Quivet Neck Cemetery, East Dennis, Massachusetts

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Location: East Dennis, Barnstable, Massachusettsmap
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A cemetery survey list -row by row, plot by plot- of nearly everyone buried in Quivet Neck cemetery. This is from a transcription in the early 1990s and one i did 6 Aug 2011 (see attached Image PDF) so there are many stones missing.

It has been said that Quivet rhymes with Quiet- but you will also hear it pronounced with a short i sound (like quiver) and spelled with double t. This listing is derived from Cemetery Inscriptions of Dennis, Mass. pp.134-168 by Burton Derick, 1993 and work that i did in 2011 (attached).

Row 1 starts at the SW corner. Each row is listed starting at the South end by the marsh moving North. (i am not sure of the rows for the first 230+ stones, i recorded them row-by-row but not sure which row is which. They need to be integrated starting at Row 29 (scroll down) for known locations)

South Street forms the northern border of the cemetery and Quivet creek marsh bounds the southern border. Continuing to travel east on South street will take you into the Crowe's Pasture Conservation Land, part of Dennis Conservation Trust. Quivet Neck is formed by Sesuit Creek on the west and Quivet creek on the east. This is a very peaceful village in East Dennis. Reminder stone RowX.01 in each row is at the SOUTH end.

..........................I recorded the "Row Unknown" names row by row but not sure which row they are in- scroll down to Row 29 to see more definitive tombstone locations.
New Section Rows 30-44..........................
Row 45Gelsthorpe, Horton, Myette, O'Connor, Mastin, Olsen, Roberts
Row 44Ericson, Harper, Panella, Munson, Makowsi, Everett, Caldwell, Dall, Kappel, Gooloishian, Berry, Galvin, Eble
Row 43Howard, Weagraff, Hunter, Schreiber, Wyckoff, Spotts, Berry, Somers
Row 42Haskell, Reeves, Phillips, Sears, Smithson, Bagg, Gessner, Thomson, Cordner
Row 41(1098-1116)Hunter, Peirce, Kuckes, Doben, Briight, Alexander, Scheutz, Kestner
Row 40Forster, Stepenuck, Dubin, Weiss, Sheppard, Rudolph, Little, Long
Row 39Hodsdon, McCauley, Brown, Dubin, Fragano, Malloy, Abbott
Row 38-
Row 37-
Row 36-
Row 35-
Row 34-
Row 33-
Row 32-
Row 31-
Row 30-
Row unknown1-Harry R Sears2-Gertrude E (Mackenzie) Sears3-Clarabel F (Crowell) Sears4-Henry Homer Sears5-Gertrude (Sears) Hodsdon
Row unknown (cont)6-Eleanor M (Sears) Senk (1900-1991)7-Ann (Sears) Whiteman8- See 28.119-Nancy C Myette (1928-1987)10-John O'Connor (1913-)
Row unknown (cont)11-Helen O'Connor (1914-2010)12-Helen M (Mastin) Brister (1943-1987)13-Elmer F Curtis (1906-1989)14-Marie H Galvin (1918-2000)15-Joan H Caldwell
Row unknown (cont)16-Stephen L Caldwell17-Eugenia S Caldwell18-Lindsay H Caldwell19-Andrew N Dall Jr (1907-1996)20-Harold N Dall (1913-1992)
Row unknown (cont)21-Arline D Kappel (1911-2003)22-Edwin Kappel (1910-1982)23-Diane A Berry (1947-1983)24-John F Berry (1917-2000)25-Eileen E Berry (1922-1997)
Row unknown (cont)26-Allen E Somers (1922-)27-Sarah M Somers (1929-1997)28-Brian Riley (1958-1991)29-John D Roberts30-Marion E Roberts (1927-2002)
Row unknown (cont)31-Gary F Roberts (1953-1985)32-Josh Roberts (1975-2004)33-Harlan E Spotts (1924-1987)34-Charlotte G Spotts (1924-1987)35-Frederick A Wyckoff Jr (1934-1984)
Row unknown (cont)36-Virginia C Everett (1905-2004)37-Edward A Everett (1902-1998)38-Edward H Everett (1935-1999)39-Emma P Makowski (1907-1989)40-Max Makowski (1907-1945)
