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Queensland State Archives, Civil servants 1865-1867

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Category: Government | Index: Civil servants 1865-1867

The Queensland State Archives describes this search, Category: Government, Index: Civil servants 1865 to 1867 as listing "the names of Queensland public servants as taken from the returns for individual officers and public service departments between 1865 and 1867. Information also includes the date of birth, occupation, number and Queensland State Archives' catalogue details." [1]

This category page is part of Category: Queensland State Archives and is used as an aid to the study of early Queensland inhabitants, allowing for a clearer connection of early Queensland wikitree profiles and the sources from which they reference their facts. When sourcing profiles with records from Queensland State Archives always visit the source for complete record information. NOTE - This page is only an index to whether or not there are matching wikitree profiles to people mentioned in the index search and records in the source and does not contain the full information available about any record in the source.

An example citation for details sourced from this Queensland State Archives Index search would be <ref>State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/ Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU)] ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed (today's date); [[Space:Queensland_State_Archives%2C_Civil_servants_1865-1867]] </ref>

Table of Civil servants 1865 to 1867 with links to existing Wikitree profiles

This table links the index of the Civil servants 1865 to 1867 to Wikitree profiles via their wikitree id.

Given name/sLast nameDate of birthOccupation
JamesAFFLECK22 July 1829Principal Assistant
JulianALLAN28 October 1843Clerk 5th Class Gene
EdwardARMSTRONG1 January 1827Principal Turnkey Br
Edward DerwentATKINSON12 December 1844Boatman Custom House
RobertAUSTIN1 December 1825Engineer Roads Depar
Thomas ScottBAILEY26 May 1830Draftsman Survey Off
JamesBAIRD26 May 1834Clerk 5th Class Gene
HenryBAKER8 February 1840Turnkey
John TannerBAKER15 December 1817Acting Police Magist
PatrickBAKEY15 January 1829Light Keeper
JamesBALL20 August 1840Letter Carrier Ipswi
William HenryBARON18 January 1830Resident Clerk of Wo
JamesBARTLEY19 October 18314th Landing Waiter C
ThomasBATTERSHILL22 May 1831Accountant Traffic D
William DanielBAUER16 September 1830Repeating Clerk Elec
HenryBEACH2 December 1841Boatman Portmasters
John StuartBEACH 20 April 1808Superintendent Quara
James CharlesBEAL 26 May 1833Acting Government Pr
Frank NewellBEDDEK 7 April 1835The Clerk of Petty S
Richard St ClairBELFORD 26 December 1850Operating Clerk
WilliamBELL 30 November 1839Clerk 2nd Class Real
Edward JamesBENNETT 13 March 1829Chief Draftsman Surv
HenryBIRRELL 24 May 1832Coxswain River Pilot
William TheophilusBLAKENEY 9 September 1832Deputy Registrar Gen
FrancisBLANCHARD 12 January 1838Boatman Portmaster's
JohnBLUE 14 September 1834Boatman Customs Hou
Augustus SalmondBOND 6 October 1836Clerk 5th Class Colo
Joseph OrtenBOURNE 30 June 1844Draftsman Survey Off
