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Name Birth Notes
Sheldahl, Duane Clifford 1926-06-11 to-do
Sheldahl, Corene Gertrude (Schoenlein) 1896-01-19 to-do
Sheldahl, Louie Clifford 1888-02-06 to-do
Sheldahl, Robert Stanley 1919-05-22 to-do
Sheldahl, Alvina (Tjernagel) 1890-03-07 to-do
Sheldahl, Eugene Wesley 1916-04-17 to-do
Sheldahl, Edward Benjamin 1894-05-06 to-do
Sheldahl, Loren Roger 1928-08-16 to-do
Sheldahl, Magdeline Joan Cecilia 1910-01-12 to-do
Sheldahl, Hubert Leonard 1926-08-22 to-do
Sheldahl, Helen Marie 1930-07-20 to-do
Sheldahl, David Rogers 1932-06-20 to-do
Sheldahl, Arlo Lowell 1921-12-29 to-do
Sheldahl, Abraham Everett 1914-01-10 to-do
Johnson, Russell LaVerne 1927-08-26 to-do
Johnson, Alvin Raynes 1916-09-22 to-do
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth (Huss) 1919-02-06 to-do
Tesdell, Anna Elizabeth (Maland) 1865-01-09 to-do
Tesdall, Hannah (Hauge) 1905-01-02 to-do
Shickell, Jeanette Celina (Brekke) 1914-01-19 to-do
Shickell, Virgil Eldon 1910-06-28 to-do
Shickell, Amanda Harriet (Sheldahl) 1912-01-28 to-do
Shickell, Eldon Kim 1936-02-15 to-do
Shickell, Marietta (Jubell) 1935-06-24 to-do
Noland, Gregory Dean 1951-07-30 to-do
Noland, Shirley Maxine (Nelson) 1924-06-03 to-do
Noland, Bartley William 1918-07-24 to-do
Noland, Gerald Bartley 1949-12-27 to-do
Noland, Bruce William 1958-09-14 to-do
Tesdall, Florence Belle (Myers) 1894-07-12 to-do
Tesdall, Leslie John, Sr 1893-06-27 to-do
Tesdall, Glen Lyle 1917-05-19 to-do
Briggs, Constance Lorine (Nelson) 1935-05-17 to-do
Sesker, Anita Carolyn (Nelson) 1926-08-17 to-do
Martin, Virginia Hope (Nelson) 1921-08-14 to-do
Sesker, LaDena Ann 1973-12-24 to-do
Sesker, Kevin LaVerne 1951-04-09 to-do
Sesker, Maneen Nelson 1955-05-03 to-do
Sesker, Gail Norman 1924-02-24 to-do
Sesker, Darwyn Lynn 1960-08-09 to-do
Martin, James Leon 1920-12-13 to-do
Sherwood, David 1778-12-18 to-do
Perlinger, Ferdinand Joseph 1913-04-07 to-do
Perlinger, Mildred Anna (Eggiman) 1914-01-15 to-do
Eggiman, Clara Bell (Raynes) 1893-09-08 to-do
Cale, Anne Cornelia (Raynes) 1906-02-12 to-do
Raynes, Irvin Miles 1899-09-30 to-do
Lee, Eldred Llewellyn 1916-09-27 to-do
Lee, Blanche Miranda (Walden) 1892-12-18 to-do
Lee, Johan H. 1894-02-26 to-do
Johnson, Mamie Rebecca (Sheldahl) 1886-01-01 to-do
Johnson, Lewis Seal 1879-01-18 to-do
Johnson, Milford Lowell 1926-05-31 to-do
Johnson, Donald Glenn 1919-02-17 to-do
Jones, Irene Ordale (Johnson) 1915-10-16 to-do
Johnson, Gaylord Leo 1912-08-30 to-do
Johnson, Unknown 1911-07-26 to-do
Abelson, Alice Evelyn (Johnson) 1909-04-28 to-do
Ekstrom, Lily Mae (Johnson) 1907-04-15 to-do
Johnson, Luane Mayo 1929-09-02 to-do
Johnson, Alvin Cyril 1890-09-09 to-do
Johnson, Hazel Amanda (Raynes) 1896-02-20 to-do
Olson, Neil Richard 1950-04-11 to-do
Nelson, Orville Francis 1891-10-06 to-do
Nelson, Winifred Maud (Wills) 1896-03-20 to-do
Tesdall, Jonas 1898-04-22 to-do
Dobbe, Unlisted to-do