Row unknown (cont)41-Jean C Munson (1920-2005)42-Richard G Munson (1916-1998)43-Alfred J Panella (1911-1990)44-Mary R Panella (1916-2005)45-Peter N Panella (1948-2005)
Row unknown (cont)46-James C Harper (1950-2007)47-Everett W Ericson (1930-1989)48-Mildred R Ericson (1932-)49-Alice M Howard (1919-2006)50-Mary J McGuire (1934-2003)
Row unknown (cont)51-Coletta G Sprague (1902-1991)52-Marion Martin (1927-)53-Mary L Morris (1924-)54-Henry G Dudley (1910-1989)55=Annette H Dudley (1912-1998)
Row unknown (cont)56-F Hall Machon Jr (1915-2008)57-Daniel F Marcelonis (1928-1993)58-Danielle Marcelonis (1928-1993)59-Kathleen A Snow (1943-)60-Claude H King (1911-1992)
Row unknown (cont)61-Dorothy M King (1925-2001)62-John F Herrick (1904-1980)63-Margaret Herrick (1904-1977)64-Albert J Herrick (1899-1977)65-Albert J Merz Jr (1931-1980)
Row unknown (cont)65a-Thomas N Farrell (1915-1993)
Row unknown (cont)66-Margaret S Farrell (1920-2010)67-Pauline F Farrell (1908-2002)68-Thomas Sears Dexter, Sr69-Lucille L Dexter70-Thomas Sears Dexter, Jr
Row unknown (cont)71-Walter A Dexter (1962-2003)72-Robert L Barry (1929-)73-Mary Van Cleefe (1932-1997)74-Donald C Day (1928-2006)75-Susanne P Day (1929-)
Row unknown (cont)76-Peter K Day (1959-1982)77-Thomas W Shipman78-Beverly A Shipman (1936-1994)79-Shane R Haley (1984-2008)80-Frederick W Eldridge, III (1947-1995)
Row unknown (cont)81-Norman W Badger (1928-2002)82-Jean K Peterson (1922-1994)83-John J Mossman (1910-1997)84-Juliette B Mossman (1915-1994)85-Francis S Harrow (1907-1983)
Row unknown (cont)86-Mark C Keating (1960-2004)87-James W Zweig (1945-2010)88-Myrtle W Hutton (1902-2002)89-Deborah J Hutton (1949-1995)90-Stephen J Kirby Sr (1947-1997)
Row unknown (cont)91-Eileen E Kirby (1942-)92-Paul S Baudanza Sr (1944-)93-Paul S Baudanza Jr (1970-1986)94-Alice A Baudanza (1948-)95-Stephen Kirby (1970)
Row unknown (cont)96-Donald C Dow (1906-1990)97-Beatrice D Westervelt (1903-1995)98-Thomas E Leaver (1924-1987)99-Muriel B Holmes (1926-1979)100-Richard M Gage (1937-1987)
Row unknown (cont)101-John W Poole (1914-1977)102-Barbara J Poole (1915-1985)103-Richard P Gigger (1919-2007)104-Margaret M Gigger (1922-105-Harry Arlanson (1909-1998)
Row unknown (cont)106-Dorothy L (Baker) Arlanson (1917-2009)107-John A "Johnny" Kelley (1907-2004)108-Laura Kelley (1913-1995)109-Doris H Flinton (1905-1982)110-Edgar W Flinton (1905-2000)
Row unknown (cont)111-William A Rice (1915-2005)112-Sandra M Rice113-Rosemary R Williston114-George H Perry (1917-1982)115-Gordon B Parkhurst (1943-1984)
Row unknown (cont)116-Farnsworth L Jennings (1906-1978)117-Jeanne M Jennings (1904-1988)118-Roberta H Watson (1918-2006)119-Everett H Watson(1914-1993)120- William S Monahan (1920-1976)
Row unknown (cont)121-Walter M Lincoln (1902-1985)122-Marion B Lincoln (1906-1996)123-Joseph F Waters (1924-1991)124- Priscilla S Waters (1924-)125-Rosamond S Kent (1908-1987)
Row unknown (cont)126-John B Thurston Jr (1951-)127-Frank P O'Neil (1897-1988)128-Helen G O'Neil (1905-1995)129-Julie O'Neil (1939-)130-Richard A Coombs (1946-1976)
Row unknown (cont)131-Jean L Sequin (1932)132-John B Seguin (1938)133-Charles E Horne (1931)134-Charles F Brown (1901-1999)135-Marjorie B Brown (1900-1982)
Row unknown (cont)136-Anne E Van Dyke (1914-1997)137-see 29.14138-Helen E Boughter (1888-1994)139-Frank B Bauer (1912-1999)140-Marjorie P Bauer (1915-1991)
Row unknown (cont)141-Anne S Horne (1933-2000)142-Franklin F Provost (1887-1967)143-Jean T Provost144-Corbit T Provost 145-Ann Whiteman (1926-1997)
Row unknown (cont)146-Kathryn V Sears147-Dwight G W Hollister (1898-1976)148-Dorothy E Hollister (1898-1991)149-Lillian H Carter (1895-1987)150-Edwin R Carter (1892-1989)
