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Puritan Great Migration Ships

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Date: 1620 to 1640
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Chesapeake Colony Ships; Great Migration Ships; Middle Colony Ships; Southern Colony Ships


Great Migration Ships

"Great Migration Ships" listed by port of arrival and date of departure.
Alphabetic list by ship name below.
  • Note: Many ships have the same name, but they are not the same.
  • ships may have made more than one voyage and even several a year.
  • Ships have sourced and documented passenger lists attached.
  • CPT/MST: Master of ship.
  • The passenger list, even if recorded, is not extant on most lists. Therefore, alternative sources have been used to reconstruct list of passengers and crew.

Early ships to New England

New England, Connecticut Colony, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Province of New Hampshire, and Colony of Rhode Island

ConcordGosnold26 Mar 1602 Falmouth, England15 May 1602 Plymouth & Maine

Puritan migration to New England (1620-1640)

  • from 1620 - 1640; thereafter sharp decline for a time.
  • Great Migration usually refers to English migrants of this period:
  • primarily Puritans going to Mass. or West Indies, especially sugar rich Barbados, 1630-40.
  • traveled in families instead of alone.
  • chiefly motivation: religious freedom.

English and Dutch Separatists Ships

  • 1623: Pilgrims divide their land.
  • People mentioned in Division of Land came on:
  • Mayflower (1620)
  • Fortune (1621)
  • Anne (1623)
  • few may have arrived on the Swan (1622) or Little James (1623) but they were small, carrying mostly cargo.
MayflowerJonesPlymouth, England Sep 6/16, 1620 11 Nov 1620 Plymouth, MA.
FortuneBarton1621 London11 Nov 1621 Plymouth
AnnePeirce1623 London Jun or Jul 1623 Plymouth, MA
Little James, BridgesJun / Jul 1623 LondonJun or Jul 1623 Plymouth, MA

Other New England Ships

Sparrow May 1622 LondonMaine/Plymouth
Charity Jul 1622 Englandlate 1622 Cape Cod
Swan Jul 1622 Englandlate 1622 Cape Cod
Jonathan, 1623 Plymouth, EnglandBoston
KatherineStratton1623 Weymouth
Yorke BonaventureLevitt1623Casco Bay, ME
CharityWhite?1624 LondonPlymouth, MA
Unity, Wollaston1624Braintree, MA
JacobPierce1625 Bristol, EnglandPlymouth, MA
Fellowship 1626?New England
AmityEvans27 Feb 1626 Weymouth, EnglandNew England
AbigailGoding1628 Weymouth, EnglandSalem, MA
White AngelBurkett1628 Bristol, EnglandPlymouth, MA
TalbotBeecher24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid Jul 1629

Higginson Fleet

  • Puritans -- much larger than Pilgrims -- establish Mass. Bay Colony in 1629 with 400 settlers.
  • want to reform Church of England with new church in New World.
  • by1640: 20,000 arrive
Higginson Fleet Apr May 1629Massachusetts Bay.
Lyon's WhelpGibbs24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid July 1629 Salem, MA
George BonaventureCox24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid July 1629 Salem, MA
LyonPeirce24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid July 1629 Salem, MA
MayflowerPierce24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid July 1629
Four SistersHarman 24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, Englandmid July 1629 Salem, MA
Pilgrim 24 Apr 1629 Gravesend, EnglandJul 1629 Plymouth, MA

Winthrop Fleet

  • Fleet of 11 ships under John Winthrop
  • carried approx. 700 Puritans; livestock; provisions from England to New England - summer 1630.
1630 Winthrop Fleet of eleven:
  1. Arbella
  2. Talbot
  3. Ambrose
  4. Jewel
  5. Mayflower
  6. Whale
  7. Success
  8. Charles
  9. William and Francis
  10. Hopewell
  11. Trial

