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Queensland State Archives, Divorces 1861-1894

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Category: Courts | Index: Divorces 1861-1894

The Queensland State Archives describes this search, Category: Courts | Index: Divorces 1861-1894 as listing "the names of respondents and co-respondents involved in matrimonial petitions (otherwise known as divorces or writs) at the Supreme Court, Brisbane, from 1861 to 1894. Information also includes the writ number, Supreme Court district and Queensland State Archives' catalogue details." [1]

This category page is part of Category: Queensland State Archives and is used as an aid to the study of early Queensland inhabitants, allowing for a clearer connection of early Queensland wikitree profiles and the sources from which they reference their facts. When sourcing profiles with records from Queensland State Archives always visit the source for complete record information. NOTE - This page is only an index to whether or not there are matching wikitree profiles to people mentioned in the index search and records in the source and does not contain the full information available about any record in the source.

An example citation for details sourced from this Queensland State Archives Index search would be <ref>State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/ Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU)] ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed (today's date); [[Space:Queensland_State_Archives%2C_Divorces_1861-1894]]</ref>

Table of Divorces 1861-1894 with links to existing Wikitree profiles

This table links the index of the Divorces 1861-1894 to Wikitree profiles via their wikitree id.

YearWrit noLast name, Given name/s
188067/1880ABRAHANSON, Peter Abraham
1887107/1887ADAIR, Joanna
1887107/1887ADAIR, Robert
188076/1880ALLARD, Herbert
1887104/1887ALLEN, Henry
1887104/1887ALLEN, Maria Marshall
1888120/1888ANDERSON, Mary
1888120/1888ANDERSON, Thomas
187022/1870AYSCOUGH, Francis
187022/1870AYSCOUGH, Harriet
1891141/1891BALLARD, Frances Mary
1891141/1891BALLARD, John Spencer
187857/1878BANKS, Patrick
1888116/1888BARKER, Bradshaw
1888116/1888BARKER, Elizabeth Jane
1888121/1888BARNETT, Emma Smallman
1888121/1888BARNETT, Joseph Jupp Smallman
188380/1883BARTELS, Carl Ferdinand
188380/1883BARTELS, Louisa
1888177/1888BEAUFORT, Sydney
187855/1878BECKER, Andrew
187855/1878BECKER, Annie
187645/1876BECKETT, John
187545/1875BECKETT, Sarah Jane
188175/1881BEDFORD, Robert
188175/1881BEDFORD, Rose
1894170/1894BENVENUTI, Annie
1894172/1894BENVENUTI, Annie
1894170/1894BENVENUTI, Victor Guiseppe
1894172/1894BENVENUTI, Victor Guiseppe
187752/1877BEST, Henry
18637/1863BETHUNE, Mary Smith
188698/1886BISHOP, Emma Matilda
188698/1886BISHOP, Henry William
1893162/1893BLENKINSOP, Sarah Annie
1893162/1893BLENKINSOP, William Sandford
1890137/1890BOULT, Christina Brown
1890137/1890BOULT, Edward James
187126/1871BOYLE, Henry
1888111/1888BRADFORD, John Richard
1888111/1888BRADFORD, Mary Eleanor
187964/1879BRAY, Harry
1891148/1891BRENNAN, Robert Cameron