Row unknown (cont)151-Lila A McCarthy (1935)152-Robert F McCarthy (1933)153-see 27.05154-Robert C Murray (1928-1999)155-see 27.06
Row unknown (cont)156-Florence A Bennett (1902-2002)157-Lansing H Bennett (1926-1993)158-Robert A Bennett (1930-1987)159-E Lansing Bennett (1899-1985)160-Stanton family
Row unknown (cont)161-George E Beckett (1919-2004)162-Donald E Baker (1928-1996)163-Warren W Baker (1900-1980)164-Helen E Baker (1904-1991)165-see 27.12
Row unknown (cont)166-Margaret C Fitch (1896-1983)167-Stanton family168-see 27.11169-Helen M Stanton (1899-1981)170-Myra F Walker (1877-1968)
Row unknown (cont)171-Carol P Walker (1905-1980)172-Sally S Davis (1926-1995)173-Spencer E Davis (1910-1992)174-see 26.01 Donn P Devita (1931-2010)175-Nancy H Devita (1986)
Row unknown (cont)176-Katharine V Spaulding177-T Clayton Spaulding (1925-2006)178-Carroll Seward179-Evelyn Seward180-Margaret G Hosley
Row unknown (cont)181-Richard H Lavine (1963)182-Lawrence A Levine (1926-2008)183-Elena (Levine) Smith (1962-2001)184-Norman R Wyatt (1900-1989)185-Edwin F Snow (1914-1963)
Row unknown (cont)186-Doris M Snow (1916-2009)187-Frederick E Jaques188-Evelyn K Jaques189-see 25.08190-William D Mullin(1927-1990)
Row unknown (cont)191-Edward J Robinson Jr192-Patricia (Mullin) Robinson193-Edward J Robinson (1924-1996)194-see 25.06195-see 25.05
Row unknown (cont) 196-Patricia (Rogers) Judd (1928-1971)197-see 23.08198-Robert M Van Sant III (1945-1986)199-see 25.03200-Dorothy A Clark (1899-1982)
Row unknown (cont)201-Frederick C Hunt (1927-2006)202-Janet T Stutsman (1933-2007)203-Brian S Stutsman (1958-1972)204-Bernard J C Van Der Hoeven205-Annette E Van Der Hoeven (1898-1981)
Row unknown (cont)206-Ralph H Ames (1912-1990)207-Catherine M Ames (1908-1999)208-Larry K Feest (1942-2004)209-Evelyn W Schuhle (1912-1999)210-Kenneth F Schuhle (1915-1969)
Row unknown (cont)211-see #6212-Henry M Senk (1898-1979)213-Barbara T Eastman (1908-1997)214-Frank H Eastman Jr (1908-2000)215-Barbara T Eastman (1908-1997)
Row unknown (cont)216-Cyrus R Currier (1895-1978)217-Martha Kirkbride Currier (1902-1974) 218-Irraine Barry Read (1925-1992)219-Oliver M Read 3d (1924-2006)220-Constance Read(1898-1982)
Row unknown (cont)221-see 24.06222-Martha L Carpenter (1915-2000)223-Mary Meeker Lenz Carpenter (1884-1977)224-Herbert V S Brewer (1920-2007)225-Herbert C Brewer (1889-1976)
Row unknown (cont)226-Roxana Brewer (1889-1982)227-Robert M Van Sant (1885-1966)228-see 23.07229-Ella V Smith (1884-1969)230-Roxana Betts (1919-1988)
Row unknown (cont)231-Theodore H Sears232-see 23.05 233-Barbara L Sears234-Theodore R Field (1955-2004)235-William T Wolf (1920-1999)
Row unknown (cont)236-Timothy Sears Wolf (1952-2005)237-Randolph P Rice (1898-1973)238-Barbara Rice (1902-1962)239-William W Gallagher Jr (1912-1977)240-Joan Gallagher (1912-1976)
Row unknown (cont)241-Ralph H Richardson ((1914-1995)242-John B Thurston (1908-1951)243-see 23.01244-Albert R Beisel Jr (1908-1988)245-Kathleen H Beisel (1919-2008)
Row unknown (cont)246-James A Woodburn (1916-1999)247-Virginia L Woodburn (1919-2006)248-Annie S Lawrence (1895-1981)249-Stanley R Peterson (1918-2009)250-Alice J Peterson (1917-)
Row unknown (cont)251-see 22.01252-see 22.05253-Frederick William (1914-1993)254-Evah G Aseltine (1950-1950)255-Juliano Kopec (1900-1989)
Row unknown (cont)256-see 17.03257-see 17.04258-see 17.07259-see 17.05260-see 17.01
Row unknown (cont)261-Helen L Toman (1888-1976)262-Thomas S Toman (1895-1977)263-Peter S Toman (1928-2002)264-Alice G Byers (1893-1981)265-see 18.01