Other ships

Hand Maiden 1630 LondonPlymouth, MA
Mary & JohnEdcombe20 Mar 1630 Plymouth, England30 May 1630 Nantasket, MA
SwiftReekes1630 Bristol, EnglandCasco Bay
Thomas & WilliamBurdick1630 Gravesend, England
LyonPierceNov 1631 LondonNantasket, MA
Plough of WoolwichGraves1631 LondonMass.
White Angel 1631 Bristol, EnglandSaco, ME
Charles 1632 Barnstable, EnglandBoston
JamesMr. Grant1632 LondonBoston
Swallow 1632
WhaleGraves1632 Southampton, England
LyonPierceFeb 1632 LondonMay 1632 Boston
William & Francis_____ Thomas09 Mar 1632 London05 Jun 1632
LyonPierce22 Jun1632 London16 Sep 1632 Boston
JamesGrant1633 Gravesend, EnglandBoston
Griffin 1633 Downs, EnglandBoston
BirdYates1633 GravesendBoston
Clement & Job 1633Boston
Elizabeth BonaventureGraves1633 YarmouthBoston
Elizabeth & Dorcas 1633Boston
JonasCrowr1633 LondonBoston
Mary & JaneRose1633 London
Neptune 1633New England and..
Seaflower 1633Boston
Truelove 1633Boston
UnknownCorbin1633Piscataqua, ME
Welcome 1633 Plymouth, EnglandRichmond Island, ME
William & JaneBurdock1633 LondonBoston
WilliamTrevore16331633 Massachusettes Bay
HerculesKiddey24 Mar 1633/4 LondonNew England
RecoveryGabriel Cornish31 Mar 1633 Weymouth, DorsetshireSpg 1633 Massachusetts Bay
Regard 1634 Barnstaple, EnglandBoston
Griffin 163418 Sep 1634 Boston
Hercules of DoverWirleyMar 1634-35 Sandwich, EnglandNew England
ChristianJohn WhiteMar 1634/5 LondonMassachusetts Bay
Mary & JohnSayresabt.26 Mar 1634 Plymouth, England30 May 1634 Mass.
IncreaseRobert LeaApr 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
Planter Nicolas Travice02 Apr 1635 London07 Jun 1635 Boston
JamesWilliam Cooper1st passage of 06 Apr 1635; London1635 Massachusetts Bay
ElizabethWilliam Andrewesmid Apr 1634 Ipswich, Suffolk1634 Massachusetts Bay
FrancisJohn Cuttingmid Apr 1634 Ipswich, Suffolk1634 MA
AbigailHackwell1635 Plymouth, EnglandMassachusetts Bay
Desire 1635 Northampton, EnglandNew England
Friendship 1635 LondonMassachusetts Bay
William and Anne 1635Providence?
Mary GouldCuttanceMar 1635 WeymouthNew England
Unknown 20 Mar 1635/6 Weymouth, EnglandNew England
RebeccaHodgesApr 1635 LondonNew England
HopewellWilliam Bundocke1st passage of mid Apr 1635; London1635
ElizabethWilliam Stagglate Apr 1635 Ipswich, Suffolk1635 Massachusettes Bay
Elizabeth & AnnRobert CooperMay 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
Susan & EllinEdward PayneMay 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
Angel GabrielAndrews23 May 1635 King's Road, Bristol, EngAug 15, 1635 Wrecked Maine
JamesTaylor23 May 1635 King's Road, Bristol, Eng17 Aug 1635 Boston
Mary 23 May 1635 King's Road, Bristol, Eng15 Aug 1635 Newfoundland
Elizabeth 23 May 1635 King's Road, Bristol, Eng15 Aug 1635 Newfoundland
Diligence 23 May 1635 King's Road, Bristol, EngNewfoundland
LoveYoungJul 1635 LondonNew England
AbigailRobert HackwellJul 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
DefenceEdward BostockeJul 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
BlessingJohn LesterJul 1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
Pied CowAshley23 Jul 1635 LondonNew England
JamesJohn May2nd voyage of 1635; LondonSep 1635 Massachusetts Bay
BachelorWebb11 Aug 1635 LondonNew England
HopewellThomas Babb2nd voyage of Sept 1635; London1635 Massachusetts Bay
TrueloveJohn GibbsSep1635 London1635 Massachusetts Bay
UnityTaylor12 Sep 1635 Weymouth, EnglandMassachusetts Bay.
Abigail 1636 EnglandNew England
Hector 1637 London26 Jun 1637 Massachusetts Bay
John & DorothyAndrews1637 Ipswitch, England
RoseAndrews1637 Yarmouth, EnglandBoston
Mary AnneGoose1637 EnglandNew England Speedwell New England
ConfidenceGibsonApr 1638 Southampton, EnglandNew England
Susan and EllinPayne11 Apr1638 London17 Jul 1638 New England
BevisBattenMay 1638 Southampton,EnglandNew England
DilligentMartinJun 1638, Ipswich, Suffolk10 Aug 1638 Boston
Martin 1638before 13 Jul 1638 Boston
John of London 16381638 Massachusetts