Dobbe, Ada Clara (Sheldahl) 1890-06-11 to-do
Dobbe, August Martin 1888-03-10 to-do
Dobbe, Ronald Allen 1919-06-10 to-do
Spore, Adeline Marjorie (Dobbe) 1911-06-28 to-do
Crouse, John Charles 1936-07-06 to-do
Briggs, Clarence Henry 1915-07-07 to-do
Briggs, Mary Josephine (Carter) 1916-09-29 to-do
Sabo, Artemcia Mesha (White) 1872-02-00 to-do
Sabo, Ole P 1864-08-00 to-do
Sabo, Leon Randolph 1892-10-02 to-do
Crow, Nellie Gray (Ashby) 1895-08-17 to-do
Day, Alice Mildred (Robertson) 1894-10-08 to-do
Switzer, Ralph A. 1903-03-10 to-do
Smith, Noah 1730-10-24 to-do
Royall, Kenneth Claiborne 1894-07-24 to-do
Houge, Anfin O. 1860-06-03 to-do
Switzer, Samuel , Jr 1922-08-08 to-do
Willey, Marvin 1909-10-30 to-do
Wiese, Violet Fay (Willey) 1907-11-19 to-do
Wiese, Eldon F. 1904-03-19 to-do
Wiese, William Forest (Sundstrom) 1924-11-25 to-do
Sundstrom, Milton Delbert 1906-11-15 to-do
Willey, Ernest Edgar 1887-08-27 to-do
Willey, Minnie Fredericka (Nanninga) 1888-04-12 to-do
Rymer, Henry High 1896-05-04 to-do
Rymer, Gladys Vivian (Binkley) 1902-02-21 to-do
Hall, Abigail (Vaughn) 1688-02-24 to-do
Kelling, Shirley Ruth (Sims) 1928-01-06 to-do
Sims, George Wilbur 1899-07-09 to-do
Cormey, Stephen Michael 1951-09-26 to-do
Cormey, Alice Jean (Binkley) 1923-05-30 to-do
Cormey, Frederick John, Jr. 1919-07-13 to-do
Peterson, Ronald Waldo 1953-03-22 to-do
Peterson, Lois Elaine (Binkley) 1928-07-30 to-do
Peterson, Waldo Tuttle 1923-12-13 to-do
Binkley, Orville Earl 1896-10-03 to-do
Binkley, Reba Olive (Parmenter) 1896-12-03 to-do
Hill, Eileen Olive (Binkley) 1919-09-19 to-do
Binkley, Marie E. (Borgmann) 1896-11-16 to-do
Jackter, Sigmund to-do
Binkley, Lambert 1883-02-24 to-do
Binkley, Oscar 1872-03-02 to-do
Binkley, Minnie Alice (Switzer) 1875-07-25 to-do
Tindell, James Orval 1936-06-26 to-do
Tindell, Maebreecia Lorraine (Knoles) 1923-05-04 to-do
Switzer, Juanita Wanda (Day) 1924-10-07 to-do
Switzer, Carl Eugene 1923-10-01 to-do
Day, James William 1892-09-22 to-do
Dunagan, IvaDell (Tesdahl) to-do
Tesdell, Iris Lucille 1937-12-08 to-do
Tesdell, Rufus (Tesdahl) 1898-05-15 to-do
Tesdell, Gay Nelle Naomie (Strandberg) 1899-09-05 to-do
Tesdell, Carl Sevol (Tesdahl) 1884-10-14 to-do
Tesdall, Grace Evelyn (Boylen) 1916-11-13 to-do
Elwell, Sally (Sherwood) 1803-00-00 to-do
Carvalho, Effie Ruth (Christopher) 1932-08-07 to-do
Christopher, Raymond Eugene 1933-08-22 to-do
Tesdall, Hazel Bernice (Bennett) 1908-10-11 to-do
Tesdall, Arthur Albert 1902-06-02 to-do
Walden, Leander Ira 1894-12-15 to-do
Walden, Amy J. (Nelson) 1901-01-11 to-do
Lucas, Robert Charles 1931-02-11 to-do
Lucas, Grace Virginia (Bauermeister) 1929-07-17 to-do
Bauermeister, Laura Beth 1926-10-20 to-do
Bauermeister, Wilbert 1907-05-05 to-do
Bauermeister, Velda Opal (Seymour) 1908-08-08 to-do
Seymour, Sevrie Clara (Nelson) 1890-03-13 to-do
Seymour, Albert Earl 1887-08-25 to-do
Raynes, Ed 1893-09-22 to-do
Raynes, Elling G 1861-08-22 to-do
Funkhouser, Jane 1931-05-28 to-do
