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General Help

Interpreting dates and abbreviations

British Quakers



Primary Sources

  • (E-169) Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Oath Rolls (1709-1868), includes miscellaneous rolls of Quakers' affirmations


Nonconformist Records
An introduction to Non-Conformist Records by John Goodwin
Guide to Nonconformists records held at The U.K. National Archives

Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies

National Archives link
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Catalog Record
Preparative Meetings: Hitchin (NQ2A) * Baldock (NQ2B) * Hertford (NQ2C) * Hoddesodon (NQ2D) * Ware (NQ2E) * Datchworth (NQ2F) * Welwyn Garden City (NQ2G) * Hunsdon (NQ2H) * Ashwell (NQ2I) * Buntingford (NQ2J) *Royston (NQ2K) *Stotfold (NQ3A)
Monthly Meetings: Ampthill (NQ3) * Baldock *Hertford and Hitchin (NQ2) * Cottered * Hertford and Hitchin
Quarterly meetings: Bedfordshire (NQ1) * Hertfordshire * Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire
Quaker Quarterly Meeting Digests
Meeting Baptism Marriage Burial
Herts & Beds 1643-1838
Quaker Monthly Meeting Registers
Meeting Baptism Marriage Burial
Cottered 1656-1755 1663-1721 1659-1778
Hertford 1718-1835 1713
Hitchin 1643-1775 1658-1771 1660-1775
St Albans 1661-1837 1690-1834 1667-1837

National Archives, Kew

(RG 6) General Register Office: Society of Friends' Registers, Notes and Certificates of Births, Marriages and Burials (1578-1841)
(RG 6/1) BEDFORDSHIRE AND HERTFORDSHIRE: Quarterly Meeting of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire: Marriages (1795-1836)
(RG 6/2) [BEDFORDSHIRE AND HERTFORDSHIRE: Monthly Meeting of [St] Albans: Watford: Marriages (1778-1834)
BMDregisters.co.uk : National Archive Reference RG6

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service

National Archives catalog record : FR Society of Friends (Quakers) 1669-1995
(FR1) Bedfordshire Quarterly Meeting
(FR2) Luton and Leighton Monthly Meeting and precursors
(FR3) Albans Monthly Meeting

Guide to Non-Anglican registers at the Bedfordshire & Luton Archives
Ampthill * Bedford * Buckinghamshire * Leighton Buzzard * Luton * St Albans * Woburn Sands, Hogsty End

Bedford : Bunyan Meeting : baptisms : 1848-1861 : BY 17/2
Bedford : Bunyan Meeting : burials : 1846-1855 : BY 17/3
Bedford : Bunyan Meeting : births and baptisms : 1785-1837 : MIC 150
Bedford : Bunyan Meeting : births and baptisms : 1805-1837 : MIC 150
Buckinghamshire : Quakers : births : 1645-1837 : FR 2/10/5/44
Buckinghamshire : Quakers : marriages : 1658-1835 : FR 2/10/5/45
Buckinghamshire : Quakers : burials : 1656-1837 : FR 2/10/5/46
Leighton Buzzard : Quakers : births : 1776-1958 : FR 2/9/6-7
Leighton Buzzard : Quakers : marriage clearances : 1676-1871 : FR 2/9/1-5
Leighton Buzzard : Quakers : marriage clearances : 1778-1923 : FR 2/9/8
Leighton Buzzard Quakers/Society of Friends Burial Ground: see FR/28/1-5
Luton : Quakers : births : 1776-1958 : FR 2/9/6-7
Luton : Quakers : marriage clearances : 1676-1871 : FR 2/9/1-5
Luton : Quakers : marriage clearances : 1778-1923 : FR 2/9/8
Luton : Quakers : burials : 1776-1963 : FR 2/9/9-11
Luton : Quakers : burials : 1801-1864 : FR 16/11/11
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : births : 1837-1882 : FR 4/9/6
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : births : 1855-1864 : FR 4/9/14
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : marriages : 1728-1857 : FR 4/9/9
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : marriages : 1840-1864 : FR 4/9/8
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : marriages : 1855-1864 : FR 4/9/14
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : burials : 1704-1929 : FR 4/9/10-12
Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire], Hogsty End : Quakers : burials : 1855-1864 : FR 4/9/14