Robert OrtonBOURNE 8 October 1842Accountant Electric
John AlexanderBOYCE 1 February 1846Officer 4th Class Po
William MartinBOYCE 7 Apr 1809Clerk 3rd Class Publ
William CarrBOYD 20 January 1820 Commissioner of Crow
John HerbertBRADDOCK 8 Oct 1836Draftsman Survey Off
PatrickBRADLEY1 January 1819Turnkey Brisbane Gao
JosephBRADY18 August 1828Engineer Harbours a
CharlesBRAGG1 January 1816Turnkey Brisbane Goa
HenryBRAMSTON 4 July 1836Clerk of Petty Sessi
ThomasBRAND 11 December 1844Station Master Elect
JamesBRAYDEN 7 September 1827Superintendent Cape
MichaelBRENNAN 20 September 1845Boatman Pilot Servic
JohnBROMAN 8 November 1834Warder Lunatic Asylu
Edmonds LechmereBROWN 2 June 1850Junior Clerk Customs
JohnBROWN 11 May 1814Boatman Pilot Servic
William JohnBROWN 18 September 1826Sub Collector of Cus
ArthurBULGIN 25 Dec 1843Recording Clerk Crow
HenryBULGIN 29 February 1808Records Clerk Treasu
GeorgeBUNTON 22 April 1843Clerk 5th Class Audi
Francis ThomasBURKE 25 September 1836Clerk Stamp Office
PeterBURKE 4 September 1842Light Keeper Cape Mo
ArthurBURKITT 19 April 1846Station Master Elect
HoraceBURKITT 2 March 1836Clerk of Petty Sessi
WalterBURKITT 22 October 1838Station Master Elect
ThomasBURRELL 30 March 1833Locker and Weigher C
Edward LewisBURROWES 6 Jan 1810Deputy Surveyor Gene
William Cradock NowellBUSSELL1 January 1841Clerk of Petty Sessi
Henry ReginaldBUTTANSHAW 17 February 1832Visiting Justice Br
Frederick JohnBYERLEY 26 March 1826Engineer Roads North
Edward BoydCALLEN1 January 1828Chief Clerk Treasury
Alexander DuncanCAMPBELL 20 October 1844Clerk Traffic Manage
KearseyCANNAN1 January 1816Surgeon Superintende
JonathanCARSWELL 1 March 1839Boatman Pilot Servic
Charles ClaudiusCARTER 2 August 1838Recording Clerk Crow
John BrandrethCASEY 22 June 1828Acting Pilot Port Hi
MartinCAVANAUGH 21 September 1836Boatman Customs Lytt
WilliamCAVE 18 April 1832Clerk of Petty Sessi
CharlesCAVOL 15 May 1837Letter Sorter
Edward Augustus FrederickCHAMBERLAIN 19 January 1840Recording Clerk Crow
William GeorgeCHANCELLOR 10 December 18342nd Landing Waiter C
Henry MajoribanksCHESTERn/aCommissioner of Crow
GeorgeCLARK 9 August 1830Coxswain HM Customs
HenryCLARK 21 November 1805Pilot Service Rockha
Charles JamesCLARKE 13 June 1827Gold Commissioner
JohnCLARKE 1 August 1840Boatman Pilot Servic
Charles ThomasCLAY 14 January 1840Clerk Commissioner o
WilliamCLEYBOURN1 January 1824Turnkey Brisbane Gao
JamesCLIFFORD 1 January 1839Warder Lunatic Asylu
William HenryCLYDE1 January 1823Clerk of Petty Sessi
Richard JamesCOLEY 5 July 1841Land Clerk Treasury
HenryCOLLETT 13 June 1841Boatman Customs Lytt
Thomas DillonCOMYN 23 December 1837Clerk Registrar Gene
William JosephCONNOLLY1 March 1844Second Officer Custo
JohnCOOLING 25 November 1813Clerk Brisbane Gaol
RichardCOOPER 24 November 1812Sea Pilot Moreton Ba
Thomas HolderCOWL 7 July 1843Station Master Elect
Edward HenryCOX 11 July 1846Clerk Customs Rockha
HenryCOX1 January 1837Turnkey
William JohnCRACKNELL 23 December 1832Superintendent Elect
AndrewCRAIG 30 June 1818Clerk Chief Engineer
JohnCRAMP 14 November 1809Station Master Teleg
RobertCREYKE 20 June 1845Senior Draftsman Off
Benjamin JnrCRIBB1 January 1841Clerk of Petty Sessi
