near descendants of PGM ancestors, and when called for improving the profiles of my PGM ancestors.
  • Clyde Perkins - focused on New Hampshire PGMs, updating profiles and adding new profiles; next project is 281 potential PGM ancestors from the Ancestor Explorer app; always ready to collaborate.
  • Matt Pryber Descended from the Coe, Carman family
  • David Randall - Currently working on First Families of Westerly, Rhode Island - most were either PGM or their children. Also interested in Stonington and other RI and CT towns.
  • Larry Ridgley - Primary lines: Brockett, Inman, Pierce
  • Toby Rockwell -
  • Lynden Raber Rodriguez - I have found so many of my ancestors amongst the PGM I decided to join this project. I love categorizing those profiles I encounter.
  • Kelley Rosenbach - Lewis; Paddock; Woodbery; Spencer; Mitchell; Wormwood; Farrington
  • Caryl RuckertBuckingham, Chapin, Benham, Bliss, Willard, Pelton, Lay, Hosmer, Merriman, Dickinson and Sanborn are among the families that I am researching. I am adding sources as I can and trying to improve the profiles of these and related families.
  • J. Salsbery I just noticed that my 9th great-grandfather Adam Mott is not in the PGM Project as he should be. I have many PGM ancestors and I am working on improving their profiles.
  • John Schmeeckle - Jenney, Pope, Burgess, Allen (Plymouth); Peckham and Weaver (Rhode Island); Strong and Clark (Conn.) As PGM profiles are brought to my notice, I research dubious "gateway ancestors" with questionable lineages from royalty and Magna Carta barons.
  • Linda Schreiber -
  • Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz - I am working on the Beyond PGM, specifically Long Island, NY.
  • Mindy Silva - I have been focusing mainly on the Maintenance categories, as well as working out of GMB 1634-1635, Vol 1
  • Margaret Simons -
  • Bertram Sluys - Until 2021 the concentration of my work has been on Dutch Roots as that is three quarters of my ancestry. Gradually I am adding in more work on my last quarter which is Colonial American. I would guess I have over 150 known PGM ancestors, and as I discover some that need to be added or have profiles that need some work I ask to add or improve them.
  • Ellen Smith - I have many PGM ancestral lines, including clusters of multiple early settlers in Roxbury, Watertown, Hingham, and Taunton. I have worked on a number of these people, and I often yield to the temptation to work on other PGM families.
  • Jillaine Smith Co-Leader Emeritus. tracking the project activity feed; responding to comments posted to PGM profiles and g2g; moderating disputes
  • Kitty Smith -
  • Troy Phillip Smith- I just finished up George Puddington, so now I am looking for some more profiles too work on XD. I am in the York Maine/Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts settlers is where if been collecting my sources primarily.
  • Weldon Smith One of my 32 g-g-g's comes from Massachusetts, Ansel Bumpas, descending from Edward Bumpas who came on the Fortune in 1621, my earliest American ancestor except for Mayflower Richard Warren. Ansel's mother was a descendant of Richard Bourne, a founder of Sandwich, and for whom Bourne MA is named. Most of Ansel's ancestral families (including Bartlett, Besse, Carver, Hallett, Hatch, Hunter, Linnell, Lombard, Lovell, Morey, Parker, Randall, Rawlins, Swift) were early residents of Marshfield and Scituate, then migrated to Cape Cod, from Wareham to Barnstaple, from Sandwich to Falmouth. Cheers!
  • Daniel Sparkman Got here via the Stone ancestors. Working on them, and whomever is affiliated with them and the Howard family of Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Now finding more ancestors in Gorton, Collins, Daggert, Hopkins lines, and surely more to come. Adding templates where I can.
  • Michael Spencer - I am interested in the Spencer family and the social and family interconnections throughout the western expansion until about 1880. I am working on the Haddam, CT Founders families, currently on the Cone family (Mehitable Spencer m. Daniel Cone 1661).
  • T Stanton - currently working on verifying each family line back to the point of arrival. Have so far verified over 60 PGM great grandparents and more to go cover most of the pre-1640 settlements. And then there are the Virginians. . . Working on developing particular projects related to the early Rhode Island arrivals (in process, not launched).
  • Brad Stauf - Mostly working on "AlongSide" tasks as one of the PGM coordinators helping new folks with PGM resources, editing guidelines, sourcing, and how to avoid stepping on landmines. Also going through the PGM maintenance categories to add/clean profiles, resolve unmerged matches etc.
  • Robert Jefferson Stiles - My primary study is on the descendants of the Stiles founders of Windsor, CT in 1634-5
  • Michael Stills - Actively updating my boatloads of PGM ancestors in cycles. Adding PGM as PM on profiles indicated in suggestions report.
  • Becky Syphers - Localities: Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut, Essex, Hamden, and Hampshire, Massachusetts. I also work on "Pilgrim" lines - mostly Plymouth and Barnstable Counties, Massachusetts, most of whom are in the Mayflower Project.
  • Traci Thiessen - Much of my family came to America during the PGM. I'm often doing work on the following families: Perkins, Haskell, Woodward, Beamsley, Snow; Cole; Paine; Burgess; Worden; Howe; Whitcomb; Davis; Sawtell; Willard; Longley; Tybbot; Elwell ... and others.
  • Michael Thomas - Following maternal lineage for the following ancestors: Henry Travis (c1611-1648); John Pers or Pierce (1588-1661); Stephen Streeter (1600-1652); Henry Adams (1583-1646); William Peter Towne (1599-1685); John Bridge (1576-1665); Deacon Edward Rice (1594-1663); Thomas Frost (1616-1639); John Moor (1601-1674); James Phipps (c1606-c1660); and Christopher Brewer (1586-1633). I have now found many other families to follow now that I have compared the PGM list with my database.
  • Hope Tillman - Followed maternal lineage and now working on both sides.
  • Lois Hacker Tilton - I came here working on my spouse's ancestor, the Tiltons.
  • Stephen Trueblood - Thomas Cornell and his family. Currently working on tracing John Beamond and William Beamond back to England.
  • Vic Watt -
  • AL Wellman - Trying to connect some of my DNA matches descended from David Corning and Priscilla Thistle to a couple of my seafaring ancestors from the northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire coast. William Ingerson sailed with John Paul Jones during the American revolution and William Lewis was a ship's cooper sailing out of Boston in the early 19th century.
  • Kay Wilson - Thomas Smith (1634-1724) & Elizabeth Patterson plus about 50 of my ancestors who came to New England between 1620 and 1640.
  • Rodney Wood - help format Bio and Sources and merging of duplicate profile pages (especially the Perkins Family)

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An interesting project. I'm in the midst of a very time consuming project at the moment but I'd love to join and work on my family lines. Brownell, Hart, Love, Irish, Carpenter, Bourne, Smitton, and more.

It is interesting learning of life details and circumstances that led my ancestors to where they lived and and died or moved on to. Churches and religion are an interest also. Accidents and legal disputes add depth to the information available and add interest. Relatives are DAR/SAR members based an ancestor wounded at the battle of Bunkerhill. None of it changes who we are today but tells a lot about why we are as we are. It seems talents and interests carry on through the generations. That is an interesting side study trail to follow. I'd like to find more along those lines.

posted by Mary (Graham) Calder
As much as possible, let's keep the list of members alpha by last name. where we know it. ;-)
posted by Jillaine Smith