Yorkshire Quakers


American Quakers


  • Quaker History, published by the Friends Historical Association
  • Bulletin of Friends Historical Association on jstor



  • Bell, James Pinckney. Our Quaker Friends of ye olden time; being in part a transcript of the minute books of Cedar Creek meeting, Hanover County, and the South River meeting, Campbell County, Va. (Lynchburg, VA: J.P. Bell, 1905) on archive.org
  • Bjorkman, Gwen Boyer, Quaker Marriage Certificates, New Garden Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1704-1799, Heritage Books, INC. (1990)
  • Hilty, Hiram H., New Garden Friends Monthly Meeting, The Christian People Called Quakers, North Carolina Yearly Meeting, North Carolina Friends Historical Society (1983)
  • Hinshaw, Seth B., The Carolina Quaker Experience, North Carolina Yearly Meeting, North Carolina Friends Historical Society (1984)
  • Jones, Louis Thomas, The Quakers of Iowa, The State Historical Society of Iowa (1914), reprinted by Heritage Books, INC. (1999)
  • Kirkpatrick, Ralph D., Back Creek Friends Cemetery Burial Records, Heritage Books, INC. (2000)
  • Maryland Quaker records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting. Nottingham Monthly Meeting (Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil, Maryland, 1900)
  • Myers, Albert Cook (1874-1960). Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 : with their early history in Ireland. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (1902). Internet Archive
  • Myers, Albert Cook, Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682-1750, Clearfield Company (1902), reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company (1997)
  • Pennell, Sara Margaret. The Quaker domestic interior, Philadelphia 1780-1830 : an artifactual investigation of the "Quaker esthetic" at Wyck House, Philadelphia and Collen Brook Farm, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Thesis (M.S. in Historic Preservation) -- Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1992. Internet Archives
  • Moore, James W. Friends, Society of. Kingwood Monthly meeting, Hunterdon co., N.J. (from old catalog), Flemington, N.J., H. E. Deats, 1900. Link
  • Ancestry's indexed collection of U.S., Published Quaker Family Histories, 1845-1920 contains the following works (some of which are public domain and available on the web; will work on adding these to source pages) Husted-87 15:32, 10 September 2018 (UTC)
    • A Genealogical Sketch of the Family of Dr Arthur Stevenson
    • A Genealogy of the Taylor Family of Monmouth
    • A Reminiscent Record of Joel and Caroline Warder Cadbury
    • A Short Account of the Family of Fry, of Ashgrove Wiltshire
    • A Short Account of the Fowler Family, 1550-1891
    • Additions to the Genealogy of the Biddle Family
    • Akroyd and Ecroyd Family
    • Andrew Moore and His Descendants (2 volumes)
    • Annals of an East Anglian Bank
    • Annals of the early Friends (3 volumes)
    • Atkinson Ancestors, 1908
    • Auto-Biographical Narrations of the convincement and other Religious Experiences
    • Biographical Memoirs: A record of the Christian lives, experiences, and Deaths of Members to 1653
    • Bloomfield, the Chambers Homestead at Kennett Square, Pennsylvania: Memories and Records, 1817-1920
    • Brief Memoirs of the Barclay Family
    • Clovercroft Chronicles, 1314-1893
    • Cooper Family Register
    • Edward and Eleanor Foulke: Their Ancestry and Descendants, 1698-1898
    • Eliot Papers: Compiled from Family Papers of Eliot Howard
    • Family Chronicles: Blecklys and Springalls, Section 1
    • Family Chronicles: Ingram Chapman´s Descendants, Section 3
    • Family Chronicles: The Chapmans of Whitby and their Descendants
    • Family Letters, etc. Vol 1, Cadbury
    • Family Letters, etc. Vol 2, Barrow
    • Family Letters, etc. Vol 3, Cadbury
    • Family Letters, etc. Vol 4, Cadbury
    • Family Letters, etc. Vol 5, Gibbons
    • Family Memorials and Recollections: Aunt Mary´s Patchwork