HenryCROAKER 19 June 1823Pilot Hervey's Bay
CorneliusCRONIN 15 March 1829Warder Lunatic Asylu
Charles FrancisCUMMING 23 December 1824Clerk of Petty Sessi
FrancisCURNOW 4 January 1840Railway Storekeeper
ThomasCURPHEY 10 January 18382nd Locker Customs B
GeorgeDAGLISH 10 July 1835Letter Carrier
CharlesDALY 4 December 1838Letter Carrier
James Edwin OwenDALY 27 April 1843Inland Clerk 4th Cla
Frederick OrmeDARVALL 24 February 1816Registrar General
Frederick Orme FrancisDARVALL 24 February 1846Ledger Keeper Govern
Robert JnrDAVIDSON 25 April 1846Clerk Works Office
William Montgomerie DavenportDAVIDSON 29 June 18301st Class Surveyor
FrancisDAVIS 2 March 1835Station Master Elect
David AllenDAY 8 December 1821Post Master
William HenryDAY 13 May 1828Clerk of Petty Sessi
John WilliamDEAR 21 November 1836Station Master Elect
EdwardDEIGHTON 3 September 1833Chief Clerk Colonial
RichardDELANY 12 February 1837Boatman Customs
EdwardDESHON 3 January 1836Clerk 4th Class Gove
Thomas BryantDICKINS 13 January 1848Junior Clerk in Char
Thomas RobertDICKINS 19 December 1843Clerk 5th Class Gene
George LindesayDITREY 24 August 1829Clerk 4th Class Colo
PatrickDOHENY 17 March 1830Boatman Customs Rock
AlexanderDON 21 September 1839Assistant Pilot More
PeterDONNELEY1 January 1832Turnkey
Richard LanglerDREW 9 October 1823Shipping Master Sec
William Lewuthy GoodDREW 14 October 1826Under Secretary Trea
Albert VictorDRURY 28 August 1837Clerk Executive Coun
Thomas VokesDUDGEON 4 August 1823Clerk 3rd Class Cust
JamesDUFFY 25 July 1827Letter Sorter Genera
RobertDUNBAR 10 January 1841Assistant Railway St
Gilbert WilliamELIOTT 24 January 1831Gold Commissioner
David SELLIOTT 12 August 18373rd Landing Waiter C
HenryELLIS 22 November 1821Clerk of Petty Sessi
JohnELLIS 8 September 1843Boatman Pilot Servic
BenjaminEVANS 12 January 1833Boatman Customs
JohnEVANS 11 January 1838Coxswain Pilot Vesse
JohnEVANS 19 October 1821Letter Carrier Ipswi
RichardFAGAN1 January 1838Turnkey HM Gaol Toow
BartleyFAHY 15 October 1840Locker Customs Maryb
RobertFINDLATER 30 June 1832Pilot Port Denison
AnnaFRAZER 17 March 1840Female Turnkey Brisb
JohnFRAZER1 January 1832Turnkey Brisbane Go
JamesFREDERICK1 January 1824Turnkey Brisbane Gao
JosephFREE1 January 1831Turnkey
JohnFRENCH 5 December 1846Draftsman Survey Off
WilliamFRENCH 25 February 1834Principal Turnkey
WilliamFURLEY 29 June 1834Clerk Southern and W
George HitchingsFURLONG 16 May 1836Station Master Teleg
HenryGALLAGHER 25 September 1845Boatman Pilot Servic
CharlesGAMBLE 13 May 1838Messenger Crown Land
William Gordon AndersonGARDNER 5 November 1841Clerk 4th Class Real
Godfrey Nairne BenjaminGEARY 9 September 1840Chief Clerk Crown La
JohnGEE1 January 1841Warder Lunatic Asylu
DigbyGERAGHTY 10 April 1824Gaoler Rockhampton
Robert KeagheyGILCHRIST 1 April 1827Locker Customs Rockh
FrancisGILL21 September 1846Officer 5th Class Sa
RichardGILL 8 March 1819Post Master Ipswich
BenjaminGILLESPIE 19 July 1831Letter Carrier Repea
George WhitefieldGLANVILLE 6 March 1834Clerk 5th Class Offi
William ThomasGOODALE 6 January 1843Booking Clerk
William RobertGOODALL 12 March 1832Commissioner of Crow
JohnGOODWIN 13 January 1835Coxswain Customs Mar