  • initially visited by the Spanish late 1400s - 1500s
  • from 1511: first appears on Spanish map.
  • Spanish explorers may have enslaved locals.
  • 1536: Portuguese visit, but leave it unclaimed. Left wild hogs for a meat supply.
  • 1624: first English ship, Olive Blossom, arrives. Claims Barbados for James I.
1627: first permanent settlers arrive from England (first English, later British colony).
UnknownRomsey1634St Christophers and the Barbadoes
HopewellWood1634/5 London Barbadoes
AlexanderBurche & Grimes1635 LondonBarbadoes
Ann & ElizabethBrookhaven1635 LondonSt Christophers and the Barbadoes
ExpeditionBlackwell1635 LondonBarbadoes
Peter BonaventureHarman1635 LondonSt Christophers and the Barbadoes
DorsetFlowers Sep 1635Barbadoes
FalconIrishDec 1635 Gravesend, EnglandBarbadoes

St Christophers (St. Kitts)

Saint Kitts (aka Saint Christopher island -West Indies).
west side of island borders Caribbean Sea
eastern coast faces Atlantic Ocean.
1623: first English colony established, followed by French colony 1625.
Robert Bonaventure May 1631 LondonSt Christophers
Margarett 1633/4 PlymouthSt Christophers
UnknownRomsey1634 St Christophers and the Barbadoes
Robert Bonaventure 1634 Plymouth, EnglandSt Christophers
AmityDownes1635 LondonSt Christopher
Ann & ElizabethBrookhaven1635 LondonSt Christophers and the Barbadoes
Peter BonaventureHarman1635 LondonSt Christophers and the Barbadoes
JohnWaymoth1635 LondonSt Christophers
MathewGoodladd1635 LondonSt Christophers
William & JohnLangram1635 LondonSt Christophers
Paul of LondonAcklinApr or Jul 1635 LondonSt Christopher

Providence Island

Providence Island colony
Date: established in 1631 by English Puritans
Location: Isla de Providencia. abt 200 km (120 mi) east of Nicaraguan coast.
ExpectationBillinge1635 LondonProvidence Is.

Somer Islands

Truelove Dennis1635 LondonSomer Islands

  • Data for ships not entered ... work in progress. Can you help?


Privy 1634
Rebecca 1634
ReformationGraves1634 London
HopewellDriverMay 1635 Weymouth
Castle 1638 London


  • Alexander Brown, "The first republic in America", Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1898 - 688 pages. (Google eBook)
  • The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Emigrants, Religious Exiles, Political Rebels, Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years, Apprentices, Children Stolen, Maidens Pressed, and Others who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700: With Their Ages, the Localities where They Formerly Lived in the Mother Country, the Names of the Ships in which They Embarked, and Other Interesting Particulars, from Mss. Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, England. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Chatto and Windus, 1874 - 580 pages (Google eBook)
  • "Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620 - 1650" by Charles Edwards Banks, Edited and Indexed by Elijah Ellsworth Brownell, Southern Book Company, Baltimore, 1957
  • The Winthrop Society, a hereditary organization of descendants of the Winthrop Fleet and later Great Migration ships that arrived before 1634.

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I have found references in genealogies to a Thomas Poland landing in Lynn, MA in 1642 on the ship Scorpion. I cannot seem to find a list for the Scorpion. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what sources or repositories I should be checking for a passenger list from 1642 for the ship Scorpion? I would love to find the source for this information. Thanks in advance!