Funkhouser, Verna Ella (Nelson) 1903-03-13 to-do
Funkhouser, Roy Harold 1900-12-05 to-do
Mason, LaVerne Frank 1921-04-16 to-do
Christopher, Unlisted to-do
Phelan, Linda (Mason) to-do
Phelan, Stewart Leo, II 1939-06-21 to-do
Miller, Rosalie Marolyn (Johnson) 1928-07-27 to-do
Trainer, Leona Faye (Christopher) 1936-07-16 to-do
Ensey, Ethel Maxine (Christopher) 1930-09-11 to-do
Christopher, Melvin Ralph 1940-02-25 to-do
Christopher, Millie Louise 1931-11-26 to-do
Kennedy, Berneice Ruby (Christopher) 1930-08-18 to-do
Flinn, Harry Arthur 1925-07-31 to-do
Flinn, Ethel Lucile 1922-12-13 to-do
Philo, Margery Louise (Flinn) 1921-06-23 to-do
Hagberg, Melvin Lee 1924-08-18 to-do
Mahomet, Helen Lucille (Hagberg) 1922-01-26 to-do
Muff, Evelyn Aletha (Hagberg) 1920-04-22 to-do
Hagberg, Carl Edward 1917-06-16 to-do
Christopher, LeRay Alfred 1927-09-02 to-do
Christopher, Elmer Newton 1918-04-02 to-do
Christopher, Albert Leroy 1917-01-29 to-do
Sherman, Helen Evelyn (Sutton) 1915-05-04 to-do
Sutton, William Lester 1925-07-18 to-do
Sutton, Leslie Ivan 1920-09-19 to-do
Sutton, William Ivan, Jr. 1919-07-11 to-do
Newton, Blanche Emma (Sutton) 1917-01-05 to-do
McDaniel, Ellamae June (Sutton) 1913-06-12 to-do
Viau, Dorothy Pauline (Christopher) 1927-10-05 to-do
Christopher, Ralph Melville 1924-05-21 to-do
Sillanpaa, Eletha Amelia (Christopher) 1922-09-30 to-do
Johnson, Burnis Ray 1923-10-08 to-do
Johnson, Frank Wesley 1920-12-26 to-do
Johnson, Leroy George 1919-09-18 to-do
Christopher, George Edward LeRoy 1904-04-28 to-do
Christopher, Burnis Ralph 1901-11-12 to-do
Flinn, Ethel Luella (Christopher) 1899-08-21 to-do
Hagberg, Helen Ora (Christopher) 1898-02-13 to-do
Christopher, Fred Rayfield 1893-12-30 to-do
Sutton, Mary Emma (Christopher) 1892-03-06 to-do
Johnson, Katie Nora (Christopher) 1887-04-07 to-do
Christopher, Luie Melville 1888-08-25 to-do
Jenkins, Mary Jane (Viau) 1949-11-29 to-do
Eifel, Phyllis Jean (Viau) 1949-11-29 to-do
Eifel, Paul Joseph 1928-09-26 to-do
Volkens, Evelyn Mae (Christopher) 1919-02-01 to-do
Volkens, William John 1914-11-14 to-do
Johnson, Billie Helen (Bailey) 1926-01-03 to-do
Johnson, Mary Jane (Thompson) 1924-07-31 to-do
Bailey, Herman Larry Wallace 1901-04-07 to-do
Bailey, Violet Ellen (Thomas) 1907-02-22 to-do
Herbert, Hilary Abner 1834-03-12 to-do
Johnson, Marguerite Wilma (Beals) 1920-10-14 to-do
Pace, Frank , Jr. 1912-07-05 to-do
Collins, Judith Kathleen (Christopher) 1947-02-17 to-do
Greening, Bettie Maye 1924-09-06 to-do
Christopher, Effie Amelia Katharina (Chalberg) 1897-09-27 to-do
Tanury, Assad John 1922-08-12 to-do
Houge, Peter Oley 1862-04-20 to-do
Houge, Severt O 1858-02-04 to-do
Stenson, Siri Serina (Houge) 1856-00-00 to-do
Houge, John 1854-09-16 to-do
Wheeler, Cynthia (Banks) 1795-00-00 to-do
Banks, Gershom , Jr. 1752-08-31 to-do
Houge, Ole (Sjursson) 1829-08-07 to-do
Houge, Valborg (Johannesdotter) 1830-06-01 to-do
Christopher, Isabella Mary (Houge) 1869-08-07 to-do