Row unknown (cont)266-Shirley M Eldridge (1920-1978)267-Caitlin P C Burt (1976-2000)268-Christian D W Burt (1973-1994)269-see 15.03270-
Row unknown (cont)271-see 13.03 David Clanny (1909-1999)272-Lawrence A Nybereg (1910-1985)273-Grace Y Nyberg (1912-)274-Herbert C Elland (1918-1995)275-Marie A Brooke (1932-2007)
Row unknown (cont)276-Richard S Brooke (1934-1994)277-Andrew C Hyde (1941-2008)278-Theodore H Mastin III (1943-1974)279-Winslow W Sears280-Marcia L Sears
Row unknown (cont)281-Elizabeth F Weis (1915-1983)282-Edwin F Ellis (1898-1935)283-Morena L Ellis (1905-1990)284-Laurence F Ellis (1925-)285-Jane R Ellis (1927-2003)
Row unknown (cont)286-Robert C Eldred (1914-1987)287-see 1.06288-see 1.05289-see 1.04290-see 1.03
Row unknown (cont)291-see 3.08292-see 3.07293-Elizabeth D Curran (1906-1986)294-David J Curran (1910-1989)295-Ellen (Sears) Curran
Row unknown (cont)296-see 3.06297-Ruby N Sears298-Anna A Howes (1887-1976)299-see 5.27300-Harriet E Sears
Row unknown (cont)301-Richard H Sears Jr302- see 5.25303-Emily G (Barker) Sears304-Mary Winsor (1918-1968)305-Levi M Sears
Row unknown (cont)306-Percival Adams Sears
Row 2929.01 Lois E Maddix29.02 John I Churchill29.03 Jeane W Churchill29.04 vacant lot29.05 Clendon M Smith
Row 29 (cont)29.06 Elisabeth P Smith29.07 Ballard-Bjornson29.08 Arthur Coombs29.09 Millicent Piecre29.10 Gladys A Pierce
Row 29 (cont)29.11 George D Seguin29.12 Catherine A Seguin29.13 lot "B"29.14 Griswold Van Dyke
Row 2828.01 Helen P Boan28.02 Thomas A Morrisey28.03 vacant lot28.04 Ralph F Shoop28.05 Laura S Alexander
Row 28 (cont)28.06 John Dickson28.07 Mildred P Dickson28.08 vacant lot28.09 lot "C"28.10 Lot "H"
Row 28 (cont)28.11 Samuel P Sears28.12 Jean T Provost28.13 Franklin E Provost
Row 27 27.01 Lot "G"27.02 Lot "W"27.03 Edgar R D'Abre27.04 vacant27.05 Edmund M Murray
Row 27 (cont)27.06 Amy L Murray27.07 Myra F Walker27.08 William E Walker27.09 Lot "B"27.10 Helen M Stanton
Row 27 (cont)27.11 John H Stanton27.12 Harold W Fitch27.13 vacant lot
Row 2626.01 Lot "DeV"26.02 Lot "Q"26.03 Katherine D Lancaster26.04 Katherine V Christy26.05 Lot "S"
Row 26 (Cont)26.06 Margaret G Hosley26.07 Edwin F Snow26.08 vacant
Row 2525.01 Bernard J C Van Der Hoeven25.02 Brian S Statsman25.03 Virden A Clark25.04 Patricia R Judd25.05 Evelyn F Bauman
Row 25 (cont)25.06 Paul E Bauman25.07 Frances J Mullen25.08 C Alice Stone25.09 Federick E Jacques
Row 2424.01 James R McCormick24.02 Kenneth F Schlule24.03 Martha K Currier24.04 Cyrus R Currier24.05 Oliver M Read
Row 24 (cont)24.06 George M Carpenter
Row 2323.01 Helen Beisel23.02 John B Thurston23.03 Randolph P Rice23.04 Barbara S Rice23.05 Helene F Sears
Row 23 (cont)23.06 Ella V Smith23.07 Katharine S VanSant23.08 Robert M VanSant
Row 2222.01 Charles M G Delano22.02 Myra L Snow22.03 Nellie F Snow22.04 Osborne E Snow22.05 Gladys S Sheridan
Row 22 (cont)22.06 Bernard M Sears22.07 Chester H Sears22.08 Anna M Sears22.09 Edgar J Sears22.10 Margaret Carroll
Row 22 (cont)22.11 John W Carroll22.12 Nellie F Kelley22.13 A Lulu Kelley22.14 Alice N Kelley22.15 Peter Kelley
Row 22 (cont)22.16 Mary E McAnistan22.17 William F McAnistan22.18 Andrew L McAnistan22.19 Harry G McAnistan22.20 Arthur H McAnistan
Row 22 (cont)22.21 Bessie McBride22.22 Edwin F McAnistan22.23 Mary J McAnistan22.24 John McAnistan
Row 2121.01 E Arthur Cole21.02 Katherine M Cole21.03 Charles P Bedewell21.04 Susan C Bedewell21.05 Pauline H Sears
Row 21 (cont)21.06 Mabel B Sears21.07 Benjamin F Sears21.08 Joshua Sears21.09 Rosanna Sears21.10 Eddie L Sears
Row 21 (cont)21.11 Freeman T Sears21.12 Mabel F Sears21.13 Katrina G Sears21.14 Frank T Sears21.15 Gertrude Sears
