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Raymoghy, County Donegal One Place Study

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Location: Raymoghy, County Donegal, Irelandmap
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Raymoghy, Donegal One Place Study

This profile is part of the Raymoghy, Donegal One Place Study.
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The goal of this project is to document the relationships between the inhabitants of the parish of Raymoghy, County Donegal, Ireland present in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. This should enable the descendants of those families to find their ancestors on Wikitree and build on the groundwork from the project.

This project has been undertaken by Jason Cottrell. I started with the townlands of Galdonagh and Plaster (Allsaints) as these are the places my wife's immediate ancestors were from and I thought it would be interesting to continue the process. Well over a year and hundreds of hours of work later...


All families from the 1901 and 1911 censuses have been documented. Servants were excluded where it was not possible to identify their families from just the census records. If a family member was or became a servant they may be included if other sources were available.

Parents of these profiles will have been created where possible and assigned to the OPS if they also lived in Raymoghy.

Children of these profiles will have been created where possible and assigned to the OPS if they were born in Raymoghy.


The basic method for adding profiles has been:

  • Using the 1901 census records from Donegal Genealogy as a starting point. The Donegal Genealogy pages have some family information already documented and were compiled before the census records for 1901 and 1911 became available online through the National Archives
  • Using Irish Genealogy to identify birth, marriage and death records for the families identified
  • Using to verify townland names and nest these as categories under the relevant parishes (as families often spread outside of Raymoghy)
  • Using Irish Graveyards to find grave records
  • Thanks to a well-timed Source-A-Thon prize, Ancestry has been used to review all profiles and that has proven very helpful in identifying people that emigrated to the US and Canada, as well as providing records from Scotland to the extent they are available
  • Using the other BMD information available on Donegal Genealogy and anywhere else where possible!

Profiles are categorised by location, being the first townland they were identified in. This would usually be their location in 1901 but as the process was completed by townland, some families were documented 'in reverse' - i.e. they were found in 1911 (and categorised accordingly) and then in 1901.

Categories have also been created for the primary cemeteries in the area:

  • 2nd Ray Presbyterian Graveyard, Raymoghy, Donegal
  • Allsaints Graveyard, Newtowncunningham, Donegal
  • Church of Ireland Graveyard, Raymoghy, Donegal
  • Drumoghill Graveyard, Raymoghy, Donegal
  • Old Ray Graveyard, Raymoghy, Donegal.


Profiles with spouses or other family members missing are marked with the Ireland, Needs Profiles_Created category. Please feel free to add profiles where you can!

I am at my watchlist limit of 5,000 profiles so I am carefully managing which profiles I add that remain on my watchlist.

If you have any comments, feedback, queries or feel like helping or doing a similar study, please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Known Issues

In many cases, sources have not been identified for people after the 1911 census. Some of these will involve movement to Northern Ireland or Scotland where the records are less easy to identify where marriages, etc. are not known. Where these are documented on Ancestry family trees, they are generally unsourced and potentially unreliable.



Continent: Europe
Country: Ireland
Province: Ulster
County: Donegal
GPS Coordinates: 54.948137, -7.583607
Elevation: 44.0 m or 144.4 feet



Profiles In the Study

Please see this list.


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