188170/1881BRENNAN, Robert Cameron
18649/1864BROUGHTON, Clemence Lamonnerie
1888123/1888BRUSCHKE, Frederich
1889128/1889BRUSCHKE, Friederich
1889128A/1889BRYANT, Henry
187646/1876BUCHANAN, Walter
1888108/1888BUCKLAND, Emma
1888108/1888BUCKLAND, Thomas
188696/1886BUCKLER, Catherine Ann
188696/1886BUCKLER, Robert Henry
18648/1864BURMINGHAM, Margaret Elizabeth
187645/1876BURNS, John
1888110/1888BURRELL, John
1888110/1888BURRELL, Mary Ann
1888118/1888BURTON, Charles James
1888118/1888BURTON, Sarah Margaret Claire
187434/1874BYRNE, Alfred
188753/1887CAMPBELL, Patrick
18636/1863CAMPTON, Isabella Sarah
187538C/1875CAPES, Maria
1888114/1888CARDWELL, Johanne Louise Wilhelmine
1888114/1888CARDWELL, Thomas Alfred
1888114/1888CARDWELL, Thomas Andrew See CARDEWLLThomas Alfred
1891141/1891CARVIS, Maggie
186511/1865CARVOLTH, Susan
1888120/1888CASTON, Alfred
1888120/1888CHALLES, William
188068/1880CHAPMAN, Sarah Maria Harris
188068/1880CHAPMAN, Thomas
187228/1872CLARK, Fanny
1889126/1889CONNOLLY, Mary Ellen
1889126/1889CONNOLLY, William Joseph
1893166/1893CONSANDINE, Ellen Helen
187857/1878COOKE, Eliza
187857/1878COOKE, John
187963/1879COOPER, Horace S
187855/1878COREY, Francis
1888121/1888CORRY, Albert Llewellyn
186921/1869COTTIER, Sarah Jane
186921/1869COTTIER, William
1888117/1888COUSON, William Bairn
1888108/1888CRAMP, John
1893163/1893CROCOMBE, Ada
1890140/1890CROCOMBE, Ada Albert
1890140/1890CROCOMBE, James
1893163/1893CROCOMBE, James
1894173/1894CROSS, Charlotte
1894173/1894CROSS, Walter Henry
1891147/1891CROSSEY, Alfred
1891147/1891CROSSEY, Ann
187544/1875CRUMP, George Cressivell
1888117/1888DANIELLS, George
188385/1883DARRAGH, Eliza Grimes
188385/1883DARRAGH, Joseph
1890139/1890DAVIDSON, Hannah Murphy
1890139/1890DAVIDSON, James
187437/1874DAVIES, Esther
187437/1874DAVIES, Frederick
187435/1874DE LIBERT, Jeanne Catherine Philomene Fariola de Rozzoli
187539/1875DE LIBERT, Jeanne Katherine Philomena Fariola de Rozzoli
187435/1874DE LIBERT, Octavius Louis Francis Stephen Fariola de Rozzoli
187539/1875DE LIBERT, Octavius Louis Francis Stephen Fariola de Rozzoli
187127/1871DEAN, Mary Ann
1888117/1888DEIGHTON, Ada Elizabeth
1888117/1888DEIGHTON, Frederick
187751/1877DEW, Margaret Ann
187751/1877DEW, Richard
1892158/1892DOBBYN, Matilda
1892158/1892DOBBYN, William
188381/1883DOBINSON, James William
188381/1883DOBINSON, Jane
187854/1878DONALDSON, John
187854/1878DONALDSON, Mary Jane Clements
1893161/1893DUNN, Mary Ann
1893161/1893DUNN, William
1889125/1889D'WESKE, Edwin Richard
1889125/1889D'WESKE, Margaret Mary Agnes
188279/1882EDMONDS, Josiah
1894169/1894EDWARDS, Charles
1894169/1894EDWARDS, Sarah
188169/1881EDWING, Isabella
188170/1881EDWING, Isabella
188169/1881EDWING, William Henry
188170/1881EDWING, William Henry
1889131/1889ELFVERSON, Mary Anne Panne
1889131/1889ELFVERSON, William
1888119/1888EVERETT, Frank
1891148/1891EWING, Isabella Sinclair
1891148/1891EWING, William Henry
1888119/1888FIELD, Ellen
1888119/1888FIELD, Henry Alfred
1891150/1891FINDLAY, James
1891150/1891FINDLAY, Jane
1890138/1890FITZGERALD, Eva Agnew Beattie