Row 21 (cont)21.16 Ralph E Hopkins21.17 Julia F Hopkins21.18 Abbie S Hopkins21.19 Abner Hopkins21.20 Irving M Smalley
Row 21 (cont)21.21 Elsie N Sears21.22 Elery P Smalley21.23 Willard Sears21.24 Christopher Sears21.25 Nancy J Sears
Row 2020.01 T Clifton Walker20.02 Sarah M Walker20.03 Timothy C Walker20.04 Laura M Sears20.05 Frederick M Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.06 Meldalene F Smith20.07 Dudley E Smith20.08 Laura P Sears20.09 Calvin C Sears20.10 Warren C Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.11 Teressa T Sears20.12 Clarence S Sears20.13 Addie F Sears20.14 Olive M Cahoon20.15 Sally J Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.16 John G Sears20.17 Laban F Sears20.18 Nancy Gage20.19 Olive G Sears20.20 Josiah F Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.21 George A Curley20.22 Mary C Sears20.23 Charles Sears20.24 Lucy H Sears20.25 Levi Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.26 Olive G Bladen20.27 Eugene V Bladen20.28 Olive A Shiverick20.29 Hannah S Shiverick20.30 David Shiverick
Row 20 (cont)20.31 Frank K Shiverick20.32 inf Kelley20.33 Sarah S Kelley20.34 Elnathan Kelley20.35 Arthur G Sears
Row 20 (cont)20.36 George Sears20.37 Myra S Sears20.38 Isaiah C Sears20.39 Jerusha F Long20.40 Jeremiah Long
Row 1919.01 Nehemiah C Ellis19.02 Ruth B Sears19.03 Caroline P Snow19.04 Isaac B Sears19.05 Mercie R Chase
Row 19 (cont)19.06 James H Farnsworth19.07 Lovella H Farnsworth19.08Jesse B Eldridge19.09 Helen L Eldridge19.10 Bethia R (Sears) Eldridge
Row 19 (Cont)19.11 Jesse Eldridge19.12 Blanche Sears19.13 George C Sears19.14 Grace B Sears19.15 Elizabeth J Sears
Row 19 (Cont)19.16 Freeman T Sears19.17 Charles E Sears19.18 Susan H Sears19.19 Francis L Sears19.20 Charles H Sears
Row 19 (Cont)19.21 Marianne S Sears19.22 James F Ryder19.23 Susie Sears Ryder19.24 Francis Ryder19.25 Levi Chase
Row 19 (Cont)19.26 Sallie Chase19.27 Russell L Chase19.29 Eunice H Chase
Row 1818.01 Matthew A Byers18.02 Dorothy H Hunting18.03 John A Ellen18.04 Nell B Hambling18.05 Helen H Snow
Row 18 (cont)18.06 Philip C Snow18.07 Sophia D Crosby18.08 Carrie L Day18.09 George H Day18.10 Cora Sears
Row 18 (cont)18.11 David E Sears18.12 David W Sears18.13 Mehitable F Sears18.14 Catherine Ross18.15 Henry P Finley
Row 18 (cont)18.16 George F Parker18.17 Judith O Parker18.18 Augustus A Parker18.19 Joseph Handren18.20 Sally Handren
Row 18 (cont)18.21 William Handren18.22 Minerva Sears18.23 Capt Joshua Sears
Row 1717.01 Sylvia M Toman17.02 Ruth M Toman17.03 Louisa F Hedge17.04 John C Wingett17.05 Virginia W Lyford
Row 17 (cont)17.06 John Wingett17.07 Carolyn Wingett17.08 Willis Howes17.09 Marion L Hall17.10 C Walter Hall
Row 17 (cont)17.11 Deborah B Hoes17.12 C Walter Hall17.13 Deborah B Howes 17.14 C Walter Hall17.15 Elkanah H Sears
Row 17 (cont)17.16 Lelia T Sears17.17 Leslie R Sears17.18 Harriet T Sears17.19 Alan Martin17.20 M Sabra Martin
Row 17 (cont)17.21 Ruth BerryWilliam Sears]]17.23 Calvin C Sears17.24 Laura A Sears 17.24a Calvin Sears17.25 Clarence L Parker
Row 17 (cont)17.26 Anna M Parker17.27 Mercie F Parker17.28 Charles B SearsEtta E Sears]]17.30 Eleanor S Sears
Row 17 (cont)17.31 Ezra F Sears17.32 Hannah H Sears17.33 Heman G Sears17.34 Mary Sears17.35 Mary O Sears
Row 17 (cont)17.36 John Sears17.37 Mary J Sears
Row 1616.01 Mabel E Grant16.02 Ronald B Grant16.03 Arthur N Rogers16.04 Mary Saint16.05 David H Sears
Row 16(cont)16.06 16.07 Josie M Sears16.08 Etta l Chapman16.09 Phoebe CHapman16.10 Abraham Chapman
Row 16(cont)16.11 Lucinda K Jarvis16.12 Timothy Jarvis16.13 May Hall16.14 Ruth SNow16.15 Sarah E Hall
