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Quality Markers Guidelines

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Quality Markers Guidelines

An Initiative of the Profile Improvement Project

Marker Purpose:
  1. Encourage members to achieve the best quality marker/grade for the profiles they develop.
  2. Provide a structured system for assessing/monitoring quality which informs profile improvement initiatives.
    • For assessors: It is not necessary to check all sources one by one, only a source sampling, if possible.
Quality Marker Description CriterionNotes/Comments
Unsourced Contains no source
  • Acts as a placeholder / draft
An 'Unsourced' marker is currently automatically applied.
StarterStartup Standard: One Lesser Quality, Secondary, or Non-primary Source(s). Source shows a reasonable connection but lacks details.
  • Secondary sources incl. other internet-based family trees. Non-primary (& tertiary) sources incl. genealogy books/resources paraphrasing or copying data w/o conducting independent research. Second-hand sourcing may be unverifiable to the general public but is put forward in good faith, e.g. family interview notes.
Achieves minimum sourcing requirement, i.e. "A source is the identification of where you obtained information."(Sources).
1-Star Basic Essential Standard: One Good Primary Source

Meets minimum requirements for Biography structure. See Biographies.

  • Provides clear evidence the person existed.
  • Name is known in full or part (e.g. a woman whose last name at birth is unknown but who is known by her first name and/or last name of her spouse).
  • Country and/or region where the person lived for some period is known.
  • At least one source of good quality (not internet family trees) with citations sufficiently detailed/readily identifiable.
  • If Birth Year is unknown then it should be estimated. See Estimated Dates.
  • If Death Date is unknown then it need not be estimated.
Genealogy recorded is probably reliable but there are definite limitations in the evidence available.
2-Star Good Silver Standard: Two or More Quality Sources

Biographical Content: follows Styles and Standards Guidelines.

  • While there may be a significant omission (such as names of parents are unknown), other key data are available.
  • There may be limited primary sources and hence more reliance on secondary sources and/or sources of moderate quality.
  • In-line citations: preferred but optional.
Genealogy recorded is probably reliable but it is understood there may be limitations in the evidence available.
3-Star High-QualityGold Standard: Several High-Quality Sources Biographical Content: follows Styles and Standards Guidelines.
A thorough 3-Star profile will have:
  • All data fields completed with relevant project-specific requirements, and with evidence sourced in the Biography.
  • Name fields are in accordance with relevant regional/project guidelines, if any.
  • Location data fields indicate known locality, area, country and/or region.
  • 'Certain/uncertain/confidence' buttons are used for father, mother, marriage data; all others preferred but optional.
  • Biographical content includes:
    • At least one parent identified.
    • Evidence for Birth/Baptism or a reasonable approximation of birth year.
    • All known marriages listed.
    • All known children listed.
    • Evidence for Death/Burial or a reasonable approximation of a year of death.
  • A Research Notes Section is still optional; however, if there are conflicts in the evidence, discussion notes say why conclusions appear reasonable.
  • Sources and Citations: Good use of primary sources:
    • No absolute reliance for any key data on sources of moderate or poor quality.
    • No use at all of internet family trees as sources.
    • In-line citations used throughout.
    • All citations are sufficiently detailed for the sources to be readily identifiable.
    • Source links are highly preferred but optional.
    • ‘Source List’ [i.e. a separate list to those listed under 'References'] and ‘See also’ section is optional.
  • Categories preferred, but optional.
  • Images, if used, are relevant, sourced, and have no copyright issues.
  • Quality: Use of Checking Tools:
    • Current Suggestions indicate no issues.
    • 'Suggestions' marked false have been reasonably marked.
    • ‘BioCheck’ findings indicate no issues.
Genealogy recorded is highly likely to be reliable.


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