    • Farm and Its Inhabitants with Some Account of the Lloyds Dolobran
    • First Reunion of the Wickersham Family
    • Fruits of Piety: Exhibited in a Collection of Narratives Respecting Children and Young Persons
    • Garrett Family Recollections
    • Gawthrop
    • Genealogical Record of the Hambleton Family, with Mention of other Hambletons
    • Genealogy of the Baily Family of Broham, Wiltshire, England
    • Genealogy of the Cadwalader Family Descended from John Cadwalader
    • Genealogy of the Fell Family in America
    • Genealogy of the Maule Family, with a Brief Account of Thomas Maule, of Salem, Massachusetts (2 volumes)
    • Genealogy of the William Tyler Family
    • George and Ralph Allen: One Line of their Descendants in New Jersey with Some Fragments of History
    • Glen Fern: Livezey House, on Wissahickon, East Fairmont Park, Philadelphia
    • Henry Baker and Some of His Descendant
    • Historical Genealogy of the Brown Family, Including A Brief History of Other Families
    • History and Genealogy of the American Descendants of John and Ann Chamness of London, England
    • History of the Borton and Mason Families in Europe and America
    • History of the Hodgson Family, 1665-1892
    • In Memoriam: The Sixty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary of Charles and Tacy Stokes
    • In the Old Time: A Short History of the Descendants of John Murray the Good
    • Leeds: A New Jersey Family
    • Memoirs of the Johnson Family with an Autobiography
    • Memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins Families
    • Moore Chart
    • My Ancestors: Nicholson Family, 1675-1885
    • My Ancestors: Penney Family
    • Notes on the Genealogy of the Biddle Family, Together with Abstracts of Some Early Deeds
    • Our Ancestors the Stantons
    • Penn Family Pedigree
    • Quaker Worthies
    • Recollections of Spitalfields: An Honest Man and His Employers
    • Ringmer, the Springetts, and the Penns: A Chapter of Sussex History
    • Samuel Carpenter of Philadelphia and his Descendants
    • Some Annals of the Buffington Family
    • Some Colonial Ancestors of John Hopkins
    • Some Special Studies in Genealogy
    • The Barclays of Ury and other Sketches of the Early Friends
    • The Browns of Nottingham
    • The Cadbury Pedigree, 1904
    • The Cudworth Family
    • The Derivation of the American Family of Wistars and Wisters
    • The Descendants of John Backhouse, of Moss Side, Near Yealand Redman, Lancashire
    • The Descendants of Joran Kyn of New Sweden
    • The Dupuy Family
    • The Featherstones and Halls: Gleanings from Old Family Letters and Manuscripts
    • The Gibbins Pedigree, 1910
    • The Golden Wedding of Benjamin and Jane Price with Breif Family Record
    • The Gurneys of Earlham (2 volumes)
    • The Heacock family: Jonathan and Ann Heacock and their Descendants
    • The Head Family, 1905 and 1905 Supplement
    • The History of the Shinn Family in Europe and America
    • The Lancaster Family
    • The Mather Family of Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
    • The Pedigrees of Dickinson, Darby, Fowler and Rathbone
    • The Penns and Peningtons of the Seventeenth Century
    • The Quaker Janneys of Cheshire and their Progenitors
    • The Quaker Poets of Great Britain and Ireland
    • The Satterthwaite Genealogy
    • The Shoemaker Family
    • The Stephenson Brochure
    • The Steward Family of New Jersey
    • The Study of Quaker Genealogies
    • The Wings as Friends
    • The Wynnes: A Genealogical Summary of the Ancestry of the Welsh Wynnes
    • Thomas Coates Who Removed from England to the Province of Pennsylvania, 1683
    • Trustum and his Grandchildren
    • William Cooper of "Greenfield" Woodbury, New Jersey and his Cooper Ancestry
    • Wills and Administrations of the Various Blackhouse Families
  • Weeks, Stephen B., Southern Quakers and Slavery, A Study in Institutional History." The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1896.

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