Row 16(cont)16.16 Arthur S Hall16.17 [[Elizabeth B Sears16.18 Warren F Sears16.19 Isaiah Spendel16.20 Nabby Spindel
Row 16(cont)16.21 Eddie B Sears16.22 Selleck M Sears16.23 Harriet A Sears16.24 David S Sears
Row 1515.01 Edward Allen Burt15.02 Woodbury J Shepard15.03 Henry H Sears15.04 Mary H Sears15.05 Joseph H Sears
Row 15 (cont)15.06 Charlotte Moody15.07 Norman E Sears15.08 May E Sears15.09 H Edward Sears15.10 Olive T Sears
Row 15 (cont)15.11 Heman Sears15.12 Edmund F Hall15.13 Julia W Hall15.14 Emma J Hall15.15 Sukey S Hall
Row 15 (cont)15.16 Edmund Hall15.17 Susie D Hall15.18 Thankful S Hall15.19 Samuel S Hall15.20 Charles Hall
Row 15 (cont)15.21 Lydia H Hall15.22 Joshua B Hall15.23 James S Howes15.24 Lydia Howes
Row 1414.01 Inez M Boden14.02 Edward E Boden14.03 Susan H Hall14.04 Louis A Crowell14.05 Edwin D Crowell Jr
Row 14 (cont)14.06 Minerva E Wexler14.07 Louisa M Sears14.08 Edwin D Crowell14.09 Joshua M Sears 14.09a Miriam Crowell14.10 Mary E Sears
Row 14 (cont)14.11 Mary E Crowell14.12 Prince M Crowell14.13 Annetta A Phillips14.14 Henry G Phillips14.15 Mary E Gammons
Row 14 (cont)14.16 Ramon Chapman14.17 Carrie W Kelley14.18 Fannie L Kelley14.19 Olive H Kelley14.20 Stillman Kelley
Row 14 (cont)14.21 Lilla E Doane14.22 Z Austin Doane14.23 Helen L Doane14.24 Zebina K Doane
..Gate and road between Row 13 and Row 14........................
Row 1313.01 Robert T Clanny13.02 Alma E Plough13.03 David T Clanny13.04 F Arnold Clanny13.05 Mary F Paine
Row 13 (cont)13.06 Laura A Paine13.07 Deborah Clark13.08 Hirah Clark13.09 Obediah B Sears13.10 Herbert W Sears
Row 13 (cont)13.11 Jedidah S Sears13.12 Isaiah C Sears13.13 Samuel J Robbins13.14 Susanna Sears13.15 Sarah H Sears
Row 13 (cont)13.16 Hannah Crowell13.17 Mercie S Crowell]]13.18 Eliza W Dunham13.19 Daniel Crowell13.20 Mercy S Crowell
Row 13 (cont)13.21 William Crowell13.22 Asa H Sears13.23 Asa H Sears13.24 Ella Sears13.25 Mary E Sears
Row 13 (cont)13.26 Enos Sears13.27 Thankful Sears
Row 1212.01 Everett H L Pierce12.02 Virginia W Pierce12.03 James M Ross12.04 Olive S Howes12.05 Susan H Howes
Row 12 (cont)12.06 Alpheus Howes12.07 Isaac H Sears12.08 Sarah T Sears12.09 Mehitable Sears12.10 Benjamin Sears
Row 12 (cont)12.11 Joseph Hedge12.12 Josephine Hedge12.13 Julia Hedge12.14 Emma Hedge12.15 John M Hedge
Row 12 (cont)12.16 Milton L Hedge12.17 Elizabeth hedge12.18 Milton P Hedge12.19 Claude H King12.20 Elizabeth L King
Row 12 (cont)12.21 Mehitable Howes}12.22 John S Hedge12.23 George S Hedge12.24 Nabby S Hedge12.25 John Hedge
Row 12 (cont)12.26 Warren Sears12.27 Ezra Sears12.28 Chloe Sears12.29 Lot Sears12.30 Polly Sears
Row 12 (cont)12.31 Ezra Sears12.32 Florence K Sears12.33 Tyler P Morrison12.34 Mary A Sears12.35 Gilbert Sears
Row 12 (cont)12.36 Betsey J Sears12.37 Jane D Sears12.38 Moody Sears
Row 1111.01 Donald E Breckinridge11.02 Donald E Breckinridge Jr11.03 Braddock N Kelley11.04 Carrie E Crosby11.05 Heman J Kelley
Row 11 (cont)11..06 Lucy H Kelley11.07 Heman S Kelley11.08 George E Doane11.09 Joseph Doane11.10 Elizabeth Doane
Row 11 (cont)11.11 Joseph A Doane11.12 Marie S Sears11.13 Mary E Smalley11.14 James W Smalley11.15 James A Smalley
Row 11 (cont)11.16 Elizabeth F Smalley11.17 baby11.18 Blanche Rogers11.19 Charles H Rogers11.20 Warren Sears
Row 11 (cont)11.21 Susan H Sears11.22 Susanna Sears11.23 Nathan F Sears11.24 David S Chapman11.25 Sallie E Chapman
Row 11 (cont)11.26 Paulina Sears11.27 Elizabeth Sears11.28 Jacob Sears11.29 [[Sears-3987|Jacob Sears11.30 Olive F Sears
Row 11 (cont)11.31 Daniel Sears11.32 Lucy Sears
Row 1010.01 Mabelle W Bliss10.02 Fred A Bliss10.03 Rosco Tidd10.04 Marion Canham10.05 Mabel L Clancy