1890138/1890FITZGERALD, Michael Edward
187024/1870FLEMING, Joseph
187024/1870FLEMING, Mary Harriet
188381/1883FOWLER, Henry
186717/1867FREEMAN, Charles
1891145/1891FULFORD, Clara May
1891145/1891FULFORD, Philip
1891150/1891GARDNER, Walter
1890136/1890GILMORE, William
18612/1861GLASSCOCK, Isabella
186615/1866GLOVER, Edith
1888111/1888GOELDNER, George
1887105/1887GOODRIDGE, Margaret Dorothy Crawford
1887105/1887GOODRIDGE, William Pope Baldwin
1894174/1894GOODWIN, Edmund Hanslan
1894174/1894GOODWIN, Mary Jane
188695/1886GORDON, Annie McGuire
1889127/1889GORDON, Emma Charlotte Lee
1889127/1889GORDON, John
188095/1880GORDON, Walter
187962/1879GOSSET, Arthur Percy
187962/1879GOSSET, Emma Florence
1888122/1888GRAYSON, David
1888122/1888GRAYSON, Jane Ross
187753/1877GREIG, Joseph Joseph
187753/1877GREIG, Margaret
187646/1876HALL, John
187646/1876HALL, Sarah Ann
186614/1866HALLET, Ann
188486/1884HALLEY, Elizabeth
188486/1884HALLEY, James
187964/1879HANCOCK, John
187964/1879HANCOCK, Margaret Jane
18611/1861HARDGRAVE, Jane
1888115/1888HARPER, Elizabeth
1888115/1888HARPER, James Wilson
186920/1869HARRIS, Elizabeth Saphoa
188067/1880HARRIS, Frederick
188068/1880HARRIS, Sarah Maria
187331/1873HEALION, Elizabeth
1891143/1891HEASLOP, Elizabeth Cockerill
1891143/1891HEASLOP, George
1892144/1892HEASLOP, Thomas
186716/1867HEILBRON, Elizabeth
186718/1867HEILBRON, Elizabeth
186718/1867HEILBRON, Henry
1892154/1892HELSDON, Adaliza Stewart
1892154/1892HELSDON, John Benjamin
188278/1882HERBERT, Algernon Sydney Maxwell
1888120/1888HERON, John
187323/1873HICKEY, Annie Eliza
1891146/1891HICKS, Hanna Robsion
1891146/1891HICKS, Richard
187438A/1874HILL, Samuel
188384/1883HILLYARD, Andrew Gillies
188066/1880HINDS, Adelaide Emily
188066/1880HINDS, Richard
1887106/1887HINGSTON, Ellen Maria
1887106/1887HINGSTON, Richard
186717/1867HIRST, John
186717/1867HIRST, Mary
1892157/1892HOLLANDER, Abraham Alfred
1892152/1892HOLZMANN, Arua August Heinrich
1893160/1893HOLZMANN, Madeline
1892152/1892HOLZMANN, Madeline Weferling
186512/1865HOOD, George
1891145/1891HUET, Frederich
1891149/1891HUMBER, Charles George
1891149/1891HUMBER, Charlotte Elizabeth
188588/1885JACK, David Jnr
188588/1885JACK, Elizabeth Ann
188588/1885JACK, John Low
1891147/1891JACKSON, Robert
188699/1886JONNES, Walter A
186921/1869JOYCE, Gordon
187856/1878KAUFMANN, Joseph Meyers
187856/1878KAUFMANN, Maria Jane
188593/1885KEAM, Reuben
1892156/1892KEOUGH, John
1892156/1892KEOUGH, Sara Frances
187646A/1876KERMODE, Jane
187749/1877KILBEE, Elizabeth
187749/1877KILBEE, John James
1887101/1887KLUVER, Heneritte Albertine
1887101/1887KLUVER, Peter Christian Heinrich
187750/1877KRATZMANN, Auguste
187750/1877KRATZMANN, Carl
1892151/1892KRUTLI, Ernest
1892151/1892KRUTLI, Marie
1894175/1894LACEY, Carolina
1894175/1894LACEY, Thomas Joseph
188384/1883LASCHINSKI, August Ludwig
188384/1883LASCHINSKI, Wilhelmine
1894167/1894LAWRENCE, Ellen
1894167/1894LAWRENCE, Freeman
188590/1885LEE, John
1894168/1894LEE-BRYCE, Clara
1894168/1894LEE-BRYCE, William Miller
1887105/1887LEHMANN, Alfred
187437/1874LEMEL, Isrrael
1892155/1892LEWIS, Amy Celoonia Jane
