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Welcome to the Rhineland-Palatinate Team Page

Rhineland-Palatinate location in Germany
Name: Rhineland-Palatinate
German: Rheinland-Pfalz
Place Type: Modern State
Coordinates: 49.913056, 7.45
Located in: Germany
When: 1946-present
Previous locations: established on 30 August 1946. It was formed from the northern part of the French Occupation Zone, which included parts of Bavaria (the Rhenish Palatinate), the southern parts of the Prussian Rhine Province (including the District of Birkenfeld, which formerly belonged to Oldenburg), parts of the Prussian Province of Nassau (see Hesse-Nassau), and parts of Hesse-Darmstadt (Rhinehessen on the western bank of the Rhine). The state constitution was confirmed by referendum on 18 May 1947.


The Palatinate (German: die Pfalz, Pfälzer dialect: Palz), historically also Rhenish Palatinate (German: Rheinpfalz), is a region in Southwestern Germany. It occupies more than a quarter of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). Historically in union with Bavaria, the Palatinate covers an area of 5,451 square kilometres (2,105 sq mi) with about 1.4m inhabitants.
Maps Coordinates: 49°54′47″N 7°27′0″E


Coat of Arms

Rhineland-Palatinate Coat of Arms


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Research Help

Overview of Rhineland-Palatinate

The present state of Rhineland-Palatinate formed part of the French Zone of Occupation after the Second World War. It comprised the former Bavarian Palatinate, the Regierungsbezirke (government districts) of Koblenz and Trier of the old Prussian Rhine Province, those parts of the Province of Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen) west of the River Rhine and belonging to the People's State of Hesse (Volksstaat Hessen), parts of the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau (Montabaur), and the former Oldenburg region around Birkenfeld (Principality of Birkenfeld). The seventh-most populous German state, Mainz is the state capital and largest city, while other major cities include Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Koblenz, Trier, Kaiserslautern, and Worms. Rhineland-Palatinate is surrounded by the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse. It also borders three foreign countries: France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. It represents 50% of all German exports and has a diverse economy of both agricultural products and industrial manufactured products.

Current Resources

a. Library/Libraries
b. Vital Records
c. Religious Facilities
d. Local Genealogy Groups
e. Local Cemeteries
f. Colleges and Universities: They often have local records and have professors who are versed in local lore so can be a wonderful resource and many are multilingual.
g. Local Phone Books
h. Online help




Germany has a number of different cultures. Rhineland-Palatinate is known for its wine, woods, walking trails, castles, and rich history.

Translation Aides

In Germany a number of different written languages and dialects were used. Below are some links to sites which may help you with old documents.

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Hi Rhineland-Palantine Team! The Profile Improvement Teams (PIT) are looking for new members! If you check the main regions page (, you'll see that there are links to unsourced and unconnected profiles for each of the 16 regions. We also have a Data Doctors Team and we will eventually be adding Suggestions to the main regions team page as well. If you're a badged member of the Arborists project, we'd really appreciate your help in completing some merges and researching unmerged matches in German profiles. For more info on our PIT teams, see this page:
posted by Terri (Clawson) Swift
Hello! I would love to join the Rhineland-Palatinate Team. My ancestors, The Zimmerle's/ Zimmerly were from there before they became Simerly's in America
posted by Mackenzie Lowe
Welcome to the team Mackenzie! :-)
posted by Traci Thiessen
I would like to join the Rhineland-Palatinate team, as my entire family lives/lived in and around the Eifel and the Rhine in northern Rhineland-Palatinate.

Samuel (Nett-419)

posted by Samuel Nett
edited by Samuel Nett
Welcome to the team Samuel! Have fun!
posted by Traci Thiessen
I'd like to join the Rheinland-Palatinate team. I'm a beginner, but plan to work on some of my ancestors from the Palatinate and their relatives.


Harry (Ide-222)

posted by Harry Ide
You've been added to the team Harry. Welcome and have fun!
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Hi Rhineland-Palatinate Team! You've all been added to the Trusted List of the Rhineland-Palatinate Team's WikiTree page so you will now get notifications when someone has posted a comment to the Team page. Collaborate away and enjoy!
posted by Traci Thiessen
Hello, I am Stout-1551, Hal Stout. My ancestors came to this country in 1738 from Essweiler and Bosenbach. I have traced them back to 1510 in the same towns. I would like to explore the history of this area but don't know where to start. Any suggestions are appreciated? I am in Ohio and cannot afford to go to Germany in person.
posted by Hal Stout
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Hal - see the History section above or HERE
Oops ... the response above was from me ... forgot to log out of project acct! :D
posted by Traci Thiessen
My oldest known ancestor on my father's side was born in Alzey-Worms, Germany - Johannes Förnges "Joannis" Kronenberger aka Cronenberger in 1743, I would like to go back further, any ideas?
posted by John Kronenberger
edited by John Kronenberger