Row 10 (cont)10.06 Mary C Kelley10.07 Thomas Kelley10.08 Marietta Chase10.09 Anthony T Chase10.10 Eliza Chase
Row 10 (cont)10.11 Anthony Chase10.12 Elizabeth D Pratt10.13 Daniel William Sears10.14 baby10.15 Mercie H Doane
Row 10 (cont)10.16 Silas Sears10.17 Susan E Sears10.18 Minnie E Sears10.19 Samuel D Sears10.20 Judah W Sears
Row 10 (cont)10.21 Ellen D Sears10.22 Judah H Sears10.23 inf. Howes10.24 Charles F Howes10.25 Fred Howes
Row 10 (cont)10.26 Hattie M Alland10.27 Harriet N Howes10.28 Roland Howes10.29 Thankful Howes10.30 Isaac Howes
Row 10 (cont)10.31 William M Haller, Jr10.32 William M Haller10.33 Helen H Haller10.34 Eliza J Howes10.35 Myra Howes
Row 10 (cont)10.36 Levi Howes10.37 Eliza J Howes10.38 Eliza J Howes10.39 Levi Howes10.40 Myra Howes
Row 10 (cont)10.46 Christopher Hall
Row 99.01 Karl V Sears9.02 Helma S Sears9.03 Louise H Chase9.04 Stephen W Cahoon9.05 Sarah W Robbins
Row 9 (cont)9.06 Bernard B Cahoon9.07 Stephen B Cahoon9.08 William H Chase9.09 Charles L Nickerson9.10 Mary A Sears
Row 9 (cont)9.11 Dorothy F Sears9.12 Deborah C Sears9.13 Constant Sears9.14 Isaiah C Sears9.15 Laura A Sears
Row 9 (cont)9.16 David H Sears9.17 Elizabeth Sears9.18 Thomas Sears9.19 Daniel Hedge9.20 Abby M Hedge
Row 9 (cont)9.21 Anna C Hedge9.22 Howard C Hedge9.23 Isaac Crowell9.24 Nabby Crowell9.25 Eleanor Crowell
Row 9 (cont)9.26 Mehitable Bangs9.27 Prince S Crowell9.28 Polly D Crowell9.29 Emma L Crowell9.30 Mary F Crowell
Row 9 (cont)9.31 Prince F Crowell9.32 Persis S Addy9.33 John H Addy9.34 Elijah Bailey9.35 inf. Crowell
Row 9 (cont)9.36 Evelina Crowell9.37 Persis Crowell9.38 Anna B Crowell9.39 Persis Crowell9.40 inf.
Row 9 (cont)9.41 Persis S Crowell9.42 David Crowell
Row 88.01 William Elland8.02 Barbara W Elland8.03 Isaac Elland8.04 Francis E Sears8.05 William W Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.06 Myra E Cooper8.07 Almon Cooper8.08 Susan O Sears8.09 Reuben W Sears8.10 Mary H Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.11 Susan W Sears8.12 Reuben Sears8.13 Mary E Ward8.14 John E Wefer8.15 Olive Howes
Row 8 (cont)8.16 Eilert Wefer8.17 Arvilla Sears8.18 Della M Sears8.19 Flora A Sears8.20 Lenora A Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.21 Eugene E Sears8.22 Mina E Sears8.23 Mary A Sears8.24 Catherine F Sears8.25 Almira Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.26 Elijah B Sears8.27 Bessie O Sears8.28 Paul F Sears8.29 Rosanna Sears8.30 Dean Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.31 Sarah S Sears8.32 Lot W Taylor8.33 Clifton S Taylor8.34 Agnes T Cranston8.35 Elizabeth A Sears
Row 8 (cont)8.36 Barnabas H Sears8.37 Ruth Sears8.38 Paul Sears8.39 Zebina D Kelley8.40 Hannah C Kelley
Row 8 (cont)8.41 Thankful Homer8.42 Seth Sears8.43 Betsey Sears8.44 Edmund Sears
Row 77.01 Seth Tobey7.02 infant dau7.03 Mary Adaline Shiverick7.04 Mary Adaline Shiverick7.05 Charles H Shiverick
Row 7 (cont)7.06 Ruth Tobey7.07 Betsy O Shiverick7.08 Mary Shiverick7.09 Asa Shiverick7.10 Sadie M Sears
Row 7 (cont)7.11 Seth Sears7.12 Mary Sears7.13 Nathan Sears7.14 Sarah C Sears7.15 Heman Sears
Row 7 (cont)7.16 Baxter Downs7.17 Nabby Downs 7.18 Fanny Sears7.19 Mary J Haynes7.20 William H Haynes
Row 7 (cont)7.21 Fanny W Hathaway7.22 Elijah B Sears7.23 Harriet N Sears7.24 Harriette F Sears7.25 Fannie H Sears
Row 7 (cont)7.26 Edmund B Sears7.27 Nathan Chapman7.28 Eliza H Chapman7.29 Nancie C Chapman7.30 George B Chapman
Row 7 (cont)7.31 George C Chapman7.32 Sarah E Downs7.33 William G Downes7.34 Sarah Downs7.35 Edith H Elland
..........Road between Row 6 and Row 7................
