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Richard Goldsmith of Wenham Research

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Richard Goldsmith (abt.1604-abt.1673)
Richard Goldsmith (1634-1698)
Thomas Goldsmith (abt.1620-1706)
Mary (Unknown) Abbe (abt.1627-abt.1683)
Mary (Loring) Goldsmith (abt.1607-abt.1688)

See also, Thomas Goldsmith (1675-1706), born New York, m. Bethia Terry


Fiske Notes

Margaret Blair (2006) cites Fiske Notes, aka Robert G. Pope, ed., The Notebook of Reverend John Fiske, 1644-1675 (Salem, Mass. : Essex Institute, 1974) for any number of claims. This work is not in the public domain (WorldCat). FamilySearch Books has the text, but due to copyright restrictions, it can not be viewed online. A transcription of the notebook appears as Colonial Society of Massachusetts, vol. 47, as transcribed content, see "... The Notebook of the Reverend John Fiske, 1644-1675." While Blair cited page numbers from Pope (1974), the online material is arranged chronologically; the online material includes an index (appears to be an index from Pope, 1976). From the index,

Goldsmith, Mary (w. Richard), 61, 68–69, 188
Goldsmith, Mary (d. Richard), 83
Goldsmith, Richard, 61, 67–68, 82–83, 98, 101, 105, 188; children of, 83, 91, 102; Norton case and, 68–69, 72, 79–80
Goldsmith, Sarah (d. Richard), 91
Goldsmith, Thomas (s. Richard), 102

Snippets follow, emphasis added,

[31 of 3d. of 48] This day Mary Goldsmith was called forth to make her relation. She therein held forth a discovery of her acursed condition in the state of nature some six or seven years ago from the preaching upon that subject in her hearing, and in particular the discovery of her sin of disobedience to them over her and her unfaithfulness in her particular calling. Also many evil thoughts &c. and she was convinced from these scriptures: servants submit &c. with . . . of heart, and answer not again &c. Manifold temptations . . . . . . [four words illegible] of her mind though in and out many supports. ... And other passages of scripture applied some to the consideration of her sin; fear not of obtaining mercy . . . better satisfaction. Her closing with Christ came especially in that of ...
So manifestation being made of her assent to our church confession and covenant, and some questions about her knowledge of the principles of religion answered, and testimony by Phineas Fiske and Sister Batchelor given, she was referred to the next Lord’s day..
Richard Goldsmith his case determined that two of the brethren should speak with him from the church to hear how he could satisfy for his deferring so long the satisfying of our Robert Allen about the flour he took of his unwittingly instead of his own after he knew Robert Allen challenged it..
[3 of 5t. 48] This day a church meeting. Richard Goldsmith made his relation and after testimony and his assent to the church confession (a passage therein only concerningthe resurrection, he querying whether this were not a first resurrection, as from that in Dan. 12:1 and Rev. 20:6 according to the judgment of some divinity and Mr. Barrowes, as he said) passed the church. Some speech also about G. Shipley.
After that it was concluded by the church that it was time to call Brother Norton to see what good he had got by the admonition and so the matter was left to the pastor in case because of the time. Only so as something might be done soon about it because of the desire of the church manifested of having the seals.
Next Lord’s day warning was given in public to him that the church intended to inquire Lord’s day following of him how he had profited by the admonition. This night Goodman Norton went with me to Richard Goldsmith’s. We dealt with him for that which he said before Richard Goldsmith his wife, they having dealt with him upon a Lord’s day before.
In the mean space he went to Salem to the elders there and told his tale and procured at length a letter from Reverend Mr. Norris.
[10 of 5t. 48] ... Then was he minded of what he said to Richard Goldsmith and his wife about the lace, alas poor woman she is clear, which he could not remember. Hereupon (manifest from other things he said) this was put to him whether he did not remember any one lie he told at that time?
Answer: he denied to remember any. Reply: he did remember he said she could not be cleared then (because the witnesses at Lynn); his own words confessed were (should she fetch witnesses from Lynn) what said he to this passage was then not a lie here, he knew she had no witnesses at Lynn who could clear her. Besides herein he justified her lie, saying she bought the lace of a woman of Lynn which he knew likewise to be false.
[22 of 5t. 48] ...This witnessed to the church by William Fiske and his wife, Phineas Fiske, and George Byam. Besides these five particulars which he did hear . . . most of them confessed by himself as may be seen from the first day’s work at . . . some of which were falsehoods at Sister White’s. Repeating the discourse of the arbitration with words used by him to the same effect as that he should dear her, saying he held them play. At Richard Goldsmith’s house using these words: alas, poor woman, she is clear. And the . . . testified by his wife thus: that yet even when Goodman Norton did discourse at their house touching Goodwife Bailey and should say (as her husband remembers) alas poor woman she is clear ...
[11 of 4t. 48] ... This confessed to me by himself in the hearing of Richard Goldsmith
[16 of 5t. 48] ... There was some agitation about that expression confessed by him to be used at the arbitration. Though he could clear her yet he would not then; the words before Richard Goldsmith ...
[9 of 5t. 48] Richard Goldsmith taken into covenant having made his relations 3rd of . . . at a church meeting
[15 of 8t. 48 or thereabouts] Mary, the daughter of Richard and Mary Goldsmith, baptized.
[14 of 5t. 50] Sarah, the daughter of Brother Goldsmith and his wife, was baptized
[8 of 12t. 53/54] At a church meeting there was some agitation passed about some help to be afforded to Brother Goldsmith in the keeping out his child, being at our Brother Geere’s and resolved that help is needful. Item that if aught be in the deacon’s hand accordingly something to be done that way, and so it was left to consideration how much till we see what is in the deacon’s hand. Only some agitation about the price because some thought that Sister Geere required too much a week. And Brother Read said that he took but three shillings a week for Sister Hersome’s child. Hereupon Brother Read was desired upon the motion of some to give in his account and he answered he was ready when he was called to it. So it being said that it was desired to be seen, he answered he had not his book there. But a paper he brought forth wherein he exhibiteth his account in this sort following, in two small papers ...
[25 of 1st. 53/54] [In a report of the "church treasury or stock] Goldsmith – 14 – 08 ...
Fourth for Brothers John Fiske, Phineas Fiske and Kemp they agreed and Brother John Fiske undertook to see to get some clothing with what was in their hands for Brother Goldsmith’s child, Thomas Goldsmith.
[14 of 3d. 54] ... Accordingly about the 13th of 9th. month of 55 there were met at Chelmsford the pastor with the engaged brethren of Wenham church, viz. Esdras Read, Edward Kemp, Austin Killam, Samuel Foster, George Byam, and Richard Goldsmith, seven in all. To whom such of the brethren of the Woburn and Concord church who had before propounded themselves to join the church late of Wenham now in removing to Chelmsford and presented themselves with their letters of dismission. Upon satisfaction and testimony given were by a unanamous vote received into fellowship. They being the greater number in a way of mutual compliance, a relation passed on either side as each one voluntarily would. Viz. members ...
[1 of 12t. 56] [Members "presented their children," but Goldsmith's name does not appear]
[16 of 9t. 63] ... And particularly to the said work we freely do dismiss you dear brethren, viz. Phineas Fiske, Austin Killam, James Moulton, William Geere, John Fiske, Richard Goldsmith. And the church being erected, unto the said church in being we dismiss our Sister Killam, our Sister Moulton, our Sister Geere, our Sister Goldsmith together with all such children as if named as are at that time in their minority. And so we desire the blessed and effectual presence of the spirit of Jesus Christ to be with you.