DanielGORMAN 5 November 1839Boatman Pilot Statio
Frederick PayneGORTON 23 August 1848Junior Assistant Ele
Arthur PercyGOSSET 14 February 1828Chief Clerk Roads De
JamesGOURLAY 24 September 1838Boatman Customs Rock
RobertGRAY 29 August 18404th Class Clerk Colo
Augustus CharlesGREGORY 1 August 1819Surveyor General
Charles FrederickGREGORY 14 October 18251st Class Surveyor S
Thomas JohnGRIFFIN 27 July 1832Police Magistrate Go
Edward GiddyGROSE 24 September 1842Clerk 5th Class Gene
JamesGULLAND 25 March 1835Accountant
JamesHAILES 25 July 1839Pilot Service Rockha
GeorgeHALLAM1 January 1834Clerk of Petty Sessi
Arthur EdwardHALLORAN 14 August ca 1815Sheriff of Queenslan
Arthur EdwardHALLORAN1 January 1846Clerk Sheriff's Offi
ThomasHAM 17 February 1821Chief Engraver and L
EdwardHAMERSLEY 14 August 1839Clerk 4th Class Regi
EdwardHANNA 11 August 1848Operating Clerk
PeterHARDIE 5 August 1837Coxswain Pilot Boat
Eustace HenryHARRIES 15 July 1847Clerk 5th Class Colo
PeterHARTLEY 24 November 1801Messenger Customs B
Henri WillsonHASELER 17 February 1833Chief Clerk Roads De
WilliamHAYNES 24 June 1826Chief Landing Waiter
Daniel DHAYSMANN 20 September 1848Clerk 5th Class Crow
George PoynterHEATH 19 June 1830Postmaster Marine Su
Francis XavierHEENEY 8 December 1841Land Agent Toowoomba
HEMYHATTY 24 September 1842Letter Carrier
Thomas SmithHENZELL 11 April 1840Clerk 4th Class Road
Arthur OrpenHERBERT 26 May 1831Under Secretary for
Thomas SaundersonHICKEY 22 August 1833 Clerk Revenue Branch
Stanley GranthamHILL 29 August 1842Officer of the 5th C
WalterHILL 31 Dec 1822Director Botanic Gar
William EdwardHILLIARD 16 March 1828Sub Collector of Cus
FrederickHINTON 6 November 1822Clerk 4th Class Acco
JamesHOWE 15 August 1828Sea Pilot Moreton Ba
JosephHOWELLS 13 February 1837Boatman Pilot Servic
Walter CunninghamHUME 30 January 18392nd Class Surveyor S
GeorgeHUNTLEY 11 May 1820Chief Clerk Survey O
JohnHURFORD1 January 1821Turnkey
Edward Bulwer LyttonHUTCHINS 25 July 1836Foreign Despatch Cle
Albert MaxwellHUTCHINSON 20 July 1823Sub Collector of Cus
JohnHUTTON 17 March 1811Executioner
Josiah MasonILLIDGE 7 November 1836Station Master Elect
Edward AbrahamISAAC 7 January 1831Letter Carrier
Henry WilliamJACKSON 4 March 1827Inspector of Permane
JosiahJAGGARD 6 March 1838Coxswain HM Customs
JohnJARDINEn/aGold Commissioner
ReginaldJENNINGS 31 Oct 1837Accountant Commissio
John Frederick LewisJETTER 27 May 1833Locomotive Superinte
AlikJOHNSON 4 February 1834Light Keeper Light S
Ralph Cholmondley GodschallJOHNSON 30 Dec 1837Recording Clerk Crow
JaneJOHNSTONE 14 November 1809Female Turnkey
DanielJONES 1 August 1842Acting Pilot Pioneer
ThomasKEARNEY 25 September 1829Light Keeper Light S
James ArthurKELLETT 1 August 1846Locker Customs
JohnKELLY 8 February 1833Letter Sorter Genera
EdwardKENNEDY1 January 1841Warder Lunatic Asylu
FrederichKILNER 10 June 1837Sub Collector of Cus
Henry EdwardKINGn/aCommissioner of Crow
Thomas MulhallKING 4 August 1842Fourth Clerk Customs
William Charles LudwigKIRCHNER 21 May 1814Officer in charge St
WilliamKNIGHT 23 February 1828Engraver Government
WilliamLACY 29 October 1808Boatman Pilot Servic
JohnLANG 16 September 1834Assistant River Pilo