Row 66.01 Olive C Chadbourn6.02 Henry R Chapman6.03 John F Chapman6.04 Everett N Chapman6.05 John Chapman
Row 6 (cont)6.06 Hannah T Chapman6.07 William A Hopkins6.08 Nathan S Hopkins6.09 Abner Hopkins6.10 Ida M Sears
Row 6 (cont)6.11 Alice W Sears6.12 Lydia N Sears6.13 Orin Sears6.14 Wille Huston6.15 Elizabeth Huston
Row 6 (cont)6.16 Roland Sears6.17 Mehitable Sears6.18 Phebe Sears6.19 Calvin Sears6.20 Zebina Sears
Row 6 (cont)6.21 Rhoda Sears6.22 Isadora M Sears6.23 Henry B Sears6.24 Elizabeth B Sears6.25 Barzillai Sears
Row 6 (cont)6.26 6.27 Isaac H Sears6.28 Joseph B Sears6.29 Olive Sears6.30Zachary Sears
Row 55.01 Harriet V Baker5.02 Fritz C Hyde5.03 Fritz C Hyde5.04 Caroline Hyde5.05 R Wilson Wingate
Row 5 (cont)5.06 Rea B Sears5.07 Seleck M Sears5.08 Walter R Sears5.09 Ann Sears5.10 Isa Sears
Row 5 (cont)5.11 [[Saint-265|Ellen S Sears]5.12 Thomas W Sears5.13 Bessie E Ellis5.14 Winfred C Ellis5.15 Lucinda J Hall
Row 5 (cont)5.16 Hallie M Hall5.17 Alice L Hall5.18 George F Hall5.19 William Sears5.20 Laura A Sears
Row 5 (cont)5.21 Grace E Sears5.22 Harold W Sears5.23 Henry E Sears5.24 Harriet H Sears5.25 Catherine S Buschman
Row 5 (cont)5.26 Richard H Sears5.27 Elizabeth M Sears
Row 44.01 Mary E Meek4.02 Albert E Meek4.03 Maude E Fielder4.04 Belma R Sears4.05 Edward A Sears
Row 4 (cont)4.06 Ernest A Cash4.07 Lillian D Sears4.08 Everett Sears4.09 G F Howes4.10 Gertrude L Howes
Row 4 (cont)4.11 Lizzie F Howes4.12 Isaiah Howes4.13 KEENE4.14 Lucie E Howes4.15 Carleton Howes
Row 4 (cont)4.16 Edith M Sears4.17 Frederick H Sears4.18 Esther H Sears4.19 Howard B Sears
Row 33.01 Nathan S Crowell3.02 Prentis E Hutchins3.03 Grace B Hutchins3.04 Verna B Hutchins3.05 Ruby Rider
Row 3 (cont)3.06 Cedric T Sears3.07 Beatrice Sears3.08 George W Silver3.09 Sadie B Sears3.10 Charles A Keene
Row 3 (cont)3.11 Clarice G Sears3.12 Russell A Sears 2d3.13 Jennie C Sears3.14 Russell A Sears3.15 Mary S Winsor
Row 3 (cont)3.16 Priscilla A Sears3.17 Arthur G Phillips3.18 Nellie M Phillips3.19 U G Phillips
Row 22.01 Christian Bache2.02 Ethel F Bache2.03 Edina M Eldred2.04 Frank Lloyd2.05 William Ellis
Row 2 (cont)2.06 James B Scott2.07 Mercy Walker2.08 Franklin P Ellis2.09 Anna E Dejadon2.10 Meriel Nickerson
Row 2 (cont)2.11 Walter Everett2.12 Anna Mabel2.13 Milton E Ellis2.14 Serre Omer2.15 Ora M Ridgeway
Row 2 (cont)2.16 Edna R Darling2.17 Joshua Ferguson2.18 Eva S Ellie2.19 Julia A McAnnistoin
Row 11.01 Adele Sears1.02 Winslow Sears1.03 Blanche A Ellis1.04 Lloyd W Coggeshall1.05 Lovella B Walker
Row 1 (cont)1.06 Charles F Ellis1.07 Emma F Southwick1.08 Harry M Southwick1.09 Ellen M Spice1.10 Jennie W Spicer
Row 1 (cont)1.11 Alice F Hall1.12 Charles R Mackenzie1.13 Mary C Connoly1.14 Augustus A Ellis

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