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Queensland Birth, Joyner Name Study

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This Page is part of the Joyner Name Study.

The [[Category:Queensland Birth, Joyner Name Study]] category is for both Joyner and Joiner surnamed wikitree profiles born in Queensland and when used in close connection with the Table of Joyner/Joiner surnamed Queensland Birth Registrations with links to existing Wikitree profiles and family groups is an aid to the Joyner Name Study on wikitree, allowing for a more transparent connection from sources naming these surnames to the wikitree profiles which reference those facts.

Queensland Birth with Joyner or Joiner Surname

When sourcing profiles with with Joyner Surname always visit the source repository for complete record information. NOTE - This page only contains tables that give an index to records in the source repositories and does not contain the full information available about any record in the source repository.

All people (profiles) who were born in Queensland with the surname Joyner or Joiner should be added to this category

This page is for showing any sources for Queensland Joyner Births with Index Tables containing links to existing Wikitree profiles and is found at

  • [[space: Queensland Birth, Joyner Name Study]] (if the birth is found in the source then add the wiki-id to the table)

Table of Queensland Birth Registrations (1829-1917) with links to existing Wikitree profiles

This is a Source Index Table to the Queensland Historical Birth Registry index showing births with either the Joyner or Joiner Surname in any field (including father and mother) and linking them to the corresponding profiles on wikitree where they exist. Where a profile is part of a designated family group within the Joyner one name study that family group number is also included. [1]

Visit the BDM index Source Repository.

An example citation for details sourced from the Queensland Government Birth Death and Marriage registry index would be <ref name=QldBDMRegIndex >Queensland Birth Death and Marriage historical Registrations index; Search the index; © The State of Queensland; Online Repository Accessed 12Oct2017</ref>