187648/1876LEWIS, Harriett Morton
1892155/1892LEWIS, John
187648/1876LEWIS, John
188487/1884LLOYD, John Payne
188592/1885LLOYD, John Payne
187022/1870LLOYD, Plant
188487/1884LLOYD, Selina
188592/1885LLOYD, Selina
187541/1875LOMAX, Charlotte Grainger Wilhelmina
187541/1875LOMAX, James Rhodes
187752/1877LOVEDAY, Bridget
187752/1877LOVEDAY, Walter
188383/1883LOWRY, Frank Russell
188383/1883LOWRY, Isabella Bremmer
188171/1881LUBEN, Charles
188174/1881LUBEN, Charles
186512/1865LUCKMAN, Elizabeth
186512/1865LUCKMAN, Joseph
187329/1873LUCKMANN, Elizabeth Ann
187329/1873LUCKMANN, John
1890134/1890LUDWIG, Henriette Rosler
1890134/1890LUDWIG, William Frederick
187540/1875MANSON, Alexander John
187540/1875MANSON, Marianne
188591/1885MARRETT, Elizabeth McCruddon
188591/1885MARRETT, Thomas
1890138/1890MARTIN, Alfred A N
1886100/1886MAY, Herbert
188382/1883MCCALLUM, Charles Campbell
188382/1883MCCALLUM, Mary Kate Josephine
187647/1876MCCORMACK, John
187647/1876MCCORMACK, Mary
1893165/1893MCDONALD, Mary Josephine
1893165/1893MCDONALD, William Henry
187024/1870MCLAUCHLIN, Hugh
187959/1879MCMAHON, William
1893166/1893MILES, Harry Benda
1893166/1893MILES, Sophia Jane
1893164/1893MILLER, Alexander
1892159/1892MILLER, Donald
1892159/1892MILLER, Janet
1893164/1893MILLER, Mary Jane
1894171/1894MISKIN, Minna
1894171/1894MISKIN, William Henry
1888115/1888MORTIMER, Cornelius
188383/1883MORTIMER, James
188279/1882MORTIMORE, Mary Jane
188279/1882MORTIMORE, William Northcote
1890135/1890MORTON, William Arthur
188277/1882MULCAHY, Elizabeth
188277/1882MULCAHY, John
1891142/1891MULHOLLAND, Frederick Alfred
1891142/1891MULHOLLAND, Helen Stewart
187126/1871MUNRO, Catherine
187126/1871MUNRO, John
18635/1863MURPHY, Elizabeth
188697/1886NAYLOR, Edward Scott
188699/1886NAYLOR, Edward Scott
188697/1886NAYLOR, Lydia Annie
188699/1886NAYLOR, Lydia Annie
186819/1868NEWMAN, Alice
1889132/1889NICHOLSON, Albert Stephen
1889132/1889NICHOLSON, Eugenie Clotilda Imelda Fausta
188278/1882NICOLL, George Wallace
188278/1882NICOLL, Helen
188065/1880NIXON, Henry
187434/1874NORRIE, Charlotte Annan
187434/1874NORRIE, Isaac Dadd
1892157/1892O BRIEN, James Francis
1892157/1892O BRIEN, Mary Josephine
1884103/1884O CONNOR, Ellen Condon
1887103/1887O CONNOR, John
18634/1863O REILY, Mary Jane
187542/1875OSBORNE, William Fitz
1889128A/1889PALMER, Alfred Edwin
1898128A/1898PALMER, Margaret Murry Aitken
187543/1875PATEN, Eliza
187543/1875PATEN, Jesse
188172/1881PAYNE, Catherine
188173/1881PAYNE, Catherine
188172/1881PAYNE, Edward
188173/1881PAYNE, Edward
188695/1886PEARSON, J A
1889130/1889PECHEY, Edward Wilmot
1889130/1889PECHEY, Helen Maria
1894176/1894PENBERTHY, John Nicholas
1894176/1894PENBERTHY, Nancy
186510/1865PERCIVAL, Emma
1888108/1888PESCOD, Samuel
188589/1885PHIPPARD, Helen
188589/1885PHIPPARD, Reuben
1890134/1890PIETSCH, John
1888109/1888PLACE, James
1888109/1888PLACE, Mary Ann
1889129/1889POLMEER, Margaret
1889129/1889POLMEER, William Charles
187438B/1874PROSSER, Rebecca
188171/1881REED, Charles Alfred
188174/1881REED, Charles Alfred
188171/1881REED, Eliza
188174/1881REED, Eliza