Christopher, Albert (Christopherson) 1861-08-06 to-do
Symington, William Stuart, Jr. 1870-02-06 to-do
Christopher, John (Nelson) 1850-09-04 to-do
Pool, Dorothy Olive (Ashby) 1899-10-08 to-do
Ashby, Lewis Henry 1897-10-25 to-do
Wallace, Kathryn Lulu (Ashby) 1889-10-28 to-do
Ashby, Jesse Raymond 1886-10-16 to-do
Sheldahl, Anna Sophia (Anderson) 1888-09-09 to-do
Ashby, Unknown 1882-10-24 to-do
Ashby, Emily Arvilla (Gray) 1862-03-24 to-do
Moody, William Henry 1853-12-23 to-do
Keyte, Ethel Lillian (Ashby) 1884-05-14 to-do
Keyte, Benjamin Garfield 1881-12-25 to-do
Keyte, William Donald 1914-08-31 to-do
Keyte, Russell Ashby 1912-02-12 to-do
Keyte, Benjamin Gordon 1913-07-07 to-do
Keyte, Helen India 1906-12-17 to-do
Keyte, Edith Dorothy 1905-11-28 to-do
Keyte, Neal Kenneth 1918-11-20 to-do
Symington, Emily Haxall Kuhn (Harrison) 1872-09-30 to-do
Symington, William Stuart, III 1901-06-26 to-do
Stone, Michael Patrick William 1925-06-02 to-do
Patterson, Robert Porter, Sr. 1891-02-12 to-do
Hurley, Abigail 1882-04-20 to-do
Adams, Margaret Ann (Sheldahl) 1914-08-15 to-do
Keyte, Merrenda Airetta (Sheldahl) 1913-02-06 to-do
Adams, Harold Ellsworth 1911-04-10 to-do
Curphey, Marian Arlene (Sheldahl) 1916-09-27 to-do
Curphey, Richard Charles, Jr. 1914-04-26 to-do
Demgen, Marcella Arvis (Sheldahl) 1919-10-05 to-do
Demgen, Ralph Nicholas 1910-09-24 to-do
Huser, Doris Jean (Sheldahl) 1925-08-27 to-do
Huser, John Franklin 1920-01-17 to-do
Ihle, Nilus Selmer 1924-06-25 to-do
Ihle, Dorothy Jean (Sheldahl) 1925-08-27 to-do
Sheldahl, William Martin 1920-12-15 to-do
Sheldahl, Osmund John Lester 1911-11-03 to-do
Sheldahl, Unlisted to-do
Sheldahl, Anna O. (Hallvardsdotter) 1818-02-23 to-do
Sheldahl, Anna (Knutsdotter) 1851-08-15 to-do
West, Togo Dennis, Jr. 1942-06-21 to-do
Stone, Unlisted to-do
Stone, Patrick William 1899-06-15 to-do
Donogh, Unlisted to-do
Stone, Timothy John 1926-07-16 to-do
Garrison, Lindley Miller 1864-11-28 to-do
Stone, Kathleen Mary (Davies) 1897-07-31 to-do
Marsh, John Otho, Jr. 1926-08-07 to-do
Hoffmann, Martin Richard 1932-04-20 to-do
Callaway, Howard Hollis 1927-04-02 to-do
Froehlke, Robert Frederick 1922-10-15 to-do
Ailes, Stephen 1912-03-25 to-do
Stahr, Dorothy Howland (Berkfield) 1918-08-15 to-do
Hurley, Pierce O'Neil, Jr. 1896-02-09 to-do
Hurley, Abigail 1893-12-00 to-do
Hurley, Monica May 1891-05-04 to-do
Hurley, John Charles 1888-05-30 to-do
Hurley, William C. 1885-03-00 to-do
Hurley, Anne 1878-02-14 to-do
Good, James William 1866-09-24 to-do
Davidson, John 1785-00-00 to-do
Davis, Dwight Filley, I 1879-07-05 to-do
Baker, Newton Diehl, Jr. 1871-12-03 to-do
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock 1851-01-30 to-do
Proctor, Redfield , Sr. 1831-06-01 to-do
Eggestein, Robert Earl 1931-01-26 to-do
Holt, Joseph 1807-01-06 to-do
Maeck, Jessie (Sayre) to-do
McGettigan, Francisca Carrillo (Vallejo) 1875-07-18 to-do

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