JohnLANG1 January 1841Turnkey
Oliver GraceLANGLEY 1 December 1831Station Master Teleg
John WordenLAWRY 10 February 18354th Class Clerk Mone
Henry AlfredLENEHAN 29 August 1843Assistant Draughtsma
RobertLEYS 7 September 1840Pilot Service Moreto
RichardLONE 1 September 1829Light Keeper Light H
David FerdinandoLONGLAND 26 May 1825Clerk of Works Roads
PatrickLOWE 13 August 1838Boatman Customs Rock
RichardLOWIS 16 November 1839Messenger General Po
George LionelLUKIN 21 January 1836Clerk of Petty Sessi
GresleyLUKIN 21 November 1840Recording Clerk Crow
Arthur JnrMACALISTERn/aRecording Clerk Crow
AlexanderMACARTHUR 16 December 1824Clerk 4th Class
PatrickMACARTHUR 3 December 1821Police Magistrate Ro
AlexanderMACKENZIE 15 January 1834Boatman Pilot Servic
Archibald CampbellMACMILLAN 27 December 1840Superintendent Roads
ArthurMACQUEEN 6 April 1826Clerk Pay Department
RichardMAGILL 11 April 1840Clerk 5th Class Gene
Alexander JohnMANSON 11 July 1826Shipping Inspector C
RobertMARSHALL 19 March 1839Letter Carrier Gener
Henry ShubrickMARTIN1 January 1839Clerk Land Order Off
GeorgeMATTHEWS 26 December 1833Post Master Toowoomb
Alexey FrohoffMATVEIEFF 3 January 1833Assistant Superinten
DenisMcCARTHY 14 November 1832Light Keeper Gatcomb
WilliamMcCULLOUGH 15 December 1817Sorter General Post
AlexanderMcDONALD 20 December 1831Tide Surveyor Office
JohnMcDONALD 23 February 1830Wharfinger
JohnMcDONNELL 13 May 1829Immigration Agent
ArchibaldMcDOWALL 2 December 1840Commissioner of Crow
JohnMcKENZIE 10 January 1836Turnkey
JohnMcKINLAY1 January 1828Chief Warder Lunatic
Charles StaffordMILES 29 July 18495th Class Clerk Trea
GeorgeMILES 31 October 1831Boatman Pilot Servic
Samuel HowardMILLS 7 January 1823Boatman Customs Rock
TimothyMINCHAN 1 November 1836Boatman Pilot Servic
JosephMONTGOMERY 19 June 1823River Pilot Maryboro
WilliamMOODY 1 November 1840Mailman Office Keepe
SamuelMOORE 5 July 1849Messenger General Po
SydneyMOORE 21 May 1832Clerk of Petty Sessi
JohnMOORHEAD1 January 1841Clerk of Petty Sessi
William NorrisMULLIN 6 March 1842Boatman Customs Lytt
WilliamMURPHY 17 January 1830Gaoler HM Gaol Toowo
PeterMURRAY 29 June 1840Letter Carrier
ThomasMYLNE 12 July 1838Officer 3rd Class Re
ArthurNEILL1 January 1840Master of Lightship
JamesNEILL 22 March 1847Boatman Pilot Servic
Sydney WhitefordNETTLETON 16 January 1836Locker Customs
Robert ArthurNICOLS 4 August 1840Master The Reformato
Alfred John WesleyNIGHTINGALE 11 February 1838Accountant General P
Maurice JosephNORRIS 2 February 1841Officer 4th Class Po
William OseNORRIS 28 May 1830Clerk 3rd Class Crow
Maurice GeoffreyO CONNELLn/aCommissioner of Crow
Samuel CampbellOLSON 28 February 1840Turnkey
WilliamORMROD 4 August 1826Letter Carrier
WilliamPARTRIDGE 28 February 1829Coxswain Sea Pilot V
ThomasPENTLAND 4 December 1843Officer 3rd Class C
DavidPERRIER1 January 1809Clerk HM Gaol Rockha
DanielPETERSON 4 September 1838Clerk 5th Class Gene
Seth LothropPETERSON 5 March 1837Deputy Registrar Gen
Richard FitzGeraldPHELAN 6 November 1812Officer in Charge B
JohnPHILLIPS1 January 1837Warder Lunatic Asylu
Mary AnnPHILLIPS1 January 1835Female Nurse
PhillipPINNOCK 3 June 1826Police Magistrate
Henry TaylorPLEWS 2 May 1831Chief Engineer North