1888114/1888REINHOLD, Johanne Louise Wilhelmine See CARDWELL
1888123/1888RETHAMEL, Emilie Auguste
1889128/1889RETHAMEL, Emilie Auguste
1888123/1888RETHAMEL, Frederich
1889128/1889RETHAMEL, Frederich
187963/1879ROWAN, Elizabeth Mary McLachlan
187963/1879ROWAN, John Richard
187438/1874RUSSELL, Charles
187438/1874RUSSELL, Ellen
187961/1879RUSSELL, Henry Croaker
187961/1879RUSSELL, Margaret
188175/1881RYAN, Edward
1886100/1886SAILLUR, Charles
1886100/1886SAILLUR, Mary
187541/1875SCARR, Frank
187962/1879SCHEFFLER, Frederick George
187436/1874SCHWEIG, Charles
188697/1886SCOTT, Edward George See NAYLOR Edward Scott
188699/1886SCOTT, Edward George See NAYLOR Edward Scott
188697/1886SCOTT, Lydia Annie See NAYLOR Lydia Annie
188699/1886SCOTT, Lydia Annie See NAYLOR Lydia Annie
188067/1880SHAKSPEARE, George
188067/1880SHAKSPEARE, Jessie
1893165/1893SHORT, Patrick
188751/1887SIMPSON, Walter
1889128A/1889SMITH, Daniel
187433/1874SMYTHE, Matilda
187433/1874SMYTHE, Thomas Fitzarthur
1892153/1892SOOTI, Mary
1892153/1892SOOTI, William
1892144/1892SPRANKLIN, Georgina Allen
1892144/1892SPRANKLIN, William
1890135/1890STANTON, Alfred Joseph
1890135/1890STANTON, Ellen Martin
1892152/1892STEWARD, Charles
1893160/1893STEWART, Charles
188696/1886TAYLOR, Alfred
187329/1873TAYLOR, George
187962/1879THOMAS, George
1888113/1888THORNGREEN, Augusta Louisa Matilda
1888113/1888THORNGREEN, Heine Heinrich
187542/1875TIBBITS, Harriet
187542/1875TIBBITS, John
1888112/1888TOLL, Annie
1888112/1888TOLL, Benjamin
1890139/1890TOPPIN, James
1887102/1887TRONSON, Mary Anne
1887102/1887TRONSON, Thomas Blakeley
1889131/1889TRONSON, Thomas Bleakeley
18623/1862TURNER, Esther
1890136/1890TUTTY, Ida Beatrice Reviere
188065/1880TUTTY, Mary
188065/1880TUTTY, Thomas
1890136/1890TUTTY, William
187438A/1874WALKER, Ellen Harriet
187438A/1874WALKER, Henry
1889124/1889WALLIS, Charles
1889124/1889WALLIS, Mary Keast
188694/1886WALTERS, John
188698/1886WALTERS, John
188694/1886WALTERS, Susanna
1890133/1890WARD, Elizabeth Isabella Davis
1890133/1890WARD, John Edward
188176/1881WEBB, Barnabas
187858/1878WEBB, John Martin
188176/1881WEBB, Rosa McGoldrick
187749/1877WEBBER, Henry
187858/1878WESLEY, Ellen
187858/1878WESLEY, Samuel Annesley
187436/1874WHITCHURCH, Emma Caroline
187960/1879WHITCHURCH, Emma Caroline
187436/1874WHITCHURCH, Emma Caroline Stevens
187436/1874WHITCHURCH, Frederich William Sloper
187436/1874WHITCHURCH, Frederick William Sloper
187960/1879WHITCHURCH, Frederick William Sloper
186613/1866WHITE, Mary
188171/1881WHITE, Richard
188174/1881WHITE, Richard
187332/1873WILKIE, Caroline Constance
187332/1873WILKIE, John Wiseman
1889124/1889WILLIAMS, Samuel
187959/1879WOOD, Elizabeth
187544/1875WOOD, Lucy Elizabeth
187539/1875WOOD, Theodore
187544/1875WOOD, Western
187959/1879WOOD, William
1892158/1892YOUNG, James


  1. State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU) ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed 13Oct2017; Category: Courts | Index: Divorces 1861-1894 API, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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