Deed Research

Essex (Massachusetts) Deed index (grantee) 1640-1799 A-Hac, Goldsmith begins at image 588 of 637.
Essex (Massachusetts) Deed index (grantor) 1640-1799 Fos-Nix, Goldsmith begins at image 103 of 724.

See especially, Essex (Massachusetts) Deeds 13:87, "Richard [?Jr.] est., Zacheus Goldsmith to Nathaniel Waldron, dated 7 January 1695/6, recorded 16 February 1698/9, "Deeds 1697-1700 vol 12-13" in "Massachusetts Land Records, 1620-1986," images, FamilySearch, FHL film DGS 007,462,658 image 292-293 of 538. Zacheus is a weaver, his wife is Martha, who waived her right of dower; Waldron is a bricklayer; sale is "two certain parcels" of land at Wenham; one parcel of about 18-1/2 acres bounded by "ye oarchard that was formerly Richard Goldsmith Deceased" of which 16 acres "being that which Richard" Goldsmith died possessed of, the remainder being formerly Capt. Smith's; the other parcel contains 5 acres by ?measure of upland and meadow by the river; immediately prior deed is John Abbey (yeoman) and Hannah his wife, to Nathaniel Waldron, dated 29 October 1696, recorded 16 February 1689/9. (Image 291 of 538.)

Killingworth Connecticut

Josephine C. Frost wrote (1935), "Note. —John Goldsmith has been called the son of Thomas of Southampton who came from Salem, Mass., to that place in 1651 and perhaps earlier, and Howell in his history of that town, p. 427, states that Thomas went to Killingworth, Conn., between 1682-1685, and in 1709 was called a great uncle of John Goldsmith of Southold, and the Southold Traveler, under date of August 26, 1910, states that on April 12, 1679, John Goldsmith of Southampton sold to William Barker property there that belonged to his uncle, Thomas Goldsmith, and the issue of October 28, 1910, continues by stating that this John went to Southold and that Thomas's will, dated July 11, 1684, of Killingworth, mentions wife Susanna, nephew Thomas and brother Richard, thus indicating that John may have been a son of Richard."

See "Killingworth, Middlesex County, Connecticut Genealogy"; FamilySearch Wiki.
See "Killingworth, Connecticut miscellaneous town records, 1663- 1747"; FamilySearch Catalog.
See "Killingworth records, v. 2, 1692-1849"; FamilySearch Catalog.
See ....

Bibliographic, etc.

Wellington Pool, "Extracts from the the Town Records of Wenham, Mass. ..." Essex Institute Historical Collections 19 (1882): 106; digital images, Hathi Trust, for Richard Goldsmith grant of two acres at Wenham, 23 : 4 mo : 1644, ""by the meeting house, to dispose of wch way he please." "Christopher Yongs" received two acres at the same town meeting, "according to ye order made ye 2 day of ye 1 mo. : 1642."