Jenn (Poland) Fancher

posted by Jenn (Poland) Fancher
You probably saw the Poland-24 profile and from what I can tell, those are secondary sources which don't cite their primary sources. I don't see the ship at packratpro or olivetree or by charles edward banks or in any of the usual places. I would just label it as "highly suspect". In any case, a 1642 arrival, if true would make him inelgible for the PGM project.

His profile (which is really bad) says his first recorded appearance was 1656 so I'm not sure why anybody thinks he was here in 1642. But then again it says he was elected to office in NY in 1691, 31 years after his death (maybe was John Jr). I would look for actual primary records for him and then try to work backwards to a likely arrival date and place.

posted by Brad Stauf
edited by Brad Stauf
I could find NOTHING on this Thomas Poland or Poling at AmericanAncestors.org (NEHGS) which is surprising...
posted by Jillaine Smith
Arthur Roker age 20 sailed Ann Elizabeth 1635 ,any information where he came from England please [email address removed] regards rob
posted by Robert Roker
What's your source for the sailing? Are you certain of the name or spelling? I'm not finding this person in the Great Migration.
posted by Jillaine Smith
edited by Jillaine Smith
Arthur Roker, aged 20 enlisted of the Ann & Elizabeth setting sail for Barbadoes. Hotten: p. 71
posted by Chris Hoyt
edited by Chris Hoyt
And here's a link to that source and page:


That Anderson did not profile him suggests perhaps he never made it to New England-- either remaining in Barbados or never left England. Or that the Roker spelling is significantly different from other records, that we cannot find him. Do you have any other documentation about him?

posted by Jillaine Smith
Interested in the Reynolds surname. Parents: George Robert Reynolds married to Thomasyn Nathenielle Church Reynolds, they had four sons come to the New World; Robert and John left England and sailed to Boston; Thomas and Christopher left England and sailed to Virginia. I descend from the later two and my maternal line of the Lykins surname comes from Thomas and paternal line of Reynolds, of course, from Christopher.

Sarah (Cherterfield/Chesterson) who is the spouse of John Reynolds of Watertown came later than that of her husband and his brother, Robert and his spouse named Mary Pulleyne, son named Nathaniel and four daughters.

The Elizabeth left Ipswich, Suffolk, England on April 10, 1634. Sarah is the only Reynolds on this passenger's list. Alphabetical with age and roll number. She is number 78: Reynolds Sarah 20, #36. She may have come later, by herself.




Do you have a question concerning one of these people you mentioned? The WikiTree profile for Robert Reynolds is found here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Reynolds-326 On that profile it seems to discount that Robert was son of George Robert and Thomasyn (Church) Reynolds. You may want to go to that profile to see what research is there. You can also look at the link on this page for the ship Elizabeth that sailed from England in 1634 - on that ship's page can be found links to the original passenger lists. ~Scott

posted by Scott Carles
edited by Scott Carles
I added a bit to Robert Reynolds-326 profile on the apparent (unsourced) origin of the George Reynolds/Thomasyn Church parentage theory and the also-unsourced Virginia/New England theory of their children's dispersal.
posted by Brad Stauf
The alphabetical listing is gone?
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I thought it was supposed to be on this page
posted by Lois (Hacker) Tilton
I just created this page because it was initially on the top of the category page and category pages aren't supposed to have this much text on it. When I moved it I didn't catch and fix the internal link. Will do so now.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Can't find the Speedwell leaving Weymouth, England on April 22, 1637
posted by Chris Hoyt
Chris, feel free to edit this page as you see fit.
posted by Jillaine Smith
I just tried it, but I must be doing something wrong - not surprised, brackets are NOT MY THING!!!! It's now on the list, but not in the table.

When I Click on the Category, no profile is listed, but I added it to Mary Fry Harris, just to try it. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Fry-801 using

Speedwell ||Weymouth, England | New England]]


posted by Chris Hoyt
I added the parent Category: Great Migration ships, and changed Category on the profile. The basic category works now. Not sure about the details after "|".
posted by M Cole