Theodosius WilliamPOULDEN 4 October 1840Clerk 5th Class Surv
GottfredPROSLINSKY 26 October 1829Boatman Pilot Servic
John William EdfordPUGH 20 November 1841Accountant Public Wo
Richard ElsworthyPYM 27 May 1820Harbour Master Port
RobertRADZIO 1 April 1840Light Keeper Upper F
James HargreavesRAFFLES 2 February 1826Clerk 5th Class Real
JamesRAMSAY 6 April 1821Messenger Port Maste
FrederickRAWLINS 4 December 1831Police Magistrate Dr
Henry CharlesRAWNSLEY 19 June 18171st Class Surveyor S
JohnRHODES 26 May 1837Boatman Customs
Charles WilliamRICH 15 December 18362nd Officer Customs
HenryRICHARDS 24 October 1820Acting Colonial Stor
AlfredROBERTS 29 December 1833Assistant River Pilo
Francis EdwardROBERTSn/a1st Class Surveyor S
James HalcroROBERTSON 26 May 1819 Post Master
RobertROBERTSON 1 October 1839Clerk 4th Class Depa
Antony BennettROBINSONn/aClerk 4th Class Crow
GeorgeROBINSON1 January 1823Turnkey
JosephROBINSON 1 September 1840Letter Carrier
Richard Hugo OswaldROEHRICHT 8 January 1834Chief Draughtsman No
Lewis GardnerROGERS 16 June 1834Revenue Clerk
ThomasROOKSLEY 1 November 1831Master Light Ship Ro
BenjaminROWLAND 24 November 1847Assistant Repeating
Matthew SandorRUNDLE 21 June 1829Harbor Master Rockha
Charles SamuelRUSSELL 20 July 1838Pay Clerk Treasury
JamesRYAN 1 May 1843Turnkey Brisbane Gao
John RandolphSABINE 24 September 1826Land Agent Brisbane
Francis ElliotSALISBURY 14 May 1835Chief Clerk Cashier
George FrederickSANDROCK 16 May 1819Second Officer Custo
FrankSCARR 1 May 1845Assistant Engineer N
PercySCARR 8 November 1840Chief Draftsman Road
WilliamSCARR 6 September 1836Draftsman Survey Off
JohnSCORRA 21 January 1837Station Master Ipswi
HenrySCOTT 29 March 1836Master of Titles
Robert TownleySCOTT 30 December 1841Clerk 4th Class Gene
JamesSCRAM 9 May 1822Sub Collector Custom
GeorgeSEEDS 12 February 1828Boatman Customs Acti
GeorgeSEEDS 12 February 1828Boatman Customs Acti
EdwinSHAPLAND 23 June 1823Messenger Sub Collec
John PhillipSHARKEYn/aCommissioner of Crow
Henry CharlesSHOLL 14 August 1849Junior Clerk
Henry GeorgeSIMPSON 19 December 1823Police Magistrate Co
JohnSIMPSON 6 March 1832Light Keeper Light H
Richard WilliamSIMS 17 March 1843Letter Carrier
Duncan MacdiarmidSINCLAIR 1 March 1816Police Magistrate Wa
Alexander DudgeonSMITH 26 October 1834Assistant Pilot Kepp
CharlesSMITH 1 March 1836Station Master Elect
Edward HoughtonSMITH 18 January 1818Acting Pilot Broad S
JohnSMITH 15 November 1833Post Master Rockhamp
JohnSMITH 6 October 1835Boatman Portmaster's
Richard JosephSMITHn/aLand Agent Ipswich
Thomas FitzarthurSMYTHE 6 September 1839Officer 4th Class Re
Walter HenshawSNELLING 28 October 1844Clerk 5th Class Crow
James GoulSNEYD1 January 1841Warder Lunatic Asylu
MargaretSNEYD 8 March 1833Matron Brisbane Gaol
SamuelSNEYD 15 March 1811Gaoler Brisbane Gaol
Daniel RowntreeSOMERSET 17 December 1812Chief Clerk Customs
Henry St JohnSOMERSET 20 August 1848Clerk 5th Class
FrederickSOUTHWOOD 2 May 1834Boatman
PatrickSPILLANE 17 March 1838Boatman Pilot Servic
Francis Drummond GrevilleSTANLEY 1 January 1839Clerk of Works Colon
Henry CharlesSTANLEY 15 May 1840Resident Engineer Se
Henry Augustus EdmannSTARKE 6 October 1836Instrument Fitter St