George Francis Dow, Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, 9 vols. (Salem, Mass. : Essex institute, 1911-1975), 1:130; digital images, Hathi Trust; court held at Salem; 28 : 10 : 1647 [28 December 1647] Richard Goldsmith was sworn in as constable of Wenham.

Margaret Blair, "Richard Goldsmith of Wenham and Some Descendants." The Essex Genealogist 26 (2006): 31-35 (Part I), 77-79 (Part II), 113-117 (Part III), 161-165 (Part IV); digital images by subscription, AmericanAncestors.

John Adams Becker, Goldsmith, a genealogy : from Richard Goldsmith of Wenham, Massachusetts 1644 to John Adams Becker, born in 1932 ... (Concord, Ontario, Becker Associates, c1994); digital images, FamilySearch Books; includes option to download PDF.

Arthur Hitchcock Radasch, "Goldsmith Genealogy: Descendants of Richard Goldsmith of Wenham, Mass." (Upper Montclair, NJ: N. pub. N.d), N. pag. Manuscript located at MSS Cb 203, New England Historic Genealogical Society. WorldCat, OCLC Number 48011359; "1 v. [118 leaves)." [Cited by Margaret Blair (2006).] NEHGS catalog, "R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department, New England Historic Genealogical Society (Boston, Mass.), Mss A 941."

James S. Elston, Descent from seventy-nine early immigrant heads of families multiple vols. (Burlington, Vermont : Chedwato Service, 1962), 1:41-47 (Goldsmith); digital images via FamilySearch Books; see FamilySearch Catalog entry here; FHL film 908158, Item 2, DGS 7940545 (vol. 1) and 908367, Item 1, DGS 7940696 (vol. 2), second filming of vol. 1 as FHL film 1321141, Item 11, DGS 7968949 (7968949 not digitized); vol. 1 carries duplicate title, Descent from early immigrant heads of families.

Josephine C. Frost, Ancestors of James Wickham and his wife Cora Prudence Billard (Brooklyn, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1935), 47-50, at 49; digital images, Hathi Trust.

Frederick Orr Woodruff, Woodruff genealogy ... (Boston : Everett Print., 1925), 11-15 (Abbe Genealogy), at 11; digital images, Hathi Trust

Cleveland Abbe and Josephine Genung Nichols, Abbe-Abbey genealogy ... (New Haven, Conn. : The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1916), 1-5 (John^1 Abbe), 5-8 (John^2 Abbe), at 5 (Loring mention); digital images, Hathi Trust.

John Jay Putnam, Family History in the Line of Joseph Convers of Bedford, Massachusetts, 1739-1828 (Worcester, F. S. Blanchard & company, 1897), 43-44; digital images, Hathi Trust.

Notes and Queries

Norris Taylor, "Richard Goldsmith of Wenham, Mass.," Goldsmith surname forum post of 31 March 2000; web content, Genealogy.com; post consists of descendancy citing numerous sources. Taylor includes comments in response to post by Audrey Goldsmith of the same date.

Audrey Goldsmith (Genealogy.com User), "Descendants of Richard Gouldsmythe," Goldsmith surname forum post of 31 March 2000; web content, Genealogy.com; post consists of an unsourced descendancy.


Town Records of Salem; only Thomas indexed in vol. 1; no appearances in vol 2; or vol. 3

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Thomas Goldsmith, summarized by Chase from Great Migration Directory, "Goldsmith, Thomas: Unknown; 1640; Salem, Southampton [EQC 1:20; STR 1:122, 123, 127, 167; MHSC 3:10:88; Wickham-Billard 49]."

EQC 1:20; 1:20 is Marmeducke Barton, servant to John Horne, presented for running away and pilfering. Among other things, he admitted he went into two houses on the Lord's day and took half a cheese and piece of cake out of Goodman Goldsmith's ...."

Note: Index to vol. 1 references for Thomas at pages 31, 84, 91 and 197.

STR 1:122, 123, 127, 167

MHSC 3:10:88; Could not find. ??? https://hdl.handle.net/2027/njp.32101076467834?urlappend=%3Bseq=110%3Bownerid=27021597768976061-114; Can't be this, (vol L) https://hdl.handle.net/2027/njp.32101076467974?urlappend=%3Bseq=120%3Bownerid=27021597768984027-124 ; Or this, https://hdl.handle.net/2027/coo.31924106133550?urlappend=%3Bseq=120%3Bownerid=13510798902937354-138 ; Or this, https://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.31175032100789?urlappend=%3Bseq=128%3Bownerid=13510798903099645-150 ; Or this, https://hdl.handle.net/2027/njp.32101076467982?urlappend=%3Bseq=128%3Bownerid=27021597768974382-144

Note: Third Series, Vol. II is 1908-1909 (vol XLII, 42). https://hdl.handle.net/2027/coo.31924106133279?urlappend=%3Bseq=15%3Bownerid=13510798902934639-19

Wickham-Billard 49

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