YearIdFirst name(s)Last nameFatherMotherGroup
1873MRoland GeorgeJoynerBenjamin FolwellMary Jane FolwellG02
1874CPercy Harry FolwellJoynerBenjaminMary Jane FolwellG02
1876CArthur Benjamin FolwellJoynerBenjaminMary Jane FolwellG02
1877CGeorge HenryJoynerSamuelMary Ann WinghamG03
1878CErnest John FolwellJoynerBenjamin GeorgeMary Jane FolwellG02
1879CArthur EdwardJoynerSamuelMary Ann Wingham
1880CWilliam Henry VilliersJoynerWilham CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1880CEdith Mary JaneJoynerBenjamin GeorgeMary Jane FarwellG02
1882CEdwin CharlesJoynerSamuelMary Ann Wingham
1882CFrances LouisaJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1883CAmy BlancheJoynerBenjamin GeorgeMary Jane SolwellG02
1884BMargaret MaryJoynerPatrickMary Jane Murphy
1884CSydney CharltonJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1885CJosephJoynerJamesMary Ann WindhamG03
1885BBridget JosephineJoynerPatrickMary Jane Murphy
1886CWilfred StanleyJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1887CAlbertJoynerSamuelMary Ann WindhamG03
1888CCecil Gerald ReginaldJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1890CErnest Southey WhishJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1892CElsie Dora MaudJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1893CGordon VictorJoynerBenjamin GeorgeMary Jane FolwellG02
1894CHarold SomersetJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1898CAllan Charles BerkeleyJoynerWilliam CharlesLouisa FullerG01
1901CDoris MayJoynerRoland GeorgeChristiana May FryG02
1902CEdith MayJoynerPercy Harry FolwellNellie TownsonG02
1902CLyle RolandJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1903CErnest VivianJoynerGeorge HenryLucy Maria MitchenerG03
1903CElsie IrisJoynerPercy Harry FolwellNellie TownsonG02
1904CColinJoynerRoland GeorgeChristiana May FryG02
1904BArthurJoynerArthur BenjaminCecilia Maud CramerG02
1904CCharles Joseph FitzroyJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Peterson McFie
1905CLillian MaudJoynerArthur BenjaminCecelia Maud CramerG02
1905CHazelJoynerPercy Harry FolwellNellie TownsonG02
1906CArthur GeorgeJoynerGeorge HenryLucy Maria Mitchener
1906CFlorence ElizabethJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Paterson McFie
1906CClarice LilianJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1908CFrederick GeorgeJoynerArthur BenjaminCecelia Maud CramerG02
1908CPhyllis EvelynJoynerGeorge HenryLucy Maria Mitchener
1908CMadge MaryJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna MayG02
1908CRobert Leslie JamesJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Paterson McFie
1908CDarcy PercivalJoynerPercy Harry FolwellNellie TownsonG02
1910CHelen GraceJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Peterson McFie
1911CElric GeorgeJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1912CStanley JohnJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Paterson McFie
1912CEdna MayJoynerErnest JohnJessie HolbenG02
1913CMona BlancheJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1913CJoyce Florence GrahamJoynerJosephMary Jane Hoelsken
1915CPhyllis LorraineJoynerErnest JohnJessie HolbenG02
1915CAllan EdwinJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Paterson McFie
1915CHenry SamuelJoynerJosephMary Jane
1916CReginald HenryJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1917BAmy GwynneJoynerErnest JohnJessie HolbenG02
1918CAlma MaudJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May FryG02
1918C7124Gladys HazelJoynerJosephMary June Hoelskin
1918B53782Heather MaryJoynerErnest JohnJessie Holben
1919C2816Malcolm GrahamJoynerEdwin CharlesGrace Paterson McFie
1919C14213Kevin VincentJoynerRoland GeorgeChristianna May Fry
1884CMary EmilyJoinerDavidSelina Bethel
1886CLilly AnnJoinerDavidSelina Bethel
1887CLucy SelinaJoinerDavidSelina Bethel
1888CLucyJoinerDavidSelina Bethel
1891CDavid HenryJoinerDavidSelena Bethel
1893CVictoriaJoinerDavidSelina Bethel
1907CPhyllis RubyJoinerAlbert WilliamElspeth Thorburn Black
1909CWilliam GordonJoinerAlbert WilliamElspeth Thorburn Black
1911CMarion HillJoinerAlbert WilliamElspeth Thorburn Black
1914CHazel BethelJoinerVictoria Joiner
1891C9277CharlesSimpsonThomasElizabeth Joyner
1901C4664Milldred EdithNielsenPeter ChristianEdith Mary Jane Joyner
1903C4030Stanley VincentNielsenPeter ChristianEdith Mary Jane Folwell Joyner
1906C11458Owen AlfredHallidayAlfredFanny Joyner
1908C3752Jessie JeanMackayAlexander William LoganAmy Blanche Joyner
1910C7709Heather BlancheMackayAlexander William LoganAmy Blanche Joyner
1910C785Marie IsabelNielsenPeter ChristianEdith Mary Jane Joyner
1914C8505Mary EvelynMackayAlexander William LoganAmy Blanche Joyner
1917C3274Helen RuthRowbothamHerbertMary Jane Joyner Munro Burnett
1919C3261Arthur JamesRowbothamHerbertMary Jane Joyner Burnett
1905C6417Thomas HenryGoughThomas ErnestMary Emily Joiner
1910C12502Reginald ErnestGoughThomas ErnestMary Emily Joiner
1912C3625LillyHintonGeorge ClevelandLilly Ann Joiner
1914B35925Olive MaySmithHenry EdgarLucy Joiner
1914B38311Harold GeorgeHintonGeorge ClevelandLilly Ann Joiner
1917B46580George PhillipHafnerGeorgeVictoria Joiner
1918B53426Marjorie BethellSmithHenry EdgarLucy Joiner
1919B57064Allan William HenryHintonGeorge ClevelandLilly Ann Joiner


  1. Queensland Birth Death and Marriage historical Registrations index; Search the index; © The State of Queensland; Online Repository Accessed 12Oct2017



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