William RichardSTEPHENSON 27 October 1838Boatman Customs Pion
John HarrySTEVENS 29 September 1842Clerk of Petty Sessi
William BorlaseSTEVENS 23 August 1815Clerk Registrar Gene
ClarendonSTUARTn/a1st Class Surveyor S
Ambrose JohnSULLIVAN 21 January 1846Clerk 5th Class Surv
JohnSULLY 18 November 1821Acting Pilot Clevela
Mary MackenzieSYMES1 January 1823Matron Lunatic Asylu
FrederickTAYLOR 11 November 1822Second Clerk Customs
GeorgeTAYLOR1 January 1840Turnkey
Richard TargetTAYLOR1 January 1836Clerk of Petty Sessi
Walter SamuelTAYLOR 12 January 1831Clerk 4th Class Comm
Francis Charles NorrieTHISTLETHWAYTE 16 December 1840Recording Clerk Crow
GeorgeTHOM 13 February 1840Boatman Pilot Servic
Quintin AchesonTHOMPSON13 August 1838Clerk of Petty Sessi
John ThomasTHORNE 12 April 1840Clerk of Works Colon
WilliamTHORNTON 15 June 1818Collector of Customs
AndrewTHYNNE 30 June 1848Clerk Registrar Gene
CharlesTIFFIN 14 January 1833Colonial Architect
WilliamTIPPLER 3 September 1818Railway Storekeeper
John PeterTOFFT 10 March 1824Boatman
WilliamTOTTENHAM 30 March 1828Coxswain River Pilot
ThomasTOWELL 28 February 1827Telegraph Station Ma
JamesTREDENICK1 January 1824Turnkey Brisbane Gao
William AlcockTULLY 14 March 1830Under Secretary Publ
William CookeUNSWORTH 5 September 1817Accountant Goverment
RobertVINCENT 24 August 1825Clerk of Petty Sessi
JohnWALSH1 January 1812Turnkey
Isaac JohnsonWARNER 9 October 1819Sea Pilot Keppel Bay
JohnWATSON 13 July 1823Boatman Customs
Richard HenryWATSON1 January 1809Clerk of Gaol HM Gao
JamesWATTS 31 August 1830Clerk of Works Engin
George TelfordWEALE 20 September 18402nd Class Surveyor S
WilliamWEBB 15 August 1849Clerk 5th Class Cust
Randall EdenWEBSTER 17 August 1837Chief Clerk Colonial
Edwin JamesWELCH 26 December 1838Station Master Elect
Thomas WilliamWELLS 30 April 18344th Class Clerk Gove
Thomas WilliamWELLS1 January 1835Clerk Registrar Gene
Samuel PearsonWELSBY21 March 1812Assistant Immigratio
William RavenscroftWETTENHALL 1 March 1835Accountant Survey Of
John GeorgeWHEELER 28 June 1828Clerk of Petty Sessi
GeorgeWHITE1 January 1815Clerk of Petty Sessi
Charles JamesWHITLEY1 January 1835Clerk Registrar Gene
John WisemanWILKIE 3 September 1840Secretary Crown Law
John CreathorneWILKINS 28 October 18342nd Officer Customs
DavidWILLIAMS 1 March 1830Coxswain Portmaster'
WilliamWILLIAMS 29 December 1819Turnkey HM Gaol Toow
James HenryWILLSON 12 July 1824Chief Draftsman
John KerWILSON 16 January 1813Clerk of Petty Sessi
Charles EdwardWODEHOUSE 18 October 1845Land Agent Rockhampt
Arthur FrancisWOODn/aDistrict Surveyor Su
Arthur HillWOOD 1 March 1822Foreman of Works Roa
Francis BarronWOODS1 July 1834Letter Carrier
WilliamWOODS 16 December 1834River Pilot Moreton
ThomasWRAY 31 December 1832Letter Carrier Gener
JohnWRIGHT 24 March 1836Boatman Portmaster's
HenryWY 17 June 1816Assistant Harbour Ma
JohnYORKE1 July 1839Boatman Pilot Servic


  1. State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU) ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed 13Oct2017; Category: Government|Index: Civil Servants 1865-1867 API, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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